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Paper on “Improving Governance, Transparency and Accountability at the EPO” Shows That António Campinos Has Accomplished Nothing in Half His Term (2.5 Years)

Mr. António "Photo-Op" Campinos has just wasted a lot of valuable time and created new problems

I can smile. Did I get the job?

Summary: "A discussion paper on the governance of the EPO" is very much relevant to the current situation at the EPO; it shows that the current patently incompetent administration refuses to tackle all (or any of) the underlying issues, which have led to another (very imminent) Office-wide strike

Published in English, German, and French in 2018 was a paper from SUEPO, which IP Watch made a copy of (available to the general public) 2 years ago. As SUEPO put it at the time, in its address to staff:

The developments that have taken place at the EPO over the last five to six years have revealed serious weaknesses in the governance of the European Patent Organisation (EPOrg), some of which are common to international governmental organisations, others typical for the EPOrg. The present document tries to analyse those weaknesses and suggest approaches for improving the situation.

Now that there's a strike planned (5 days from now), partly intended to wake up the Administrative Council, the time seems right to reproduce it here: [PDF]

EPO governance p1

EPO governance p2

EPO governance p3

EPO governance p4

EPO governance p5

EPO governance p6

EPO governance p7

EPO governance p8

EPO governance p9

EPO governance p10

EPO governance p11

EPO governance p12

"Not a single problem has been solved in 2.5 years.""Doing what needs to be done," SUEPO said 2 years ago. That was the last month of Benoît Battistelli; did António Campinos adopt any of these suggestions? No. Not a single problem has been solved in 2.5 years. New problems were instead created.

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