Bonum Certa Men Certa

Video: EPO Strike Disrupts 'Business as Usual'

EPO strike (direct link, or as iframe below; works in a few browsers)

Summary: EPOnia discovers that nobody is working on December 15th and that it's merely the start of a long conflict (video above, transcript below)

The examiners refuse to work (view video in Caption Generator)

They say enough is enough

Even the Berlin site

They call EPOTIF "gambling"

And they probably know where we've stashed all the money

COVID-19 will keep them stranded at home

There's nothing they can do

Mr. President


"Production" has decreased

Even CNIPA is better than us

My father fought for his people... only family members allowed here now... *burps*

I told you Bergot was a bloody disaster!

Just like the rest of those idiots...

We need EUIPO talent, not INPI talent...

I've already drained the whole place

Who else can we hire for blind loyalty?

Issue some more press releases about "diversity"

Along with those stupid press releases about buzzwords

Just make sure they add my photo to them

Sir, the whole EPO site is already full of your mugs

It's all about me, idiot! I'm so awesome!

Sir, only 3% of our staff trusts you...

That's libel. I need to ask Mercer.

I'm all about social dialogue!

I met those sons of bitches one by one

Told them about my dad's legacy

And how things were going to change

While we pile up the cash in the bank

Now we might need to get a submarine to smuggle it somewhere else

Benoît and I had it all figured out!

Now the UPC is failing and we stuff the justice ministry with our Stalin

At least we got Thierry Breton in the Commission

That son of a bitch owes me a big one!

Benoît and Thierry go way back...

I told him...

Blackmail all member states to ratify the UPCA

Fuck their fucking constitutions!

Maybe I can pay them with some of EPOTIF to look the other way

The nations in eastern Europe are cheaper to bribe

I have a Doyen in Croatia with a fake EQE certificate

He's talking about your boyfriend again

At least I'm not COVID-positive

Sometimes I wish I was to be honest...

For sympathy

In a press release

Go write a bunch of fluff about "4IR" and other crap regarding abstract patents

Make sure it says EPO is world leader or something

I'm just going to inject myself with something

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