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Strategy for Fixing the European Patent Office (EPO)

tl;dr: More leaks. Less secrecy.

Snowden on secret law

Summary: Exposing to the general public the rotten affairs of the EPO and its enablers (including Team UPC, a case of regulatory capture) would best serve in reforming things for the better

AS briefly alluded to in the previous post (and video), strikes can make a difference at the EPO because they're costly. They not only make António Campinos look bad (protests can do that too, but they're not possible or barely possible during a national lock-down); they also cost the Office. Work stoppage is a widely-established bargaining tactic when workers are abused. When a strike took place under Benoît Battistelli's (mal)administration 3 years ago about half of all staff participated. That's like 3,000 workers refusing to work.

"We welcome any informants or whistleblowers who have information that's of interest to the general public."Seeing some of the truly appalling 'coverage' regarding the UPC (we've put the latest in our Daily Links), it's clear that media is captured by the litigation lobby. Over the weekend I saw at least half a dozen 'articles' (law firms 'reporting') wrongly insinuating that the UPC is about to kick off. For a sobriety test read any of the comments here (not the Bristows fluff preceding these). The word "injustice" hardly begins to describe what's happening here. This is the constitution being set on fire in an arson attack in Germany. And the ministry of injustice together with a captured European Commission take the lead.

Snowden on... without a stateJudging by the amount of spammy nonsense the EPO's management published for several days prior to the strike, one can easily see they're panicking. The strike demolished the false perception of Campinos as a 'peacemaker' and of dissent being reducible to a 'loud minority'.

The way we see it, the UPC is dead because it cannot be legally implemented, but it's closely connected to the illegality at the EPO (just because something is illegal does not mean it should be underestimated). So we need more leaks, more publications, more information being exposed to the wider public. The law firms-funded media may choose to intentionally ignore such information (it embarrasses them), but as long as the information can be found online, it'll find its intended/target audience. People don't want 'softball' interviews with Campinos; they want the facts. The same people who lie for the UPC also lie for Campinos and his enablers.

We welcome any informants or whistleblowers who have information that's of interest to the general public. It may be the only way to introduce some sort of accountability -- however limited and belated.

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