Bonum Certa Men Certa

The Unlawful Legacy of Guus Broesterhuizen, Paul van Beukering, and Derk-Jan de Groot

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Summary: Though it's customary to assume a strong sense of justice in Holland, the EPO's affairs serve to dispute, disprove, and dispel such widespread perceptions

TODAY we publish Part 6 in the series about Benoît Battistelli's patently illegal "Strike Regulations", which António Campinos capitalised on for over 3 years as EPO President. Remember how hard it was to convince EPO colleagues it would be safe (and simple) to go on strike last December. Almost half the workers in Vienna participated in the strike, but elsewhere the participation rates were lower as there were punishments (e.g. salary deduction). This epic injustice went on for nearly a decade and there is no sign of reparations. Yet worse -- many who were the perpetrators of these illegal policies are already retired, dead, or absent from the court of public opinion. They've ruined the lives of so many people and they set the scene for union-busting activities by a French/Corsican despot with neo-colonial 'curfews'.

"The concept of diplomatic immunity and proactive sheltering of abusers (shielding them from courts, begetting impunity) does no favour to the image of the country."Where else in the world must one ask for permission to go on strike from the very people the strike is against? It's beyond absurd, it's intellectually dishonest.

The video above focuses on the fact that despite being the home of the International Criminal Court (ICC), as per this meme, Dutch territories have long been a hub of various types of illegal activities (even merciless massacres in Dutch colonies after the Second World War; such extractive occupation merits its own ICC case). The perception of the country as a champion of human rights is simply not justified. One such example is the EPO and the voting record, e.g. on "Strike Regulations".

Een sectie militairen tijdens een rustpauze, BestanddeelnrThe concept of diplomatic immunity and proactive sheltering of abusers (shielding them from courts, begetting impunity) does no favour to the image of the country. It's time for a rethink.

Wikipedia has a whole category for Dutch war crimes; take for example Raymond Westerling, who "participated in a coup attempt against the Indonesian government in January 1950, a month after the official transfer of sovereignty. Both actions were denounced as war crimes by the Indonesian authorities." How about Alphons Wijnen? Well, as Wikipedia puts it, "in 1947 Dutch Attorney General. H. A. Felderhof decided not to prosecute the responsible major for war crimes." Dutch not holding the Dutch accountable while insisting they can hold the rest of the world accountable. In the United States they have a word for it: exceptionalism.

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