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The Patent Distortion: EPO Crimes Completely Overlooked and Totally Unrecognised/Not Covered This Past Week (in News Sites, Blogs, and More)

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Summary: Today's 3-hour video demonstrates the appalling quality of 'journalism' about patents and the pervasive manipulation/gaming in Google 'News' (Gulag Noise), which mostly amplifies marketing and webspam

THE previous part, or Part 4, reminded readers that the EPO scandals aren't mentioned at all anymore. Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos have bribed and blackmailed the media to the point of silent complicity. Occasionally they even receive praise and European software patents are being promoted despite common sense.

It is far too easy to become overly cynical, maybe even angry. Workers of the EPO have certainly noticed how they're being abandoned by European media [1, 2]; national broadcasters ignore the issues completely, patent-centric sites pretend that Battistelli's departure miraculously fixed everything, and as noted earlier today politicians including European Commission officials are actively covering up the corruption. They're complicit, even in Germany. So it's like there's nobody to even talk to.

USF to EUSome days ago the staff union of the EPO (SUEPO) mention the upcoming strike, which is one of several impending strikes. Did the media mention any of that? Absolutely not. See the above video, I've searched everything conceivable.

SUEPO has mentioned "USF - Union Syndicale Fédérale letter to Presidents of the European Council, European Parliament and European Commission dated 11 March 2022)."

SUEPO's English translation has been uploaded locally [PDF] and also the MSServices Global tweet has been uploaded locally:

Twitter account on SUEPO

So there's a 'tweet' about it, but nothing more. In fact, Twitter became worse than a waste of time. All the patent blogs (long form) have chosen to ignore it completely. It's not even a little footnote anywhere in the so-called 'IP' online sphere (or blogosphere).

"So there's a 'tweet' about it, but nothing more."When the media is in such a dire state (here's how John Cleese put it) it's crystal clear that the public isn't being informed. This is intentional. Keeping the biggest stakeholders in the dark...

Recently, the staff of the EPO bemoaned EPC violations by the EPO in a polite letter. Did any of the media ever mention those same issues? No. To make matters worse, on Friday the EPO went further by trying to justify the violations (warning: link) not by correcting the policy but by proposals to change the EPC itself. To quote: "The EPO began by presenting a series of proposals for amendments to the EPC Implementing Regulations, including Rules 46, 49, 50, 126, 127 and 131. These proposals were broadly welcomed, with the SACEPO members agreeing that the EPO needs to fully digitise its procedures."

"Nobody in the media covered the most blatant EPO abuses and this was intentional (the story/ies had been mentioned to publishers, but they buried their heads deep inside the sand)."So the EPO not only breaks the rules; it now attempts to change the rules to retroactively justify its own violations, as it did last year after outsourcing the Office (its operations) to Microsoft. Nobody in the media covered the most blatant EPO abuses and this was intentional (the story/ies had been mentioned to publishers, but they buried their heads deep inside the sand).

Not only has IP Kat covered none of these affairs; IP Kat has not covered patents at all for over two weeks already. This is an open door or an invitation for further abuse. The EPO's management knows it can even get away with murder.

What if you wanted to go to Heaven; Wait, son, I need to modify the bible
Not compatible with the EPC? Change the EPC! UPC incompatible with constitutions? Change them!! Seriously, that's how these people think [1, 2].

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