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Reducing the Webspam by Moving Away From Social Control Media and Adopting Gemini Where Possible

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Summary: Millions of high-quality pages are available through Gemini Protocol (in GemText format, too); today we show some examples of that and also demonstrate that the number of Gemini users is growing, offering a potential safe haven to those who got fed up with SPAM and propaganda on the Web

THE Web has become a very noisy place; many reviews (or so-called 'reviews') are paid-for commercials, news is noise, articles are product endorsements, and even benchmarks are rather dubious. One might think that the Web is full of information, a wealth of sources at one's disposal, but it's actually a sordid mess and social control makes it worse by amplifying strife.

"One might think that the Web is full of information, a wealth of sources at one’s disposal, but it’s actually a sordid mess and social control makes it worse by amplifying strife."So this month we've been scaling down (gradual exit from) social control media usage and we're focusing on producing more Daily Links and articles instead. In addition, we intend to link more and more to Gemini capsules, whose overall number is still growing steadily. The size of Gemini is vast considering some on-demand (dynamic) capsules, e.g. proxies of sites. Reading Wikipedia over Geminispace with GemText instead of HTML is also possible through a unique capsule that we mentioned earlier this year. It means that this capsule does, in theory, have as many pages in it as there are Wikipedia articles (in all languages).

As we said last month, we'll try to give exposure and explanation of Gemini capsules which deserve recognition. Many people undervalue Gemini because they wrongly assume it's just Gopher or just some "old thing" mostly "for geeks". It's actually vastly simpler (to maintain and to use) than the Web.

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