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EPO Staff Representatives Warn Delegates of the Council That Campinos is Now Outsourcing the EPO, Just Like He Did EUIPO, in Very Clear Violation of Fundamental Rules

EPO strike2018: 'Efficiency' in Action: António Campinos is Sending Jobs Abroad, Then Gagging Critics

Summary: The sharks who are gutting Europe's second-largest institution say they wish "to deliver high-quality patents" while they do the exact opposite, more so in violation of the European Patent Convention, as usual

THE EPO and the Rule of Law have become inherently incompatible concepts, not just because of the UPC lobbying (for something illegal) but because the EPC has in effect been abolished by Benoît Battistelli and his friend (longtime partner in crime) António Campinos. They've gone much further than granting European software patents; they're attacking every member of staff at the EPO, except themselves. They basically plunder the institution and pillage Europe, by extension...

Only hours ago the staff union of the EPO (SUEPO) sent this message to members and to staff at large:
Newsflash: SUEPO meeting today without the President Dear SUEPO members, Dear colleagues, In view of the SUEPO action plan culminating with a day of strike on 22 March, SUEPO met today with management representatives. Management had invited us on short notice to discuss the issues raised in the action plan but came empty-handed. No progress can be reported. However, management admitted that the number of participants in the strike will be decisive for on-going negotiations with SUEPO defending our claims.

Staff must exert pressure. Participate in the actions and strike on Tuesday 22 March. Defend your rights. SUEPO Central

We certainly hope that almost every member of staff will participate. It would help defend Europe and science, not just the interests of examiners.

"Outsourcing much?"The Central Staff Committee (CSC) of the EPO has meanwhile published the following letter, also dated today, addressed to the national delegates. "A first step towards decentralisation of the Office?"

The EPO's management misuses the word "decentralisation"; these liars and crooks try to make something illegal seem attractive, desirable, long overdue...

Outsourcing much [1, 2]?

"In this open letter to the Heads of Delegation in the Administrative Council," the CSC says, "we question the orientation paper on professional mobility (CA/19/22 and CA/19/22 Corr.1), which could be a first step towards a decentralisation of the EPO."

Here's the full letter:

Reference: sc22029cl Date: 18/03/2022 European Patent Office | 80298 MUNICH | GERMANY To the Chairman and the Heads of Delegation of the Administrative Council of the European Patent Organisation By email OPEN LETTER Orientation paper on professional mobility (CA/19/22 & CA/19/22 Corr.1)

Dear Mr Chairman, Dear Heads of Delegation, The orientation paper on professional mobility (CA/19/22 and CA/19/22 Corr.1) is tabled for information on the agenda of the Administrative Council on 22 March 2021. The CSC would like to inform you about its first opinion on the broad content of this document and the move towards a possible decentralisation of the EPO. The President of the Office describes in paragraph 6 the goals alleged to be achieved by the mobility framework. For instance under the term “support to deliver high-quality patents”, the President intends to use Seconded National Experts (SNEs) to work in the patent granting process, in particular within divisions without formally being part of those divisions, and in violation of the EPC. Similarly, in other departments of the EPO using staff serving two different organisations (the national and the EPO) will inevitably lead to conflicts of interest. Further, it is questionable how the long-term sustainability of the finances of the EPO can be achieved through the project “professional mobility”. For instance, financing outbound secondments, financing inbound secondments (SNEs), financing interorganisational mobility programmes and offering training and short-term projects to employees from external organisations can be expected to generate more costs than benefits.
Secondly, this orientation paper on professional mobility bears the risk of introducing a decentralisation of the EPO and thus constitutes a fundamental reform of the EPO, incompatible with the mission of the Office. Consequently, the CSC considers that a conference of ministers of the Contracting States under Article 4a EPC is overdue and urges the Heads of Delegation to inform their respective Ministries, if they wish to engage into this “professional mobility” project. Dear Heads of Delegation, the CSC and the EPO staff count on you in your supervisory role to guarantee that the mission of the EPO is fulfilled by international civil servants, in conformity with the EPC. Yours sincerely, Alain Dumont Chairman of the Central Staff Committee Cc: the President of the EPO

We've already mentioned, even in a video as recent as days ago, that the general direction seems to be scabs [1, 2]. The EPO is being run like a bank of reckless loan sharks. This, in turn, disgraces the the European Union (EU) as well.

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