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Video download link | md5sum f50b85c79dda79701921f18ddaa30cd9 Provocation Against Software Freedom Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: The corporate front groups and Microsoft-funded organisations (LF, OSI, SFC) are attacking the FSF and the uploaded image below is real, except the text; it seems clear that Microsoft money is very costly as it dooms organisations, turning them against their original goals or purported mission

THE Linux Foundation published this fluff yesterday, reminding us that the Linux Foundation isn't about Linux and isn't even about technology (mindless greenwashing isn't technology). Likewise, about a day earlier the so-called 'Linux' Foundation signed its political statement in a worrisome way. A full-time Microsoft employee now speaks 'for' the 'Linux' Foundation. How on Earth was this allowed to happen? I discuss that in the video above.

LF+SFC=Microsoft fundingLooking at the OSI, yesterday it had an announcement to make regarding openwashing (comments in LWN), but only a couple of days earlier it was promoting proprietary GitHub for Microsoft, wrongly portraying it as an open source thing. Does one hand know what the other hand is doing? The OSI is basically defunct. It's controlled by Microsoft through the finances.

If Microsoft now controls or speaks for "Linux" and for "Open Source", then what is next? Will they just use LF and OSI figureheads to attack the FSF? Of course they will. Moreover, they're funding the SFC, which also participates in the attack on the FSF and now advertises "Hippocratic License" trolls (typically promoted by the "LF" crowd), courtesy of Bradley M. Kuhn. They basically strive to exclude people. Like the FSFE, SFC is like a bit like a splinter group and it's closely connected to OSI, where it sent an employee to become the OSI's interim GM.

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