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Google's YouTube is Not Free Video Hosting

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Summary: The 'free' GulagTube (free labour camp) or gratis hosting bubble is bursting with the likes of Viemo shutting down or shaking down "creators" (for money); we've long warned about it and recommended alternatives [1, 2]; the remaining "creators" (survivors) are selling out instead of seeking real alternatives -- a long-overdue move as Google tightens the screws and throws "creators" under the bus

THE subject of YouTube or GulagTube was covered here a lot this year. There are a number of ongoing controversies (some are named in the videos below) and since I've not been active in YouTube for years I needed to listen and learn a little.

Things have gotten so bad that YouTube is now 'spamming' everything with ads. Google wants to make money out of videos without paying even a penny to the people who made these videos. Maybe it's time to accept that the "honeymoon period" is over and it's time to move on. Push YouTube aside and look for a healthier relationship -- one which does not resemble sharecropping.

Videos that inspired this one (in Odysee):

  1. YouTube Hates Small Creators - This Warning Message Proves It
  2. A suggestion to YouTube on not demoralizing longtime creators
  4. YouTube Cheats Its Creators- and I Can Prove It.

Please consider self-hosting your videos, as I explain in my own (spontaneous) video. The underlying tasks aren't hard. There are tools that help with these and they're Free software, e.g. GNU MediaGoblin and PeerTube. The former is self-hosted and decentralised, the latter is also P2P, tackling bandwidth/throughput constraints. Our own code for video management is in Git.

Centralised platforms like YouTube are Social Control Media (with gamification and provocation designed to increase addiction). Don't worry about departure from the "crowds" -- the mythical masses that platform owners increasingly herd towards few accounts of "influencers" like celebrities, politicians, and of course sponsors. Build your own thing. Stop renting.

For over 15 years we've kept all essential multimedia files right here (self-hosted); it's a bit expensive in the storage sense, but at least we aren't losing data due to service/account shutdowns.

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