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EPO Monday: A Carnival of Law-Breaking Fluff, Even Celebration of Crime

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Summary: Today, as before [1, 2, 3, 4], we're once again seeing turned into Russian-like propaganda apparatus of Team UPC and their puppets on a string; the EPO actively glorifies illegal actions and celebrates the perpetrators' actions while based on the staff survey this site does not even remotely represent the views of EPO staff, only those who captured the organisation to oppress the staff

TWO decades ago the Web site was was mostly OK. Less than a decade ago I ceased to be shocked upon seeing that the site became a shrine of an antipathic crook, Benoît Battistelli, who had cheated his way into a position of power (in tandem with António Campinos, a fellow Frenchman who would later inherit that position at the EPO).

"Today's EPO amounts to little but organised crime. Why is it allowed to have diplomatic immunity while ILOAT keeps ruling against it? End the crime, prosecute the culprits already."We recently (Sunday) finished the series about the plot to boost European software patents, in violation of the European Patent Convention of 1973 (EPC). Watch how the the EPO keyword-stuffs "EPC" [PDF] while promoting the illegal UPC, as it also did in this new site update, stating: "The Committee’s next meeting will take place in October 2022 in the margins of the 172nd meeting of the Administrative Council."

It's likely that something major will happen before that.

As also shown in the video above, the site published this Campinos puff piece a few hours ago. [PDF]

What is the purpose of the EPO's site? It does not inform anybody, it just pushes utterly illegal things, it's lying about staff, lying about quality (the staff has been very clear about this), and it pretends to value privacy when the exact opposite is true.

Today's EPO amounts to little but organised crime. Why is it allowed to have diplomatic immunity while ILOAT keeps ruling against it? End the crime, prosecute the culprits already.

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