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Mozilla Hired Top-Level Managers Directly From the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), Can They Be Trusted on Privacy?

This article from yesterday leaves out a key part or key fact:

Mozilla's CSO

He joined 7-8 years ago (article from 20 months ago):

Marshall Erwin Mozilla

After he had worked for the CIA :

Marshall Erwin at Mozilla

Marshall Erwin interview

Don't worry, he doesn't call it CIA, it's just "intelligence community".

Marshall Erwin bio

His career also started there [PDF]

Marshall Erwin ref

Summary: Mozilla's composition of managers is a parade of spies and monopolies; the message (or promise) does not match the actions

THIS post will be followed up by a video quite soon. This is just to note who we're expected to trust with Firefox security.

Mozilla also hired managers from Facebook while promising us "privacy" and bagging money from Google (surveillance giants). Microsoft is in Mozilla's Board and the VPN is about as trustworthy as DNS partners. Wake up, people, Mozilla isn't woke. It's just pretending like the Linux Foundation. They destroy entire countries. They bomb and ban people based on nationality alone. That's racist. Would you trust Mozilla to decide which sites are trustworthy and which ones are not? Would you like this company to turn Firefox into a censorship machine based on some criteria of "misinformation"? Do you trust Mozilla when it tells you some site isn't to be trusted because it uses a self-signed certificate instead of outsourcing to a US-centric cabal of CAs? The latter begets censorship. Anybody can request and receive a 'free' certificate, but a shadowy group of American firms can revoke these at any time, denying access to sites/services.

"The CA model they use facilitates MitM," an associate of ours noted, "especially with their antipathy towards self-vouched for certificates. They are especially state, then after that Google specifically though pandering to Microsoft a lot."

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