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IRC Widgets Working Again


Summary: After turbulence and technical issues at KiwiIRC we've managed to get a semi-working solution or some workaround

FOR about a year already we have had easy-to-access IRC widgets, first below posts and then to he right hand side of them. We recognise that many people don't know what IRC is and how to use it. Widgets help abstract that away. Last Sunday or rather the Sunday before this past Sunday KiwiIRC folks managed to break their systems. At first, no Web interfaces worked. 2 days later they fixed this, but the interface for customising widgets has remained broken since then. We've tried every 1-2 days since then, to no avail...

"IRC is very important. It's a communication tool hosted in our own network and server."A lot of time was spent on this in vain. Today, about 9 days later, we've implemented a workaround. The widget does not look like it looked before, but it should generally work. Over the past decade we've repeatedly researched the possibility of self-hosting such Web interfaces/widgets, but it seemed impractical for different reasons. As always, we recommend using a proper IRC client with the details specified in our IRC portal.

IRC is very important. It's a communication tool hosted in our own network and server. We receive a lot of tips through that. We can protect our sources this way.

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