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Ubuntu Pro-Microsoft and It Moreover Promotes Proprietary Garbage That's Bad for Security and Performance

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Summary: Unsafe, bloated, proprietary Windows programs of Microsoft are used to advertise Ubuntu Pro, so Canonical has clearly lost the plot

THIS site has been critical of Canonical lately, but for purely factual reasons, it's not some mindless trash-talking. We've openly encouraged people not to adopt Ubuntu and not recommend it to other people. We explained why promoting other distros would be far better. Ubuntu's popularity is waning regardless. Canonical is just trying to 'upsell' Debian for profit. In the process it promotes not only proprietary software but software that spies on users; that even includes Microsoft's proprietary software despite the fact that Microsoft tries to prevent Ubuntu users from booting Ubuntu on their PCs (Canonical should have filed an antitrust complaint against Microsoft).

But this post (and video) isn't about the many reasons to avoid/skip Ubuntu. It's about the dangers associated with Microsoft and the new Ubuntu Pro "scheme" (scheme seems like a suitable term to describe it).

Judging by recent posts in the official Ubuntu blog (regarding Ubuntu Pro before the latest scheme was more officially announced yesterday), it's a bridge to technical, practical, and legal disaster.

As one associate of ours noted this morning, "having caused a world full of security problems through bad design and implementation, Microsoft is wrongfully posing as a leader in data protection; problems cannot generally be solved by the same people and methods as caused them to begin with."

The video above shows how even Microsoft boosters bemoan insecurity of Microsoft SQL Server, only days after Canonical promoted it under the Ubuntu Pro "scheme".

"The benefits of running Microsoft SQL Server" says the headline, basically boasting a Windows piece of junk (speaking from personal experience). Canonical promotes it as running "on Ubuntu Pro" even "though technically that is running within "drawbridge" and not within Ubuntu itself," the associate noted, citing some relevant blurb from last year (we too had mentioned that Drawbridge aspect many times in the past).

So Canonical is promoting a proprietary security hazard of an enemy of GNU/Linux despite the fact that technically superior options exist that run natively on GNU/Linux, are generally secure, are Free software, and are not controlled by enemies of ours. "Best [for Caninical] to focus on the real tools which Microsoft tries to draw people away from: postgresql, mariadb, sqlite3, etc," the associate concluded. I've used all three heavily and they're vastly more reliable than SQL Server, which is an overpriced toy with back doors (it's a Windows program; Canonical advertises Ubuntu Pro using Windows programs).

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