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EPO Isn't Green and Isn't Women-Friendly, That's Just Another Distraction From Corruption

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Summary: EPO management keeps posting shallow, superficial, fact-free (or disinformation) messages; the staff of the EPO isn't gullible enough to fall for the lies

THE text below comes from a new letter, which deals with yet another case of EPO greenwashing; this has been happening so much before that it's easy to lose count. In the video above I also show for its latest greenwashing, alongsode UPC propaganda (encouraging illegal agenda out in the open) and femmewashing. Remember that not many women work at the EPO and get promoted, the EPO basically grants monopolies that curtail climate change mitigation, but don't let those realities get in the way of Benoît Battistelli and António Campinos, two chronic liars who have long been in cahoots, shaming not just the EPO but also the EU.

Here's the text of the letter discussed above (from the Local Staff Committee Munich or just LSCMN for short):

Europäisches Patentamt | ÖPV München | GERMANY

To: President Cc: VP4

Per E-Mail


Consistency in sustainability

Europäisches Patentamt 80298 München Deutschland

Local Staff Committee Munich Comité local du personnel de Munich Lokaler Personalausschuss München Email:

Date: 02.11.2022 sc22026ml

Dear Mr President, The EPO has adopted an Environmental Policy (page 3/11) in which: “Every employee has an important role to play in bringing the EPO one step closer to carbon neutrality.” In this respect, the EPO aims at reducing its annual consumption of electricity, water and heat, producing less residual waste and lowering its CO2 emissions.

The latest Environmental Report (page 40/59) features the CO2 emissions relating to employee commuting and stresses the high emissions of car transport (0.120 kg CO2e/km), the lesser emissions of public transport and the neutrality of bike and walking.

In its Communiqué of 6 October 2022, the Office has announced its aim to drastically increase the number of e-charging stations where colleagues can charge electric cars for free. The number will more than double to 738 within one year. On this topic we were approached by many colleagues who wonder if this measure fits with the EPO support to Sustainable Mobility Options. Free e-charge stations might create an unjustified incentive to come to the Office premises by car. The free e-charging is also introduced at a time the Office has entered Phase 1 of the Emergency Contingency Plan which aims at saving on energy consumption in the EPO premises by keeping the minimum temperature at 19€°C.

We also note that the EPO Code Fest is about to start. Some colleagues informed us that the developed software applications use APIs strongly relying on GPUs (private or collaborative) which are high consumers of electric power. In their view the scheduling of the event appears unfortunate at a time of the year during which energy will be a well-demanded resource. The official communications by the EPO on the Code Fest do not mention its potential environmental impact.

We believe that a consistent approach to sustainability is very important. That is why we would like to ask you to comment on the topics above.

With best regards,

Michael Alex Kemény

Chair of the Local Staff Committee Munich City, Haar and Brussels

We'll hopefully find more time to cover the EPO more frequently some time soon (in spite of recent hardware problems which we try to overcome).

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