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Trusting the UPC (Unified Patent Court) in the Hands of Tyrants Who Ridicule Courts?

Video download link | md5sum 8ac2871fd31337d64512908d145aebb4 Trusting a Court Controlled by Those Who Do Not Obey Courts Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: The European Patent Office (EPO) is revealed as an unrepentant, unapologetic 'disser' of the court system; people rightly ask, how can anyone expect fair trials at the supposedly 'Unified Patent Court', which the EPO pushes for in spite of severe legal and constitutional issues?

THE staff union of the EPO, or SUEPO for short, has just mentioned an article on a topic covered yesterday afternoon. "Translations are available in German, French and Dutch," it said, but those are automated. The letters are from the Central Staff Committee (CSC), not SUEPO.

The video above speaks about the issue again and notes that comments so far illuminate the impact on the UPC, which incidentally the EPO is promoting again this week.

A reader has meanwhile warned us about this pro-UPC conference "with all the usual boosters, no critics invited" (not even critics of the legality of UPC).

"Worst speakers list you cannot expect," the reader said.

Remember the complaint that was filed in Germany back in 2017. It apparently (despite being hidden, then sold as a book) made the point that if judges' tenure is contingent upon appeasing some patent maximalists (like senior BOA judges at the EPO) periodically, e.g. every 5 years, then judges are incentivised to rule "for career safety" instead of "for justice". There are lots of constitutional issues associated with the UPC, aside for blatant conflicts of interest [1, 2].

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