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This Tentative List of UPC Judges (Industry as 'Judges') Will Make the Unitary Patent Explode Before Launch

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Summary: The Unitary Patent and Unified Patent Court are basically scams; they're being rebranded and falsely marketed by a malicious lobby looking to raid Europe through "judges" who are basically working for this lobby

THE Unified Patent Court (UPC) lobby is starting to show its true face, reaffirming everything that UPC critics have cautioned about for over a decade. We have covered this before, but the above video shows an article from JUVE, which has its own conflict of interest (it works for the UPC lobby and gets paid by the UPC lobby).

This is very closely connected to EPO corruption because the same people are being spotted doing both things. Benoît Battistelli has been declaring that the UPC would start "next year" since 2015 (almost 8 years ago) and António Campinos has said similar things since he was parachuted into the EPO to continue this demolition work of his friend, Battistelli, who obliterated the Rule of Law and sought to illegally grant European software patents. All he needed was a kangaroo court to approve such patents later on.

"We've been speaking to elected European politicians about this and will bring this to the attention of many more."A reader has warned us about a "UPC captured by corporations," dubbing the latest scheme: "Judge in the morning, MegaCorp in the afternoon..."

Corruption at full swing for sure. Will this ever commence? Probably not. People will fight back and maybe more nations will formally express opposition. Some have already condemned this illegal scheme.

"Nokia as UPC judge," a reader told us. Here is the full list:

Full list of technically qualified judges

Biotechnology Arwed Andreas Burrichter – Germany; patent attorney at Cohausz & Florack Eric Enderlin – France; patent attorney at Novagraaf Rainer Friedrich – Germany; in-house patent attorney at CSL Behring Paolo Gerli – Italy; patent attorney at Botti & Ferrari Krister Karlsson – Finland; patent attorney at Kolster András Kupecz – Netherlands; patent attorney and lawyer at Pinsent Masons Roman Maksymiw – Germany; presiding judge of the 14th Senate at Federal Patent Court Cornelis Schüller – Netherlands; patent attorney at IP-Portunity (also technically qualified judge at the District Court of The Hague)

Chemistry and pharmaceuticals Michael Alt – Germany; patent attorney at Bird & Bird Kirsikka Etuaho – Finland; patent attorney at Espatent Oy (also technically qualified judge at the Market Court Helsinki) Renaud Fulconis – France; patent attorney at Bandpay & Greuter Rudi Goedeweeck – Belgium; in-house patent attorney at AGFA-Gevaert John Meidahl Petersen – Denmark; in-house patent attorney at Lundbeck Stefanie Parchmann – Germany; patent attorney at Maiwald Laure Sarlin – France; patent attorney at Beau de Loménie Casper Struve – Denmark; patent attorney at Zacco (also technically qualified judge at the Danish Maritime and Commercial High Court) Steen Wadskov-Hansen – Denmark; patent attorney at Budde Schou Carola Wagner – Germany; judge at the Federal Patent Court

Electricity Pascal Attali – France; in-house patent attorney at Bose Corp Eric Augarde – France; patent attorney at Brevalex Bertrand Cochet – France; in-house patent attorney at Orange Grégoire Desrousseaux – France; patent attorney and lawyer at August Debouzy Alain Dumont – Belgium; technical judges at the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office Dennis Kretschmann – Germany; patent attorney at Boehmert & Boehmert Alessandro Sanchini – Italy; patent attorney at Modiano & Partner Andrea Scilletta – Italy; patent attorney at IP Sextant Simon Walker – Finland; in-house patent attorney at Nokia

Mechanical engineering Michel Abello – France; patent attorney at Loyer & Abello Uwe Ausfelder – Germany; judge at the Federal Patent Court Koen Callewaert – Belgium; patent attorney at Bureau Callewaert Giorgio Checcacci – Italy; patent attorney at Checcacci & Partner Paolo Ernesto Crippa – Italy; patent attorney at Jacobacci & Partner Claus Elmeros – Denmark; patent attorney at Plougmann Vingtoft (also technically qualified judge at the Danish Maritime and Commercial High Court) Frédéric Gaillarde – France; patent attorney at Cabinet FGPI Bernard Christiaan Ledeboer – Netherlands; patent attorney at V.O. Elisabetta Papa – Italy; patent attorney at Società Italiana Brevetti Martin Schmidt – France/Germany; patent attorney as single practitioner and at IXAS Conseil Uwe Schwengelbeck – Germany; judge at Federal Patent Court Max Tilmann €­– Germany; patent attorney since 2022 at König Szynka Tillmann von Renesse; now own firm Marie-Paule Vandeberg – Belgium; patent attorney at MPV Patent Patrice Vidon – France; patent attorney at Vidon Pascal Lucien Pierre Weber – France; former judges at the Boards of Appeal of the European Patent Office Stefan Wilhelm – Germany; in-house patent attorney at 3M

Physics Michael Fleuchaus – Germany; patent attorney at Fleuchaus & Gallo Anders Hansson – Sweden; patent attorney at Kransell & Wennborg (also technically qualified judge at the Sveriges Domstolar) Ulrike Keltsch – Germany; in-house patent attorney at Airbus Gérard Myon – France; patent attorney at Lavoix Dörte Otten-Dünnweber – Germany; judge at Federal Patent Court Andrea Perronace – Italy; patent attorney at Jacobacci & Partners Christoph Dominik Schober – Germany; patent attorney at Flügel Preissner Schober Seibel Patrik Rydman – Sweden; judge at the Swedish Patent and Market Court

This does not look like a list of judges but a list of companies. This is the "banana republic" they want to introduce...

"Nokia, Airbus, Orange technical judges," as our reader put it. "It would be fun to make some UPC sponsored/corrupted by all those companies who have their staff as part-time technical judges. A proper kangaroo court..."

The way we see it, the publication of the list (as shown above) was a giant own goal. We've been speaking to elected European politicians about this and will bring this to the attention of many more. This charade won't end well. All it can do is discredit the EU, but the litigation profiteers value money, not Unity or a European "union" of any kind.

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