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TikTok is Singled Out for Nationalistic Reasons, All Social Control Media is Toxic

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Summary: Social Control Media or Social Control Networks (e.g. Twitter, Facebook) are about collecting data about people and also manipulating billions of people; TikTok isn't unique in this regard, but American politicians wave their flag and pretend to be "tough on China" by focusing only or mostly on TikTok

THE corporate press in the United States cautions about "TikTok in China" in high-budget TV programmes and countless articles, never mind if Twitter in USA and Facebook in USA do enormous damage as well.

Years ago we wrote several posts about Microsoft-TikTok rumours (it turned out that Microsoft had tried to use Donald Trump to take over parts of TikTok, in effect using politics for commercial purposes, as usual).

Our position is that all social control media is toxic, including TikTok. Treating this as a matter of nationality or sovereign mostly misses the point or overlooks the principal harms. Even US-based social control media platforms/networks can be easily manipulated from abroad or covertly weaponised against the domestic population. This happened countless times in the past.

Society ought to collectively reject social control media as a whole, leaving in behind and reverting back to what preceded it. The Internet wasn't always as toxic or as unhealthy as it is today.

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