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The Slowness of British Police Works to the Advantage of Fraudsters in Hiding (Sirius 'Open Source' Managers)

Video download link | md5sum 760d7ca0d833706de57ab9de7dd5c620 Sirius Disappearing Faster Than Police Holds It Accountable Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: The crimes of Sirius 'Open Source' have caught up with the management, which is leaving in droves; but the British police has made no visible progress in over 3 weeks since a report was filed, in effect delaying enough for the company to vanish and hide some more

THE VIDEO above explains the latest situation at the company I left this past December. It stole money from employees for over half a decade. These employees had suspicions, but the company was evasive about the matter. Earlier this year we got all the formal confirmations (evidence) we needed and reported the matter to Action Fraud.

"The worry here is the company might change name or dissolve, then pretend to have vanished, then resurface under another name and legal entity/identity."How about a police force that can allocate endless pounds to protect an old monarch but cannot even respond for nearly a month to a serious complaint of fraud, impacting many people and amounting to several prestigious cars (like the ones the CEO was amassing)?

The worry here is the company might change name or dissolve, then pretend to have vanished, then resurface under another name and legal entity/identity. It's a worryingly common modus operandi, which mustn't be tolerated by the police, the tax authorities etc. So we need to prevent that in order to protect others from abuse. There's already censorship happening (gagging the victims!) and time is running out if the CEO is hiding money in all sorts of places, or even bank accounts of friends and relatives. This won't end well and we shall pursue the matter till the bitter end. The video above says a lot more.

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