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Gemini Links 15/05/2023: Introducing Rosy Crow

  • GNU/Linux

    • Gemini* and Gopher

      • Personal

        • Perturbations

          Well, folks, I finally took out my Harley (She/Her) this morning. For an ethereal ride through town. It was sensational! I've been waiting for this all winter. Wrenching and quenching… my desire to face the music. Will she purr (like a newborn kitten) or will she whirr (like an old angry bird)? My rapid-eye motion instantly pushed me into a sapid sly notion of euphoria, grasping for air… do I dare take the next turn without ending up in a fucking churn (of things)? Perturbations, man, one emotion on top of the other, that's all! Nothing else. Stay calm, breathe, look ahead… and just dance-a-long with the fucking dead!

        • Holy shit it's Monday

          Made lots of progress in thinning out and reorganizing paper documentation that's been accumulating for years. Huge relief.

          Great carry out pizza for dinner.

        • Finally Budding 2023-05-15 (Fairbanks, AK, USA)

          I felt like the trees took a really long time this year to release their leaves, though since this is the first spring I started watching for it, this may just be the "a watched pot never boils" effect.

        • Today is known for Yellow/Rose Day in South Korea...

          It's often a quirky list of romance related holidays in those Asian countries, where the 14th of every month has a special day for those in love (or seeking love). This one has couples dress up in yellow clothes and exchange roses to each other, while single people eat yellow curry (so to spice up their chances to find love).

        • Moving right along

          Pleasantly productive day, here, Silent Dev Nullsters! ;-)

          Sprayed select placed with weed/grass killer, reorganized a few things in the garage, mowed the lawn, acquired some boat motor 2-stroke oil and spark plugs, and got a finicky boat motor to start and stay running unassisted.

      • Technical

        • What makes your entity unique? What can you routinize (outsource, automate, etc)?/a>

          There are patterns which pervade all practice, whether they be policies, processes, roles, or duties. Where these patterns interface with one another, they interact, sometimes reinforcing one another, sometimes interfering with one another. Most of all, at scale, they form functioning entities, whether a team, department, or company. Many of these patterns are common to most, or all, entities of a type. Some of these patterns are unique to an entity. These unique patterns are proprietary and differentiating.

        • Internet/Gemini

          • Thinking about doing a Goodreads like app on Gemin

            Thinking about doing a Goodreads like app on Gemini. User reviews and star ratings. Maybe linking over to Geminispace for discussions, not sure. Need some API where I can get a feed for book releases.

          • Here we go 'round the Gemini bush

            There seems to be a separate (from all else) being sitting in a chair, fuzzy vision peripheral to the tight little area of visual focus on the screen of a Chromebook, eyes following the appearance of words in that area, something allegedly in the head agonizing over whether those words re-present those which said something entertained just before directing fingers to make them so in said little visual space, a perpetual repaint of all the notions making up all that, including ambient temperature, sounds of wife typing on a different keyboard in bed about 15 feet to the right, a jet passing somewhat far away, automobile traffic sounds, the right ankle becoming stiffly sore for supporting the other leg on a foot rest a couple feet beyond this chair.

          • Feeds are a dark pattern

            I definitely agree that the structure of feeds doesn’t scale past ‘tiny’ very well. A new view on posts might be enough to get me off my butt to actually contribute some code the gemini universe.

          • CircaDian: Who Likes The Likers

            I agree that it's nice to get a "heavyweight" reply on someone's capsule.

            But I do think there is a problem with barrier to entry for that. Maybe having both "lightweight" and "heavyweight" options will work nicely.

            So, here is a response to your response posted to Bubble. Let's see what happens! (If anything).

          • Re: CircaDian: Who Likes The Likers

            Bubble looks pretty cool. And yet it's also true that, for now, I don't see it adding value to my browsing experience, because I honestly value following links between responses from people who made the effort to "heavyweight reply". My auto-assumptive tendency is to assume those who make a greater intelligence-requiring effort will likely create more interesting text arrangements for me to read.

        • Announcements

          • Introducing Rosy Crow

            Hi Gemini folks, Rosy Crow is a Gemini client for Android that I've been working on for the past few months. I finally have it at a point where I'm comfortable making it available to the public.

        • Programming

          • CircaDian: The Trouble With IDEs

            This whole discussion kicked off with me advocating for coding in a proportional font; then one of the various replies mentioned the trouble with IDEs, and it's a great topic so I posted about that.

            Then there were some more replies and I thought we were done, but a few more drifted in; linked above.

            The latecomers appear to share my appreciation for what VSCode and LSP (Language Server Protocol) have achieved; thanks for chiming in! It great to hear from people who disagree with me, but I'm happy to also hear some agreement.

* Gemini (Primer) links can be opened using Gemini software. It's like the World Wide Web but a lot lighter.

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