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It's Time to Leave YouTube (It'll Only Get a Lot Worse)

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Summary: YouTube is becoming increasingly unacceptable, both for viewers and "creators" (what Google calls people who do all the actual work); it's time to get out because Google/Alphabet is "farming" people for money, it's not "free hosting"

THIS Web site started publishing videos routinely way back in 2020 (the second lockdown in the UK). The motivation was explained at the time (scarce resources like time had been freed up by the pandemic response) and we spent several days researching how or where to publish videos rapidly. We checked a number of options; YouTube barely was one, even though we previously (about a decade ago) filed hundreds of videos there, as mere copies of what was published here in Techrights.

"It's barely even a site anymore, it's a JavaScript "webapp" that returns invalid pages until proprietary scripts are being fully allowed."YouTube has gotten worse and worse over the years.

Spamification of YouTube, being a video-centric social control media, was covered here many times before, especially in early 2022 when we saw channels defecting to the marketing 'industry' and more ads being imposed while actual creators get de-monetised and lose viewers. The goal was becoming money-making, but the revenue has since decreased and the longtime chief of YouTube stepped down (she was one of the first employees in Google).

"YouTube is generally a moving target. If you settle in YouTube today, you don't know what it will be tomorrow."Invidious no longer works for all videos and some browsers, especially with particular extensions, cannot render the site. It's barely even a site anymore, it's a JavaScript "webapp" that returns invalid pages until proprietary scripts are being fully allowed.

Now there are plans [1,2] to prevent people from watching videos unless/until they watch ads. Think that's bad? Wait for what comes after that. Some possibilities are explained in the video above. YouTube is generally a moving target. If you settle in YouTube today, you don't know what it will be tomorrow. One day it will be offline for sure.

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