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Category:Comes v Microsoft Category:Antitrust Category:Microsoft Category:Dell Category:OEM Dell is a site category with many posts filed, but there are aspects to Dell which are worth summarising as follows.

Dell Versus Free GNU/Linux

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    Misc. Site Posts

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  • Dell-Microsoft OEM License Agreement

    The Dell-Microsoft OEM License Agreement is old, but it served as vital piece of evidence showing discriminatory conduct.

    Date: July 1995


    AMENDMENT No. 2 to the OEM License Agreement for Operating Systems Between MICROSOFT CORPORATION and DELL COMUTER CORPORATION Dated July 1, 1995, Contract NO. 2811-5180

    2. The attached Exhibit C-3, ADDITIONAL SYSTEM PRODUCTS, is added to the agreement to reflect the licensing of MS PLus!, and is so attached, is hereby incorporated into this Amendment and the Agreement.

    3. INTERNET EXPLORER: Unless specifically requested to the contrary by the end user of the Customer System and provided proper translation is available, COMPANY will ship MS Internet Explorer 2.0, and the most current subsequent higher version Product Releases and Version Releases thereof, preinstalled on all new Customer Systems which are validated and released for shipment by COMPANY after April 1, 1996, and which have either Windows 95 or Windows NT Workstation 4.0 as the Customers System's preinstalled operating system


    In the event of inconsistencies between the Agreement and this Agreement, the terms and conditions of the Amendment No. 2 shall be controlling.


    Windows 95 operating system .. Per Copy Royalty

    < 40% US$ 49.25 > 40% and < 75% US$ 43.00 > 75% US$ 43.00


    1) For Windows NT workstation, COMPANY agrees to provide quarterly sales out, and business and government institution sales reporting where the quantity of Product sold totals ten(10) or more units during a calender quarter. Reporting shall include by country, the customer name, bill to, ship to, state and zip or postal code, quantity of units, part description, and indication of MS field sales assistance. MS will provide and may revise the reporting format form time-to-time during the terms of the Agreement ..


    (2) In order to support the end-users of this product, COMPANY agrees to employ at all times at least one support technician who has successfully completed, at COMPANY's expense, the Microsoft Certified Professional program for this product.

    Full Exhibit:



    #2811-7060 dated march 1, 1997 with DELL COMPUTER CORPORATION

    Full Exhibit