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In layman's terms, MPEG-LA is a conspiracy of companies with patent monopolies on ideas associated with compression of video and audio. MPEG-LA covers more than just that, but originally it was used as a central point for patent holders who wish to tax anyone out there playing videos and music. By creating a "standard" out of patent-encumbered formats, MPEG-LA managed to create a thicket standing in the way of access to people's personal video and audio recordings. Standards bodies are mere tools in this battle of Trojan horse tactics, where MPEG-LA members such as Microsoft and Apple elbow their competitors by imposing costs (e.g. on GNU/Linux) and also threatening to sue counterparts such as Ogg and WebM. Techrights has covered the subject quite a lot over the years and this page brings together some of the posts more relevant and more recent (2010 onwards) on the subject.


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