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[Video] "Washington's Worsening Debt Problem" Includes Microsoft's Massive Corporate Debt (Over 105 Billion in Debt)

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Nov 18, 2023,
updated Nov 18, 2023

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Microsoft Debt Exceeds 100 Billion Dollars
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Preview for Microsoft Debt Exceeds 100 Billion Dollars

Recent: Microsoft's Total Debt Has Just Surged to an All-Time High of 106 Billion Dollar (26 Billion Increase in Just 3 Months Despite Mass Layoffs)

THE abusive monopoly (or monopolist) from Redmond has a little secret. The people there aren't just greedy/lusting for money. They need money for the company's survival. They need bailouts.

"So if Nat Friedman still works for Microsoft and is hoarding Nvidia Chips," one reader told us yesterday, and "Microsoft wants to compete with Nvidia," what is the company's future? Chatbots? Hardware? Chips sold using chatbots as a gimmick? Mr. Friedman is hiding in the shadows, investing in all sorts of things (his family is a financial family, not technical), having long attacked the Free software community both from inside and outside. He always worked for Microsoft.

That's just a symptom of what happened to the 'tech' industry. It's ruled by marketers and bankers/lawyers, not technical people.

Either way, GitHub continues losing loads of money (the video talks about this) and Microsoft has loads of layoffs in Washington, its home state. According to a new article (Washington's Worsening Debt Problem), Washington now ranks 5th highest in the US for consumer debt. To quote: "Are you in debt? Seems like many are and, unfortunately, many in Washington are and it's getting worse."

How about national debt, corporate debt, state debt, set aside consumer and mortgage debt?

Consumer debt in the US is well over $17 trillion* (this figure is almost a year out of date already). That's "not the national debt," someone told folks in the media, "that's just us random folks who might get a little spend-crazy with a credit card, those with student loans and those who needed financial support and are having trouble zeroing it out."

So we're looking at 17+ trillion (US dollars) for working families, well over 33 trillion in national debt (almost 34 trillion now). That's 50+ trillion totalled without yet adding any of the other components.

One might even say that Microsoft isn't the exception here, as a president who filed for bankruptcy six times can attest to**, but that does not change the fact that Microsoft may be in trouble. This cannot carry on for much longer.

* Greedy reckless people and fantasists, to use the labels crudely, wrongly believe it's normal for an average family to rack up a million bucks in debt and somehow, miraculously, pay that back some day. What happens in practice is pure agony, stress, sleepless nights, poor health, and loss of one's (not really, the bank's) home. Lenders like it when people borrow money. Don't trust lenders. They are not thinking like most people, they are reckless hoarders who lack empathy. Not just bankers, who like to tell you the government will back and bail them out no matter what. Then comes the day it does not happen. People lose all their savings.

** A lot of US billionaires (not all of them but a lot) are like Donald Trump - swimming in debt and many lies. The economy has become a Jenga tower of speculations, loans, and promises that cannot be fulfilled, i.e. deliberate or unintended Ponzi scheme where the deficits are passed to "credit" cards, mortgages, national debt etc.

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