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posted by Roy Schestowitz on Nov 18, 2023

Updated This Past Day

  1. EasyOS Kirkstone-series version 5.6.1 released
    We were discussing Firefox versus Chromium on the forum
  2. Calibre 7.0 E-Book Manager Introduces New Notes Feature, Support for Audio EPUBs
    Calibre developer Kovid Goyal announced today the release and general availability of Calibre 7.0 as the latest stable version and a major update to this powerful, free, open-source, and cross-platform e-book management software.
  3. Wireshark 4.2 Packet Analyzer Adds Support For HTTP/3
    Wireshark 4.2 introduces smarter display filter autocomplete, avoiding invalid syntax for more efficient network analysis
  4. FFmpeg 6.1 “Heaviside” Released with VAAPI AV1 Encoder, HW Vulkan Decoding
    FFmpeg 6.1 open-source multimedia framework has been released today as a major update that brings new features, new decoders, new filters, and many other changes.
  5. New Horizons for EL: OpenELA Publishes Package Sources
    Bright future for Enterprise Linux with OpenELA’s RHEL-compatible sources for packages now available. More is on the way
  6. HandBrake 1.7 Released with AMD VCN AV1 and NVIDIA NVENC AV1 Encoders
    HandBrake 1.7 has been released today as a major update to this open-source, free, and cross-platform video transcoder application for GNU/Linux.


  7. Today in Techrights
    one day's articles
  8. today's howtos
    some howtos for Friday
  9. today's leftovers
    a few assorted links and video
  10. Windows TCO (Security Issues)
    incidentrs and high costs of ownership (TCO), not even ownership
  11. Audiocasts/Shows: Linux in the Ham Shack and BSDNow
    2 new episodes
  12. Unveiling the Life Stories of Linux Innovators
    Linux, the open-source operating system that powers millions of devices worldwide
  13. Oppo starts rolling out ColorOS based on Android 14
    Chinese smartphone vendor Oppo says it has begun rolling out ColorOS 14, its variant based on Android 14, to its 600 million active users
  14. Tuning the Linux kernel with AI, according to ByteDance
    ByteDance has a proposal to make this easier
  15. It’s Official: Linux Kernel 6.6 Will Be LTS, Supported Until December 2026
    In another unexpected turn of events, the latest Linux 6.6 kernel series has been officially marked as LTS (Long Term Support) on the website with a predicted life expectancy of at least three years.
  16. Allwinner VPU gets open-source H264 hardware video encoder Linux driver
    Bootlin’s Linux kernel support for H.264 video encoding with the Allwinner V3/V3s/S3 platforms consists of patchsets on top of the mainline Linux Cedrus driver
  17. mesa 23.3.0-rc4
    As always, if you find any issues please report them
  18. Software doing what you want, not what you say
    The KDE launcher also isn’t doing anything fancy; it’s matching on metadata associated with the launcher
  19. BSD: OpenSMTPD, FreeBSD packages routine, and more
    BSD news
  20. Open Hardware/Modding and Linux Devices
    Raspberry Pi 5, MIKROE, and more
  21. Programming Leftovers
    R, Java, Shell...
  22. Rust 1.74.0
    New release
  23. The Web and Free, Libre Software
    Some FOSS in relation to the WWW
  24. Free, Libre, and Open Source Software Leftovers
    FOSS news, misc.
  25. Events: libcurl, WordPress, and Capitole du Libre 2023
    Some FOSS highlights
  26. Linux Kernel 6.6 Officially Confirmed as an LTS
    Last month saw the release of the Linux 6.6 kernel, a big update jam-packed with new features, hardware support, security enhancements, and performance improvements
  27. Gear, Frameworks, Kernel updates in Tumbleweed
    A large amount of software updates made it into openSUSE Tumbleweed snapshots this week
  28. 6 Best Free and Open Source Linux Electronic Medical Records Software
    Open source EMR software has an important role to play
  29. Games: Core Keeper, Bzzzt, art of rally, and More
    half a dozen new stories from Liam Dawe
  30. Kubernetes and Servers
    5 related stories
  31. today's howtos
    only 5 for now
  32. Is Bing Dead?
    ChatGPT not doing anything for Bing
  33. More Security Leftovers and Microsoft Problems
    Security links, part II
  34. How to Install LXQt 1.4 on Lubuntu 22.04 LTS
    Learn how to install the latest LXQt 1.4 desktop environment using backport PPA in Lubuntu 22.04.
  35. Security Leftovers and Windows TCO
    also some FUD
  36. today's leftovers
    3 more links
  37. Free, Libre, and Open Source Software Leftovers
    FSF, Tor, and more
  38. 12 Best Time Tracking Software for Linux Desktop
    Time tracking software can be an effective solution to enhance productivity and control time expenses
  39. Programming Leftovers
    R, Rust, and more
  40. Red Hat: Proprietary (Secretive) Hardware as 'Security', Flathub, Red Hat Working With Lockheed Martin, Pagure Exporter
    Some IBM news
  41. Scientists use Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Now in Google's Pocket, Too
    A pair of reports about Raspberry Pi
  42. New Steam Games with Native GNU/Linux Clients and 13 Best Distributions for Gaming on Linux
    2 new articles about games
  43. Windows TCO
    Cost of Microsoft mindset
  44. Barry Kauler on EasyOS Development
    3 new updates
  45. LXQt 1.4 Desktop Arrives for Lubuntu 23.10 Users, Here’s How to Install It
    The Lubuntu developers have decided to backport the LXQt 1.4 desktop environment to the latest Lubuntu 23.10 (Mantic Minotaur) release.
  46. Kernel: Torvalds, Bootlin, CMRR Variable Refresh Rate Feature
    3 new stories
  47. Release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9.3
    RHEL release
  48. Steam Deck OLED Is Now Available to Order with HDR Display and Bigger Battery
    Valve today officially released the Steam Deck OLED Linux-powered gaming handheld that brings a bigger screen with high dynamic range (HDR) support, a bigger battery, and more.
  49. Android Leftovers
    Android's new Private Space feature could let you hide apps and data on your phone
  50. Five things to consider when switching to Linux Mint
    A guide to what you'll need to think about if you switch your old laptops to Linux Mint
  51. today's howtos
    many howtos for the day
  52. Canonical releases new low-touch, open-source cloud solution
    Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu, has released MicroCloud, which is a low-touch private cloud any business can use
  53. What makes a Linux distro light?
    It's a Swiss Army knife that can do anything and that's part of its definition
  54. today's leftovers
    GNU/Linux, BSD, and more
  55. Applications for GNU/Linux
    5 assorted FOSS stories
  56. CodeWeavers CrossOver 23.6 and Black Friday Bundle
    New release
  57. Peter Czanik and syslog-ng News
    3 links
  58. Cautionary Tale About Microsoft and VSCode
    proprietary junk
  59. Security Leftovers
    Security-related stories
  60. Hands-On with MX Linux 23 on Raspberry Pi 5
    MX Linux 23 is coming to the Raspberry Pi as the team announced today the first alpha version of an updated MX Linux respin image for the tiny single-board computer.
  61. Windows Total Cost of Ownership (Data/System Breaches)
    Microsoft breaking things
  62. Kubernetes Resource Limits and Major Changes in Kubernetes 1.29
    Some Kubernetes news from the official blog
  63. Games: Steam Deck, SteamOS, Anima Flux, and More
    7 posts by Liam Dawe
  64. Android Leftovers
    My favourite affordable Android phone is even cheaper in Google's Black Friday sale
  65. Kernel: New in LWN (Outside the Paywall) and Rust Burden
    Some kernel news
  66. Lubuntu 22.04 LTS Users Can Now Install the LXQt 1.4 Desktop, Here’s How
    Lubuntu developer Simon Quigley informs us today about the availability of the latest LXQt 1.4 desktop environment for users of the long-term supported Lubuntu 22.04 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish) operating system series.
  67. Kdenlive Sprint Recap – November 2023
    The Kdenlive team met last weekend in Zürich for a sprint. Many topics were discussed, here is a quick overview of what we did
  68. Programming Leftovers
    Python and more
  69. Linux Foundation Openwashing Subgroups
    some new ones
  70. Red Hat/Servers: F39 Elections, Fedora Magazine, Kubernetes, and Qubes
    mostly IBM and derivatives
  71. Nordic introduces nRF7002 EK WiFi 6 Arduino Shield, nRF7000 SSID-based Wi-Fi locationing chip
    But as noted by, Nordic also just released a Linux driver for nRF70 chips and tested with a Raspberry Pi 4 running Ubuntu 22.04 64-bit connected to the nRF7002 EK through an interposer board
  72. Open Hardware/Modding: Raspberry Pi and Arduino
    3 stories/projects
  73. today's howtos
    morning batch of howtos
  74. How to Emulate macOS Interface on your Linux System
    This guide compiles various methods to give your preferred Linux distribution a makeover with a macOS theme
  75. The Linux Scheduler And How It Handles More Cores
    Did the Linux developers make an egregious error more than a decade ago that has crippled Linux performance to this day
  76. OBS Studio 30 Released with Support for Intel QSV H264, HEVC, and AV1 on Linux
    OBS Studio 30 is now available for download coming with exciting new features, as well as numerous other changes and bug fixes for this popular free and open-source screencasting and streaming app.
  77. Banana Pi teases RK3588-powered Single Board Computer with dual 2.5GbE
    The product announcement indicates that the Banana Pi BPI-M7 board will support Debian Buster, Android 12 and Linux Kernel 5.10
  78. Haiku Activity & Contract Report, October 2023
    his report covers hrev57309 through hrev57363 (again a bit of a shorter month than average.)

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