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[Video] Online Brigade Demands That the Person Who Started GNU/Linux is Denied Public Speaking (and Why FSF Cannot Mention His Speeches)

posted by Roy Schestowitz on Apr 22, 2024,
updated Apr 22, 2024

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FSF and RMS (Richard Stallman)
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Preview for FSF and RMS

THE "cancel culture" (or cancer culture as we've begun calling it; we explained the reasoning before) will never sleep, it will never slumber. Always causing trouble, always pretending to be the victim. They ruin so many projects and communities and then say they deserved it... so it is about "revenge" or tearing things down. They'd even attack women and spouses. We also experienced this firsthand in recent years. It's not about technical things, it is about politics (completely unrelated to the project).

The brigade forms online, talking to project founders/leaders, demanding that they censor some people (over politics) but not others; it's about political/ideological takeover, hardly about technical roadmaps. As the numbers grow and the uproar is boosted, possibly by clickspam too, submission is expected. Failing that, public humiliation, efforts at defunding (by contacting sponsors and directing some blackmail at them, too). It's not pretty... it's only Monday and we're seeing it again.

I did a video about that this morning.

Basically, by surrendering to such demands one cannot win. Founders can dig their own graves. Because if they censor the people who moan, that's "censorship". If they censor those whom they moan about, that's "safety". In due course, if you surrender, you end up banning or upsetting some productive contributors. This happened in Phoronix Forums (comments) in the past. Then people start protesting and the banhammer is everywhere. It's out of control. Everything gets sanitised. Freedom of expression is passé.

Remember you cannot please these online trolls who dwell on fantasies like dethroning founders of key projects that are large and popular.

The other day in IRC I said: "Theory: FSF does not mention where RMS [Richard Stallman]is giving his talks next... because the CANCER CULTURE brigades might contact the ORGANISERS to CANCEL the talks..."

"Wrong theory," one informed person told me, but "correct premonition..."

"The reason the FSF does not announce RMS' talks is not to protect him or his talks," this person continued, "it's to avoid upsetting members of the Cancer Culture who would stop donating if it did."

As I explain in the video, I have reasons to trust this person.

But, having said that, just wait because it gets worse...

"That said," the person noted, "details of his talks are found in, and at least one member of the Cancer Culture already contacted the organizer of at least one talk in June last year --without success :)"

"At least" because that's just one that we know about (because the organiser said so).

So basically the attack on RMS did not stop; even when he's ill with cancer the cancel culture will try to cancel him, preventing him from talking (or be heard) about what he started in 1983.

If we let this cancer 'metastasise', then Bill Gates and his paid minions will (re)write history "for us" and even steer the media against Linux.

There is nothing benign about any of this and the solution to that is illusive, even elusive. No matter what admins do, the self-identifying "victim" will eternally scream and shout.

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