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Microsoft's Latest FUD Attempt May in Fact Eliminate the FUD Once and For All

Over time, Microsoft has proudly built its 'portfolio' of any anti-Linux FUD, notably highlighted by loud and memorable statements. Fortunately, Matt Aslett keeps track of these using a detailed list. He names it "FUDwatch".

The FUD, however, is getting weaker and less effective whenever Microsoft brings it up again. Why? Because people discuss it in public. Interesting perspective follows:

...Microsoft may be making a miss step. By focusing so much attention on this issue, it causes more articles -- like this one -- to be written to dispel the FUD. And it spawns more patent-focused efforts like those noted above to support open source software development and use. The result is that instead of cowing the little people, it helps pull back the curtain.

And then you find that all-powerful Oz (and his patent portfolio) doesn't look so all powerful, after all.

Yesterday we saw Microsoft's actions being named "Corporate Terrorism" (brief contexual discussion here) and today we see it described using a comparison that involves a vicious leader---Saddam Hussein. The headline, "Microsoft: shades of Saddam Hussein", sounds more radical than the content therein.

When they write the history of the computer history 10 years from now, the date May 14, 2007 will be marked in red: it's the day when everyone knew that Microsoft was starting to go down the tube.

An encouraging new article confirms that GPLv3 is on course to torpedoing Microsoft's malicious plan.

The current version of the GPL, the open-source license for Linux, does not have specific protection against patent litigation for companies distributing Linux. However, GPLv3, which is expected to be in final release in the next couple of months, has a provision promising patent safety to those who receive software, such as Linux, distributed under the license.

No wonder the Microsoft has launched an aggressive assault on GPLv3. It must be very rainy in Redmond these days.

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