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Novell As a GNU/Linux Control Freak

That who forbids/limits access to the code...

Novell wants to obtain and maintain exclusive rights over GNU/Linux, along with all those trade secrets and special 'privileges'. It goes rather far to protect them.

Benjamin Weber, an OpenSUSE guy, defends SUSE's spin on the GPL in this post, which was mentioned yesterday. There are some new and serious issues arising when it comes to Novell's perception and handling of Free software.

Not to mention that your subscription might expire, and you might still want the sources for the packages you received as updates. But you have not downloaded them at the time. You want them 3 years later, as guaranteed by the GPL. Well, YOU CAN'T GET THEM 3 YEARS LATER, BECAUSE YOU'RE NOT ANYMORE A NOVELL CUSTOMER 3 YEARS LATER!

What's even more amazing is that a Novell PR blog is already looking for free labour (beta testers for Novell's commercialised SUSE). Will they get access to their own work?

Speaking of obsession with control, watch this one:

Five Ways Novell Should Spend Microsoft’s Money


3. Pump Money Into “Designed for SUSE” Or Similar Branding: Novell’s old “Yes” logo program from the 1990s assured customers that specific hardware and software worked with Novell NetWare. Time for Novell to bring back similar branding and promote partners that offer SUSE-compatible products.

Novell would love to see 'Microsoft SUSE' becoming the new-and-improvedâ„¢ GNU/Linux. But SUSE isn't suitable to be treated in isolation like Ubuntu increasingly is. That would be a sham.

Ron Hovsepian and Steve Ballmer

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