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OOXML Leaked: The Stuff ISO Doesn't Want You to Have (Updatedx9)

[Update: Marius has produced this HTML version which is easiest to browse and requires no large-sized downloads. Another reader, Tony Manco, has produced this HTML version (another mirror... and another) of the core of OOXML so that you can access the specs quickly.]

In light of the systematic abuse and the demise of ISO, which IBM loudly protested against [1, 2], we shall no longer let this process remain secretive. We finally have complete copies of the documents which the shenanigans keep behind passwords (unlike ODF which they attack). This includes 6 files, namely:

  1. 1080.pdf

[Note: appended at the bottom of this post we now have 1081c, 1082c, and 1083c.]

[Note #2: we now have a mirror listed at the bottom.]

For those who forgot the opposition to ISO's bad behaviour, here is another new article about IBM's action.

In a recent announcement IBM said that it would reconsider its membership in the hundreds of bodies that create global standards for everything from software to servers.

Another article says that "IBM Nixes Standards Shenanigans" and further to the exodus in Norway we also have Glyn Moody's take.

A little while back I noted a provocative call from IBM for standards bodies to do better – a clear reference to the ISO's handling of OOXML. Here are some other people who are clearly very unhappy with the same: 13 members of the Norwegian technical committee that actually took part in the process.


This particular saga is only just beginning...

Feel free to pass around (or even ridicule) those ~60 megabytes of lock-in, which Microsoft won't let you see. This probably still contains many of the known flaws, which stayed in tact awaiting and even deserving scrutiny.


Update (03/10/2008): we've just added 1081c, 1082c, and 1083c.

Update #2 (04/10/2008): this Web server sporadically goes down due to heavy load (over 10 GB of traffic today, plus lots of CPU and RAM). We've made a mirror available, so please use it instead, if possible.

Update #3 (04/10/2008): we now have an HTML version of the core of OOXML, but please use this mirror (HTML), which should be faster.

Update #4 (04/10/2008): the first mirror was downed by the load (thousands of OOXML pages combined with the Slashdot effect can do that), so here is a second mirror. If it's down as well, come back later when there's less hammering on the servers.

Update #5 (04/10/2008): third mirror of the HTML version, just in case.

Update #6 (04/10/2008): here is a mirror of the PDF (1080.pdf).

Update #7 (05/10/2008): here is a much better HTML version of OOXML (1080). We will have another one soon, but it comprises over 11,000 files, so this may put strain on the server.

Update #8 (06/10/2008): now that the load on the server has declined somewhat (tens of gigabytes in days), we decided that it's safe to upload this graphics-rich HTML version of 1080 (comprising over 11,000 pertinent files).

Update #9 (07/10/2008): due to legal intimidation from ISO or its cronies, we have removed OOXML (also from the mirrors).


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