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twitterHere's a real hater. 07 01:30
twitterbitter little thing, isn't he?Oct 07 01:30
twitterBruce Perens on Slashdot Astroturfing 07 02:15
twitterand his personal experience from inside HP, 07 02:17
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twitterLast quote used to update "The Troll Zoo" 07 02:57
twitterTold Slashdot User to shove off.Oct 07 03:42
twitterNight night.Oct 07 03:42
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kentmaschestowitz: hi royOct 07 06:28
schestowitzHey.Oct 07 06:47
kentmajust done the digest, but I didn't see many posts - was it a quiet day, or is there a server problem?Oct 07 06:47
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*Now talking on #boycottnovellOct 07 07:31
*Topic for #boycottnovell is: "Exploring the reality behind exclusionary deals with Microsoft and their subtle (yet severe) implications" [publicly logged]Oct 07 07:31
*Topic for #boycottnovell set by schestowitz at Sun Oct 5 19:20:28 2008Oct 07 07:31
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schestowitzEric Brown and Henry Kingman  are among those advertising Mono now :-( 07 07:37
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kentma1hi?Oct 07 07:38
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schestowitzInteresting development (Novell vs Microsoft): 07 07:43
schestowitzI was also leaked some details yesterday about a Novell trialOct 07 07:43
kentma1schestowitz: did  you reply to my question about the digest?  I seemed to lose the connection...Oct 07 07:48
schestowitzI lost the connection about half an hour ago. I didn't' see the question, no...Oct 07 07:53
kentma1ok:  when doing the digest this morning, I noted that there were few posts from your good self.  Was this by choice, or was there a technical problem?Oct 07 07:55
schestowitzOh, on Sunday?Oct 07 07:58
schestowitz"Controversial"? < > That's the /only/ word that they use repeatedly to describe it? Says a lot about the author.Oct 07 08:05
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schestowitz"Nicolas Sarkozy announced yesterday that he faxed on Friday evening to the President of the Commission (news piece in French), Jose-Manuel Barroso, and asked him to reject the Bono/Cohn-Bendit/Roithova amendment recently adopted by 88% of the voting Members of the European Parliament. Such an initiative from Mr. Sarkozy is testimony to his deep concern: the College (the Commission as a whole) does not seem to be ready to reject thOct 07 08:32
schestowitze amendment."Oct 07 08:32
schestowitz"As I already analyzed, this amendment did not modify the orientation of the Commission proposal, it only provided a needed reminder of some fundamental rights and needs of due process in face of tentatives from a few interest groups and the French presidency to weaken them." < > People might be right when they say he's a nei-fascist.Oct 07 08:32
schestowitzBBC's latest PR charade? 07 08:35
schestowitz "For those of us who've spent most of our careers as clients, it seemed pretty obvious that the legal business was in an unsustainable boom."Oct 07 08:44
schestowitzHow predictable that was: "Bailout not Working-Panic [...] The bailout package passed and signed into law as a fast track measure  doesn't seem to be working, as investors are selling and  indices are dropping today."Oct 07 08:48
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schestowitzAlex Brown threatens that I would be sued < >. I've left a comment there. Maybe you can too.Oct 07 12:02
schestowitzVoices of innova~1: 07 12:27
zoobab 07 12:37
zoobab.aspx -> Alex likes Grosoft solutionsOct 07 12:38
zoobab 07 12:42
schestowitz:-)Oct 07 12:43
schestowitzI'm doing a post nowOct 07 12:43
zoobab 07 12:45
schestowitzDid you see the one I posted earlier?Oct 07 12:52
schestowitz 07 12:52
schestowitzDemocracy? Naaa... forget about it. Sarko knows something better.  "As I already analyzed, this amendment did not modify the orientation of the Commission proposal, it only provided a needed reminder of some fundamental rights and needs of due process in face of tentatives from a few interest groups and the French presidency to weaken them."Oct 07 12:52
zoobabThanks for the dinner:Oct 07 13:03
zoobab 07 13:03
schestowitz 07 13:09
zoobabWe should use it more oftenOct 07 13:17
zoobab:-)Oct 07 13:17
zoobabAla MS, via proxiesOct 07 13:17
schestowitzI think I might adopt a GL-like policy and start kicking out trolls. 07 13:20
schestowitzWe never deleted comments (other than spam).Oct 07 13:21
schestowitzTop result: 07 13:30
twitterWho is this Alex Brown clown?  If what you have done is not in line with "You are about to download a document made available to you exclusively for standardization purposes and which is protected by copyright law in your country." I'm not sure what is.Oct 07 14:15
schestowitzAlex Brown is the convenor of MOOX..Oct 07 14:16
schestowitzBe sure to learn about his role 'selling' OOXML to the British Library. I included 21 links here < >, but only a few of those show you what he did in the UK. He may have subverted the BSI, but we don't know for sure.Oct 07 14:17
twitterJust the type to SLAPP.  Wonder if you being fed with a set up.Oct 07 14:19
twitterLooking at the rest of your links.  Ugh, the copyright warriors are all over it with their usual "someone's gotta pay for dis" Bull Shit.Oct 07 14:21
twitter"Respect for IP" it shows just how warped they want "standards" to be.Oct 07 14:21
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twitterFree software has show exactly how wrong they are.  Things are more standard and easier to use when they are free.Oct 07 14:22
twitterHow perverse it would be if you needed to pay big $$ to M$ for spec just to read government documents, but that is exactly what OOXML is all about.Oct 07 14:23
twitter"Cry for M$ and ISO, they are the VICTIMS OF VICIOUS STUDENTS AND BLOGGERS"Oct 07 14:24
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schestowitzzoobab: 07 14:37
schestowitztwitter: see (funny image)Oct 07 14:37
cjanything new here?Oct 07 14:39
zoobab"Now the dust has settled, it turns out the rubber-stamp accusation is more justly levelled at ODF."Oct 07 14:40
schestowitzzoobab: soucrce?Oct 07 14:41
schestowitz"At a meeting in Korea last week, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) committee for document standards, SC 34, issued a liaison statement to Oasis, the body that created ODF. It requested an "alignment" of maintenance of ODF between the work done at Oasis and that within ISO.Oct 07 14:41
schestowitz"Oct 07 14:41
schestowitzIt's like watching crime... live on television. And the world is asleep...Oct 07 14:42
zoobabISO is not relevant anymore for IT standardsOct 07 14:46
zoobaband there should be an official day to bury them :-)Oct 07 14:47
schestowitzThere's the Boycott ISO site.Oct 07 14:49
schestowitzLet them vent out anger, that's no reason to worry.Oct 07 14:49
schestowitzThey just 'protect' their jobs. Frost, Bryden and the other standards 'chefs'Oct 07 14:50
schestowitzISO and Microsoft can routinely find sympathy and comfort in one another's shoulder because they are both corrup[t|tible].Oct 07 14:51
schestowitz,1000001... "It would be interesting to know how many of the 15 national standards bodies were represented by Microsoft employees, but ISO do not publish this information..."Oct 07 14:54
schestowitzWatson is too polite:,1000...Oct 07 14:56
schestowitzAnd,1... : "I thought, with the fiasco regarding OOXML and Microsoft, that ISO had shot their creditability in the foot. It might have only exposed procedures that quietly went on for years but when the approval of any standard hinges not on the standard but on the procedural processes surrounding the decision making, it all becomes a bit pointless and irrelevant."Oct 07 14:56
cjschestowitz: 07 15:00
cjdon't miss directhex's response:Oct 07 15:01
cj 07 15:01
schestowitzYou're here spying, aren't you, Microsoft employee 'cj'?Oct 07 15:02
zoobabmicrosoft is having their spiesOct 07 15:03
cjschestowitz: spying?Oct 07 15:03
cjschestowitz: you know I've been here longer than you.  don't be silly.  :)Oct 07 15:03
schestowitzTrying to shove patent poison on behalf of his employer (assisting it at least).Oct 07 15:03
schestowitzThere are too many Microsofters inside GNOME, pretending to be FOSS people but actually serving other interests in this CROSS-PLATFORM DEOct 07 15:03
schestowitzWhy are you *here*, Microsoft employee cj?Oct 07 15:04
cjschestowitz: don't be silly.  you and I both know that the U.S. patent system is broken.  It needs to be fixed.  The entire US political system is tilted toward corporatism.  I think that it's better to get inside and change from there rather than shouting insults from the sidelines :)Oct 07 15:04
schestowitzDo you enjoy seeing your employer vilified?Oct 07 15:04
cjschestowitz: I'm not a Microsoft employee.  Get it right.Oct 07 15:04
schestowitzYes, you are.Oct 07 15:04
cjnopers.Oct 07 15:04
schestowitzThey pay you.Oct 07 15:04
cjSakson & TaylorOct 07 15:04
schestowitzThat's MicrosoftOct 07 15:04
cjthey pay S&T.  S&T pays me.Oct 07 15:04
schestowitzYou are paid by Microsoft.Oct 07 15:05
cjnope.  You work for Microsoft in that caseOct 07 15:05
schestowitzThe money comes from them.Oct 07 15:05
schestowitzDo I need to show people your LinkedIn profile?Oct 07 15:05
cjyes.  the more exposure the better :)Oct 07 15:05
schestowitzYou proudly proclaim to be a Microsoft consultant or something like this.Oct 07 15:05
schestowitzYou help develop their products.Oct 07 15:05
schestowitzMust be bummers with that hire freeze, eh? Ain't that a bi*ch. ;-) ;-)Oct 07 15:06
schestowitz*hiringOct 07 15:06
cjyes, consultant.  not employee.Oct 07 15:06
cjschestowitz: *shrug*  it'll be tough, but we'll do alright.Oct 07 15:07
schestowitzYou work on their products, indirewctly.Oct 07 15:07
schestowitzDon't think people are silly.Oct 07 15:07
twittercj:  from your link, " it's a clone, albeit one officially endorsed by those being cloned."Oct 07 15:07
cjtwitter: a'yupOct 07 15:07
twitterThe author misspelled "trap"Oct 07 15:07
cjtwitter: the mono folks are working with MS to benefit the F/OSS community.  onoz!Oct 07 15:08
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twitterbusiness method patents benefit no oneOct 07 15:08
schestowitzcj, I never was involved in any way in getting people to leave this channel, but your presence here is not intended to help.Oct 07 15:08
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twitterM$ has nothing left but threats, cj.Oct 07 15:08
schestowitzBy accepting and promoting Microsoft's sagenda you help them loot the industry.Oct 07 15:08
*libervisco has quit (Nick collision from services.)Oct 07 15:08
cjI believe differentlyOct 07 15:09
*libervisco_ is now known as liberviscoOct 07 15:09
schestowitzYou perfume it to yourself.Oct 07 15:09
schestowitzLike Myhrcold and other crooks who ruin the industry and convince themselves that they helpOct 07 15:09
cjschestowitz: as does rms: 07 15:10
schestowitzTrust me, I know more than I can write in public (here and elsewhere)Oct 07 15:10
schestowitzMicrosoft is, as has always been, an orgy and money and influence. Partners fit in too and that's why you're not trusted.Oct 07 15:10
cjself-censorship?Oct 07 15:10
cjanyway...Oct 07 15:10
*cj < commute &Oct 07 15:11
*schestowitz back to FirefoxOct 07 15:11
twitteryou are entitled to your beliefs, cj.  Speaking of perfume, my six year old girl believes in the tooth fairy.  She has good evidence too.Oct 07 15:12
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twitterWhen she loses a tooth, she puts it under her pillow.  When she wakes up she finds perfumed money, a miracle!  She does not really understand what we do to earn that money but it helps her get over the gruesome facts of her situation.Oct 07 15:16
twitterIs that what it's like to work for M$?Oct 07 15:16
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schestowitzLess sales for SAP ( SAP shares tumble after sales warning < >) is more exploration of FOSS.Oct 07 15:32
twitterHey, look.  The markets are sitting flat, +/- 1%, but M$ is down 3%. 07 15:36
twitterNovell is down twice market too, ha ha.Oct 07 15:37
schestowitzQuite a tumble.Oct 07 15:38
twitterYeah, that's roughly six billion dollars.Oct 07 15:39
schestowitzNot from from a 2-year low.Oct 07 15:42
schestowitzDespite the buybacks, which is why these pictures mean nothing.Oct 07 15:42
schestowitz 07 15:43
schestowitzYou can see how they got nervous when MSFT almost fell below $2 and then bought their own stock like no time before.Oct 07 15:43
schestowitz*$20 , not $2Oct 07 15:43
twitter$40 billion is like never before too, especially the part about going into debt to do it.Oct 07 15:49
twitterSooner or later, it's fail for them.Oct 07 15:49
twitterAMD news, 07 16:17
twitterinteresting.  gotta go for a while.Oct 07 16:17
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twitter23.8, now that's a tumble 07 17:29
twitterSweaty B is going to be Angry BOct 07 17:30
twitterut oh, the rest of the market is following ...Oct 07 17:32
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rick_clink to a torrent with the files, please?Oct 07 18:32
schestowitzrick_c: sorry, there's no torrent and I can't encourage that type of stuff.Oct 07 18:34
MinceRwhy can't you?Oct 07 18:34
schestowitzISO and the cronies.Oct 07 18:35
rick_cyeah, yeah ..Oct 07 18:35
rick_canyone?Oct 07 18:35
schestowitzI don't need lawsuits, so people should look for other sources that spread it.Oct 07 18:35
rick_csureOct 07 18:35
schestowitzBoycottNovell was not the only site with a copy, but someone put it in Slashdot, so we got tons of attention, which is unwanted given how ISIO behaves.Oct 07 18:36
schestowitzI assume that Alex Brown knows about ISO where he is.Oct 07 18:36
schestowitzSo I won't provoke further.Oct 07 18:36
MinceRicOct 07 18:36
schestowitzBesides, ISO is up to new dirty tricks. I'd rather cover these.Oct 07 18:37
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rick_cgo for itOct 07 18:37
schestowitztwitter: yes, that's very low for MSFT and they already do everything they can (reaching for a /loan/). I've just had a chat with a mate at the gym. For many years China was producing and the US just con sumed and ammassed a debt of 10 or so trillion dollars. Now the currency balance changes and it's time to pay debt. it's akin to the living-oblivious-about-tomorrow lifestyle you find in junk food, smoking, and technlogy that emit Oct 07 18:37
schestowitzrradiation.Oct 07 18:37
schestowitz*pardon the many typos. I try to catch up with stuff...Oct 07 18:38
schestowitz   "Mkt Cap:  1.59B"Oct 07 18:39
schestowitzJust yesterday I wrote that it approached 1.6Oct 07 18:39
schestowitzNovell ws worth 2.5 not so long ago.Oct 07 18:39
twitterApparently, it was not.Oct 07 18:40
twitter:)Oct 07 18:40
schestowitzWell, "based on future returns and all"Oct 07 18:40
schestowitzLiving off what you 'will' have (or believe you'll have), not what you actually have.Oct 07 18:40
twitterHow many $300 M injections can M$ give them in a year?Oct 07 18:41
twitterNot many now that M$ themselves is going into debt.Oct 07 18:41
schestowitz 07 18:41
schestowitz"“Well, I doubt, I tend… I don’t know who reported on that, but I saw something where they say, you know, this probably isn’t due to Novell massaging its numbers around Linux, which is what Dana Blakenhorn at ZDNet had claimed, I mean, I can tell you absolutely for a verifiable fact for that Novell does do that, but then again everybody does that. So… I’ve.. I’ve got the sales guys at Novell telling me that, that theyOct 07 18:41
schestowitz do this..."Oct 07 18:41
schestowitzOff the future. Remember that.Oct 07 18:42
schestowitzNovell: "Linux (*Ahem* /which/ Linux?) is the future, so we do well"Oct 07 18:42
schestowitzLike the girt who says one day she'll marry a millionaire, so she spends and spends and spends. "More credit cards, more shoes, new Pontiac.."Oct 07 18:43
schestowitzMore of yesterday's news: "Microsoft contest hacked and defaced"Oct 07 18:44
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twitterPontiac, from 90 to 10 in 8 years flat, 07 18:45
schestowitzIck. UK to run out of electricity this winter < >. Electricity. I need that thing.Oct 07 18:45
twitterbuy some solar panels ... does your university co-generate?Oct 07 18:46
twitterBRLUG chatted up low power computing.  It's that hurricane thing, where all of the power goes away.Oct 07 18:47
schestowitz..Fat cats with plasma TVs ;-)Oct 07 18:47
schestowitzHow about an OLPC XO with a crack?Oct 07 18:48
schestowitzcrankOct 07 18:48
twitterthe walk away conclusion was a 3.5 watt laptop and solar panels was a nice combinationOct 07 18:48
schestowitzIt does exist. Does it power the GPU for Aero and restrictions for Vista?Oct 07 18:49
twittera person can generate about 200 watts using a bike on a stand, that might make Vista workOct 07 18:49
twitteron a 3.5 watt computerOct 07 18:49
twitterMy computing is not so slim, I'd need more than one bike.Oct 07 18:51
twitterWow, M$ came close to their 52 week low. 07 18:52
schestowitzSomething odd happened this afternoon in Thunderbird and Firefox.Oct 07 18:52
twitterwant to bet they break it tomorrow?Oct 07 18:52
schestowitzSuddently my themes in Thunderbird won't work and some extensions too. Same in Firefox.Oct 07 18:53
twitterthat's strange.  I don't use themes, so I would not notice.Oct 07 18:53
*libervisco has quit (Connection timed out)Oct 07 18:53
schestowitzWell, I'll just use that as an excuse to get FF3Oct 07 18:54
schestowitzMany plugins gained compatibility with FF3 by now anyway.Oct 07 18:56
twitterHmmm, what is Iceweasel 3.0 based on?Oct 07 18:56
trmancoI know, I know, I said that -rc8 was supposed to be the last -rc, and thatOct 07 19:06
trmancoI'd release 2.6.27 this weekend.Oct 07 19:06
trmancoI lied. Sue me. I merged two subtle regression fixes today, and while bothOct 07 19:06
trmancolooked perfectly fine and had been tested by the people involved in theOct 07 19:06
trmancoregressions, I just couldn't bring myself to then just slap a "v2.6.27" onOct 07 19:06
trmancoit without some more testing.Oct 07 19:06
trmanco:-)Oct 07 19:07
trmancocoolOct 07 19:07
trmancoLinus has a blogOct 07 19:07
trmanco 07 19:07
*mib_9gas07 (i=86c0fa0a@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellOct 07 19:07
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trmanco 07 19:09
trmancomore "If things go well, I might do a final release mid-week, otherwise it'sOct 07 19:10
trmanco"next weekend" again."Oct 07 19:10
schestowitzFirst post quite a while agoOct 07 19:11
schestowitzI thought the mailing list was his 'blog'Oct 07 19:11
trmancololOct 07 19:11
trmancoand it probably isOct 07 19:11
*moparx (n=moparx@pdpc/supporter/base/moparx) has joined #boycottnovellOct 07 19:16
schestowitzI think my mozilla profile is b0rked because of legacy extensions.Oct 07 19:16
trmanco:|Oct 07 19:17
trmancoI only use like 5-5 extensionsOct 07 19:17
trmanco5-6*Oct 07 19:17
trmancoabout 3 of them are dictionariesOct 07 19:17
schestowitzLet me try to restrart the session (not that it would make a difference. BRBOct 07 19:18
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*Now talking on #boycottnovellOct 07 19:22
*Topic for #boycottnovell is: "Exploring the reality behind exclusionary deals with Microsoft and their subtle (yet severe) implications" [publicly logged]Oct 07 19:22
*Topic for #boycottnovell set by schestowitz at Sun Oct 5 19:20:28 2008Oct 07 19:22
-ChanServ-[#boycottnovell] Welcome to the #boycottnovell channelOct 07 19:22
-NickServ-You are now identified for schestowitz.Oct 07 19:22
*services. sets mode +e schestowitzOct 07 19:22
*ChanServ gives channel operator status to schestowitzOct 07 19:22
trmanco"The results of the testing indicate Linux is approximately 8% faster thanOct 07 19:22
trmancoFreeBSD on raw I/O, however, the convoluted VFS in Linux is up to 5%Oct 07 19:22
trmancoslower than FreeBSD overall on VFS user space operations with forenfs."Oct 07 19:22
schestowitzRESOLVED!Oct 07 19:34
schestowitzJust reinstalling it did the trick for Firefox. Now let's try TB.Oct 07 19:35
trmancohow to you make those well looking quotes on usenet?Oct 07 19:37
trmancoare they from thunderbird ?Oct 07 19:37
schestowitzNo, KNode has a fuctionOct 07 19:40
trmancookOct 07 19:40
schestowitzHighlight text, then ALT+T+BOct 07 19:40
twitterinterstingOct 07 19:41
twitterbad news is supposed to come at the end of the week, isn't it?Oct 07 19:41
twitter``the downside risks'' for growth have increased." 07 19:42
twitterthey put "increased growth" into a statement announcing a depression.  ha haOct 07 19:42
twitterding, ding, ding 52 week low busted.  23.42 and going down. 07 19:44
twitterof course, freefall 07 19:45
twitterHave I shared this one yet? 07 19:47
twittergotta love the title of the article, " Slavish reporters join Microsoft in cloud cuckoo land"Oct 07 19:47
schestowitzIs that the guy who criticised the BBC?Oct 07 19:53
schestowitzWow. Novell down almost 10%Oct 07 19:58
schestowitzBrutal. Market cap almost $1.5BOct 07 19:59
trmanco 07 20:02
trmancooh greatOct 07 20:05
trmancoAdditional new features in Mono 2.0 are said to include:Oct 07 20:05
trmanco    * Easier installation -- one-click installation for SUSE Linux Enterprise and openSUSEOct 07 20:05
trmanco 07 20:06
schestowitz 07 20:08
schestowitztrmanco: I'll write about it on Saturday.Oct 07 20:08
trmancookOct 07 20:09
trmancomy point is that they only offer a one click installation for Suse and opensuse... what about the other famous distrosOct 07 20:10
schestowitztrmanco: what distros. Novell *is* Linux. Mono is Linux is Linux is GNOME.Oct 07 20:11
schestowitzIf they can make Mono more widespread, which is what they to achieve with sponsorship and a roadmap, they hope to have more control over it, for legal and technical reasons.Oct 07 20:12
schestowitzMono is about Novell/Microsoft 'Linux'Oct 07 20:13
trmancookOct 07 20:13
schestowitztrmanco: Carla never agreed with me on this one, e.g. in LXer.Oct 07 20:14
trmancothe article caught my attention on the first 2-3 paragraphs, but got uninteresting from thenOct 07 20:16
schestowitzI still haven't ficed my Thunderbird issue... :-( 07 20:17
trmancooh greatOct 07 20:19
trmancolooks like I'm going to b stuck with TB 2 for another year or so :|Oct 07 20:19
schestowitzTB2 is good. Well... I just don't understand why it disabled plugins at the same time as FF..Oct 07 20:20
trmanco 07 20:20
trmancocan't trust alexaOct 07 20:20
schestowitzAlexa is Win/IEOct 07 20:21
trmancomy website is growing in visits but my alexa rank for some reason is fallingOct 07 20:21
schestowitzI used to have A9, but Microsoft shut it dows. It did Alexa with FirefoxOct 07 20:21
schestowitz 07 20:22
trmancoI use alexas extension so that I can have an idea of how popular the sites I visit areOct 07 20:22
schestowitzUse NetcraftOct 07 20:23 and BN are around 4000th; Groklaw around 1200thOct 07 20:23
schestowitzAlexa is off the chart because it's Win+IE+spywareOct 07 20:24
schestowitz 07 20:24
trmancothanksOct 07 20:25
*jose__ ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 07 20:26
schestowitzHi, jose__ Oct 07 20:26
jose__helloOct 07 20:26
jose__check out the two links here: 07 20:27
jose__each of them cover the value of having source code and mindshare created for Microsoft technologies..Oct 07 20:28
jose__for example, mono is not mentioned, but it makes Microsoft's life much easier if we make FOSS with it.Oct 07 20:28
jose__it's one step of many to try and survive and/or bury/disembowel/neuter/etc LinuxOct 07 20:29
jose__they need people, in particular us foss people that are somewhat unreachable..Oct 07 20:30
jose__to use dotnet, ooxml, etc.Oct 07 20:30
schestowitzGood commentOct 07 20:30
jose__yesOct 07 20:30
schestowitzI need to sort out my Thunderbird. :-( It's bothering me not to have some pluygins.Oct 07 20:31
jose__roy, I had found some good lines, so I will post.. they will come from one or the other, I may not specify.Oct 07 20:42
schestowitzHigh fiveOct 07 20:42
schestowitzIt's fixed now. Here's the weird thng.Oct 07 20:42
schestowitzThe new version of TB (I think) used process thunderbird, but I had thunderbird-bin running in the BG even after I restarted KDE!! (Weird, I know).Oct 07 20:43
jose__high fiveOct 07 20:43
schestowitzThat blasting issue with FF and TB burned like 1.5 hours of my time today. :-(Oct 07 20:43
schestowitzOf course, mom and pop would just reboot the PC and solve this in 5 mins. :-(Oct 07 20:44
schestowitzIt's bad when you assume problems are more complicated than they really are.Oct 07 20:44
jose__knowledge comes from strange places and can server you when you least expect itOct 07 20:44
schestowitzNow I can read my encrypted E-mails to catch up (I didn't have the extension temporarily)Oct 07 20:45
jose__"The bad news is that NT is not going to go away, and the chances are you will have to come to grips with it in the not too distant future. "Oct 07 20:45
jose__note the inevitability themeOct 07 20:45
schestowitzSource?Oct 07 20:45
jose__"it's not going to go away"Oct 07 20:45
jose__the sunsite link from the comment link posted earlierOct 07 20:45
jose__ 07 20:46
schestowitz"Better UNIX than UNIX"?Oct 07 20:46
schestowitzVapourware classic.Oct 07 20:46
jose__novell to world: Microsoft and dotnet are not going to go awayOct 07 20:46
jose__it's hard to resist getting familiar with something that is not going to go away.. you can't get more career sure than "not going to go away"Oct 07 20:47
schestowitz (they seem like a nice company that helps many causes)Oct 07 20:47
jose__whether it's your third, fourth, or first option.. "not going to go away" means it has to be an optionOct 07 20:47
schestowitzInstallfests in particular.Oct 07 20:48
schestowitzjose__: good point, I hear that a lot. Tell NOVL (down 10% today) that MSFT too is losing it (new 52-week low)Oct 07 20:48
schestowitzMy concern is that boith FOSS and American blobs will get replaced by uber-s/w from the east.Oct 07 20:49
schestowitzThe Chinese have some totally impressive office suites that we in the west hardly know at this point. And with the depression coming, there's a shift of power, as much as I dread it.Oct 07 20:49
schestowitzMore Microsoft in Novell's management: " Justin Steinman, erstwhile marketing director for Novell's open-source business, just got an upgrade to vice president, Solution and Product Marketing at Novell;" 07 20:52
schestowitzI'm still yearning to find out who -- if anyone -- funded this thing: < >Oct 07 20:57
schestowitz 07 20:57
schestowitzThe MAFIAA is attacking USENET some more (not just the "child pron" excuse):  "Comcast is just the latest of the large ISPs to buckle under to MAFIAA pressure from the music and movie cartels, but that doesn't mean that they deserve to get away with this." 07 20:59
jose__what aspect of the matt asay arti grabs you?Oct 07 21:01
schestowitzBN references in Heise: 07 21:01
schestowitz*referencedOct 07 21:01
schestowitzjose__: someone from a university sent this to me with concern that the study contains the message that community work does not work.Oct 07 21:01
jose__that artic would attract "high caliber" developers to fossOct 07 21:02
schestowitzThey can use that to claim that corporations rule code. There's also the implicit suggestion there which Asay parrots in his E-mails to me _DESPITE_ the fact that like 70% of the work of KDE is volunteer work!Oct 07 21:02
schestowitzIt's easy to write a thesis to just support a hypothesis that some company funds to support. It could go either way.Oct 07 21:03
jose__it can helps add legitimacy to foss companiesOct 07 21:03
jose__before wall street and investorsOct 07 21:03
schestowitzIt also discourages non-commercial developers from joining.Oct 07 21:03
jose__corps like to buy things, yes. that is why they pay.Oct 07 21:03
schestowitzjose__:  maybe so. I just heard different stories about it and told not to give exposure to this thesis.Oct 07 21:04
schestowitzjose__: Many corps will need to cut down spendings.Oct 07 21:04
jose__an arti saying that community is a major part as well would too serve a purposeOct 07 21:04
schestowitzSAP collapsed, Microsoft is falling and Novell... boy, is it falling today.Oct 07 21:04
jose__i skipped that arti, btw. I actually expected a bit worse.Oct 07 21:04
schestowitzIf this carries on, Novell becomes an acquisition target.Oct 07 21:05
jose__which market are you looking at since nyse closedOct 07 21:05
jose__is the sap ticker sap?Oct 07 21:05
schestowitzClosed when? Minuted ago?Oct 07 21:05
schestowitzIt fell yesterday, I think.Oct 07 21:05
schestowitzThey won't meet expectations. Microsoft will disappoint for the third quarter in a row.Oct 07 21:05
jose__it closed 1 hour ago.. but after market lasts for 3 moreOct 07 21:06
schestowitzMicrosoft reports on the 23rd, IIRC.Oct 07 21:06
schestowitzJuly and April were very bad. Profits fell in April and in July it fell 6% in one day.Oct 07 21:06
schestowitzMy friend who predicated these problems thinks the US will go on another war to fuel its economy.Oct 07 21:07
schestowitzHe thinks it'll be iran.Oct 07 21:07
jose__hopefully that is not set in stoneOct 07 21:07
jose__there are other ways to recoverOct 07 21:08
schestowitzNo, I don't think it is.Oct 07 21:08
schestowitzHe's more of a politics buff, so I trust him on some stuff.Oct 07 21:08
jose__the war worked because the gov got tough with private citizens and forced certain things..Oct 07 21:08
jose__no one likes to be forced. war makes it easierOct 07 21:08
jose__i'm thinking of wwIIOct 07 21:08
schestowitzYes, that too.Oct 07 21:08
jose__there of course, there was most certainly events going onOct 07 21:09
schestowitzInflation was battled when the Germans went to war, or so I'm told..Oct 07 21:09
schestowitzWhich is why the depression scares me a bit. McCain is not to be trusted.Oct 07 21:09
schestowitzThe Republicans + Cronies accumulated wealth for 8 years and now they exhaust the toxic fuel.Oct 07 21:10
jose__hyperinflation.. basically difficulties at home make it easier to do things like improve your army and image and beat up others..especially if you have leaders and some history that blames others for the problems you are experiencingOct 07 21:10
schestowitzjose__: they already blame the Dems for the depression. Yes, they blame Clinton. *rolls eyes*Oct 07 21:11
schestowitzBack to Bush senior, all you have is a war to defend oil in the gulf. War, war, war.Oct 07 21:11
jose__oil is a big issueOct 07 21:11
jose__we will pay one way or other for ignoring our responsibility to seek alt energy sourcesOct 07 21:12
schestowitzSAP says it is hurting:  "Get out zer punzers!"Oct 07 21:12
jose__during times of plenty and peachOct 07 21:12
jose__peaceOct 07 21:12
jose__companies cookie jar account.. and then conveniently have a major financial turmoil to let them off the hook.. these people sync up.Oct 07 21:13
jose__jack jack jack up and then releaseOct 07 21:14
schestowitz "The company from Redmond is heavily investing in the ISO SC34 committee. Thanks to a brazilian blogger who manage to shed some light on what was going on in there, we hear now that Microsoft Korea was paying for dinner. "Oct 07 21:15
jose__sync up .. i mean that they see which way the wind is really blowing and sync for maximum bang and bust along with others.. of course, the economy is interdependent so if you don't sync, you miss out on opportunitiesOct 07 21:15
schestowitzFree as in free lunch.Oct 07 21:15
jose__lot's at stake here for MicrosoftOct 07 21:16
jose__Novell conveniently pushing ooxmlOct 07 21:16
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Oct 07 21:18
schestowitzThe Microsoft "hAl" shill tries to encourage attacks against me: 07 21:20
schestowitzStill that bunch of Microsoft cronies grouping together hoping to share Microsoft revenue and have no shame about endorsing bribery, sabotage, and so forth,.Oct 07 21:20
schestowitzjose__: Novell needs to keep Microsoft happy in order to received a lifeline.Oct 07 21:21
schestowitzUnlike Red Hat, it maintains its 'fat supply' from stuff like Netware, which is dying. So it can't swap proprietary with FOSS fast enough.Oct 07 21:22
zoobabhAl is backOct 07 21:24
jose__the other day i was thinking that they don't want to swap proprietary out.Oct 07 21:24
schestowitzzoobab: yes, watch them go "come on! Sue, sue"Oct 07 21:24
schestowitzHe was probably behind the attacks on IBM employees.Oct 07 21:24
zoobabthe only way to get rid of Microsoft is patentsOct 07 21:24
jose__by dominating linux from commercial pov, they can make it inferior to the real platform.. netware for exampleOct 07 21:24
schestowitz 07 21:24
schestowitzAlways beware the Microsoft Mafia(R)Oct 07 21:24
schestowitzThey smell money and like  bunch of hyena they'll eat everything that stands in their wayOct 07 21:25
schestowitz*hyenasOct 07 21:25
jose__linux will have weak ms dotnet and netware dotnet compat for example.Oct 07 21:26
jose__that line would work if dotnet was widespread and looked upon favorablyOct 07 21:26
jose__without mono, it's hard to get to that step .. at least as concerns linuxOct 07 21:27
jose__they won't encourage linux driver development the way they would for netwareOct 07 21:27
schestowitzI'm not sure Netware dies so fast, but the recession might change this (stimulate the abandonment rates).Oct 07 21:28
schestowitzI haven't caught up with Novell news _in days_... like 6.Oct 07 21:29
jose__well, that was a theory. by embracing linux they move in that direction.Oct 07 21:29
jose__howeverOct 07 21:29
jose__the real proprietary big boy is microsoft and their platformsOct 07 21:29
jose__i don't think netware and novell will hold up..Oct 07 21:29
jose__they might get a little itsy pie crumb like others microsoft keeps aroundOct 07 21:30
jose__by embracing linux they hedge in a number of ways.. but they won't prefer foss if they can help itOct 07 21:30
jose__that was my pointOct 07 21:30
schestowitzjose__: they make a mistake by neglecting the desktopOct 07 21:30
schestowitzThey stepped aside, some say, because they need to be nice to Microsoft.Oct 07 21:31
schestowitzHow does not compete with a friend? Mind you, Microsoft looks down at Novell. It's like the friend that only does Microsoft's homework (bully analogy)Oct 07 21:31
jose__microsoft is not foolish.. if they pay the big bucks, they call the strategic shotsOct 07 21:31
schestowitzYes, and that's what has been happening.Oct 07 21:32
schestowitzNovell invests a lot in .NETOct 07 21:32
jose__huckspian doesn't care.. another dollar is another day of salaryOct 07 21:32
zoobabdid you know that Marshall Phelps was fired as an employee because he did not managed to get RH as a licensee?Oct 07 21:32
schestowitzA Novell executive (Masie)  that buying Ximian was getting a "Red carpet"Oct 07 21:32
zoobabI think he works as an independent right now for MSOct 07 21:32
schestowitzMicrosoft assimilation is not the route to profit though.Oct 07 21:33
schestowitzzoobab: probably. I found details about him.Oct 07 21:33
schestowitzDid you see this in any of the pages yet? I've already figured out who that is.Oct 07 21:33
jose__the mindset is to push those under you to commit the deedsOct 07 21:33
schestowitzMarshall was at IBM, then Microsoft, right?Oct 07 21:33
schestowitzWas he fired?Oct 07 21:33
jose__get the job done and get well fed.. else, you sleep in the barnOct 07 21:34
schestowitzzoobab: got a source for this? Very IMPORTANT.Oct 07 21:34
zoobabsomeone at RH told meOct 07 21:34
zoobabI can ask for more infosOct 07 21:34
schestowitzzoobab: was he fired from MS?Oct 07 21:34
zoobabat least as an employeeOct 07 21:34
schestowitzI have some quotes where he talks about gates' obsession with patents.Oct 07 21:34
schestowitzWhich has me thinking of Myhrvold and other trolls.Oct 07 21:34
zoobabI should get the isl3893 distribution to request a licenceOct 07 21:35
zoobablicenseOct 07 21:35
schestowitzSmith and the guy with a Latin surname are both the IP bullies /inside/ MS now.Oct 07 21:35
schestowitzThey resort to extortion (like the knee cap routine) to fetch money secretly from top companies.Oct 07 21:35
zoobabI am still waiting for my FRAND license to distribute OOXML implenentationsOct 07 21:35
schestowitzNo reply, eh/Oct 07 21:36
schestowitz?Oct 07 21:36
zoobabif you really want to scare Microsoft, you have to build a trollOct 07 21:36
schestowitzAnyway, about Phelps, that's interesting and I will blog it.Oct 07 21:36
zoobaband go for Windows/Office removelOct 07 21:36
zoobabremovalOct 07 21:36
schestowitz"Trolls4Hire"Oct 07 21:36
schestowitzzoobab: when was he fired?Oct 07 21:37
jose__zoobab:microsoft doesn't scare easily against opponents looking for moneyOct 07 21:37
zoobabdon't knowOct 07 21:37
zoobabI will ask for more detailsOct 07 21:37
schestowitzRed Hat had some discussions in 2005/6 (Red Hat's previous CEO said so)Oct 07 21:37
zoobabsome patent trolls don't go after moneyOct 07 21:37
schestowitzLater on, in 2007, they talked about codecs and Red hat left the tableOct 07 21:37
jose__gotta put that in the hiring adOct 07 21:37
jose__"will not sell out for any amount of money or power promised"Oct 07 21:38
schestowitzBut you can't fight a bully with a bully, can you?Oct 07 21:38
zoobabproxytrolls can go for product removal, which is more interestingOct 07 21:38
jose__they might team up.. in other wordsOct 07 21:38
schestowitztwitter has already pulled a nasty one with nyms  in order to fight shills nyms in /.Oct 07 21:38
jose__we would need patent trolls with an itch to scratch (ie, a score to settle)... lolOct 07 21:39
schestowitzAvistar?Oct 07 21:40
schestowitzIt's not a troll, but it could become one.Oct 07 21:40
jose__patenting is such a waste of time and energy if you aren't in it for oodles of money.. maybe some itch to get patentsOct 07 21:40
schestowitzSome people just sell their patents (to trolls)Oct 07 21:40
schestowitzIt's a system of system abuse.Oct 07 21:40
jose__if they itch for the recognition or whatever.. ms will offer them somethingOct 07 21:41
schestowitzCreated by the crooked, subverted by the crooked for the crooked.Oct 07 21:41
schestowitzThere was another patent collapse I hear... many years ago.Oct 07 21:41
jose__principles is what MS can't convincingly offer anyoneOct 07 21:41
schestowitzPeople got too greedy and 'patents' got too broad in terms of scope.Oct 07 21:41
schestowitzNowadays, even poetry or lyrical things can be patented in some places.Oct 07 21:41
jose__you've read the sci-fi arti about the copyright problem of the future where virtually every useful line is copyrighted?Oct 07 21:42
jose__where about 50% of people are artistsOct 07 21:42
jose__i think there was an assassination or attempt as part of the plotOct 07 21:43
jose__some congressperson needed to get some bill changed or passedOct 07 21:43
jose__pretty interesting.. shows where disney and others might get us to eventuallyOct 07 21:43
trmanco 07 21:44
jose__don't have a link, title, or authorOct 07 21:44
schestowitz"Not yet..."Oct 07 21:45
schestowitzSome people say their ISPs offer no access.Oct 07 21:45
schestowitzThey just wants the 'news' like Faux to remain.Oct 07 21:45
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellOct 07 21:45
schestowitzCan't let 'the people' talk to one another. Net neutrality is another tool for the task, where tiering punishes the poor.Oct 07 21:45
trmanco 07 21:48
*mib_5o4oak (i=557f1d6b@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellOct 07 21:52
*mib_5o4oak has quit (Client Quit)Oct 07 21:53
jose__comments on Linuxtoday question the value of the numbers.. does someone know what 4x meansOct 07 21:53
jose__4x of whatOct 07 21:53
jose__this number might be small and negligibleOct 07 21:53
trmancoyesOct 07 21:54
jose__some mentioned that this company and ms had something going.. xp and linux were not sold the sameOct 07 21:55
jose__"higher than average rate of return" as canonical says can be 1.3 not 4Oct 07 21:55
jose__another point brought up was that linux people remove windows while windows people panicOct 07 21:56
jose__of course, if the sample is small enough, your buddies can help spoil linux' numbers ..or vice-versa though the big money tends to be with the ms sideOct 07 21:56
jose__in any case, vendors care about these numbers for now because of extra costs.. at least if the numbers are much worse and sales are similarOct 07 21:57
jose__good thing is that linux seems to be selling more so a higher rate of return can actually be cheaperOct 07 21:57
jose__for the vendorOct 07 21:57
jose__ie, a higher rate of return for linux can still end up a better deal for the vendors because overhead costs might be met and not with windowsOct 07 21:58
schestowitzThey need to just present these units properly.Oct 07 21:59
schestowitzPeople were made to think that computer=Windows.Oct 07 21:59
jose__but it won't make it into get-the-factsOct 07 21:59
jose__if they are transparentOct 07 21:59
schestowitzWhy do you think Microsoft is dumping 'free' (gratis) software in schools and developing countries?Oct 07 21:59
schestowitzBill Gates: “They’ll get sort of addicted, and then we’ll somehow figure out how to collect sometime in the next decade.”Oct 07 21:59
jose__oh, before i forget.. another comment mentioned that ms is subsidizing 150% windows costs in some casesOct 07 22:00
jose__the problem ms has is that they can't kill volunteer linux.. the pressure for them to give subsidies (legal or illegal) simply grows over timeOct 07 22:01
schestowitzjose__: yes, they are dumping.Oct 07 22:02
schestowitzThat's why the EC was asked to get involved.Oct 07 22:02
schestowitzjose__: they rely on addiction  now ('pumping'), not profit. Far fewer people than you think pay for Windows and Office.Oct 07 22:02
jose__to me mono is the attempt at that addiction but for the developers not users.. it's effective and it's independent of the patent thing and still very importantOct 07 22:03
schestowitzzoobab: 07 22:06
schestowitz"To put it in perspective, the US SC34 shadow committee currently has around 20 members. Before Microsoft stuffed it we had around 7. Regardless, the US SC34 mirror committee typically sends a delegation of 2 or 3 people to international meetings."Oct 07 22:06
schestowitzSC34 =  Microsoft-stuffed gang of hyenas.Oct 07 22:07
jose__"As applied here, the antitrust laws prohibit a monopolist from using its monopoly power in one market as a lever to gain a monopoly in a second market. The violation consists of creating a Trojan Horse by marketing the WISE program as the guarantee of an open standard for ISVs, and then hobbling that horse to assure that ISVs who accepted the invitation to 'innovate' using the Win32 APIs would not be able to run their programs onOct 07 22:07
jose__Unix servers. Microsoft achieved this by restricting WISE licensees to an 'apple core,' and specifically by excluding technology necessary to support server applications." Bristol, with the aid of Microsoft's internal emails, made it clear that all this happened, but failed to convince the jury it was illegal. Bristol now, with justification, argues that Microsoft did engage in anticompetitive activities (despite Microsoft's triumpOct 07 22:07
jose__hant claims of vindication). But what, in light of the verdict, can the remedy be?Oct 07 22:07
jose__from 07 22:07
jose__use dotnet api guys.. it will serve you on linux and on windows.. windows is inevitable, btwOct 07 22:09
schestowitzWell... that's a drop in a big pool: to me mono is the attempt at that addiction but for the developers not users.. it's effective and it's independent of the patent thing and still very importantOct 07 22:09
schestowitzOops.Oct 07 22:09
schestowitz <  Microsoft LitigationOct 07 22:09
jose__ooops is right :)Oct 07 22:09
schestowitzThat's what Novell says (about Windows)Oct 07 22:10
schestowitzThey believe in co-existence while they go out of existence (Novell's market cap falls like a rock)Oct 07 22:10
schestowitzRemember this one from BeOS founder... (let me find it)Oct 07 22:10
schestowitz“I once preached peaceful coexistence with Windows. You may laugh at my expense — I deserve it.” –Be’s CEO Jean-Louis GasséeOct 07 22:11
schestowitz 07 22:11
schestowitzAnd here's post-Messman Novell: 07 22:12
jose__a major difference here is we are open source.. however, only means so much. we have strengths and weaknesses.Oct 07 22:13
jose__we have stamina but less leverage in some ways.. eg for embracing and extending.. however, making it easy for ms by porting or using dotnet is no help.Oct 07 22:17
schestowitzThere needs to be more s/w policing.Oct 07 22:19
schestowitzCase of point (earlier today): 07 22:19
schestowitzWe rely two much on a commission in one continent to police behaviour and punish for abuse.Oct 07 22:20
schestowitzThere's no software policing and as I've shown before, the US DoJ seems corrupt too. Microsoft put some insiders there a decade ago, or so I hear and also see.Oct 07 22:20
zoobabThe bush administration stopped the antitrust in the USOct 07 22:21
schestowitzUntil the US DoJ can tame its own animals, it would be sensible for other countries to simply embargo the violative companies...Oct 07 22:21
zoobabsomeone confirmed it in a recent meetingOct 07 22:21
schestowitzIf you want to see how corrupot DoJ is, see: 07 22:21
schestowitzProfessor Lessig seems to agree on these things: 07 22:22
schestowitzzoobab: it's war and digital imperialism. All or nothing...Oct 07 22:22
schestowitz 07 22:23
schestowitzI'm pointing to a comment, but the post too can be an explanation for the collapse of the stock market. The SEC just 'settled' with Microsoft, confirming that Microsoft violated some rules. Microsoft paid loads of money to shut up people who said the truth.Oct 07 22:24
zoobabManaging the Amortization of a Loan - U.S. Patent No. 5,878,404Oct 07 22:26
zoobabtitled "System and Method for Managing the Amortization of a Loan" issued toOct 07 22:26
zoobabStout et al. on March 2, 1999 and assigned to Mechanics Savings Bank.Oct 07 22:26
zoobabI think it should play a role in the current financial crisiOct 07 22:26
zoobabcrisisOct 07 22:26
zoobab 07 22:26
schestowitzBM pat?Oct 07 22:27
zoobabit is a BMOct 07 22:32
zoobabI am gonna dig into the EPO database for a whileOct 07 22:32
schestowitzI read DM now. 07 22:32
zoobabtrying to gain some press coverage to ruin the EPO imageOct 07 22:32
schestowitzI suppose it catches all the swpatents news. It's not my focus, but it's getting impossible to escape;Oct 07 22:32
zoobabSwpat is a system for loosersOct 07 22:33
schestowitzIt's not being discussed in USENET too, so there's more pressure for change.Oct 07 22:33
zoobabin order to make loosers winOct 07 22:33
zoobab:-)Oct 07 22:33
schestowitzDid you see Amazon's latest?Oct 07 22:33
zoobabnoOct 07 22:33
schestowitzI blogged it earlier.Oct 07 22:33
zoobaburl?Oct 07 22:33
zoobabI am lost in all of your postsOct 07 22:34
schestowitz 07 22:34
schestowitzLots of good news for Red Hat this week, despite the recession.Oct 07 22:35
schestowitzFor Microsoft, there's little good news at all. The same goes for most companies (layoffs, delays, bankruptcies).Oct 07 22:35
*trmanco has quit ("I just hit the close button :)")Oct 07 22:36
schestowitzYou should read . Good site for the stuff that matter. Linux is huge in embedded.Oct 07 22:37
zoobabof course it isOct 07 22:37
zoobabbut it is also a huge messOct 07 22:37
zoobaball SDKs are differentOct 07 22:37
zoobabhorrible patches coming from Chinese and Taiwanese devsOct 07 22:38
zoobabbinary blobsOct 07 22:38
zoobaband so onOct 07 22:38
zoobabI am a fan of OpenWRT, trying to boot it on my laptopOct 07 22:38
schestowitzSome devices are openOct 07 22:39
zoobabnone of themOct 07 22:39
schestowitz"open" as as "free" (libre)Oct 07 22:39
schestowitzOpenMoko...?Oct 07 22:39
zoobabI should work on a webgui for compiling openwrtOct 07 22:39
schestowitzwebgui... any wspats on that one?Oct 07 22:39
schestowitz*swpats . It's a maze out thereOct 07 22:40
zoobabajax is even patentedOct 07 22:40
schestowitzI can imagine. But as long as you have no money, you're safe.Oct 07 22:40
zoobabthe cool thing is that with time, stupid litigation will explodeOct 07 22:40
schestowitzIn case you make some money, you lose it to trolls.Oct 07 22:40
schestowitzChina... let me find something.Oct 07 22:40
zoobabthreats letters are cheapOct 07 22:40
schestowitzWas in Updegrove's site before...Oct 07 22:40
zoobab 07 22:41
schestowitzCan't find it, but this one picked long the way: 07 22:42
schestowitzThe Original Patent Troll : 07 22:43
schestowitzThis recent one is funny: 07 22:43
schestowitz*LOL* 'inventor': 07 22:43
schestowitzWhen $700 billion is not enough: 07 22:46
schestowitzHeh. Glyn Moody defends me here: (didn't even realise until now..)Oct 07 22:50
zoobabNoOOXML should write an open letter to ISOOct 07 22:57
zoobabasking them if they reserve the right to sue you :-)Oct 07 22:57
schestowitzIt should, if possible.Oct 07 22:57
schestowitz*make a letter.Oct 07 22:57
zoobabjust to have a statement back from their side would make a nice PROct 07 22:57
schestowitzVague threats are a gagging tactic and I have many more beans to spill.Oct 07 22:58
schestowitzNo answer = ISO still secretive.Oct 07 22:58
schestowitzI took it off all the mirror, but some people I don't know turned it into torrents, I think. Besides, other people passed it around before I did.Oct 07 22:59
schestowitz ... Hardware goes where /real/ wealth is: "AMD Advances 8.5% After Investment From Abu Dhabi [...] Advanced Micro Devices Inc., the chipmaker struggling to take on Intel Corp., rose 8.5 percent after deciding to spin off some plants, part of an investment of up to $8.4 billion from the Abu Dhabi government."Oct 07 23:03
tessier_I hope AMD survives and prospers. Intel really needs the competition.Oct 07 23:08
schestowitzIntel does servers and desktops mainly, but it's trying to expand (also GPUs). They still have competition in the mobile space and there's IBM with its chips.Oct 07 23:10
schestowitzjose__: see the scale of this powwow: 07 23:17
jose__i passed on commenting but there were many fewer comments thenOct 07 23:21
schestowitzI'll get around to doing a post about Mono later (also on Saturday)Oct 07 23:21
jose__"many fewer comments" i don't think that's quite correct lolOct 07 23:21
schestowitzIt's getting tedious, but the Microsoft 'fluff' (Slashdot, Krill, other mouthpieces) confuses people.Oct 07 23:22
schestowitzIt's not a lion, it's just a 'cuddly cat'. Come closer to it.Oct 07 23:22
MinceRgnOct 07 23:27
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In the Pacific (Mostly Islands Around Oceania) GNU/Linux Grew a Lot
Microsoft cannot compete fairly
The Sheer Absurdity of the EPO's Career System Explained by EPO Staff
"Staff representation has previously pointed this out to management, and the career system has been the reason for several industrial actions and litigation cases initiated by SUEPO."
Forget About India's and Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons and Armament Race, They Need to Abscond Windows and Microsoft (Security Swiss Cheese)
Both countries would be wise to remove Windows as soon as possible, irrespective of the local party politics
statCounter: GNU/Linux Rose From 0.2% to Over 3% in Pakistan
GNU/Linux "proper" (i.e. not ChromeOS) has the lion's share
Links 26/05/2024: Google 'Search' Morphing Into Disinformation Factory, Discussion of Maze of the Prison Industrial Complex
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A Toast to Tux Machines
Food ready for the party, no photos yet...
IBM/Red Hat Failing to Meet Its WARN Obligations in NC (STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA), or Perhaps It's Constantly Delaying the Layoffs
IBM isn't named even once
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IRC Proceedings: Saturday, May 25, 2024
IRC logs for Saturday, May 25, 2024
GNU/Linux in Greenland
The sharp increases for GNU/Linux started last summer
[Meme] Productivity Champ Nellie Simon: It Takes Me 3+ Weeks to Write 6 Paragraphs
Congrats to Nellie Simon!
It Took EPO Management 3+ Weeks to Respond to a Letter About an Urgent Problem (Defunding of EPO Staff)
The funny thing about it is that Nellie Simon expects examiners to work day and night (which is illegal) while she herself takes 3+ weeks to write a 1-page letter
Staff Union of the EPO (SUEPO) in The Hague Taking Action to Rectify Cuts to Families of Workers
they "are active in challenging this measure via the legal system"
Links 25/05/2024: Microsoft Adds More DRM (Screenshot Blocking), Another Microsoft Outage Takes Down Everything
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Gemini Links 25/05/2024: "Bill Smugs" and OpenBSD Mirror Over Tor / I2P
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Microsoft #1 in Gaming Layoffs, Laid Off Workers Receive Another Insult From Microsoft
Many of them never chose to work for Microsoft
In New Caledonia Windows is Now Below 30% (It Used to be Over 90%)
Microsoft's Windows absolutely collapsing and the measures are relatively stable
Red tape: farmer concerns eerily similar to Debian suicide cluster deaths
Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock
Galway street artists support social media concerns
Reprinted with permission from Daniel Pocock
Links 25/05/2024: Section 230 and Right of Publicity Violations by Microsoft (Which Attacks Performance Artists)
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[Meme] No Microsoft
For fun!
Microsoft Windows Falls to New Lows in Poland
It may mean people delete Windows from relatively new PC
A 3-Year Campaign to Coerce/Intimidate Us Into Censorship: An Introduction
The campaign of coercion (or worse) started in 2021
The "D" in Debian Stands for Dictatorship That Extends to Censorship at DNS Level
Of course the registrar, which charged for domains until 2025, just went along with it
Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) Getting Stacked by Microsoft
it lets Microsoft write policies
The Parasitic Nature of Microsoft Contracts
Stop feeding the beast
Gemini Links 25/05/2024: Emacs Windows 2000 Screenshots and Little Languages
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IRC Proceedings: Friday, May 24, 2024
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Ireland Exits Microsoft's Vista 11
Microsoft can't be doing too well in Ireland because Microsoft had tons of layoffs in that country last year
A Recognition for Hard Work
Running this site is a lot of work
The Web We Lost...
Vintage War Censorship Poster...
Daniel Pocock (IND) in European Election Debate
In this segment he speaks of the effects of social control media and phones on children
[Meme] Next Target: Sub Domains
In Republic of (South) Korea, as of This Month, Android Climbs to Record High of 48%
Judging by statCounter anyway
"Linux" is Second-Class Citizen at IBM
sends the wrong message to Red Hat staff and Red Hat clients
Links 24/05/2024: More Software Patents Invalidated (US), New Fights to Protect Free Speech
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"You Touched the Wrong Lady"
What Rianne wrote more than 8 months ago
Links 24/05/2024: Layoffs at LinkedIn and Election Interference Via Social Control Media
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Getting a 'Thank You' From Software Freedom Conservancy (SFC) Will Cost You $5,000 to $30,000 (Same as Last Year)
Right now one of their associates (SFC) tries to spend money to censor us
KDE Neon Weirdness
Reprinted with permission from Ryan Farmer
Congratulations to Sirius Open Source, Still Claiming to Employ People Who Left Half a Decade Ago (or More!)
What signal does that send to con men?
[Meme] Bluewashing
Cent OS? No more.
IRC Proceedings: Thursday, May 23, 2024
IRC logs for Thursday, May 23, 2024
Over at Tux Machines...
GNU/Linux news for the past day
Tenfold Increase for ChromeOS+GNU/Linux in Brunei
Brunei Darussalam is a country most people don't know about and never even heard about
Coming Soon: Another Round of 'Cancel Stallman' Chorus
The series required a great deal of patience