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What is This... Munchkins Again?

The following conversation took place just minutes ago in the public IRC channel. It involved "yuhong", who has been defending Microsoft or its products in this Web site for quite some time. He does this in other sites like Roughly Drafted. Here is a complete, as-is, log from his latest appearance (context here). His IRC software gave away the IP address.

*yuhong ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 10 00:12
yuhongRemember the "revisionist" thing?Nov 10 00:12
yuhongI think that it isn't that it was revisionist, but it was that they are bad excuses.Nov 10 00:13
schestowitzWhat do you mean?Nov 10 00:13
schestowitzBy the way, are you in Seattle?Nov 10 00:14
yuhongYes, I am.Nov 10 00:14
schestowitzAny relation to some company there?Nov 10 00:14
schestowitzJust curious, that's all..Nov 10 00:14
yuhongNo, but you said that the DR/MS thing was revisionist.Nov 10 00:14
schestowitzWait.Nov 10 00:15
yuhongI think it was just a bad excuse.Nov 10 00:15
schestowitzAre you using Linux where you work? I'm curious.Nov 10 00:15
yuhongNo.Nov 10 00:15
schestowitzAny connection to another company in WA?Nov 10 00:15
yuhongNo.Nov 10 00:15
schestowitzOh, okay.Nov 10 00:15
yuhongAnyway, back to DR/MS.Nov 10 00:16
yuhong you said that the DR/MS thing was revisionist.Nov 10 00:16
yuhongI think it was just a bad excuse.Nov 10 00:16
schestowitzMaybe just a coincidence then (that you always defend Microsoft and also connect from Seattle, Washington)Nov 10 00:16
schestowitzNo, not back to DR-DOS.Nov 10 00:16
yuhongI don't always defend MS.Nov 10 00:16
schestowitzYou're trying to change the subject, why?Nov 10 00:16
schestowitzWhen do you not defend them?Nov 10 00:16
yuhongI admit that freedom is a real advantage of open source software.Nov 10 00:16
schestowitzHave you tried GNU/Linux?Nov 10 00:17
yuhongYes I did.Nov 10 00:17
schestowitzWhich distros do you like?Nov 10 00:17
yuhongI am not sure yet.Nov 10 00:17
schestowitzWhich did you try?Nov 10 00:17
yuhongUbuntu.Nov 10 00:17
yuhongIn a VM.Nov 10 00:18
schestowitzNice.Nov 10 00:18
yuhongBut I joined the channel in the first place because I was thinking of the DR/MS.Nov 10 00:18
yuhongI don't think it was revisionist, just that it was a bad excuse.Nov 10 00:19
schestowitzI just notice that you also defend Microsoft in Roughly drafted.Nov 10 00:19
yuhongI often do.Nov 10 00:19
schestowitzE.g. in "You do have some good points about the limitations of security in modern OSes, but the comparison is fundementally unfair. The iPhone’s OS should really be compared against things like Windows Mobile and Windows CE, NOT desktop or server versions of Windows." < >Nov 10 00:19
schestowitzWhy?Nov 10 00:19
schestowitzIt was not an excuse though.Nov 10 00:20
schestowitzIt was technical sabotage.Nov 10 00:20
schestowitzI notice that you also blog in Microsoft's space... http://yuhong386.spaces...Nov 10 00:21
schestowitzOops.Nov 10 00:21
schestowitzThat's someone else.Nov 10 00:21
schestowitzWait, is this you? 10 00:23
schestowitzyuhong: are you there?Nov 10 00:23
schestowitzyuhong??Nov 10 00:23
*yuhong has quit ("ChatZilla 0.9.83 [Firefox 3.0.3/2008092417]")Nov 10 00:28

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