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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: November 16th, 2008 - Part 1


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schestowitzJudge: No cryptographic hash analysis without warrant < >Nov 16 00:28
schestowitzUgly lock-in.. for the rest of one's life (forget getting the data out of there): 16 00:30
schestowitzHehe. Legal Hacks < >Nov 16 00:30
neighborlee < either I forgot about it or never saw it...some great signatures there :)Nov 16 00:35
schestowitzWe need to pressure Canonical.There are distributors that prebundle mono and feed it to people who don't understand it and get 'addicted'/locked in to mono apps. Ubuntu is a good example. They stink it up with Mono everywhere... but it's done innocently.Nov 16 00:44
MinceRpressure them.Nov 16 00:45
neighborleewhat makes matters worse, is they lock away these 'threadss' in recurring discussions where few regullar users goNov 16 00:45
neighborleeimagine thatNov 16 00:45
neighborleea huge campaign neeeds to get out about ubuntu and its decision to use patended technoloy, and   nice detail about the company under which thepatent  exists..and offer alternat ives like fedora where mono is not in default install, at least on the LIVECDNov 16 00:46
neighborleeits like the latest election we had in US..people that heard the debates and watched the news and read papers, etc...knew who to vote for it was no brainer ;)Nov 16 00:47
schestowitzjo Shields is directhexNov 16 00:48
neighborleenever hoid of him/sheNov 16 00:48
schestowitz -- UK-basedNov 16 00:48
schestowitzThe defence is funny... indicating that Mono can't be defended.Nov 16 00:49
neighborleeyup , thats  directHEXNov 16 00:49
schestowitz 16 00:50
schestowitz[ubuntu/intrepid] mono 1.9.1+dfsg-4ubuntu1 (Accepted)  ---- Jo Shields directhex at Nov 16 00:50
schestowitzYay!! Accepeted!Nov 16 00:50
schestowitzAlso in Debian: 16 00:51
neighborleejust not installed by defaultNov 16 00:53
schestowitzHave fun: 16 00:53
schestowitzI wonder mostly about motivesNov 16 00:54
neighborleemotive ?Nov 16 00:54
schestowitzThere's support for "" in the homepageNov 16 00:55
neighborleeseems you hit a nerve with JO tghere LOLNov 16 00:56
neighborleethereNov 16 00:56
schestowitzIs that a Joanne?Nov 16 00:57
schestowitzAlternateAlias I never suspected was the same person.Nov 16 00:57
neighborleeyup I did sometime agoNov 16 00:58
neighborleebased on the style of textNov 16 00:58
schestowitzWhat a bunch uvv... (French Recording Industry Sues SourceForge For Hosting Open Source P2P)Nov 16 00:58
neighborleesheeshNov 16 00:58
schestowitzMaybe they should also sue kitchens for containing knives that MIGHT be used for murderNov 16 00:58
neighborleethat paul allen article was amazing..Nov 16 00:59
schestowitzSharing = MUSIC INDUSTRY. No question asked!Nov 16 00:59
neighborlee:)Nov 16 00:59
schestowitzPaul was having dinner with the crooks 2 weeks agoNov 16 00:59
schestowitzHe's still quite ill.Nov 16 00:59
neighborleeI guess they made up ? o_0Nov 16 00:59
neighborleewho knows 0-Nov 16 01:00
schestowitzMaybe they had dinner to discuss who nicks his money when he passes awayNov 16 01:00
neighborleeindeedNov 16 01:00
neighborleethats really grosseNov 16 01:00
neighborleelike maye hils children or someone he named in his WILL just could :))Nov 16 01:00
schestowitzBillG is feeling poor... he must have lost a lot recently (markets collapse)Nov 16 01:00
neighborleetalk about greed :)Nov 16 01:00
neighborleeI sure hope soNov 16 01:01
schestowitzBallmer is poor. He ants to buy a yacht bigger than Allison's... maybeNov 16 01:01
neighborleehumility is a big lesson giver.Nov 16 01:01
schestowitzneighborlee: not just rich people lost money though.Nov 16 01:01
neighborleeit shall be harder for rich m an to enter heaven than a camel through eye of needle.Nov 16 01:01
schestowitzThe rich will survive.Nov 16 01:01
neighborleeyup there is thatNov 16 01:01
schestowitzPeople whom I know lost like 40-70% of their savings.Nov 16 01:01
neighborleeyesNov 16 01:02
schestowitzThis changes everything.Nov 16 01:02
schestowitzAnd getting a job now is hard too.Nov 16 01:02
neighborleesuch lessons though yield what really matters,,,and thats not money.Nov 16 01:02
schestowitz(not that I try)Nov 16 01:02
schestowitzneighborlee: yes, that's what happened.Nov 16 01:02
schestowitzCulture probably.Nov 16 01:02
neighborleewe gotta remember what jesus said at times like this..if someone asks for your shirt, give to them also your shoes and hatNov 16 01:02
schestowitzTap the minds of people who feel betrayed and introduce them to freedom, not exploitation.Nov 16 01:03
neighborleeyupNov 16 01:03
schestowitzGood saying.Nov 16 01:03
neighborleewe survive together, not apart ;)Nov 16 01:03
schestowitzUbuntuNov 16 01:03
neighborleeas one.Nov 16 01:03
neighborleehehNov 16 01:03
schestowitzHold inNov 16 01:03
schestowitzHold onNov 16 01:03
schestowitz_Doug sent me a video earlierNov 16 01:03
neighborleeeven we and Jo can agree to work together..just for foss , the future of software ;Nov 16 01:04
neighborleeokNov 16 01:04
schestowitzYou've got to watch this:Nov 16 01:04
schestowitz 16 01:04
schestowitzIt's the first part. It's brilliant and it's why I love YouTube. It's exactly about that. You'll love it.Nov 16 01:04
neighborleek checkingNov 16 01:05
schestowitzSome people are (were?) so complacent with their lives that they get immerse in BS life..  Second Life affair ends in divorce < >. Oh, the poor thing... now, when will CNN air some /REAL/ news? :-)Nov 16 01:07
schestowitz*immersedNov 16 01:08
neighborleeKickass, i made boycottnovell front pageNov 16 01:12
neighborleeThanks Lee, I really feel I've made my mark now <<Nov 16 01:12
neighborlee < from here ROFLNov 16 01:12
neighborleethis persons ego , knows no bounds ;)Nov 16 01:12
schestowitzDamage control: Microsoft employee apologizes to developers < >Nov 16 01:12
neighborleethis is  outrageously funnyNov 16 01:12
neighborleeas I said in my last reply..I wont be posting anymore on that thread, until such time as its taken out of recurring discussion and put somewhere everyone will see itNov 16 01:13
schestowitzWell, our Jimmy "Jihad" has search results 5-6 occupied by some more truths now... 16 01:13
schestowitzThe poor bastard got BNed!Nov 16 01:13
neighborleelolNov 16 01:13
schestowitz"Jihad... mopping up... slog..."Nov 16 01:13
neighborleeI wonder if this person would have the GUTS to come here and talk to us .Nov 16 01:13
schestowitzcj used to be here. He leftNov 16 01:14
schestowitzHe's working for Microsoft and working on Mono.Nov 16 01:14
neighborleeattention attention all MOLES within shouting distance,,please tell HEX to come here!!Nov 16 01:14
schestowitzYes, you heard that right. There's an intersection there.Nov 16 01:14
neighborleeyupNov 16 01:14
neighborleeimagine that.Nov 16 01:14
schestowitzHmmm...Nov 16 01:15
neighborleeim not sure about M$, but I wouldn't doubt novelNov 16 01:15
schestowitzI don't trust people whose avatar is some chicken. What is s/he, a chiken?Nov 16 01:15
neighborleeLOL yupNov 16 01:15
neighborleeindeed..I guess we can count on them being too chicken to come hereNov 16 01:16
neighborleeI hope im wrong :)Nov 16 01:16
schestowitzReal-time debate..Nov 16 01:16
neighborleeexactlyNov 16 01:16
schestowitzWell, directhex has some mono s/wNov 16 01:16
schestowitzIt's natural to want to protect it and the truth is not convenient.Nov 16 01:16
schestowitzIt's not just a matter of patent though.Nov 16 01:16
schestowitzIt's a matter of specs control, even potentially copyrights.Nov 16 01:17
neighborleejust like an inconvenient truth and al gore...few wanted to admit it as it gets too deep into their pocket book , yadda.Nov 16 01:17
schestowitz[because .NET is visible now... the code, I mean]Nov 16 01:17
neighborleeyeah...M$ said they would NEVER release source for .net, so to think anyone would base software on it to me is laughableNov 16 01:18
schestowitzThe oil companies twit Gore smears and have them passed on.Nov 16 01:18
schestowitzThe media industry does the same thing to Lessig... smears to avoid him getting into Obama's office.Nov 16 01:18
neighborleeI dont know about the lessig thingNov 16 01:18
schestowitzHold on.Nov 16 01:19
schestowitzDid you watch the video?Nov 16 01:19
schestowitzHere is is: [Random-bits] U.S. Publishers lobby Obama -- against Larry Lessig < >Nov 16 01:19
schestowitzOnce Again, Worrisome Financial News Prevails   < >Nov 16 01:21
neighborleesorry long nighrtNov 16 01:21
neighborleewatching now schestowitzNov 16 01:21
schestowitzIt's good once toy get into the middle. By that point, you realise that it's a brilliant way to make fun of silly things we Westerners do (and rarely think about as outsiders).Nov 16 01:22
schestowitz*you getNov 16 01:22
neighborleedont see videoNov 16 01:23
neighborleeI read the url though..Nov 16 01:23
neighborleeas if  having no copyrights would be such a horrible thing..would mankind survvive!!Nov 16 01:23
MinceRgnNov 16 01:25
schestowitzThe market is longing for bread, Intel produces caviar: ( Intel Launches Core I7 as PC Demand Softens )Nov 16 01:25
schestowitz 16 01:25
neighborleegnNov 16 01:26
neighborleewatchingNov 16 01:27
neighborleeLOLNov 16 01:36
neighborleedislocated polygamy :))Nov 16 01:36
neighborleeI love it ;)Nov 16 01:36
neighborleeand the fences..yeah well sometimes they are needed if one has a large dog yadda, but point taken.Nov 16 01:36
neighborleeI wonder if any poor unsuspecting birds, fell from such displays of righteous power ;)Nov 16 01:40
schestowitzSome people in LXer, unlike Linux Today, still defend Novell and Mono. I wrote about 300 posts protesting against patents (I just didn't propose them to LXer), so they accuse me of wrong things (well, the minority does).  There's a wide variety of topics in BN... people just cherry-pick what they dislike to discredit the site. *sigh*Nov 16 01:41
schestowitzIn the later parts they observe the "invaders" (i.e. tourists)Nov 16 01:42
schestowitzIt's hilarious.Nov 16 01:42
neighborleeof courseNov 16 01:42
neighborleemoney makes interesting bedfollows of some people..even makes some ask questions premaaturely about who gets the pot of share before some poor smuck is even dead..I wonder if thats really true..if so man what a nasty dispostiion on gates etal ;)Nov 16 01:45
neighborleebb a bit latre..friend at door ;0-Nov 16 01:47
schestowitzOKNov 16 01:47
neighborleeOMG im in a elite group..someone thinks me a troll for voicing my anti M$-novel patent comments...oh my anti christ is coming ;))Nov 16 02:50
*anivar (i=d2d4e922@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellNov 16 02:52
anivarschestowitz:  hey I  need an immediate helpNov 16 02:52
anivarschestowitz: I need to prepare a Charge sheet (poster) against Novell immediatelyNov 16 02:53
anivarso need captions and pointsNov 16 02:54
twitterWhat's the special occasion?Nov 16 03:23
*anivar has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Nov 16 03:46
neighborleelolNov 16 05:54
*dsmith_ has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Nov 16 06:47
*neighborlee has quit ("Leaving")Nov 16 07:32
schestowitzMorning.Nov 16 08:36
*lloyd_fedora ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 16 09:02
schestowitzBrilliant: 16 09:26
*lloyd_fedora has quit (Remote closed the connection)Nov 16 09:34
*lloyd_fedora ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 16 09:37
*Killer-X (n=KLoooap@ has joined #boycottnovellNov 16 09:40
Killer-Xok tell me one thing how will you or we can Boycott novell ?Nov 16 09:40
schestowitzOne first stop is to choose software that is not distributed by Novell.Nov 16 09:41
schestowitzThe next step is urging others to do the same. Only if Novell is pressured for harming Free software will it possible change its colours.Nov 16 09:42
Killer-Xbut isnt Novell a Industrial OS thingNov 16 09:42
Killer-XIndustrial Purchasing cant be stoppedNov 16 09:43
Killer-Xmy mother's bank used Novell  netwareNov 16 09:43
schestowitzThere are other options.Nov 16 09:43
Killer-XStill its used i thinkNov 16 09:43
Killer-Xbut they wont listenNov 16 09:43
schestowitzThe industry is run by individualsNov 16 09:43
Killer-Xis Novell Netware still thereNov 16 09:43
Killer-Xwe are Bloody IndiansNov 16 09:43
schestowitzThey can select and reard companies that do not sign treasonous deals.Nov 16 09:43
Killer-Xwe go for ms and stuffNov 16 09:43
Killer-Xi am A Indian tooNov 16 09:44
Killer-XI hate Bill GatesNov 16 09:44
schestowitzNetware might stay for a while, for technical reasons.Nov 16 09:44
Killer-Xbut not allNov 16 09:44
Killer-XOkNov 16 09:44
Killer-XmaybeNov 16 09:44
Killer-XI dont know what happend in that bankNov 16 09:44
Killer-Xas for me i am in for allNov 16 09:44
schestowitzTo the extent possible, Novell should be avoided.Nov 16 09:44
Killer-Xi dont have right to complainNov 16 09:44
Killer-XOk i canNov 16 09:44
schestowitzThere are some products that replace Netware and are neither Microsoft nor Novell.Nov 16 09:44
Killer-Xbut dude wouldnt that kill the experimentation process of individuals like meNov 16 09:45
Killer-Xi try everythingNov 16 09:45
Killer-Xi beg i steal i lie ;)Nov 16 09:45
schestowitzNetware become moot when moving to GNU/Linux, but Novell wants to ensure people move towards SUSE, like in Tamil-Nadu.Nov 16 09:45
Killer-XYesNov 16 09:45
Killer-XPeople are uneducated hereNov 16 09:45
schestowitzI know.Nov 16 09:45
Killer-Xya that was in Kerala i thinkNov 16 09:45
schestowitzNovell sees Kerala as an opprtunity.Nov 16 09:45
Killer-Xi came here because of some ILugd mail list thingNov 16 09:46
Killer-XyesNov 16 09:46
schestowitzIt wants people there to serve as a case study for Microsoft/Novell.Nov 16 09:46
Killer-XI read that articleNov 16 09:46
Killer-XyaNov 16 09:46
schestowitzIt tries to tap the minds of Keralans.Nov 16 09:46
schestowitzI spoke to RMS this morning.Nov 16 09:46
Killer-XWe iNdians and them africans are case study for everythingNov 16 09:46
schestowitzHe will launch as awareness campaign.Nov 16 09:46
Killer-Xits not Keralans its keralites lolNov 16 09:46
Killer-X:DNov 16 09:46
schestowitzSomething that says people should not attend events that are sponsored by Microsoft.Nov 16 09:46
Killer-Xyes i knowNov 16 09:47
schestowitz(or have Microsoft present in them)Nov 16 09:47
schestowitzI don't know about Novell though.Nov 16 09:47
Killer-Xi hate monopolistic attitude of MS - i call it Micro SHitNov 16 09:47
Killer-Xeven in competitionNov 16 09:47
schestowitzNovell tedns to bring Microsoft and its technologies as 'guests'Nov 16 09:47
Killer-XyesNov 16 09:47
Killer-Xi use Linux, mac and Windows as a part of my research and technical studiesNov 16 09:47
schestowitzDid Microsoft have presence?Nov 16 09:47
Killer-Xi dont use them as osNov 16 09:48
schestowitzI mean, did Novell present something Microsoft-related?Nov 16 09:48
Killer-XActually the only best product Microsoft ever had was Windows XPNov 16 09:48
Killer-Xi dunnoNov 16 09:48
Killer-XKerala is my neighbouring stateNov 16 09:48
schestowitzWindows XP was not very good. I used it a few times.Nov 16 09:48
schestowitzIt's mediocre.Nov 16 09:48
Killer-Xit was for meNov 16 09:48
schestowitzThe third-party developers are EVERYTHING it has. And that's not Microsoft.Nov 16 09:48
Killer-Xwhen i use Linux i use OSS based toolsNov 16 09:48
Killer-XThe third-party developers ?Nov 16 09:48
schestowitzYesNov 16 09:49
Killer-Xi came here to see how they take steps to boycottNov 16 09:49
Killer-Xwhat you mean ?Nov 16 09:49
schestowitzLike Autodesk, game makers, etc.Nov 16 09:49
Killer-XyaNov 16 09:49
Killer-Xya yaNov 16 09:49
Killer-Xnow i understandNov 16 09:49
Killer-XTP are pimps of MSNov 16 09:49
schestowitzIt's mostly about word of mouthNov 16 09:49
Killer-XMS PimpsNov 16 09:49
Killer-XIts a deep deal between themNov 16 09:49
schestowitzIf people associated Novell with Microsoft (as they should), then they steer away from Novell/SUSE.Nov 16 09:49
Killer-Xthird-party developers are bloody AgentsNov 16 09:49
Killer-XyesNov 16 09:50
schestowitzWhat is TP?Nov 16 09:50
Killer-XSuse is Industrial buddyNov 16 09:50
Killer-Xthird-partyNov 16 09:50
schestowitzOh, okay.Nov 16 09:50
Killer-Xi knew this issue long time ackNov 16 09:50
Killer-Xso i support OSSNov 16 09:50
Killer-XSubstituteNov 16 09:50
Killer-XI am learnerNov 16 09:50
Killer-Xyou wage warNov 16 09:50
schestowitzNo war.Nov 16 09:50
Killer-Xi take benefit of all ;)Nov 16 09:50
schestowitzCampaignNov 16 09:50
Killer-Xye way buddyNov 16 09:50
Killer-Xi wouldNov 16 09:50
schestowitzit's about information mostly.Nov 16 09:50
Killer-XI hate MS policies deeply but like its GUI :(Nov 16 09:50
schestowitzIt's a matter of habit. I like the KDE GUI.Nov 16 09:51
Killer-Xi am into Ubuntu when Win xp diesNov 16 09:51
Killer-Xis it same as Windows ?Nov 16 09:51
Killer-Xi am so used to windoesNov 16 09:51
schestowitzKDE?Nov 16 09:51
Killer-XyesNov 16 09:51
Killer-Xhow is Gnome ?Nov 16 09:51
schestowitzIt's said to be similar, but it's a lot more powerful.Nov 16 09:51
Killer-Xthat was since past 8 years i hear about GnomeNov 16 09:51
schestowitzI use GNOME sometimes. It's good too.Nov 16 09:52
Killer-Xmy friend had actually set up ripped MacNov 16 09:52
Killer-XMac is better then Any OS actuallyNov 16 09:52
Killer-Xi saw the videoNov 16 09:52
Killer-XWindows XP eats dustNov 16 09:52
Killer-XMac video had 0% pixelationNov 16 09:52
schestowitzYes, looks are not a factor. Any GNU/Linux desktop environment can be made to look like anything.Nov 16 09:52
schestowitzBut what for?Nov 16 09:52
Killer-XLinux is a good X64 nad X86 basedNov 16 09:52
Killer-XMac is Unique Os though :(Nov 16 09:52
Killer-Xschestowitz it is about easeNov 16 09:53
Killer-Xsorry did i say looksNov 16 09:53
Killer-Xits about easeNov 16 09:53
Killer-Xi mean navigating a os should be osNov 16 09:53
Killer-Xsee its like thisNov 16 09:53
schestowitzMac has dumbed-down application. It's good for a lot of people.Nov 16 09:53
Killer-XLame GUI and Lame Comman line softwareNov 16 09:53
schestowitz*ApplicationsNov 16 09:53
Killer-Xi saw the video and found outNov 16 09:53
Killer-Xits better than all osNov 16 09:54
schestowitzIt's not free (libre)Nov 16 09:54
Killer-XClear Type was formation of MAc and Vista is a Mac CLoneNov 16 09:54
Killer-XyaNov 16 09:54
Killer-XBut its not imposing as WindowsNov 16 09:54
Killer-Xactually you know what they saidNov 16 09:54
schestowitzIt's more proprietary than Windows in some ways.Nov 16 09:54
Killer-XNothing is actually freeNov 16 09:54
Killer-XIts Open but not free in some terms - LinuxNov 16 09:55
schestowitzfree as in beer or speech?Nov 16 09:55
Killer-XYou still pay for supportNov 16 09:55
schestowitzWith //any/ O/S.Nov 16 09:55
Killer-XFree as in Freedom as in get as what adam was promised by GodNov 16 09:55
schestowitzSame with cars. Gasoline, fixing, etc.Nov 16 09:55
Killer-Xsee even to get Gimp lessons you have to pay the tutorsNov 16 09:55
Killer-Xif they start classesNov 16 09:56
schestowitzThat's how money is made.Nov 16 09:56
Killer-Xi felt Gimp was harder then PSNov 16 09:56
Killer-XokNov 16 09:56
Killer-Xbees bring in stuff for free ;)Nov 16 09:56
Killer-Xand men sell it ;)Nov 16 09:56
schestowitzWorkforce is not free. People are paid for knowledgeNov 16 09:56
Killer-Xya thats what i sayNov 16 09:56
schestowitzInformation can be distributed for free; people's labour cannot.Nov 16 09:56
Killer-XokNov 16 09:56
schestowitzIt's a question of scarcities.Nov 16 09:56
Killer-XokNov 16 09:56
Killer-Xbut see thats what i am saying why microsoft sucksNov 16 09:57
schestowitzIt fixes pricing.Nov 16 09:57
schestowitzSee the Intel fiascoNov 16 09:57
schestowitz 16 09:57
Killer-Xlike Intel Vs AMD ????Nov 16 09:57
Killer-XVista sux manNov 16 09:57
Killer-XIts a CLone of MAcNov 16 09:57
schestowitzIntel and AMD both require manufacturing.Nov 16 09:57
Killer-Xtrust me with all shitty appsNov 16 09:57
Killer-X????Nov 16 09:57
Killer-Xwhats Intel fiasco ?Nov 16 09:57
schestowitzI never used Vista.Nov 16 09:58
Killer-Xya me tooNov 16 09:58
Killer-XI am still with Win XP and opting for UbuntuNov 16 09:58
schestowitzNever touched the thing, except for on a test machine at the airport.Nov 16 09:58
schestowitzXP with black theme...Nov 16 09:58
schestowitzWelcome back, 2001.Nov 16 09:58
Killer-Xfor me i get to experiment a lot with XP :DNov 16 09:58
schestowitzIntel is another company worth avoiding, to answer your question.Nov 16 09:59
Killer-Xi usd to tweak and and install all softwaresNov 16 09:59
schestowitzIt's a criminal organisation too.Nov 16 09:59
Killer-Xi knowNov 16 09:59
schestowitzThey bribe, they attack charities, they fix prices, they attack small companies over copyrights, they suppress development in China.Nov 16 09:59
Killer-Xthey attack charities ?Nov 16 09:59
schestowitzOLPCNov 16 09:59
Killer-Xwhat did they doNov 16 09:59
Killer-Xcharities ?? :|Nov 16 09:59
schestowitzThey 'slogged' them.Nov 16 09:59
Killer-Xuppress development in China ?Nov 16 09:59
Killer-Xlink meNov 16 09:59
Killer-Xits like NikismNov 16 10:00
schestowitzThey drove them out of business, so to speak.Nov 16 10:00
Killer-XU know Nikism ?Nov 16 10:00
schestowitzSo that they can carry on price-fixing.Nov 16 10:00
Killer-Xwhat charitiesNov 16 10:00
schestowitzNike-ism?Nov 16 10:00
Killer-XI know i recently saw AMD Intel CaseNov 16 10:00
schestowitzIn China, chips are made cheaply now.Nov 16 10:00
Killer-Xhow Intel paid hardware dealers to stop AMD from penetrating MarketsNov 16 10:00
schestowitzThey produce laptops for less than $100.  These run only GNU/Linux.Nov 16 10:00
Killer-XNike is m is a way to not pay labour and sell shoes at higher priceNov 16 10:01
Killer-Xya i knowNov 16 10:01
schestowitzTo Intel it's a huge threat because it costs Intel just about $20 to make its chips.Nov 16 10:01
schestowitzThey prefer to sell the chips for hundreds of dollars though (far margins).Nov 16 10:01
Killer-Xactually most people say AMD Is better and Intel sucks c0***Nov 16 10:01
schestowitzSo they combat knowledge about transistor becoming like generic drugs.Nov 16 10:02
Killer-X100$ amd is 250 $ IntelNov 16 10:02
schestowitzKiller-X: Nike is a good example.Nov 16 10:02
Killer-Xin India 6000 rs Intel Machine will buy you a AMD Processor + A  Asus mother boardNov 16 10:02
schestowitzThe west made /HUGE/ (obscene) margins while paying pittance to workers.Nov 16 10:02
Killer-XyaNov 16 10:02
schestowitzLikewise, Intel made billions while running factories in south east Asia.Nov 16 10:02
Killer-Xi am giving examples of NON Pc entities because its habit of US MonopoliesNov 16 10:03
schestowitzNow the people in Asia create their own companies.Nov 16 10:03
schestowitzThey can sell the same stuff for tenth the price.Nov 16 10:03
Killer-XWe alos had Lots of monopolies before 199Nov 16 10:03
Killer-XWe alos had Lots of monopolies before 1991Nov 16 10:03
schestowitzIt scared the 'knowledge workers' from the west.Nov 16 10:03
Killer-Xit happens buddyNov 16 10:03
schestowitzThey can't exploit as much anymore.Nov 16 10:03
Killer-XBut american Govt supports themNov 16 10:03
schestowitzIt was the same in China.Nov 16 10:03
Killer-XIntel funds deep inside all the activities of Goivt i presumeNov 16 10:04
Killer-Xso it is let freeNov 16 10:04
schestowitzThe Japanese and multi-nationals exploited the people and also killed them before the revolution.Nov 16 10:04
Killer-XI love how intel is screwed in 4 nationsNov 16 10:04
schestowitzIt's a matter of looting one's country from afar.Nov 16 10:04
Killer-Xi thinkNov 16 10:04
schestowitzIndia also had the British empire.Nov 16 10:04
Killer-Xor 2 nations  and 2 casesNov 16 10:04
schestowitzSame with South Africa.Nov 16 10:04
Killer-Xlike what ?Nov 16 10:04
Killer-XBritish empire was betterNov 16 10:04
schestowitzAmerica support them, yes...Nov 16 10:04
Killer-XIndians were low lifes killing womenNov 16 10:04
Killer-Xand caste systemNov 16 10:04
schestowitzSee 16 10:04
schestowitzThe govt *IS* the companiesNov 16 10:05
Killer-XObama is still a BabeNov 16 10:05
Killer-XBush is speaking largeNov 16 10:05
schestowitzIf it brings money to the countries, then suppression overseas is supportedNov 16 10:05
Killer-XstillNov 16 10:05
Killer-Xhe met our mofo PMNov 16 10:05
schestowitz[by the 'govt', i.e. lobbyists and cronies]Nov 16 10:05
Killer-Xi hate that PoliticsNov 16 10:05
Killer-Xas you said BIDEN is VP :(Nov 16 10:05
Killer-XsadNov 16 10:05
schestowitzIt's not politics, it's corruption.Nov 16 10:05
Killer-XHe is another antiNov 16 10:05
Killer-XyesNov 16 10:05
Killer-XBush is long goneNov 16 10:06
schestowitzThe US, in my humble options, is now run by more corruption than ever before.Nov 16 10:06
schestowitzWatch how the world markets collapse.Nov 16 10:06
schestowitzThe only reason is greed and corruption.Nov 16 10:06
Killer-Xi dont know what people have to do with EX PresidentsNov 16 10:06
Killer-XYes i knowNov 16 10:06
schestowitzThe govt. turned a blind eye to accommodate the fat cats.Nov 16 10:06
Killer-Xdesire in humans kill the need to surviveNov 16 10:06
Killer-X fat cats ?Nov 16 10:06
Killer-Xall this happens because of greedNov 16 10:06
schestowitzBiden is a puppetNov 16 10:06
Killer-XMS is greedyNov 16 10:06
schestowitzHe works for interests of the media industry in the USNov 16 10:07
Killer-Xand truth is the only OS  which is true is UNIXNov 16 10:07
schestowitzWhich is a shame really... nothing unusual though.Nov 16 10:07
Killer-Xand all rest oses are UNIX basedNov 16 10:07
schestowitzThe media industry is one of the US's main exports.Nov 16 10:07
Killer-Xthey just used the core and built other osNov 16 10:07
Killer-Xyes i know schestowitzNov 16 10:07
Killer-Xi pee on RAP And HIP HOPNov 16 10:07
Killer-Xthat shit has DRMNov 16 10:07
schestowitzDRM?Nov 16 10:07
Killer-Xcurse all i hear is bootyNov 16 10:07
schestowitzThey vend DRM in Kerala?Nov 16 10:08
Killer-Xya digital rights managementNov 16 10:08
Killer-XnooooooNov 16 10:08
schestowitzThat helps them elevate their income.Nov 16 10:08
Killer-Xrap and hip hop should be drm freeNov 16 10:08
Killer-XThey vend DRM in Kerala? means ????Nov 16 10:08
schestowitzThey sell the same stuff repeatedly for different devices.. to the same personNov 16 10:08
Killer-Xits crapNov 16 10:08
Killer-Xwhat u thought when i said DRM ?Nov 16 10:08
Killer-Xyes schestowitzNov 16 10:08
schestowitzSame thing.Nov 16 10:08
schestowitzThe media industry mistreats rappers.Nov 16 10:09
schestowitzThey are being exploited.Nov 16 10:09
Killer-Xreally ?Nov 16 10:09
Killer-Xi hate rap and hiphopNov 16 10:09
schestowitzIt is better to support rap that comes from source like Creative Commons.Nov 16 10:09
Killer-XyesNov 16 10:09
schestowitzFoster those who escape the shackles of the MAFIAA (RIAA/MPAA)Nov 16 10:09
Killer-XyesNov 16 10:09
Killer-Xi will seeNov 16 10:09
Killer-XEktoplasm gives away free tranceNov 16 10:10
Killer-XTrance community is greaT example for non DRM tuffNov 16 10:10
Killer-XTrance community is greaT example for non DRM stuffNov 16 10:10
schestowitz 16 10:10
Killer-XyaNov 16 10:11
Killer-XEktoplasm gives free mixesNov 16 10:11
schestowitzThe means for income include merchandise, concerts, etc.Nov 16 10:12
schestowitzIt's like free beer and paid-for foodNov 16 10:12
schestowitzOr Free software and services apartNov 16 10:12
schestowitzNo access to code is analogous to DRMNov 16 10:12
schestowitzOr restriction on sharing with friends the media you likeNov 16 10:13
Killer-Xdude schestowitz u know what :DNov 16 10:13
Killer-Xi use Mozilla Firefox from past 1 yearNov 16 10:13
Killer-XI am liking it ;)Nov 16 10:13
Killer-Xthats a greatest gift from OSSNov 16 10:13
Killer-XIE Sucks badNov 16 10:13
Killer-Xi can use mozilla firefox even in restricted envoriment due to Portable apps ;)Nov 16 10:14
schestowitzYou can repay Firefox by putting a banner in your site or adding a signature to your E-mails with a recommendation.Nov 16 10:14
Killer-XokNov 16 10:14
Killer-Xi stopped using IENov 16 10:14
schestowitzFirefox is also paid (well, Mozilla is) when you use its search facilityNov 16 10:15
schestowitzIE is spyware. Literally.Nov 16 10:15
Killer-Xi can hack html embeded codes using FF3 :DNov 16 10:15
Killer-Xnot like that schestowitzNov 16 10:15
schestowitzIE7 and onwards are spyware.Nov 16 10:15
Killer-Xit cant handle js properlyNov 16 10:15
Killer-Xif something is done in OS its difficult to load some webpagesNov 16 10:15
Killer-Xlike some changes on how script is handledNov 16 10:15
Killer-XlolNov 16 10:16
Killer-XbyeNov 16 10:16
schestowitzCyaNov 16 10:16
*Killer-X has quit ("all want people in their os is read email browse the net and Chat online about 60% people")Nov 16 10:16
*lloyd_fedora has quit (Connection timed out)Nov 16 10:21
*trmanco ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 16 10:48
trmanco 16 10:58
trmanco 16 10:59
schestowitzThanks, I know these.Nov 16 11:00
schestowitzI contacted the author before.Nov 16 11:00
trmanco:-PNov 16 11:01
trmancoI found these on a Vista 7 discussionNov 16 11:02
trmancopostNov 16 11:02
schestowitzVista 7: same DRM mess, different nameNov 16 11:04
schestowitzThe unfortunate things is that the DRM criticism/literature names "Vista", so people might think that Microsoft departed from it. They might think that it gets lighter because the DRM prison is removed (which it ain't).Nov 16 11:05
trmancoI'm having a lot of wild discussion about that vista 7 crapNov 16 11:07
trmancoAnd looks like I'm contaminated with some kind of diseaseNov 16 11:09
schestowitzMind-poisoning.Nov 16 11:10
trmancoon which I can't evaluate any Microsoft product, equallyNov 16 11:10
trmancoI'll show you, it is in Portuguese thoNov 16 11:10
schestowitzMaybe it would be useful to start a VIsta7 awareness campaign.Nov 16 11:10
schestowitztwitter has a page that documents Vista7 disinformation.Nov 16 11:10
schestowitzMicrosoft relies on the fact that nobody can use Vista, so it has people relying on its bribed shills and boosters.Nov 16 11:11
trmancoyes that would be goodNov 16 11:11
schestowitzIt was the SAME with Vista back in the dats.Nov 16 11:11
schestowitz*daysNov 16 11:11
schestowitzWatch this: 16 11:12
trmancothat was wildNov 16 11:14
trmanco 16 11:14
trmancohere is the postNov 16 11:14
trmanco 16 11:15
schestowitzVista 7 indeed. What's to see here?Nov 16 11:16
schestowitzXP reloaded, minus performance, application compatibility, polish.Nov 16 11:16
schestowitzThe 'new' Coke, version 7.Nov 16 11:16
trmancoif you scroll down you will see some of my commentsNov 16 11:16
trmancopulling out some truthNov 16 11:17
trmancoon the second page you can see a post where he says that I suffer from some kind of a diseaseNov 16 11:18
schestowitzNice sigNov 16 11:19
trmancothanksNov 16 11:19
schestowitzDisease, eh?Nov 16 11:19
schestowitz""Ideally, use of the competing technology becomes associated with mental deficiency, as in, "he believes in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and OS/2." Just keep rubbing it in, via the press, analysts, newsgroups, whatever. Make the complete failure of the competition's technology part of the mythology of the computer industry."Nov 16 11:19
schestowitz"We want to place selection pressure on those companies and individuals that show a genetic weakness for competitors' technologies, to make the industry increasingly resistant to such unhealthy strains, over time.""Nov 16 11:20
schestowitz--Microsoft evangelism < >. From James Plamondon: Microsoft Guerrilla < >Nov 16 11:20
trmancowho said thatNov 16 11:20
schestowitzMicrosoftNov 16 11:21

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