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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: November 17th, 2008 - Part 1


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dsmith_all the while, MS builds a computer out of a big ass table.. 17 00:00
schestowitzBut I doubt we'll get there. Planet Earth is real f*ed up at the moment.Nov 17 00:00
dsmith_AI is coming along fairly nicelyNov 17 00:00
schestowitzdsmith_: Surface is more or less dead on arrival.Nov 17 00:00
dsmith_gve it 20Nov 17 00:00
dsmith_LMFAONov 17 00:00
schestowitzLike Windows Mobile it was almost absent from PDCNov 17 00:00
schestowitzIt's 2.5 times the promised cost because nobody buys or develops for that bad-ass thing.Nov 17 00:01
dsmith_aww man I really wanted oneNov 17 00:01
schestowitzBach wanted to cut the cord on this project, but Gates resisted... he later escaped Microsoft in shame... shame with HPC -- another massive failure.Nov 17 00:01
dsmith_I can smash my fist on it when it red/white/black/red screens on meNov 17 00:01
dsmith_oh and blueNov 17 00:01
schestowitzThese tables are impractical. They miss the ways people use devices these days.Nov 17 00:02
schestowitzMost people just want to surf the Web. There are better peripherals.Nov 17 00:02
schestowitzLike folding keyboards, projected keyboards, portable finger-sized projectors.Nov 17 00:02
schestowitzSurface it to PDAs what big clumsy cloves are to small effective sensors.. or BMI... or voice recognition for commands.Nov 17 00:03
schestowitzSurface is so yesterday... like mainframes or big computers that occupy lots of space and do so little of /practical/ advantage for the price.Nov 17 00:04
schestowitzDon't forget that Surface uses Vista code, so it's prone to become a zombie. Big Ass Zombie. Demo... 17 00:09
schestowitzMore loss per sale for XBox: Microsoft Cuts Xbox 360 Prices In Australia Again < >Nov 17 00:10
schestowitzModders be damned: Microsoft bans modified Xbox users from playing < >. XBox is only RENTED, not sold.Nov 17 00:11
schestowitzNothing here about Ashley Highfield's past shilling for the Vole: Microsoft lures Kangaroo chief < .> FT credibility=credibility-1;Nov 17 00:15
schestowitzFREE lock-in from Microsoft. Free. Cuffs. Microsoft offers 0% financing for Dynamics < >Nov 17 00:19
schestowitzAnother article fails to mention a big fiasco: Microsoft poaches Ashley Highfield from BBC, Channel 4 and ITV joint internet venture < >Nov 17 00:20
schestowitzMicrosoft shares hit lowest point since 1998 < >< >Nov 17 00:22
schestowitzCost-savings... note that Microsoft changes how it handles employment so it can report fewer layoffs with perma-temps: Microsoft to spend $1 bln on R&D in China < >. If not visas, then going overseas to cut costs.Nov 17 00:26
schestowitzMicrosoft to investigate Hotmail issues < >. No mention of GNU/Linux incompatibilities here.Nov 17 00:26
schestowitzFT is urging/daring Microsoft to snatch Yahoo: "Microsoft, by all accounts, has the technology. It does not lack for money and smart engineers either. " < > Nope. Correction: Microsoft has NOT the money. It's almost in debt now, even WITHOUT Yahoo.Nov 17 00:30
schestowitzSun, Microsoft Search Deal Underscore Google's Growing Monopoly < >. This has NOTHING to do with market share.Nov 17 00:40
schestowitzOh, gosh... spin of 'FREE' lock-in again...  Microsoft Funds Malaysian Startups < >. Drug dealer offers free MSD to kids.. news at 11.Nov 17 00:49
schestowitz*LSDNov 17 00:49
twitterLSD, MSDN what's the difference?Nov 17 00:55
twitterOne is more fun and less harmful than the other.Nov 17 00:55
MinceRgnNov 17 00:59
schestowitz ( 17,500 jobs slashed at BT, Sun and Yahoo! )Nov 17 01:08
schestowitz*Sigh* People in LXer (well, a vocal minority) does not accept that Microsoft must support GNU/Linux... would be forced to by regulators had Novell not decided to create second-class citizens that step on Microsoft 'IP' toesNov 17 01:25
twitterWho cares about their support?  What they need to do is offer their users freedom.  "Support" issues will take care of themselves after that.Nov 17 01:26
twitterI thought for a while and came up with this story contrasting the state of drivers in Windows and free software 17 01:27
schestowitzI'm reading this rant ATM: 17 01:29
schestowitzLinuxhater #2 *sign* He doesn't write about politics anymore... useles.Nov 17 01:29
schestowitz*lesNov 17 01:29
schestowitz*less "Peter Kraus - Yesterday at 22:15:23 GMT Just don't fucking kill (tm) google, please. That's my job. --- Steve"Nov 17 01:30
twitterYes, I've seen that problem.  Solution - remove Windows.Nov 17 01:35
schestowitzWhen I was younger and there was a Windows partition in one place life was harder.Nov 17 01:37
twitterIt's more than hibernation, it's anytime you turn off the network device with Winblows.  I imagine they are using some kind of ACPI crap to do it, which we all know is defective by design 17 01:37
schestowitzYou can use the univresal things like SCP and you're never sure if your machine won't crash.Nov 17 01:38
schestowitzIt was a Windows 98 partition...Nov 17 01:38
schestowitzPiece of s*Nov 17 01:38
twitter98 or XP might be handy in a Virtual box if you work in some kind of Winblows network and the company has custom applications.  I'd try wine first.Nov 17 01:40
twitterAlmost everything Win98 works with Wine, which is more than you can say for XP or Vista.Nov 17 01:41
schestowitzCool. Kevin Werbach is in: I've used some of his code and read his Web site a lot in the past.Nov 17 01:42
schestowitz*sigh* More Gate fawning.. Smart economists have already stated very clearly that Mr. Gates and Mr. Buffet put their money in a fundation [sic] because it rids them from taxation as well. There is a lot of stuff people don't know about the fundation. It's a broad topic < >.Nov 17 01:50
schestowitzDitch the smooth transition. The people voted for change < > "Instead of accepting the corrupted bail-out and reassuring Wall Street, Obama's team must start doing the hard stuff now"Nov 17 01:57
schestowitzCourt Rules Against White House in Missing E-Mails Case < > "A U.S. District Court judge ruled Monday that the National Security Archive can move to force the White House to recover millions of Bush administration e-mails lost or destroyed between 2003 and 2005. "Nov 17 01:58
neighborleegreat news o_0Nov 17 01:58
twitterPeople on board with whitespace as an internet provider are OK with me, but why do they only mention rural areas?  Are they afraid to hose telco and broadcast for the good of all?Nov 17 02:02
schestowitzWhoa! Some massive MS shills attack.Nov 17 02:02
twitterwhere?Nov 17 02:02
schestowitzCheck out the Partner Group and the Burton shills: http://searchenterpriselinux.techtar...Nov 17 02:02
schestowitz"Hey, let's make an article that says Linux is irrelevant and Windows is good too..."Nov 17 02:03
schestowitzI'm suck -- yes stick -- or articles whose substance is some sound bites from self-appointed analysts who live on Microsoft/Oracle bribes.Nov 17 02:04
twitterPam Derringer?Nov 17 02:06
twitterSearchEnterpriseLinux is hit and miss.Nov 17 02:06
twitterI've seen a lot of annoying content like that before.Nov 17 02:06
schestowitz"All hell broke lose when novell guys saw the 'Bycott Novell' handouts pasted right across their booth and said they won't pay up any sponsers money they owe to the event organisers. They took their ire by kicking out the activists and tearing up the posters." < >Nov 17 02:07
schestowitzPam is usually OK.Nov 17 02:08
twitterNovell won't pay up?  Classy.Nov 17 02:08
schestowitzShe should just stay away from these people unless they give disclosure (Microsoft is a major client)Nov 17 02:08
schestowitzNovell is poor.Nov 17 02:09
twitterEveryone should stay ways from M$.  I feel dirty reading stuff from Gartner.Nov 17 02:09
schestowitzHey, maybe Hovie Seppy can beg Ballmer for another smooth $100,000,000 for conference invasion.Nov 17 02:09
twitterBallmer is happy to watch Novell die.Nov 17 02:10
schestowitzThe funny thing is that people cite Gartner like it's an Einstein quote.Nov 17 02:10
schestowitzWatch Ballmer kissing (with tongue) the Gartner shills: 17 02:11
schestowitzMinceR would love this: Apple pulled a Microsoft 'training camp'-esque routine: Apple Launches Internal University < >Nov 17 02:17
twitterBallmer kissing?  No thanks.Nov 17 02:25
ZiggyFishbad mental pitcherNov 17 02:27
ZiggyFish*pictureNov 17 02:27
twittera pitcher might help.Nov 17 02:27
ZiggyFishlolNov 17 02:27
schestowitzI was joking. It's his disgusting tongue fetish.Nov 17 02:27
twitterfingers literally curled from keyboardNov 17 02:28
schestowitzAnyway, he's so tactless in that appearance. No wonder he drives the company down to the ground.Nov 17 02:28
ZiggyFishwhen he goes mad, he looks like a penguinNov 17 02:28
ZiggyFishgod I hate IENov 17 02:29
*dsmith_ has quit (Remote closed the connection)Nov 17 02:32
schestowitzWatch them promoting Microsoft IDG: 17 02:33
schestowitzThis report is from a Microsoft shill. 17 02:33
*ZiggyFish1 ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 17 02:35
ZiggyFish1backNov 17 02:35
ZiggyFish1Need a flash app (non-opensource) to link to another page, how do i do thatNov 17 02:38
ZiggyFish1I tried to use javascript to redirect it to the page I want however, it only works in firefoxNov 17 02:38
twittergood nightNov 17 02:39
ZiggyFish1good afternoonNov 17 02:39
schestowitzHave you looked at Peer2Patent?Nov 17 02:39
schestowitzI hardly hear about it these days.Nov 17 02:40
schestowitzI hope it's not collecting dust/mold.Nov 17 02:40
schestowitzZiggyFish: link from the Flash object?Nov 17 02:40
schestowitzOr a check for visitor's Flash pug-in?Nov 17 02:40
ZiggyFish1no haven't had a chance, been busy this morningNov 17 02:41
*ZiggyFish has quit (Operation timed out)Nov 17 02:41
ZiggyFish1link from Flash objectNov 17 02:41
schestowitzYuck: 17 02:42
schestowitz"So pretty I wants to cry"??????/ 17 02:43
schestowitzZiggyFish1: how do you encode/build Flash?Nov 17 02:44
schestowitzI did some Flash back in 2001Nov 17 02:44
schestowitzThe customer asked for it... I wouldn't otherwise touch the thing.Nov 17 02:44
schestowitzRed browser stats: Why do they even mention the AD-BASED garbage from "Net Applications"?Nov 17 02:46
schestowitzThere are so many bogus stats out there, whose purpose it to promote someone marketing pitch.Nov 17 02:46
*kapipi has quit (Remote closed the connection)Nov 17 02:47
ZiggyFish1the app was done by someone elseNov 17 02:56
schestowitzOh, that's a problem/Nov 17 02:57
schestowitzYou need the FLA fileNov 17 02:57
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ZiggyFish1only got the swfNov 17 03:06
*symbolset has quit (" ajax IRC Client")Nov 17 03:13
schestowitzThat may not be enough then.Nov 17 03:18
schestowitzFlash is junk. They sorted of 'opened up;, but it's still one company's technologyNov 17 03:18
ZiggyFish1brbNov 17 03:26
*ZiggyFish1 has quit (Remote closed the connection)Nov 17 03:26
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*ZiggyFish ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 17 03:30
schestowitzDear Google! Now I Know You Hate Linux Users < > "So when will google expand their market and start supporting Linux users as well?"Nov 17 03:34
schestowitzGood nightNov 17 03:34
ZiggyFishgood nightNov 17 03:35
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*shyam_k just returned home with anivar just escaping from cusat with good health!:)Nov 17 04:22
shyam_kthose guys who volunteer for the party are brainless and totally instruments..who also locked up the IEEE kerala chair, amarnath Raja sir and Anil who is the government appointed officier for the internatiional conf about to come on dec second week, FOR THE CRIME Of going back at the exhibition hall enquiring about the mis handling done!!Nov 17 04:24
shyam_kthey were locked up in a door for some minutes demanding "THEM!!" TO resolve the issue!!!Nov 17 04:24
shyam_kNovell officiers at the stall's very first response for the posters was to pull out their sponsor ship money! and may be that triggered the organizers to stand bye NOVELL! instead of trying to realize the issueNov 17 04:26
shyam_kthat means the organizers are not aware of what free software is..(Thats clear from the first stand of making novell as the prime sponsor)Nov 17 04:27
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tessierWow, Roy got some slashdot lovin' todayNov 17 06:42
*shyam_k` (n=user@ has joined #boycottnovellNov 17 06:50
shyam_k`did anyone commented on the previous messages and did they reach here?Nov 17 06:57
shyam_k`schestowitz: ?Nov 17 06:57
twitterYes, I just noticed that.  There are some nasty comments.Nov 17 07:08
twitterIn fact most of the comments were flames against free software or BN.Nov 17 07:09
*shyam_k`` (n=user@ has joined #boycottnovellNov 17 07:12
*shyam_k`` is now known as shyam_kNov 17 07:23
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kentmamornin'Nov 17 07:30
*shyam_k` has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Nov 17 07:31
twitterWhat a fuck, they posted the BN story an hour after Roy went to sleep. 17 07:46
twitterthe trolls wasted no time linking to Byfield and other libel.Nov 17 07:47
tessier 17 07:48
tessierhahaNov 17 07:48
*shyam_k` (n=user@ has joined #boycottnovellNov 17 07:56
twitterA good comment 17 08:13
*shyam_k has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Nov 17 08:14
twitterThe Novell trolls don't seem to be making much headway.Nov 17 08:14
twitterrip, hahaNov 17 08:16
twittergood night.Nov 17 08:16
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schestowitzC*p, I oversleptNov 17 09:35
tessierschestowitz: Better jump on /. :)Nov 17 09:35
tessierschestowitz: You're famous!Nov 17 09:35
schestowitz:-) The site was getting attention before. But now it's like 40,000 hits/hour. The site is still up.Nov 17 09:38
tessierniceNov 17 09:39
schestowitzDigg effect is a lot bigger.Nov 17 09:40
tessierReally? I thought slashdot would be much biggerNov 17 09:42
schestowitzNo, a lot smaller, depending on the story though. Slashdot shrank.Nov 17 09:44
tessierWhy did it shrink?Nov 17 09:44
schestowitzI'd guess it because they betrayed their readers.Nov 17 09:44
tessierHow?Nov 17 09:45
schestowitzI'm still surprises Slahdot gives BN FPsNov 17 09:45
schestowitzBN wrote some scarthing things about Slashdot and encourages people not to read /.Nov 17 09:45
schestowitztessier: they serve the monopolist from the north westNov 17 09:45
*anivar (n=guest@ has joined #boycottnovellNov 17 09:55
anivarhey schestowitzNov 17 09:55
schestowitzHey, anivar.Nov 17 09:57
schestowitzI was asleep when you came to ask questioms.Nov 17 09:57
anivarschestowitz,  Its fineNov 17 09:58
schestowitzThanks for staging disagreement with Novell or the sponsors.Nov 17 09:58
schestowitzI spoke to RMS.Nov 17 09:58
anivarNo need for thanks. We all are hactivists r8 :-)Nov 17 09:58
schestowitzHe considers ending the Microsoft sponsorships of FOSS conferences.Nov 17 09:58
anivarRMS mailed to meNov 17 09:59
schestowitzCan you send me the file of the poster please? He wants to see it.Nov 17 09:59
schestowitzOh, OK.Nov 17 09:59
anivarI already sentNov 17 09:59
schestowitzHas Novell responded to this formally.Nov 17 10:00
schestowitz[other than its troopers commenting around the Web?]Nov 17 10:00
anivarNot yetNov 17 10:00
anivarIt is the party fellows defending the event organisorsNov 17 10:00
kentma\/. is about getting hits, so running BN stories from time to time will be good for them.Nov 17 10:01
schestowitzFor Novell?Nov 17 10:01
anivarNo. The people sending mails to FSUG Bangalore lists and people commenting on Various blog posts and SlashdotNov 17 10:02
anivarIt is available from below linkNov 17 10:02
anivar 17 10:02
anivarStatement  From Swathanthra Malayalam computingNov 17 10:02
anivar 17 10:02
anivarI mean Protest postersNov 17 10:02
MinceRgeekingsNov 17 10:03
schestowitz"After the evil agreement with Microsoft Corporation (MS), Novell betrayed the Free Software community by violating the spirit of the GNU General Public license, which is the corner stone of the Free Software movement and legitimising the patent threats of Microsoft corporation. "Nov 17 10:03
schestowitz"The protest against Novell have been in it's peak since the inception of the Boycott Novell campaign which has been successful in making awareness about the evil hands of Novell and it's ally MS. Novell was allotted a prominent position in the exhibition stall and they were allowed to place their posters at the prominent venues."Nov 17 10:03
*anivar has quit (Read error: 145 (Connection timed out))Nov 17 10:12
kentmaschestowitz: the Indian chaps protesting at Cochin University was very interesting.Nov 17 10:17
schestowitzI didn't know about until after it had happened.Nov 17 10:18
schestowitzWindows zombies peaking: ( Net bombarded by heaviest ever attacks this year )Nov 17 10:19
kentmabtw - anyone watch the star wars film last night - it was the heavily re-edited episode iv.Nov 17 10:20
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schestowitzI will never bet again - day 1 with GNOME < >Nov 17 10:32
*mib_y3s5a4 (i=c3175c13@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellNov 17 10:34
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zoobabanivar is around?Nov 17 10:52
schestowitzNo, but he mailed me a while agoNov 17 10:53
schestowitzI got some more suggestions by mail. "Notice that it looks like those protesting are among the most active FOSS hackers in Kerala.  It's not a random group. Also notice that pretty much all defense of MS or Novell or attacks against consist of ad hominem fallacies, with an occational misdirection: "Nov 17 10:53
schestowitzThere's libel there. I won't bother with it. It's what the /. mob always does.Nov 17 10:54
schestowitzAnother suggestion is that "it also flags what's effective.  Find what topics and posts are causing the most squawking and follow up on those topics with more details."Nov 17 10:54
schestowitz"Getting rid of mono from the core Ubuntu distro would be a boon.  Steer people experimenting with mono back to java with its a higher performance, more mature technology and broader market.  Hey if they want something different, then python, perl and ruby are there for many of the same tasks." GL link to anti-Mono stuff last nightNov 17 10:55
kentmaI tend to agree that network-friendly technologies are the future anyway;  the desktop viewpoint is very 1970s, and very very dated.  Java is a step in the right direction, but how is it on licensing?Nov 17 11:02
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Nov 17 11:02
schestowitzBetter than .NET, that's for sure.Nov 17 11:08
kentmatrue - at least it's reasonably x-platform, and there is at least one other desktop implementation (blackdowne?) as well as the Sun one.Nov 17 11:11
benJImanSun java, well - openjdk, is GPLed with classpath exception.Nov 17 11:13
benJImanThen again, mono is even more liberally licensed.Nov 17 11:13
schestowitzMono is not .NETNov 17 11:16
benJImanIt's a free implementation of parts of the .net framework.Nov 17 11:17
schestowitzPart of... second-class reactionary copycat... like Moonlight to Silverlight. That's what Microsoft wants Linux to be... cheap imitation that's always behind.Nov 17 11:19
*benJIman couldn't care less.Nov 17 11:19
schestowitzNovell tips the GNU/Linux desktops (and server to an extent) in this direction.Nov 17 11:20
*kapipi (n=chatzill@ has joined #boycottnovellNov 17 11:33
kentmaMicrosoft claim that mono is rife with patent infringements, though.Nov 17 11:39
kentmaThat's no use to anyone.Nov 17 11:40
schestowitzIt doesn't claim it this openly or doesn't phrase it like thisd.Nov 17 11:51
schestowitzInstead, the approach it takes is saying that Novell customers are protected for its use (what about the rest?)Nov 17 11:51
zoobabhow is the licensing going on?Nov 17 12:23
schestowitzNo response from that Microsoft senior.Nov 17 12:25
schestowitzSomeone else sent a request.Nov 17 12:25
schestowitzNo word yet.Nov 17 12:25
schestowitzIn case Microsoft asserts something against Mono users/vendors, we can produce proof of Microsoft ignoring these mails.Nov 17 12:25
zoobabcall himNov 17 12:26
zoobaband record the phone call just in caseNov 17 12:26
schestowitzSomeone said he would.Nov 17 12:26
zoobabsend them a paper letterNov 17 12:26
schestowitzI don't know how it went on...Nov 17 12:26
zoobabescalateNov 17 12:26
schestowitzI doubt they'll replyNov 17 12:26
zoobabwhen email does not work, use phoneNov 17 12:26
schestowitzIt's like "Send a bug report"Nov 17 12:26
schestowitzThey just play stats with these.Nov 17 12:26
zoobaband send a recommended letterNov 17 12:27
zoobabI am going to send one to Microsoft BelgiumNov 17 12:27
schestowitzPlease doNov 17 12:27
schestowitzKeep records of this. It could prove handy laterNov 17 12:27
schestowitz "This command will remove almost 60MB of crap from your hard drive and free you from eternal damnation and suffering. Well, OK. Perhaps it’s not quite that bad, but I personally have no wish to use software that is so tainted. Nor for that matter do I want to use code that is so tightly bound to a company that, amongst other things, manages tNov 17 12:28
schestowitzo screw us all out of significant tax revenues."Nov 17 12:28
schestowitz 17 13:20
*mib_5ycbfa (i=4367b619@gateway/web/ajax/ has joined #boycottnovellNov 17 13:24
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schestowitzCheck out this profile:   This guy does almost nothing but bury links to BN.Nov 17 14:01
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*MinceR_ is now known as MinceRNov 17 14:17
schestowitzSome imposer jerk  is leaving comments under my name to aggravate.  I've had to talk to admins to have the fakers flagged. :-|Nov 17 14:21
twitterThe Slashdot story was a well planned hit job but it looks like the community is responding well, which is amazing when you consider the gaming that's gone on.Nov 17 14:50
twitterThey dropped it onto the front page right after you signed off here, then nested it with flamebait and libel.Nov 17 14:51
schestowitzYes, I saw that.Nov 17 14:53
schestowitzPeople from USENET were there too. The usual Munckins. You can tell from the wording... Nov 17 14:54
schestowitzI have a large number of posts you'll like because it's about massive Microsoft failures.Nov 17 14:54
twitterI've seen some of that on BN in the last few days.  The stuff about layoff in 2006 was interesting.Nov 17 14:58
twitterhmmm, someone dropped a link to the protester's own statement. 17 14:58
twitterthat's something that should be tacked on to the story itself as an update.Nov 17 14:59
schestowitzI'll do it with the followup. Posted 1 min ago.Nov 17 15:02
schestowitzAddd at the bottom: 17 15:03
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*MinceR_ is now known as MinceRNov 17 15:19
schestowitzReading for Mrs. twitter: 17 15:20
*neighborlee (n=neighbor@unaffiliated/neighborlee) has joined #boycottnovellNov 17 15:33
twitterThanks.Nov 17 15:38
twitterAccording to the SMC statement, only Novell and the event organizers knew about Novell's sponsorship until the conference.Nov 17 15:40
twitterYou have to wonder how in depth their planning was and if it included the recent spam attack on BN as well as the suspicious /. story timing.Nov 17 15:41
schestowitzSee my comment from a minute ago: 17 15:44
schestowitzI don't know if they got removed as a reader claims.Nov 17 15:44
twitterGood to link the xbox comment to the hotmail one.  M$ frequently abuses its technical position to censor.  Hotmail has also censored Truthout for political purposes.Nov 17 15:45
schestowitzYes, the press missed the precendence. One a thief.. always a thief. Once a censor...Nov 17 15:50
twitterM$FT is less than $20 all day 17 15:58
schestowitzAt this page, BN will do 1 million hits in one day alone.Nov 17 15:59
schestowitzI don't understand how the server copes, but I do get many error pages at times.Nov 17 15:59
schestowitzThe server used to collapse under similar strains.Nov 17 16:00
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*MinceR_ is now known as MinceRNov 17 17:02
schestowitzSJVN isn't quote so gentle on Sun: 17 17:05
schestowitzneighborlee: have you heard back from Microsoft? Did you phone them?Nov 17 17:06
neighborleeschestowitz, no email, and I never called.Nov 17 17:15
schestowitzzoobab mentioned this. It's a local call in the US. But don't feel obliged though... I doubt they'll answer.Nov 17 17:16
schestowitzMicvrosoft just files away.. it doesn't even know what patents exist out there and which ones it has.Nov 17 17:17
schestowitz"Privacy breaches are shaping as the new pandemic infecting business stability, reports Conrad Walters." < >Nov 17 17:24
schestowitzPeople still refuse to see what's wrong with Silverlight. This is just amazing. Novell should join the rest and complain about the attack on the standards-based Web, as opposed to supporting this attack.Nov 17 17:53
*trmanco ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 17 18:00
schestowitzYuck. "OpenMoko is known amongst .NET developers as being the first phone to support the Mono runtime." < > Miguel seemed to make a similar move to do the same to Android. a Microsoft 'buddy' tried doing the same to LiMo.Nov 17 18:03
trmancoopenmoko has mono?Nov 17 18:08
schestowitzOpenMono. No, but it's open, so there's nothing preventing Mono enthusiasts from turning this into Winnux Mobile.Nov 17 18:12
trmancobetter buy one before Mono gets its dirty hand on itNov 17 18:14
trmancohands*Nov 17 18:14
schestowitzI think they join with Android.Nov 17 18:16
schestowitzI saw one reports about it, but it was sub-only to read.Nov 17 18:16
trmancohmmNov 17 18:17
schestowitzCould be worse.. 17 18:19
schestowitzJust come across it. That's the danger of a depression/recession.Nov 17 18:19
schestowitz (Depression 2009: What would it look like?) Nov 17 18:24
*halberd ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 17 18:25
schestowitzThe Gartner Shill is baiting the world with attrative headline and a mouthful of poison: (again)Nov 17 18:26
schestowitzHey, halberdNov 17 18:27
halberdhello schestowitz are you a botNov 17 18:27
schestowitzNo, I think not.Nov 17 18:28
halberdhave you read the slashdot article about you guysNov 17 18:28
schestowitzThe article is short. I saw the summary, then the libel too.Nov 17 18:29
schestowitzOT: Another big barrier to 64-bit removes: Adobe pinballs 64-bit Flash Player 10 alpha into Linux orbit < >Nov 17 18:29
halberdso what's your biggest single disagreement with novellNov 17 18:29
schestowitzI can't think of just one.Nov 17 18:32
*PetoKraus has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer))Nov 17 18:35
kentmaThe Novell issues probably began with the "vouchers", I think.Nov 17 18:35
*trmanco has quit ("I just hit the close button :)")Nov 17 18:39
schestowitzI was not sure if it's a bait  question.Nov 17 18:39
schestowitzThe Register and ITWire are trying to provoke GNU/Linux users today: 17 18:42
schestowitzLutz Heilmann and the Soviet Internet < >Nov 17 18:46
*trmanco ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 17 18:50
halberdwhat's wrong with the vouchers?Nov 17 18:52
*PetoKraus ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 17 18:53
schestowitzThe vouchers represent the passing of patent liability to customer. You know what Microsoft calls these vouchers? "Patent royalties".Nov 17 18:56
schestowitz "Windows advocates will argue that the netbook form factor was inevitable. They will point to growing support for the form factor within Microsoft itself. They will call Linux alternatives el-cheapos, even spin all this as a threat to Linux."Nov 17 19:00
schestowitzI didn't know there was something like a "Windows advocate". It's called shills, evangelists or employees.Nov 17 19:01
*shyam_k has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out))Nov 17 19:10
*kentma has quit (Remote closed the connection)Nov 17 19:11
schestowitzSpam Drop Could Boost Trojan Attacks < > "Nov 17 19:16
schestowitzISPs disagree on the global percentage drop caused by the shuttering of California-based McColo last week, with estimates given by those contacted by Techworld ranging from 50 to 80 percent, but even the lower figure is still an unprecedented fall in such a short space of time."Nov 17 19:16
*kentma ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 17 19:16
schestowitzMark Cuban crime: Mark Cuban Charged With Insider Trading < >. Microsoft executives were caught doing the same thing.Nov 17 19:20
*kentma1 ( has joined #boycottnovellNov 17 19:23
schestowitzSpeaking of MS tax evasion: Ottawa widens tax probe of eBay 'PowerSellers' < >Nov 17 19:23
*kentma has quit (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))Nov 17 19:24
schestowitzMary Jo Foley just linked to BN. :-) It's not Linux related, but be careful of a 'Microsoft study' the pollutes the Web: 17 19:27
schestowitzKool-Aid magazine ->> very unreliable and fanboyish ->> 17 19:41
_dougre: "The extremely vocal desktop Linux tinority"Nov 17 19:47
_dougThis is just iTWire trying to rustle up some hits .. sad really ..Nov 17 19:47
_dougcomes from the JS school of techno-blogging ..Nov 17 19:48
_doug"when I tried to open MS Office spreadsheets and Powerpoint presentations, or even complex Word documents with embedded spreadsheets and presentations, emailed to me from business associates"Nov 17 19:48
schestowitzYes, they admit this.Nov 17 19:49
schestowitzThey do a royal rumble type of thing. Same with John Dvorak.Nov 17 19:49
_dougDoes anyone here even know anyone who uses embedded PP and spreadsheet word docs .. that actually work as intended ..Nov 17 19:49
*halberd ( has left #boycottnovell ("Leaving")Nov 17 19:57
schestowitzSounds like a job for a frameset in Google Apps or something. Nov 17 19:58


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