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Microsoft Found Guilty of Breaking Korean Law for Second Time This Year

South Korea building - death defying

Summary: Microsoft broke the law again, essentially by bundling rather than competing

KOREA takes antitrust laws seriously. It has already addressed Intel's crimes and found Microsoft guilty some months ago, having studied this for a while. Recently, Korea was also a victim of Windows zombies. Korea chose ODF and rejected OOXML, so more sanity seems to prevail there as far as technology is concerned.

Right now, according to reports, Microsoft is declared guilty of breaching antitrust laws, yet again.

A South Korean court ruled that global software giant Microsoft Corp. broke anti-trust laws by bundling programs with its Windows operating system, local media reported Monday.

In a case filed by local software company Dideonet, the Seoul Central District Court ruled against Microsoft on Friday, saying its bundling the Windows Media Service with the Windows operating system violated fair competition regulations by infringing upon consumers' right to free choice and obstructing fair competition among rival firms.

Korea Times has more to say:

A Korean court ruled Monday that Microsoft Corp.'s bundling practice was disruptive to the market, but stopped short of ordering it to pay damages.

The American press, unlike the Korean press, hardly covered this news. It mostly passed on copies of the translation to English and no major Web site appears to have covered it. Why is that?

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