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Novell Keeps Drowning, Reveal Financial Results

Reuterdahl - Sinking of the Titanic

Summary: Many news reports about Novell's bad results from Thursday

Novell's poor results were covered here on Thursday. We noted that despite layoffs and annulment of some pensions (reduced expenses), Novell is going down.

Here is a chronological list of coverage ahead and after Novell's latest results:

1. Novell, Inc. - Financial and Strategic Analysis Review - new report released

2. Flash forward

THURSDAY: Initial jobless claims; revised third quarter productivity report; earnings reports from Cost Plus, Novell.

3. The Fool's Look Ahead


Marvell Technology (Nasdaq: MRVL) and Novell (Nasdaq: NOVL) will team up for a glimpse into the state of tech stocks. In an encouraging sign, analysts see both companies improving their bottom lines over last year's report for the same quarter.

4. The week in preview: Canadian banks, Aeropostale, Shanda Interactive ...

Others expected to report earnings growth this week include Big Lots Inc. (BIG), Collective Brands Inc. (PSS), Del Monte Foods Co. (DLM), Marvell Technology Group Ltd. (MRVL), Novell Inc. (NOVL) and Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. (SWHC).

5. The Week Ahead: Unemployment stats coming Friday

THURSDAY: Initial jobless claims; revised third quarter productivity report; earnings expected from Cost Plus, Novell.

6. Novell Inc. plans earnings filing Thursday; NOVL, ASIA, MFE, SYMC

7. Stocks in the news: Bank of America, GE, Comcast, Del Monte, Pier 1

Marvell Technology (MRVL) and Novell (NOVL) will report after the close.

8. Top Stocks Alert - (DLM, NOVL, CMCSA)

Novell, Inc. (NASDAQ:NOVL) is forecast to post earnings of 8 cents a share in the fourth quarter. Novell, Inc., through its infrastructure software and ecosystem of business partnerships, integrate mixed information technology (IT) environments, allowing people and technology to work as one.

9. BEFORE THE BELL: US Stock Futures Up On Bank Of America Repayment Plan

10. Novell To Report Q4 Results: Earnings Preview

11. Novell Reports Financial Results for Fourth Fiscal Quarter and Full Fiscal Year 2009 (the press release, same here)

12. Novell (NOVL) Fourth Quarter Earnings Preview

13. Upgrades & Downgrades: Why Apple Won't Fall Far

14. Investors key on Take-Two, Novell and Marvell in late trading

15. Novell, Inc. Issues Q1 2010 Revenue Guidance Below Analysts' Estimates

Novell, Inc. announced that for the first quarter of 2010, it expects net revenue to be between $200 million and $210 million. According to Reuters Estimates, analysts were expecting the Company to report revenue of $214 million for the same period.

16. Novell Guides Below Estimates

17. Investors key on Take-Two, Novell and Marvell in late trading

18. Sales continue to decline at Novell

In the fourth quarter of its fiscal year, Linux distributor Novell saw sales of $216 million, a 10 per cent decline over the fourth quarter of 2008. Novell reported a net loss of $256 million, although its figure includes "a $279 million non-cash impairment charge to goodwill and intangible assets". Income from its operations for the fourth quarter came in at $37 million.

19. Reality Check: Novell’s Quarterly SUSE Linux Sales

First, the hard news: For Q4 ended Oct. 31, Novell’s revenue was $216 million — down significantly from $245 million in Q4 the previous year. As has been the case in recent years, Novell’s SUSE Linux sales continue to grow while sales in other product areas continue to contract.

20. Novell Earnings Falter as It Preps Workload Management Vision

But even as it posts a widening quarterly loss, the company's executives aren't easing up on the pace going into 2010. Instead, they described plans to expand Novell's Linux business as well as a new strategy to cash in on what they see as enterprises' need to better manage their workloads across physical, virtual and cloud-based environments.

21. Novell's Earnings Beat - Analyst Blog

22. Cut to the Chase, Novell!

The workgroup division, where OES and NetWare products are found, reported a 15% revenue fall compared to last year's fourth quarter, while the pure-play Linux division grew 14%. The workgroup sector still sports the highest sales among Novell's four reportable business segments, but the Linux division is the only place to see any growth these days.

23. Wall Street On Pins And Needles Ahead Of Jobs Report

24. Marvell Technology Net Up; Novell Net Loss

25. Novell Reports 12 Percent Sales Drop In Q4 (also here)

Despite suffering significant losses in its fourth quarter and fiscal 2009, Novell made progress in 2009 in improving its operating margin, developing new products and expanding its base of solution provider partners, Ron Hovsepian, Novell president and CEO, said Thursday.

"I feel very good about how we've executed in a very tough year," he said in a conference call with financial analysts.

Of course Hovsepian is happy with his massive, disproportional bonuses. Here is the full Earnings Call which has Dana Russell (CFO) saying:

Well actually, we are through the original agreement that we have with Microsoft of $100 million and subsequent to that, we signed another agreement but there is -- we actually have -- it's in tranches of $25 million, so the -- so it's a total possible amount of $100 million, which is in $25 million tranches.

Associated Press had this report. The day after Novell had a hangover.

Novell Inc. NOVL said its fiscal fourth-quarter loss widened to $255.7 million, or 74 cents a share, from $16.3 million, or 5 cents a share, in the year-ago period. Excluding one-time items, the IT management software company said it would have reported earnings of 11 cents a share. Revenue fell to $215.6 million from $244.7 million last year.

Here is a video report that touches on the subject of Novell.


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