Bonum Certa Men Certa

With Patent Law Firms Like These, No Wonder There's Distrust and Animosity

Behind the costumes and the façade of professionalism

Business suit

Summary: Rudeness and lack of integrity a growing problem that the outside world rarely takes a look at or gets a glimpse of

EVERY now and then we highlight the bad behaviour of patent law firms, including misconduct, malpractice and sometimes even fraud (recently at the USPTO and allegedly at the EPO also).

These people try come across as honest professionals, but the inner child sometimes comes out and then throws a tantrum that somehow becomes public. They also mislead clients using cherry-picked (selection bias) propaganda that's intended to attract business irrespective of need or desire (more on that later today).

"These people try come across as honest professionals, but the inner child sometimes comes out and then throws a tantrum that somehow becomes public."Watchtroll, who insults PTAB (calling them "impotent") (and much more), writes about a legal firm/applicant that "call[ed] the examiner and the examiner’s supervisor a “f**king a**hole.”" As if Watchtroll is in a position to lecture people about manners....

Remember what Andrew Schroeder said to examiners? If not, revisit this older story.

There is another new story in which "the judge “sadly but without hesitation” publicly reprimanding two lawyers." These are the few cases that we know about; most don't get reported at all (or only reportedly internally).

The reality inside patent law firms (or patent offices) isn't what's publicly advertised. Leaks from the EPO have already demonstrated how bad things can become.

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