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With Its Handling of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) Agreement (UPCA), Germany Shows It's No Better Than Poland or Hungary

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Summary: Germany continues to facilitate the abuses or unlawful ambitions of the EPO's Battistelli and Campinos; if German politicians are OK with the passage of courts to a bunch of gangsters, what does that say about Germany?

WHEN COMMENTS are better and more accurate than articles we know we have a "rogue media" problem; consider the video above, basically a response to an article that fits an old pattern; it refers to Bristows inside the post, so it was probably composed anonymously by Bristows itself and, as usual, comments dissent. As one comment says: "The EU cannot tolerate that the judicial power comes under control of the executive in Poland or Hungary and at the same time accept that the notion of the rightful judge is trodden on just because it is in the interest of big industry and internationally acting lawyers firms. This is not the type of European integration I want for my children and grandchildren. If the rule of law is serving private interests, we will end up in the jungle and only the right of the strongest will prevail!"

The mention of "Poland or Hungary" is interesting also because both have opposed the UPC on different grounds -- economic or constitutional, respectively.

We've spoken a lot about the Balkan 'capture' lately. Is Germany captured too?

Even Hungary had the 'audacity' to say that UPC is not constitutional, unlike Germany

Let's get back to the comments. Another one (latest at the time of writing) puts it as follows: "I find it telling that the German ratification occurred on Friday the 13th. If the German had a sense of humour, one could have said that they did it on purpose."

"They can construct a misleading (partial, selective with self-serving omissions) version of reality. It helps the lobbying."We don't know if these are all the comments (about a dozen so far have shown up) because it is possible that there are many more albeit rejected by moderators. This blog in particular already got caught censoring comments, with the censor being a Bristows employee and UPC zealot. They can construct a misleading (partial, selective with self-serving omissions) version of reality. It helps the lobbying.

So far we've found no more than half a dozen puff pieces in English, almost all of them from Team UPC and its captured 'media', as we noted in passing a few days ago. They all follow a similar script and almost none of them would allow comments, so lies and propaganda can persist unabated, uninterrupted by much-needed fact-checking. We've added some of these to Daily Links over the weekend with editorial comments to accompany them.

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