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Making Techrights Thinner and Faster

Turn up the volume: 31.5k blog posts and ~1000 wiki pages... Compacted into a gigabyte
Compressed equivalent would be a lot smaller

Summary: Further work is underway to make this site complete with a mirror in Gemini and IPFS; we're not leaving the Web, but it's no longer the sole priority

Today we've spent much time writing code, not articles, or developing and researching things (such as Gitea). In the process we also tidied up some things like Gemini and IPFS, extending the focus or emphasis on alternative protocols. Maintenance is just as important as writing.

"At the moment, for Techrights over IPFS, we have 2644 files weighing 356MB in total. Those are files from October 2020 to present."Over the coming couple of months Techrights will be publishing lots of evidence -- with 'smoking guns' included -- about EPO corruption, so we wish to be robust and resistant to censorship, including SLAPP and other threats. Infrastructural choices can make a big difference because the censors (or the exposed) tend to target underlying platforms or middleman to censor or take down 'unwanted' material.

At the moment, for Techrights over IPFS, we have 2644 files weighing 356MB in total. Those are files from October 2020 to present. Pleasing consider pinning them. With Gemini we went 15 years back and converted loads of pages, so there is a total of 77158 files and directories, on top of some static files outside this range. Because of the very compact form of Gemini (almost the same as plain text), the total size is 1.2GB (wiki and blog, plus miscellaneous pages). That's an average of 16KB per object, directories included. If compressed, it would be a lot less.

We will continue to make gradual improvements. To those who do not yet have an IPFS or Gemini client, here's a World Wide Web gateway (below, framed).

Here's a primer on how to use Gemini.

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it does Microsoft advocacy
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Gulag 'hijacking' 'Gemini'
Links 04/12/2023: Mass Layoffs at Spotify (Debt, Losses, Bubble) Once Again
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IRC Proceedings: Sunday, December 03, 2023
IRC logs for Sunday, December 03, 2023
GNU/Linux Popularity Surging, So Why Did MakeUseOf Quit Covering It About 10 Days Ago?
It's particularly sad because some of the best articles about GNU/Linux came from that site, both technical articles and advocacy-centric pieces
Links 04/12/2023: COVID-19 Data Misused Again, Anti-Consumerism Activism
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GNOME Foundation is in Reliable Hands (Executive Director)
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Links 03/12/2023: New 'Hey Hi' (AI) Vapouware and Palantir/NHS Collusion to Spy on Patients Comes Under Legal Challenge
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'Confidential Computing'? More Like a Giant Back Door.
CacheWarp AMD CPU Attack Grants Root Access in Linux VMs
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Links 03/12/2023: CRISPR as Patented Minefield, Lots of Greenwashing Abound
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