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The Latest Propaganda Tactics of Team UPC: Pretending Unified Patent Court Already Exists and Unitary Patents Are Default When If Fact None Even Exists

From the past week or so (commentary added; video to follow)

Conference & CLE Calendar: UPC does not exist, but one firm in Germany occupies 50% of this with marketing/lobbying

Webinar on Preparing for Unified Patent Court: Marketing for something illegal; Those do not even exist!

Maucher Jenkins - Dr. Matthew Yip and Lucy Holt: UPC Update: Pros and Cons of Opting Out: Opting out of something that does not exist? Awaited by whom and why?

Gordon Harris and Michael Carter (Gowling WLG): UK: Opting Out Of The Unified Patent Court? Our Guide For Patent Owners: Dude, it does not even exist! You're been saying the same for nearly a decade!

Dr. Olga Bezzubova, Thomas Bouvet, Andreas Holzwarth-Rochford, Gerd Jaekel, Dr. Ping Li, Alastair McCulloch, Dr. Christian Paul, Prof. Dr. Dorothée M. Weber-Bruls: Fee-Less Opt-Out for European Patents from the UPC: Opt out of something that does not exist???

Maucher Jenkins: What is the Unified Patent Court (UPC)? No, it does not exist

Anders Fredriksson: Economic implications of the UPC for Scandinavia and beyond: EPO-funded propaganda rag, paid to promote UPC lies; Facts?

Anna Hatt, Catherine Jewell and Matthew Ng (Beck Greener): UK: Unitary Patent Court – Time For European Patent Owners To Decide On Opt-Out Strategy: Opting out of something illegal that does not exist? Rushing ahead?

Ina Vom Feld (Herbert Smith Freehills): European Union: CJEU Provides Guidance For EU Courts On The Threshold For Patent PIs (Preliminary Injunctions) Which Will Also Apply To The UPC: The UPC does not exist and CJEU would invalidate attempts to get it started

Konstanze Richter: ZSP gets set for UPC with Bird & Bird patent attorney: Propaganda rag in the pockets of team UPC: There's no UPC/team UPC; One person moving to another company is not news. This is marketing spam disguised as 'news'.

Kluwer Patent blogger: ‘UPC decisions will be more consistent and extremely fast’: Will or would? Quotes around loaded statements and lies; All of them firing back at Team UPC

What does the CJEU judgment in the Polish challenge to Article 17 (C-401/19) mean for the transposition and application of that provision? At least IP Kat has mostly quit pushing UPC lies

Keltie LLP - Mark Richardson: The Unitary Patent System - nearly ready to go live: Firm that promotes breaking the law; You have been saying this for nearly a decade! Yes, IF...

Summary: 8 years ago Benoît Battistelli said that the UPC was imminent; now, after 4 years of António Campinos, it's still not here and Team UPC speculators say it won't happen this year, either; just like the EPO constantly lies (both to the public and to its very own staff) Team UPC continues to lie to itself (self-delusion) and to us; both also routinely break the law, engage in deliberate violations of longstanding conventions, and scrap constitutions, which in turn becomes a breaking point for the EU's credibility and the legal profession

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