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Links 11/06/2022: DragonFly 6.2.2 and MidnightBSD 2.2

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    • Instructionals/Technical

      • Louis-Philippe Véronneau: Updating a rooted Pixel 3a

        A short while after getting a Pixel 3a, I decided to root it, mostly to have more control over the charging procedure. In order to preserve battery life, I like my phone to stop charging at around 75% of full battery capacity and to shut down automatically at around 12%. Some Android ROMs have extra settings to manage this, but LineageOS unfortunately does not.

        Android already comes with a fairly complex mechanism to handle the charge cycle, but it is mostly controlled by the kernel and cannot be easily configured by end-users. acc is a higher-level "systemless" interface for the Android kernel battery management, but one needs root to do anything interesting with it. Once rooted, you can use the AccA app instead of playing on the command line to fine tune your battery settings.

      • ID RootHow To Set Up ModSecurity with Apache on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS - idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to set up ModSecurity with Apache on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. For those of you who didn’t know, ModSecurity also known as Modsec is a robust Open-source firewall application for Apache web servers. It functions through rule sets, which allow you to customize and configure your server security.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the ModSecurity with Apache on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish). You can follow the same instructions for Ubuntu 18.04, 16.04, and any other Debian-based distribution like Linux Mint.

      • UNIX CopDocker Hub: A Guide to the Docker Registry

        Docker Hub is a cloud-based repository for Docker images. It’s like a library where you can get the information you need to run your code, but it’s more than that: it’s also a place where you can share your code with other people. Also, it makes it easy to store, manage, and deploy Docker containers.

        It is a free service provided by Docker, Inc. that allows you to build, store, and ship applications in containers. It’s also a part of the Docker ecosystem—a suite of tools that help developers build and run apps faster.

      • Using VS Code and Podman to Develop SYCL Applications With DPC++'s CUDA Backend [Ed: Shilling proprietary software of Microsoft with Red Hat's (IBM) Podman]
      • Ubiquiti Dream Machine (UDM) - unable to connect to NBN - blackMORE Ops

        I don’t want the NBN ISP router running anymore and use Ubiquiti Dream Machine (UDM) instead. But when I try to remove ISP Router it and direct connect UDM to NBN, the connection fails.

      • Install Portainer on Rocky Linux -

        In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Portainer on Rocky Linux. Portainer is a self-service container service delivery platform that provides container management GUI for Kubernetes, Docker and Swarm.

      • UNIX CopInstalling Chromium or Google Chrome browsers€ on Fedora 34/35/36€ 

        In this article, we will help you to download and install chromium or Google chrome web browsers on your Fedora linux.

        Chromium is a free and open-source web browser project, principally developed and maintained by Google. This codebase provides the vast majority of code for the Google Chrome browser, which is proprietary software and has some additional features.

        Google Chrome is a cross-platform web browser developed by Google. It was first released in 2008 for Microsoft Windows, built with free software components from Apple WebKit and Mozilla Firefox. It was later ported to Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android, where it is the default browser. The browser is also the main component of Chrome OS, where it serves as the platform for web applications.

      • TechtownHow to Install Playary on Linux Mint 20 - Atechtown

        The multimedia terrain is very fashionable because it is a form of entertainment that breaks many barriers. To enjoy it to its fullest we need powerful applications to help with the task and on Linux, we now have one. So, in this post, you will learn how to install Playary on Linux Mint to enjoy movies, music, and podcasts in one place.

      • UNIX CopInstall Latest phpMyAdmin on Fedora 36 / CentOS 9

        In this guide, we will install latest phpmyadmin on Fedora and CentOs systems

        phpMyAdmin is a free and open source administration tool for MySQL and MariaDB. As a portable web application written primarily in PHP, it has become one of the most popular MySQL administration tools, especially for web hosting services.

        phpMyAdmin has support for a wide range of operations on MySQL, MariaDB, and Drizzle. It is often used to perform common Database operations (managing databases, tables, columns, relations, indexes, users, permissions, etc) through an intuitive and easy to use web interface.

      • UNIX CopNginx - Virtual Hosts (Part 3)

        This is a continuation of my previous series of articles. So you might want to check that out first.

        In the previous article, we’ve left off with nginx returning basic responses to a given URI match. Let’s look into what more we can do.

      • UNIX CopHow to install Yarn on CentOS 9 Stream?

        In a nutshell, Yarn is a package manager for JavaScript that is fully compatible with NPM. To some extent, Yarn improves on many aspects of the standard NPM client. That is, although the functionality is similar, Yarn adds certain enhancements that make the process easier.

        Some advantages of Yarn are that it is fast, very reliable and introduces new concepts to make the package management process easy to do.

      • Linux Shell TipsHow to Install MATE Desktop on Alpine Linux

        MATE is an open-source desktop environment that takes over from GNOME 2. It provides users a neat, intuitive, and appealing desktop environment to seamlessly interact with the operating system. MATE is supported by a vast majority of Linux distributions including Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE, ArchLinux, and Alpine Linux to mention a few.

        In this guide, we illustrate how you can install MATE Desktop on Alpine Linux.

      • Setup Portainer with SSL Certificates -

        In this tutorial, you will learn how to setup Portainer with SSL Certificates. By default, Portainer web interface and API is exposed over HTTPS with a self-signed certificate. To ensure a secured access to your Portainer, especially if your are going to be accessing it via the public networks, then it is a good idea to use a commercially signed SSL/TLS certificates.

      • ID RootHow To Install Transmission on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS - idroot

        In this tutorial, we will show you how to install Transmission on Ubuntu 22.04 LTS. For those of you who didn’t know, Transmission is the default torrent client installed with the GNOME desktop environment on Ubuntu 22.04. All its incarnations feature a very simple, intuitive interface on top of an efficient, cross-platform back-end.

        This article assumes you have at least basic knowledge of Linux, know how to use the shell, and most importantly, you host your site on your own VPS. The installation is quite simple and assumes you are running in the root account, if not you may need to add ‘sudo‘ to the commands to get root privileges. I will show you the step-by-step installation of the Transmission BitTorrent client on Ubuntu 22.04 (Jammy Jellyfish). You can follow the same instructions for Ubuntu 18.04, 16.04, and any other Debian-based distribution like Linux Mint.

      • FOSSBytesHow To Install Slack Desktop On Chromebook?

        A few apps appear unsupported when you open the Google Play Store on your Chromebook. One of them is Slack. In this article, let’s look at installing Slack Desktop on a Chromebook.

        Over the past few years, Chromebooks have become potent devices, thanks to the addition of the Google Play Store and a Linux container. There’s nothing you can’t do on Chromebooks except desktop-level gaming; however, support for Steam and Proton Compatibility layer should make Chromebooks suitable for gaming soon.

      • HowTo ForgeHow to launch EC2 instance using new AWS UI console

        On January 12, 2022 AWS introduced a new user interface for the management console. In this post we will discover the new AWS Console Home and specifically we will use the new EC2 launch wizard to provision a new EC2 instance.

    • Desktop Environments/WMs

      • K Desktop Environment/KDE SC/Qt

        • My week in KDE: Hans and Fielding

          This week I mainly worked on Hans, a new little app, in fact, I’m writing this blog post using it!

        • Community Bonding GSoC 2022 - post #2

          ThisCommunity Bonding GSoC 2022 - post #2 is my second post during Google Summer of Code 2022.

          GSoC community bonding period ends tomorrow.

          During this time, I have tried playing around with LibQuotient by writing simple C++ apps to show details from a user's account. (joined rooms, filtering out spaces etc)

        • The journey from Season of KDE to Google Summer of Code 2022

          When FOSS Overflow by IIT Bhilai, a nationwide open-source program in India, was about to end in January 2022, I was seeking new avenues in the world of Open Source just like a child mesmerized by some newly discovered activity. I googled “Open Source Programs” and the name of Season of KDE by KDE was amongst the top programs on Geeks for Geeks. I instantly tapped on the link, and the biggest glimmer of hope was that the applications for SOK 2022 were open.

          It was not the first time that I was endeavoring to create a proposal and I was confident because the rookie that I was, did not realize that it is not just the content of the proposal but also community engagement and past contributions that the organizations seek in an ideal

        • Akademy 2022 Call for Participation

          In case you missed it, Akademy is happening this year in Barcelona (and online) in October! That’s so soon!

          Do you know what’s even sooner? Closing time for the Call for Participation!

        • KDE Goals Retrospective: Apps

          Welcome to the final instalment of the KDE Goals retrospective interviews.

          Check out my interview with Aleix where we talk about the “KDE is All About the Apps” Goal and generally about the KDE Goals initiative.

      • GNOME Desktop/GTK

        • 9to5LinuxCinnamon 5.4 Desktop Environment Released for Linux Mint 21 “Vanessa”

          Cinnamon 5.4 comes almost seven months after Cinnamon 5.2, which you’re currently using with your Linux Mint 20.3 “Una” installations, and it’s packed with a newer and more stable window manager and JavaScript interpreter rebased on a more modern version of GNOME’s Mutter window and composite manager, as well as the GJS JavaScript bindings for GNOME.

        • This Week in GNOME#47 Counting Items €· This Week in GNOME

          Update on what happened across the GNOME project in the week from June 03 to June 10.

  • Distributions and Operating Systems

    • BSD

      • DragonFly BSD DigestDragonFly 6.2.2 out – DragonFly BSD Digest

        Hopefully there’s a new ISO/img on the mirrors for DragonFly 6.2.2 by the time you read this – or you can just update your installation. The changelog is short, because this is a bugfix-level release. Also, don’t forget there’s a new set of binary packages out; update that too if you haven’t.

      • MidnightBSD 2.2

        I’m happy to announce the availability of MidnightBSD 2.2 for amd64 and i386. This release focused on updating third party software in the base system and some smaller enhancements.

    • SUSE/OpenSUSE

      • Kubic Project Wound Down

        As previously discussed on the Kubic Project mailing lists, the Kubic Project is now officially wound down.

        Kubic is no longer available for download, and will no longer be maintained.

        openSUSE MicroOS, once an offshoot of the Kubic Project, will now take more of a prominent role for those of us contributing who previously needed to split our attention between them.

        Users wishing to run kubernetes workloads atop of an openSUSE base are recommended to install openSUSE MicroOS and then install k3s.

    • Fedora Family / IBM

      • UNIX CopRed Hat Enterprise Linux 9

        Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 can seamlessly be provisioned as a guest machine on a hypervisor such as KVM, and VMware, on a physical server, on the cloud, or run as a container built from Red Hat Universal Base Images (UBIs). Like its predecessor, RHEL 9 is available as part of the Red Hat Developer program subscription. This is a zero-cost offering of the Red Hat Developer program that is tailored for individual developers. It includes access to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and many of its products.

        This announcement was made on 18th May 2022. The latest release is crafted to meet the needs of a hybrid cloud environment and can be readily deployed from the edge to the cloud.

      • Fedora ProjectFedora Community Blog: Friday’s Fedora Facts: 2022-23

        Here’s your weekly Fedora report. Read what happened this week and what’s coming up. Your contributions are welcome (see the end of the post)!

        I have weekly office hours on Wednesdays in the morning and afternoon (US/Eastern time) in #fedora-meeting-1. Drop by if you have any questions or comments about the schedule, Changes, elections, or anything else. See the upcoming meetings for more information.

    • Open Hardware/Modding

      • CNX SoftwareT-Relay-8 – An ESP32 board with 8 relays

        LilyGo T-Relay-8 is an ESP32 WiFi & BLE board equipped with eight 5V relays supporting up to 250V AC or 28V DC, as well as 16-pin GPIO header for expansion. The board offers a more compact solution than the usual two-board setups with an ESP32 board and a separate 8-relay “Arduino” module, and also integrates optocouplers for improved safety.

  • Free, Libre, and Open Source Software

    • Programming/Development

      • PoCL - Portable Computing Language | Portable Computing Language (pocl) v3.0 released

        Minimal OpenCL 3.0 feature set _should_ be now supported

        Official conformance stamp still to apply for.

        Support for Clang/LLVM 14

        LLVM 13 remains to be officially supported, but versions down to 6.0 might still work.

        Improved tracing and visualization

        Support for generating specialized work-group functions and include them in the PoCL kernel program binaries

        Fixed printf for SPIR-V

        A lot of other fixes and improvements

      • ESXi Host Uptime using PowerCLI - buildVirtual

        You can use PowerCLI to get the uptime of all your ESXi hosts quickly and easily. This is done by retrieving the boot time data hidden away in the information retrieved by the get-vmhost cmdlet.

      • Barry KaulerAarch64 complete recompile in OpenEmbedded

        I have designated this the "revision-5" build. It is the same package versions used for Easy Dunfell 4.0 x86_64 -- for x86_64, it has reached "revision-9" build in OE.

        In total, 900 packages have been cross-compiled. Some failures:

        Package 'libdv' failed. this is a dependency of 'mjpegtools', which is a dependency of 'lives' video editor. As Lives is broken any way, when tried on the x86_64 platform, I'm not bothered, took out all three packages.

        Package 'bogofilter' filter failed. This is an optional dependency of 'claws-mail'. I didn't attempt to fix it, just took it out.

      • Prophesee Releases Its Event-Based Vision Software Suite for Free

        New release includes a complete set of Machine Learning tools, new key Open-Source modules, ready-to-use applications, and code samples and allows for completely free evaluation, development, and release of products with the included commercial license.

      • BSidesSF 2022 CTF: TODO List

        This year, I was the author of a few of our web challenges. One of those that gave both us (as administrators) and the players a few difficulties was “TODO List”.

        Upon visiting the application, we see an app with a few options, including registering, login, and support. Upon registering, we are presented with an opportunity to add TODOs and mark them as finished:

      • Perl / Raku

        • Get started with Perl v5.36

          Honestly speaking I never bothered about any of the Perl releases before. But Perl v5.36 is very special and close to me.

        • PerlCore Modules: filetest

          The filetest pragma modifies the behavior of the file test operators (a.k.a. the -X operators.) It has been in core since Perl 5.6.0.

          As of Perl 5.36.0 it still has only one sub-pragma, 'access', which applies to the -r, -w, -x, -R, -W, and -X tests. Normally, these tests only consider the mode bits returned by stat(), as discussed in my previous blog post, The File Access Operators: To Use, or Not to Use. But within the scope of use filetest 'access';, these tests consider not only the mode bits, but any ACLs (Access Control Lists) that may be applied to the file -- at least, under POSIX systems. Under systems that do not implement access(), this sub-pragma does nothing.

      • Rust

        • Writing a simple time tracker in Rust

          Today was another Red Hat Day of Learning. Half a year ago I started learning Rust, but have not really done much with it since then. I did try to port simple-term, but that was quickly thwarted by the unmaintained and broken vte Rust binding for GTK3 – that issue is still way over my head, I didn’t make much progress after two hours of monkey patching.

          I have used gtimelog to track my work for my entire professional life (since 2004). I recently recommended it to my wife, but Because Reasonsâ„¢ it does not run on her SLES work machine. She has used some simple CLI time tracking app, but isn’t satisfied with that. Thus here was the idea and motivation – let’s write a gtimelog-like CLI time tracker in Rust!

  • Leftovers

    • TediumFevers and Mirrors: Four Insights On the Art of Reflection

      I have to admit, my mind is kind of blown right now by the OpenAI technology Dall-E, which has gained major notice in recent days because of a site that has gone viral in recent days called Dall-E Mini. (I’ve already written about this technology elsewhere, and even started a meme account around it.) In many ways, AI-based images are something of a reflection on the world in which we live, fractured in ways that we could never truly comprehend. But that honestly makes them all the more mind-blowing if you ask me. So, in the spirit of reflection that this weird technology experiment reflects, here’s a four-part series on reflection, each part (of course) written with a time limit.

    • The Harsh reality of living offgrid.

      The amount of feedback I have recieved about living offgrid is far greater than anything else I have written. Because of this, I am going to take some time to lean into this subject, and in doing so, I intend to cut out as much bullshit as I can, and be completely real about it. Im going to tell you up front, some of the things I am going to say about living a self sustainable offgrid life will piss you off. And it should. If you are wondering why, let me summarize it this way: The most difficult part of living offgrid has nothing to do with the work, equipment, and life habits required to live off grid. In fact, that part is enjoyable, and rewarding. The harsh reality comes when you eventually realize that there are entire finacial and political systems that exist solely to prevent citizens from living in this way. When you break free from the system, the system doesnt like that. Let me put this in an even clearer way. Currently, with technology as it is, it is entirely possible to start small, and by being creative and frugal, build up sustainable systems that provide power, water, waste processing, and food production. And the greatest obstacle to accomplishing this is not financial, it is political.

    • Science

    • Hardware

      • CNX SoftwareSTMicro VL53L8 multi-zone direct Time-of-Flight (dToF) sensor improves range and efficiency - CNX Software

        STMicro VL53L8 multi-zone direct Time-of-Flight (dToF) sensor doubles the ranging performance of VL53L5 sensor – up to 4 meters – or reduces the power consumption by half when operating in common conditions.

        STMicro ToF sensors are some of the most popular devices to accurately measure distance in real-time, and the earlier VL53L0X and VL53L1X sensors integrated a single photon avalanche diode. STMicro VL53L5 changed that with multi-zone support (up to 64 zones), and VL53L8 FlightSense sensor builds on the solution with improvements in terms of range and efficiency.

    • Proprietary

      • LinuxiacMicrosoft’s GitHub Retires Atom Source Code Editor in Favor of VS Code [Ed: Microsoft <3 (♥) Proprietary]

        Microsoft-owned GitHub will decommission the popular Atom open-source code editor on December 15, 2022.

        This is one of the sadder news stories we cover because it is about the purposeful termination of the lifecycle of open source software, beloved by many developers worldwide, in favor of Microsoft Visual Studio Code.

        Recently, Microsoft-owned GitHub announced it will sunset its popular Atom “hackable text editor” late this year. To be more precise, the date is December 15, 2022, when all GitHub Atom’s repositories and all other repositories remaining in the Atom organization will be archived.

    • Security

      • Privacy/Surveillance

        • The Register UKSingapore's Grab enters maps-as-a-service market [Ed: Surveillance businesses 'dressed up' as car hitching]
        • Google harnesses Maps data as it enters last mile market [Ed: Maps have become almost synonym of surveillance]

          In an inefficient, costly and yet vital piece of the supply chain, Google saw an opportunity to capitalize on the capabilities of its Maps platform and jump into last mile services.

        • The Register UKFeds raid dark web market selling data on 24 million Americans [Ed: This market was not known as Facebook and it wasn't headed by Mark Zuckerberg, hence "bad"]

          US law enforcement has shut down another dark web market, seizing and dismantling SSNDOB, a site dealing in stolen personal information.

          Led by the IRS' criminal investigation division, the DOJ, and the FBI, the investigation gained control of four of SSNDOB's domains, hobbling its ability to generate cash. The agents said it raked in more than $19 million since coming online in 2015.

    • Defence/Aggression

      • The Register UKSony launches a space laser subsidiary (for comms, not conflict) [Ed: A lot of "defence" budget is sunk into projects that can be spun as "entertainment" or "comms" when in fact the final outcome/product is funneled into military exploitation ("knowledge transfer")]

        Sony on Friday launched a subsidiary dedicated to optical communications – in space.

        The new company, Sony Space Communications Corporation (SSCC) plans to develop small optical communication devices that connect satellites in low Earth orbit using a laser beam, and provide the resulting connection as a service.

        These small devices can provide high speed communication more effectively than radio, because they do not need a large antenna, high power output or complicated licenses, said Sony in a canned statement.

    • Internet Policy/Net Neutrality

      • Wait! What happened to RSS?! - Oli Warner

        While I was busy aging like soft cheese, someone killed-off RSS. It used to be everywhere. Now it’s gone; hidden or dead. How do you kids stay up to date with websites you like?

        I keep pushing a RSS feed but do you know what it does? How are websites supposed to advertise update-subscriptions?

        Really Simple Syndication was invented in the Cretaceous period, roughly 100 million years ago. It enabled websites’ fans to get updates, quickly and easily. It got used for everything else —and is still a fundamental part of podcasting— but it was a very serious part of keeping independent websites in touch with their user-bases.


        It’s super easy to blame “The Rise of Platforms”, but hard to ignore that the big desktop and mobile operating systems have done nothing to help. Browser vendors washed their hands of RSS. What’s especially galling is these companies run personalised news aggregation services, but none lets you add your own feeds. I’d think that each of them has a vested interest in reining back control of web consumption. Maybe the EU can mandate RSS support.

        I don’t have a high note to end on here. I stopped paying attention and the world changed on me, and I can’t figure out why. I just feel old.

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