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Thoughts on Microsoft Stabber Joseph Cantrell’s Drug Diary

Reprinted with permission from Ryan

Thoughts on Microsoft Stabber Joseph Cantrell’s Drug Diary.

This will largely be from my Mastodon wall, so if it reads strangely, I apologize.

Microsoft employee Joseph Cantrell is a Nazi, a drug addict, and a misogynist.

He left a diary on his Web site admitting to all of this and more.

After skimming it over, I came to these conclusions:

Microsoft Stabber actually was nice enough to go crazy and detail a lot of embarrassing things including all about his drug and masturbation cycle with detailed time indexes for the last 3 years.

It also details his paranoid hallucinations directly leading up to the stabbing.

It goes on for well over 100 pages.

At lot of it is skippable, because it details his eating habits. Spoiler, his favorite McDonalds is the double bacon cheeseburger with bbq sauce.

Wonder if he’ll get one in prison.

The Microsoft Stabber said in his rambling diary, while he was working for Microsoft, that their products, including Windows, are a disaster, and that Windows in particular has been broken, on a surface level, for years, without any action taken to fix it.

He said that his request to join “Windows UX” team was turned down by the same manager that pulled him into the office and yelled at him for making racist remarks about Indian people and having a drug diary on his public Web site.

There’s something amusing about a psychopathic Nazi working at Microsoft, that tried to murder a man, while on drugs, wanting to fix the GUI in Windows because it’s awful.

Shows you that part of his brain works.

Who knows why they actually turned him down. Could be the racism. I think they were probably too afraid to lay him off and were content with leaving him at Azure.

Could you imagine being the guy that fired this person? It’d be you in the hospital.

In Office 95, Microsoft apparently hid an entire flight simulator as an Easter Egg.

If they had only let Joseph Cantrell take a crack at Windows 11 (while on crack), he could have integrated Prophet Launcher re-written as C#. Sharp as a knife, you see.

DEI at Microsoft. Diversity, Equity, INCISION!

You want to know where DEI gets you?

It gets you the Microsoft Stabber.

He said in his diary that he applied to Microsoft’s “Neurodivergent Hiring Program” (read this and it will tell you about what managers are being told to do regarding crazy people in the office) and he got a $165k job with benefits specifically for being crazy.

They hired him, he scared the fuck out of everyone that worked with him, then he started responding badly by demanding transfers to another dept that got denied, calling in, using PCP for an entire month, and then stabbing a coworker 13 times.

The witnesses to the Microsoft Stabber told police that the man he was trying to murder was “screaming like a dog that got hit by a car or something”.

Some folks asked why the guy wasn’t able to get him off of him.

Well, just off the top of my head, he was being stabbed 13 times, by surprise, by the result of the Neurodivergent Microsoft Hiring Program, who was on PCP. (He had been on PCP the entire month according to his diary.)

“He was probably on PCP. Broke every bone in his arm, wouldn’t feel it for hours.” -Detective (The Terminator)

The Stabber worked from late May through October 2022 without Microsoft finding out about his diary and Web site, and then Microsoft pulled him into the office and gave him a coaching for making inappropriate comments at a meeting about how Indians shouldn’t work at Microsoft.

October 19th, 2022 was when they found out about all of his insane paranoid ramblings and talking about how he was always on drugs on his personal Web site.

The Microsoft Stabber’s November 22, 2022: 7:15 p.m. entry is about his manager’s manager at Microsoft yelling at him for talking too much about what they had him doing at Azure.

He says he was hallucinating colors and shapes appearing over the manager’s face while he was being yelled at.

The Microsoft Stabber’s December 4, 2022 8:14 PM entry says that Microsoft was still “watching” him over the “resolution”.

He is starting to become concerned about legal troubles if the authorities start investigating him for the drugs and drug-induced mental illness and says he has to be careful because Microsoft is watching him.

Yet the blogging continues and gets worse.

December 21, 2022: 7:53 a.m

The Microsoft Stabber blogs about his STD test for that day.

He also believes that women and the government are in a conspiracy to give him STDs and then experiment on his corpse. He believes that he has had “an unknown STD” for some time and the doctor simply won’t tell him what it is and that perhaps it’s “jock itch”. He says he’s been trying to cure it with amphetamines. (Uhhhh.)

“STD” appears 98 times in his diary.

On December 27, 2022: 10:54 p.m., he calls the men who sold him weed his “Private Dindu Nuffins”.

At 6:06 p.m. on January 1, 2023, he says Microsoft Hololens could take off. Clearly on drugs.

January 6, 2023: 6:10 p.m.

The Microsoft Stabber loses his erection after 5 minutes of whacking it while thinking about owing the IRS for two years of back taxes.

So far this is the most normal thing I’ve seen in this blog. Throughout his blog he keeps going back to his failure and inability to sexually perform or even satisfy women. He admits that he pays prostitutes and that he can’t finish, and then they tell him the usual “it happens to a lot of guys” type stuff. I’m sure they could care less if he’s impotent as long as he’s paying them.

(Superior Nazi Genes = Erectile Dysfunction?)

January 25, 2023

The Microsoft Stabber blogs that four highly paid programmers at Microsoft couldn’t figure out a bug in some Azure software and resorted to asking for advice on Stack Overflow.

“January 25, 2023 4:02 p.m. – The people at work even have database queries they can run to see how many people they fucked over with that fake ass error. “

Other observations:

The Microsoft Stabber was boasting about buying his drugs (using money from Verizon and Microsoft) over the Dark Web. The links are in Onionv2, so none of them work anymore.

He complained that a lot of the drugs he was purchasing were stale. The ketamine in particular. (A horse tranquilizer.)

He admitted that he was high on various substances throughout the entire Microsoft interviewing process, including at least 60 minutes, face-to-face, with their Hiring Manager.

He had been chased out of Verizon, where he had previously worked for a couple months.

While he was working at Verizon, he bragged that his apartment was infested with flies and that he had killed “45” of them with a $1 bill. He said he borrowed some money so he wouldn’t have to spend “my Special Dollar” on the MARTA (Atlanta Public Transit).

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