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Microsoft-Funded MIT Site (Also Connected to Jeffrey Epstein and Bill Gates) Wages Another Attack With a Quasi-Hit Piece (Overtly Revisionist Fluff) on Richard Stallman

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Summary: MIT Technology Review is doing yet another poorly-executed personal attack or revisionism about Free software

LESS than a decade ago MIT admitted that it had taken bribes from Bill Gates through Jeffrey Epstein, but people cannot find this information on MIT's various sites. Instead MIT looked for other people to throw under the bus. One of them was Richard Stallman (RMS), who turned 70 some months ago. His biggest project, GNU, is about to turn 40.

The video above shows how one MIT site, which we've criticised a lot for taking Microsoft bribes and publishing Microsoft propaganda (a more recent example can be found here), covered GNU's history a few days ago. We took note of it on the day of publication (critically) and one reader asked, "did you see the hatchet job against RMS in the recent MIT [technology] review? His attackers are still stoking the embers."

"Instead MIT looked for other people to throw under the bus. One of them was Richard Stallman (RMS), who turned 70 some months ago. His biggest project, GNU, is about to turn 40."Well, remember that this site is funded by Microsoft (MSFT) and Infosys (i.e. Microsoft in India). We showed some examples early in the year and it is not surprising that MIT cannot write a proper article about GNU, despite GNU starting there.

"The MIT Technology Review is actively spreading lies and quoting frauds and imposters," the reader told us. Here are a pair of examples not fully covered in the video above:

Overall, open-source participants are still overwhelmingly white, male, and located in the Global North.

Nice trolling you got there...

Linus Torvalds, the Finnish engineer who in 1991 created the now ubiquitous Unix alternative Linux, didn’t buy into this dogma. Torvalds and others, including Microsoft’s Bill Gates, believed that the culture of open exchange among engineers could coexist with commerce, and that more-restrictive licenses could forge a path toward both financial sustainability and protections for software creators and users.

As a reader put it, the article also parrots the lie about "peaceful coexistence" despite Gates' ongoing skulduggery. "You may laugh at my expense -- I deserve it," one victim of his said of the "coexistence".

"As a reader put it, the article also parrots the lie about "peaceful coexistence" despite Gates' ongoing skulduggery."This article might be worth some more screenshots, but it would take ages to make a complete list because the article is long (length does not imply high quality or accuracy).

Those who want to read the article despite the many issues can find it starting with:

When Xerox donated a new laser printer to the MIT Artificial Intelligence Lab in 1980, the company couldn’t have known that the machine would ignite a revolution. The printer jammed. And according to the 2002 book Free as in Freedom, Richard M. Stallman, then a 27-year-old programmer at MIT, tried to dig into the code…

The article's opening part sounds rather innocuous and becomes more like corporate propaganda as it goes on, repeating lies from Microsoft's very own site, using Microsoft's own lies as citations (e.g. count of GitHub users; Microsoft even counts deleted accounts or accounts with nothing in them).

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