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A Weakly-Worded Message From Perpetrator of Pension Fraud at Sirius 'Open Source'

Video download link | md5sum 538eb97870e31260d6ad5f41e7864bb2 Covering Up Involvement in Pension Fraud Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 4.0

Summary: The wiki pages about crimes of Sirius 'Open Source' have just surpassed 100,000 in total views and today seems like a good time or an opportunity to explain what perpetrators of these crimes said in a private message earlier this year when police was getting involved

THE feeling of betrayal is strong. Former colleagues and fellow victims didn't know what was happening until earlier this year when we exposed a major scandal. The punishment should be years in prison, but British authorities drag their heels, probably because they're implicated as clients of Sirius 'Open Source'. We covered this many times before and we showed how the system had stonewalled, hoping that calls for accountability would just fade away.

One can imagine that the CEO of the company with his very Farage-like voice and accent is still conning people. Some of them might temporarily be in denial about it.

"One can imagine that the CEO of the company with his very Farage-like voice and accent is still conning people. Some of them might temporarily be in denial about it."The video above speaks of a letter. Earlier this year I was contacted by the CEO's ex-wife, who does not deny anything about the pensions! Nobody can doubt it at this point because the evidence is very clear. Pension fraud was committed for more than half a decade! How long for (maybe as much as a decade)? How many people impacted (we know of several, but certainly there are more)? That's the part which the British authorities need to investigate. The company has until this past summer's (or year's) end to reach its 25th anniversary and, if I understand the law correctly, it had to issue an annual statement or report this past July. It did so on the very last day of the month and it looked appalling. Debt is killing the company. The company will be bankrupt. This has not happened yet, but there's no way it can be prevented. The company is struggling to even keep any existing workers. So something must be very wrong. We'll share more information about it some time in the future.

"The company is struggling to even keep any existing workers."Right now the company claims to be over half a dozen people, but that's clearly a lie. Some of the people listed left the company half a decade ago.

What makes the situation very complicated is what we left when the company was already on its death throes. We did not envision we'd discover anything about pension fraud. What to do next about? Any action on this? That partly depends on former colleagues. The latest situation is discussed in the video above. Even though the company is broke we might take legal action (IFA, accountant, pension firm, maybe Sirius itself), but knowing that Sirius is in hiding, that won't be easy. They planned the "escape" in advance, evading justice upfront.

"Even though the company is broke we might take legal action (IFA, accountant, pension firm, maybe Sirius itself), but knowing that Sirius is in hiding, that won't be easy."A colleague reckons the wheels are in motion at the police, but it's way too slow. The police drags its heels unless there is imminent threat of a death; in this case, in spite of highly incriminating evidence (implicating the former wife of the boss, who is still in the UK), there's no risk to lives. It seems like she lost sleep over this, based on the timing of the message; she sent this 2am. Maybe she can provide evidence/testimony in exchange for a pardon/lighter sentence (like "plea bargain"), but that's a lengthy process. Can she ever clear her own name? Maybe this is her "doing a Graveley", begging me to forgive and move on. It is worth remembering that she was both the wife of the CEO and main manager, including managing her husband (colleagues joked about how she controlled him, not vice versa) and we notice in her message that not even once did she mention the pension. What she responded to was articles about the pensions and she didn't plead her innocence. Our theory is that she probably could not sleep after the police got involved (imagine the kids saying, "mommy, what is happening?"). It is crystal clear that not only she knew what was happening (another person knew, she was a part of it!) and thus she is complicit, at best.

I shared these communications some months ago for legal advice. "So the weasel is just acting like a weasel," a friend told me about this latest communication (see video).

"If they lived a more modest life, maybe things would not have gotten this ugly."My goal isn't to put these people in prison but to somehow recover the money stolen from many people. The person above isn't particularly sinister and is a hard-working mom; she was born the same year as me (months earlier) and told me in person, while she was defrauding me (stealing money from my colleagues as well) that running a business was stressful. As if this makes a valid excuse.

Sympathy isn't deserved in their case. They wasted money like nobody's business and sent their children to an 'elite' private school (I even traveled there with them at least once). Imagine the annual cost of such education, pretending to be millionaires. If they lived a more modest life, maybe things would not have gotten this ugly.

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