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MOSAID (now named Conversant, following an attempt to dodge negative publicity) is a patent troll which has been named and explained in the following posts that are ordered roughly by relevance.


  • Antitrust Probe Over Microsoft’s Feeding of Patent Trolls to Attack Linux (Android) in Court
  • Microsoft Confirms Role in Preparing to Litigate Using Patent Trolls as Proxies
  • Anti-Smartphones Patent Troll Equipped With 2,000 Microsoft-led Nokia Patents
  • Patent Systems: So Inherently Corrupt That They Must be Kept Secret From the Public
  • Microsoft’s Mobile Plan: Patents, Not Products
  • Impact of America Invents Act on Patent Trolls
  • Microsoft/Novell Software Patents Strategy Failed to Submerge Red Hat, Patent Trolls Do the Job Better
  • TechBytes Episode 59: Privacy, Tablets, and Dream Studio
  • As Microsoft Extortion Continues, Submission Filed to the Department of Justice for Patent Abuse
  • Global Dimming for the Cult of Patents
  • Competition Crimes of Microsoft Moles
  • Amazon Regrets Software Patenting
  • Microsoft Mole Killed Linux Projects and Fed Patent Trolls for Attacks on Android
  • Microsoft-Funded Government Missing in Action While Microsoft Racketeering Goes on
  • What We Learn From Novell’s Patents
  • Groklaw on MOSAID (Patent Troll for Microsoft)

  • 2012

  • Microsoft Starts Extorting Competitors by Proxy, Using Nokia’s Patents
  • With Microsoft Mole, Nokia Becomes Microsoft’s Partner in Crime (Through MOSAID)
  • MOSAID Apparently Extorts Linux, Red Hat Embraces Secrecy Again
  • Elop Kills Another Linux-based Platform While Using Patents Against a Third One (Android)
  • Nokia Abandoned While Its Patents Are Passed to Trolls

  • 2013

  • Microsoft-Armed Patent Troll MOSAID (Now Conversant) Wants to Sweep up More Patents for Litigation
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  • Large Patent Trolls Called Prism, Conversant and IPVALUE Continue to Tax the Market Without Creating Anything, Only Lawsuits
  • Patent Trolls Update: Eolas, Conversant (MOSAID), Leigh Rothschild, and Electronic Communication Technologies
  • Microsoft and Nokia's Patent Trolls by Proxy: First Conversant, Now Provenance Asset Group Holdings LLC

  • 2018

  • Microsoft's Lobbying for FRAND Pays Off as Microsoft-Connected Patent Troll Conversant (Formerly MOSAID) Goes After Android OEMs in Europe
  • Patent Trolls Roundup: Conversant Wireless Licensing (Formerly Core Wireless) and Blackbird 'Technologies' Still Prey on Real Companies
  • Software Patent Trolls Are Dropping Like Flies in the United States
  • US Patent Office and Patent Courts Taking a Stand Against Submarine Patents or Patent Ambushes

  • 2019

  • Only After Millions Were Spent on Lawyers Microsoft's Patent Troll in Europe Loses European Patent Used to Shake Down Android (Linux) Vendors