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Slashdot was historically a pro-FOSS news site. A decade or so ago it was increasingly being hijacked by anti-FOSS interests, just like its sibling, SourceForge.


  • Slashdot Adding Microsoft GitHub to All Linux Pages in Order to Shill Proprietary Code Hosting
  • When 50% of Slashdot’s ‘Linux’ Section is Microsoft Marketing, EEE, and FUD

  • 2020

  • Why Techrights is Totally Unexcited About the New Owner of Linux Journal

  • 2015

  • Microsoft Nick (Nick Kolakowski) Takes Over Dice and Slashdot for .NET Propaganda Campaigns
  • Dice Holdings (Slashdot and SourceForge) Spreads More Microsoft Propaganda After the SourceForge Malware Scandal

  • 2014

  • Microsoft Perception Management Continues at ‘New’ Slashdot
  • Boycott of Slashdot is Protesting Against Dice Policies
  • Dice is Dicing Slashdot to Bits

  • 2013

  • #SourceForge and #Slashdot Are a Dangerous Trap
  • Entryism at Work: Microsoft Nick Grooms Bill Gates at Slashdot
  • Microsoft Nick and Gaming of Slashdot: The Rise of the Anti-Linux Slashdot
  • Longtime Microsoft Booster Becomes Senior Editor at Slashdot
  • More Grooming of Patent Trolls in Slashdot
  • Microsoft Talking Points Planted by Microsoft Staff in the Geek Press

  • 2012

  • Slashdot and CBS/CNET Help Promote Patent Trolling
  • In Motorola Case, Microsoft Boosters Use Slashdot for Anti-Linux/Android Patent Propaganda
  • Microsoft and Slashdot

  • 2010

  • Why IDG and Slashdot Let Microsoft Attack Dogs Call Linux “Dead” (Updated)

  • 2008

  • Attacking the Messenger and Rewriting/Forgetting History
  • FUD Gauge Oscillates in Slashdot and SourceForge Again
  • Slashdot: World’s Third-Largest Population Appeals ISO’s Decision (Updated, Confirmed)
  • Quote of the Day: Why Not Slashdot
  • Tongue in Cheek: Has Microsoft Taken Over Slashdot?
  • Latest Reality Check for Slashdot et al: Who Runs the Show?
  • Quote of the Day: Slashdot Users on Novell’s Mono in GNOME