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schestowitz Palamida spreads the FOSS FUD ‘gently’ again: http://www.infoworld.com/article/08/… (“Beware open source violations lurking in your code”) to sell some product http://www.betanews.com/article/N… (“New IP tracker can trace over a million open source components”) and other lawyers take the s* http://www.computing.co.uk/c Sep 18 07:03
schestowitz omputing/features/2226257/open-source-dark-side-4219097 (“Open source’s dark side”). FUD everywhere. Sep 18 07:03
schestowitz http://www.computing.co.uk/comp… (“Open source’s dark side”). FUD everywhere. Sep 18 07:03
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schestowitz http://mdzlog.wordpress.com/2008… “We all have bias, and the best that we can do is to disclose it so that others can take it into account when hearing our ideas.  Unlike the presentations given by other Novell employees at this and other conferences, Greg’s slides omitted the Novell logo.” Sep 18 10:21
benJIman Because Greg was talking as a himself and a kernel developer, not on behalf of Novell. Sep 18 10:26
benJIman He usually puts disclaimers on too that his views are not those of his employer. Sep 18 10:26
schestowitz It’s about /biases/ not whose behalf. Sep 18 10:26
benJIman I’m just saying that’s why he doesn’t use the Novell logo, because if he did he would be representing Novell, and the company libel for his comments. Sep 18 10:40
benJIman *liable Sep 18 10:40
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twitter A kernel developer saying, “Canonical doesn’t give back to the community,” should not mention that they work for Novell? Sep 18 12:50
twitter That’s a trick worthy of M$ employees. Sep 18 12:50
schestowitz http://searchengineland.com/0… Sep 18 12:51
twitter ha ha, “Google doesn’t give back to the M$ community.” Sep 18 12:53
schestowitz I’ll do a post related to this in 5 minutes. Sep 18 12:55
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schestowitz Done. http://boycottnovell.com/2008/09/18/t… I’ve included that last link too. :-) Sep 18 13:11
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twitter ha ha, the new M$ advert is revealed:  http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do… Sep 18 14:07
twitter It’s cool to be fat and self destructive … Sep 18 14:07
twitter ” The counterattack strategy is typical for the ad agency, Crispin Porter & Bogusky, behind the campaign. One ad for its successful campaign for Burger King portrays a high-calorie meal as a rebellious personal choice for its target audience of young men” Sep 18 14:08
twitter Talk about eating dog food… Sep 18 14:08
schestowitz I’d rather ignore those ads. Sep 18 14:08
schestowitz Mentioning them just gets more people to watch it. Sep 18 14:08
twitter I don’t see any.  My house has no cable TV.  I think it’s funny they are using a firm that specializes in convincing people to make bad choices. Sep 18 14:11
twitter Junk food, tobacco, M$. Sep 18 14:11
schestowitz Yesterday in the news: http://news.cnet.com/8301-13526_3-10… Sep 18 14:13
schestowitz Microsoft is to computing what Burger King is to cuisine. Sep 18 14:14
twitter Next thing you know, they will give Zunes away with happy meals.  It will squirt on your fries. Sep 18 14:14
twitter BK is a little too good for M$.  Think McSoft. Sep 18 14:15
schestowitz No, only the Zune user can squirt. That’s how Microsoft put it. Sep 18 14:15
schestowitz The Zune is just a toy. Sep 18 14:16
schestowitz I can’t see the resemblance between Roland and Microsoft’s CEO. Sep 18 14:16
schestowitz “Which Big Mac would you like?” We have it in 7 editions and Big Mac Ultimate comes with everything. Big Mac Basic is a dud. It’s just a sun with some cucumbers. Sep 18 14:18
schestowitz *bun Sep 18 14:18
twitter I thought the the Zune accepted “squirts” from M$’s real customers, advertisers, who would interrupt you as you walked past their kiosks. Sep 18 14:21
twitter It was duh genious. Sep 18 14:21
schestowitz http://blog.seattlepi.nwsource.com/mi… Sep 18 14:23
twitter Some people on the BRLUG group kicked around the idea of “SuperHype Me” along the lines of SuperSize me. Sep 18 14:26
schestowitz “SuperSize me” works too (e.g. for MSO07, Vista) Sep 18 14:27
twitter There were no takers for this planned, absolute digital disaster. Sep 18 14:29
schestowitz However, only an idiot would want that job now; the international, domestic Sep 18 14:29
schestowitz and financial situation involving mortgage scandals and bankruptcies Sep 18 14:29
schestowitz problems, are all hitting us simultaneously. Sep 18 14:29
schestowitz We need a combination of Ben-Gurion Franklin D. Roosevelt, Golda Meir and Sep 18 14:29
schestowitz Abe Lincoln, all combined in one person. Even then, the odds are against us Sep 18 14:29
schestowitz coming out of this mess as the same nation we once were. Sep 18 14:29
schestowitz Oops. I just got this E-mail from my cousin in Florida because I sent his president humour. He says “only an idiot would want that job now; the international, domestic and financial situation involving mortgage scandals and bankruptcies problems, are all hitting us simultaneously.” I wonder Oracle’s next (scandal, fraud). Sep 18 14:30
twitter The policies we inflicted on others so willingly and blindly don’t feel so good when they are inflicted on us. Sep 18 14:31
schestowitz China has just got some promising space program. Sep 18 14:32
schestowitz They might go where no man has gone before, not even NASA, which suffers budget cuts at the moment. Sep 18 14:32
twitter So did the Soviet Union, on paper. Sep 18 14:32
twitter Things don’t look so good when you get close enough to see dead astronauts. Sep 18 14:33
twitter You only have to look at mining and the navy in China to see where safety is ranked. Sep 18 14:34
schestowitz It’s not like it’s portrayed by Hollywood Sep 18 14:36
schestowitz Hollywood =  Mojave Sep 18 14:37
twitter It’s worse.  Monopoly business sucks.  I can believe US Congressional testimony about prisoner executions and organ harvesting. Sep 18 14:38
twitter Thanks to consolidation, the US has a lot of the same problems but China must be orders of magnitude worse. Sep 18 14:40
schestowitz For explanation about Congress, always follow the $$: http://lessig.org/blog/2008/07/netroots_nation_keynote.html Sep 18 14:40
twitter Sure, saw that.  There are just too many stories about exploited people in China and they match too well with Soviet stories. Sep 18 14:42
twitter Try to imagine a place where there’s no free press and one company runs everything. Sep 18 14:44
schestowitz The US isn’t perfect either. Same in the UK. Sep 18 14:45
twitter Their evil is no excuse for our evil.  Both require honest criticism. Sep 18 14:48
schestowitz bbl Sep 18 14:52
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twitter See you later. Sep 18 14:55
twitter Just saw the by line on that Zune story.  No wonder Bishop is out of work.  Poor man tried to be honest. Sep 18 14:55
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trmanco_ http://mail.gnome.org/archives/gn… Sep 18 15:13
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twitter Wow, is M$ going to fire 23,000 people today? Sep 18 15:22
twitter http://www.bellinghamherald.com/northw… Sep 18 15:22
twitter Google is flooded with stories about the M$ tester who was fired for telling about XBox defects. Sep 18 15:31
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schestowitz twitter: see http://boycottnovell.com/2008/09/15/mi… Sep 18 16:45
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benJIman Company in having confidentiality policy shocker. Sep 18 17:13
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schestowitz I was wrong about those ads < http://www.theinquirer.net/gb/inq… >. I used to think they designed to suck in order to attract a bigger audience, but it totally blew up, along with Jerry’s reputation. Sep 18 17:39
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schestowitz On the economy (good post): http://beranger.org/index.php?page=… Sep 18 18:33
schestowitz “Thomas L. Friedman: Keep It in Vegas: «Let’s understand what happened here. Wall Street — the financial industry — became a bubble in recent years thanks to an excess of liquidity and the oldest bubble maker in history: greed. Some of the smartest people forgot one of the oldest rules of investing: There is no such thing as a risk-free return. When you reach too far for yield, sooner or later you get burned. “ Sep 18 18:41
schestowitz Another good assortment (yes, it’s OT, but it affects each and every one of us) http://beranger.org/index.php?page=diary&2008/… Sep 18 18:42
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pombat42 wrt to Wall Street the key word is greed. Sep 18 20:08
pombat42 followed by corruption Sep 18 20:08
schestowitz Yes, I will write about NOVL in this context shortly. I found something odd in Blloomberg. Sep 18 20:09
pombat42 It appears that the fat cats are taking care of each other. what a surprise. Sep 18 20:18
schestowitz It’s sad. Sep 18 20:19
schestowitz But very predictable. Now that Ellison deletes his E-mails and can get sued for fraud I’m not surprised if the majority of titans out there are just fraudulent as part of the norm. Novell too has had its share of fraud claims, which it settled. Sep 18 20:20
schestowitz http://www.latimes.com/news/nationworld/washingto… (Microsoft’s inside-trading comes to mind here) Sep 18 20:53
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pombat42 I normally detest Bill Oreilly but last night’s talking points were spot on. He even had pictures of the culprits up on the screen as he spoke of them Sep 18 21:29
pombat42 here is the link although it will probably expire Sep 18 21:29
pombat42 http://www.billoreilly.com/show;jsessionid=1092595… Sep 18 21:29
schestowitz Have you seen this one yet? http://www.linuxjournal.com/content/br… “Breaking News has just learned that Wikileaks — the website utilized to post materials obtained from Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin’s personal Yahoo mail account — is, for undisclosed reasons, no longer available online.” Sep 18 21:30
schestowitz http://news.cnet.com/8301-13578_3-10044759-38.html?… “E-waste is “a low priority for EPA,” John Stephenson, director of natural resources and environment for the GAO, told politicians on Wednesday at a hearing of the House Foreign Affairs’ subcommittee on Asia, the Pacific, and the Global Environment.’ Just letting the kids die, just like Gates and his investments in Nigerian oil. Sep 18 21:31
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jose roy, this  http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?ltsn… my reply to that LT story about OpenGL being a disappointment. There might be more to be discussed. OpenGL might or might not have some issues. Sep 18 23:23
jose schestowitz, I’ll probably log out soon. I think you know how to get the direct link from that comment link. Sep 18 23:24
schestowitz http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?lt… Sep 18 23:24
jose sorry, about the missing space at the end. Sep 18 23:25
jose of the link “is” Sep 18 23:25
schestowitz I wrote about this in: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/08/15/… Sep 18 23:26
schestowitz Earlier on I also saw something about Maritz knowing Microsoft’s slog tactics (he was there in Microsoft to see it). They use it against VMware now. Sep 18 23:27
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jose it makes sense that if hardware grows in capabilities, that changes to the interfaces might be prudent to better take advantage. Sep 18 23:33
jose It isn’t necessarily the case that the interfaces should change or be augmented (eg, RISC pov), but it’s certainly something worthy of discussion. Sep 18 23:34
jose It’s up to nvidia and the rest to join that conversation with us. Sep 18 23:34
jose Software devel is accessible to many more than is hardware devel. We can’t build hw like we can build sw Sep 18 23:35
jose so there is a real barrier and difference there. Sep 18 23:35
jose I think nvidia or any of the others can gain by opening up to us. Sep 18 23:35
jose Fortunately, AMD and Intel have opened up much more in the last year or two. Sep 18 23:36
jose I think they have more to gain through Linux being successful than having to rely on Microsoft to call shots and take a large portion of the income. Sep 18 23:36
jose I’d also hope that other hardware companies might want to get into the action with us. Sep 18 23:37
schestowitz Yes, but I thought about something else. Sep 18 23:37
schestowitz I am more concerned about the tactics Microsoft is using here. Sep 18 23:37
jose btw, “hardware grow in capabilities” would mostly be in terms of space on the chip for more transistors and speed. Sep 18 23:37
schestowitz The OGL people got slapped with a wet fish and it came out of nowhere.It’s that same FUD and depress pattern and Carla seems to be echoing it by linking. Sep 18 23:38
jose That’s why I posted there. Sep 18 23:38
jose The topic is one that not to many might feel comfortable posting an opinion (those with opinions might just not be listening to LT). Sep 18 23:39
jose m shuttleworth has already stated his backing to improve the desktop experience, specifically referring to improving the graphics environment and integration. Sep 18 23:40
schestowitz For OGL improvements, Apple could chip in as well. Sep 18 23:42
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