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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: November 15th, 2008

Posted in IRC Logs at 12:02 pm by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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MinceR gn Nov 15 00:58
schestowitz gn Nov 15 00:58
twitter With E, you just run the KDE and Gnome theme utilities for apps.  E, of course, is famous for theming it’s borders and menus but it leaves other people’s apps alone. Nov 15 01:09
schestowitz Perhaps that has changed since I last used it. Nov 15 01:10
schestowitz Peter is no longer here anyway. Nov 15 01:10
twitter It’s about the same as it always was.  E themes are a pain to make but easy to install if they are packaged already. Nov 15 01:11
schestowitz Your stalker is in BN again. Nov 15 01:37
neighborlee is rms still actually against mono ? Nov 15 01:38
schestowitz “You’re sad for giving a shit and spending all this time on researching his nicks. Who gives a shit?” Nov 15 01:38
schestowitz neighborlee: well, depends on how it’s used. He doesn’t wanyt Nov 15 01:38
neighborlee woah Nov 15 01:38
schestowitz oops Nov 15 01:39
neighborlee just wondering as his 2007 statement was rather stern Nov 15 01:39
schestowitz dotbnu is useful for migrating legacy apps. Nov 15 01:39
schestowitz But Novell actually BUILDS with Mono. Nov 15 01:39
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twitter Where is the silly stalker now?  I consider that kind of thing spam.  People are paid to write it. Nov 15 01:54
neighborlee indeed Nov 15 01:56
twitter http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/2008/… Nov 15 02:04
twitter http://www.nytimes-se.com/ Nov 15 02:08
twitter heh, here’s what happened to your trolls.  http://www.nytimes-se.com/2009/07/04/public-r… Nov 15 02:17
neighborlee ahh so RMS is just ‘being fed disinformation on topics he isn’t fully versed in – but he’s been a supporter of people using whichever language they like best for 20-30 years. ‘ Nov 15 02:25
neighborlee interesting huh Nov 15 02:25
neighborlee rms is just misinformed is all..;) Nov 15 02:25
twitter RMS is a supporter of freedom and is more consistent than others about most things. Nov 15 02:48
twitter Instead of recommending any specific language he points out problems, such as C with classes being easier for people to make non free than ordinary C. Nov 15 02:50
twitter “tailored lethality” Weapons advert.  Your body bag should not pinch or be too lose. Nov 15 03:32
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schestowitz Someone is stalking neighborlee this month. Nov 15 08:31
schestowitz Search Keyphrases (Top 10) Nov 15 08:31
schestowitz 5007 different keyphrasesSearchPercent Nov 15 08:31
schestowitz microsoft5156.6 % Nov 15 08:31
schestowitz boycott novell2943.7 % Nov 15 08:31
schestowitz novell1972.5 % Nov 15 08:31
schestowitz boycottnovell1301.6 % Nov 15 08:31
schestowitz microsoft layoffs540.6 % Nov 15 08:31
schestowitz linux530.6 % Nov 15 08:31
schestowitz site boycottnovell.com boycottnovell neighborlee420.5 % Nov 15 08:31
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schestowitz “Interesting read on the  de evolution of Wallstreet, from an insider’s perspective. Or how to take the concept of investing in companies because they provide sound goods and services and turn it into pretty much anything but that.” < http://technocrat.net/d/2… > < http://technocrat.net/d/200… > Nov 15 10:48
schestowitz Reducing the Risk of Human Extinction < http://www.upmc-biosecurity.org/website/resources/… > Nov 15 10:51
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schestowitz Schneier linked to it today. For some reason.. Nov 15 10:55
schestowitz Sun needs to do more to explain to the public how Novell forks its projects and harms Sun/JAVA with Mono/.NET. Nov 15 10:59
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schestowitz Novell is attacking Sun at the moment (OOo and Java). Please raise awareness. Nov 15 11:38
Tallken I liked the fact Novell was selling OOo with support ^^ Nov 15 11:55
schestowitz They also do this to Red Hat. Nov 15 11:57
schestowitz Will they also sell $0 copies of Microsoft Office and Windows (with support)? ;-p Nov 15 11:58
schestowitz Microsoft uses Novell to suffocate Microsoft’s fierce competition. Nov 15 11:58
trmanco look like we have a new troll Nov 15 12:02
trmanco looks* Nov 15 12:02
schestowitz Which one? There are several. Some of them are twitter’s obsessive stalkers. Nov 15 12:09
trmanco Barca Nov 15 12:10
schestowitz Oh, in  USENET? Nov 15 12:16
schestowitz That’s Gary Stewart with a new name. Nov 15 12:16
trmanco oh great Nov 15 12:17
trmanco Nov 15 12:17
schestowitz Those who believe that Novell and Microsoft  do well financially are easily fooled by PR. Let’s not be gullible, shall we? I did an article about layoffs this morning: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/15/micr… Nov 15 12:44
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MinceR how are you gentlemen !! Nov 15 13:15
schestowitz J0 Nov 15 13:17
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seller_liar I have found a .net to java converter Nov 15 13:43
seller_liar https://net2java.dev.java.net/ Nov 15 13:43
seller_liar but it seems incomplete Nov 15 13:43
schestowitz What about Mainsoft? Nov 15 13:43
seller_liar no this time is free gpl v2 Nov 15 13:43
seller_liar look a t project page Nov 15 13:44
seller_liar I’m not a good dev ,but if you know a good one ,please cite this project Nov 15 13:44
schestowitz You still need to convince devs to ditch the monkey (mono) Nov 15 13:45
schestowitz I’ll blog it in 20 mins Nov 15 13:46
seller_liar Yes ,I know but this project is better than nothing Nov 15 13:46
seller_liar convince people change is veeeeery hard! Nov 15 13:46
seller_liar thanks! Nov 15 13:46
seller_liar And this is a way to java explore .net libraries ,the same way ikvm does Nov 15 13:48
schestowitz I do a post about Mono. Nov 15 13:49
schestowitz Including an RMS video Nov 15 13:49
seller_liar What rms says about mono? Nov 15 13:50
schestowitz You’ll see. It’s up in a few minutes. I just proofread another pending post. Nov 15 13:54
seller_liar ok Nov 15 13:54
seller_liar there’s a lot of good projects in java.net Nov 15 13:55
seller_liar but there’s a lot of abandoned projects Nov 15 13:55
schestowitz We need to find solutions. Nov 15 13:56
schestowitz Ranting about the .NET threat is one thing. Nov 15 13:56
schestowitz Anything we can show users would be good. Nov 15 13:56
schestowitz One reader tells me that we need to use the space to point people at the /right/ tools, not just dismiss the bad ones. Nov 15 13:57
seller_liar java2net developer Nov 15 14:02
seller_liar http://blogs.sun.com/roll… Nov 15 14:02
seller_liar sorry net2java! Nov 15 14:02
schestowitz Yes Nov 15 14:10
schestowitz I got it. Nov 15 14:10
schestowitz Anything else you can find? Nov 15 14:10
schestowitz Maybe companies like Red Hat can help Sun with it… to remove the Mono/.NET issue from Fedora. Nov 15 14:10
seller_liar I will try to find more info Nov 15 14:13
seller_liar Net2java can be very handy to convert banshee to a java form , Nov 15 14:14
seller_liar But is very incomplete Nov 15 14:14
seller_liar The last version dates jan 2007 Nov 15 14:14
seller_liar no more patent problem and the user still uses the software! Nov 15 14:14
schestowitz Yes… can the developer than carry on coding in Java? Nov 15 14:16
seller_liar The problem is net2java converts only Nov 15 14:18
seller_liar It’s not possible to use net classes and compiles them in java bytecode Nov 15 14:18
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seller_liar it’s not possible to use net code for scripting in java for example Nov 15 14:18
seller_liar like jython and jtuby Nov 15 14:19
seller_liar *jruby Nov 15 14:19
seller_liar http://cld.blog-city.com/convert_c_and_vbn… Nov 15 14:20
schestowitz I think Sun will soon be divided. Nov 15 14:21
schestowitz Sun’s symbol (ticker) is JAVA Nov 15 14:22
seller_liar a old notice Nov 15 14:22
seller_liar http://www.computerworld.com/development… Nov 15 14:22
schestowitz Java is the #1 programming lang. Nov 15 14:22
seller_liar Why Sun can divide? Nov 15 14:22
schestowitz Thanks. I’m adding it. Nov 15 14:22
seller_liar http://www.theserverside.com/news/th… Nov 15 14:25
seller_liar but this article in computer world is another tool Nov 15 14:25
seller_liar is a proprietary tool Nov 15 14:25
seller_liar is a very old notice Nov 15 14:25
seller_liar and speaks some info about micros*it Nov 15 14:26
schestowitz Okay, wait.. Nov 15 14:27
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twitter “One reader tells me that we need to use the space to point people at the /right/ tools, not just dismiss the bad ones.”  I’m not sure about that. Nov 15 14:59
twitter Each of the alternatives do their job of promoting themselves.  BN is not made to pick favorites, only to point out dangers to freedom. Nov 15 15:01
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schestowitz That’s what I said initially. I don’t want it to look like advertising. Nov 15 15:04
schestowitz If it were not for Shane, I’d drop the adverts too, but he pays the hosting bills. Nov 15 15:04
twitter To do detailed technical analysis of each of the alternatives you would have to make yourself a expert of the alternative and Mono.  That would take a lot of time better spent on other things. Nov 15 15:07
twitter Learning M$ technologies is worse than a waste of time, it’s often damaging. Nov 15 15:09
schestowitz It’s still essential for criticism. Nov 15 15:11
schestowitz If you get the facts wrong, the PJ comes with a cluebat claiming to be superior. :-) Nov 15 15:12
twitter No.  Freedom has nothing to do with technical details. Nov 15 15:12
twitter The M$/Novell Mono threat is about patents and judicial extortion. Nov 15 15:13
twitter No one wants to suffer those, which is the basis of the M$/Novell deal. Nov 15 15:13
twitter M$ is trying to damage free software by infusing it with patent encumbered technology which it then promotes and threatens at the same time. Nov 15 15:15
twitter This creates FUD for gnome, divisions the evangelists can exploit and wastes developer time. Nov 15 15:17
twitter The M$/Novell deal strengthens all of that and makes legal FUD for competitors. Nov 15 15:17
twitter The best thing that can happen is software patents being thrown out, and the US is coming close to that. Nov 15 15:18
twitter The worst thing that can happen is a dying M$ suing Red Hat, Canonical and other free distributions for willful infringement. Nov 15 15:19
twitter We all know the case is total bullshit but M$ still has money to cause harm with the crazy US legal system. Nov 15 15:20
twitter The nastiest thing of all is that they can sit for years without doing anything.  The threat alone causes great harm. Nov 15 15:21
twitter Developers should understand this and shun mono. Nov 15 15:21
twitter It would not matter if the only alternative was barely functional, but it just so happens that there are plenty of good competitors.  Perl, PHP, java and others.  I don’t know the details because it’s not my line of work. Nov 15 15:23
twitter I do know that these alternatives are the incumbents and run successful sites like Slashdot. Nov 15 15:24
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11… Nov 15 15:24
schestowitz Yes, just caught up and I agree. Nov 15 15:25
twitter Nice write up. Nov 15 15:31
schestowitz AstroTurfing agency: http://www.linkedin.com/co… Nov 15 15:40
schestowitz Apparently hired by Microsoft to rip the Web. Nov 15 15:40
schestowitz “Recent Promotions and Changes [...] Andrea Goodrow, Microsoft College Tour, Brand Ambassador” Nov 15 15:41
_doug Roy .. Nov 15 15:43
schestowitz Hey, _doug. Nov 15 15:43
_doug Wait .. I have more … Nov 15 15:43
_doug re: another issue :) Nov 15 15:44
*schestowitz whistles Nov 15 15:48
-_doug-DCC Chat ( Nov 15 15:50
*Received a DCC CHAT offer from _doug Nov 15 15:50
_doug Xbox 360 poised to overtake the Xbox .. Nov 15 15:51
_doug http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/blo… Nov 15 15:52
_doug :) Nov 15 15:52
_doug “I remember the original Xbox as a bit of a flop” Nov 15 15:52
schestowitz Bo contrast? Nov 15 15:56
schestowitz Bo contrast? Nov 15 15:56
schestowitz Bo contrast? Nov 15 15:56
schestowitz By contrast? Nov 15 15:56
schestowitz Excuse me while I puke, :-) Nov 15 15:56
schestowitz By contrast? http://boycottnovell.com/2008/09/15… Nov 15 15:56
schestowitz $7 billion in debt? Nov 15 15:57
schestowitz “XP was bad. By contrast, VIsta is great. Now why don’t you go to the shop and buy Vista then/>? Nov 15 15:57
_doug replace $Vista with $Windows\ 7 Nov 15 16:01
schestowitz Yes, any $version and $version+1 Nov 15 16:04
schestowitz “In the face of strong competition, Evangelism’s focus may shift immediately to the next version of the same technology, however. Indeed, Phase 1 (Evangelism Starts) for version x+1 may start as soon as this Final Release of version X.” — Microsoft < http://boycottnovell.com/wp-conten… > Nov 15 16:04
_doug YOu know that could be the source-manual for any kind of marketing .. Nov 15 16:05
_doug From corn-flakes to soap-powder .. Nov 15 16:05
schestowitz Yes, but it’s important the people are made aware of it. Nov 15 16:06
_doug Promise them the communicator off StarTrek, get the contract and then sell them a re-hash of some bought-in half-working product with most of the feetures not-working .. Nov 15 16:07
schestowitz Nathan Myhrvold, Microsoft: “The purpose of announcing early like this is to <b>freeze the market</b> at the OEM and ISV level. In this respect it is JUST like the original Windows announcement… Nov 15 16:07
schestowitz Nathan Myhrvold, Microsoft: “One might worry that this will help Sun because <b>we will just have vaporware</b>, that people will stop buying 486 machines, that we will have endorsed RISC but not delivered… So, Scott, do you really think you can fight that avalanche?” Nov 15 16:07
_doug Is comes 3096 copy-right ? Nov 15 16:07
schestowitz It’s a court exhibit. Nov 15 16:07
schestowitz Microsoft wanted it destroyed (and paid for it), but we grabbed a copy. Nov 15 16:08
schestowitz Sometimes when the law is broken, then you can’t recall disclosure unethical. Nov 15 16:08
_doug who rrote it again ? Nov 15 16:08
schestowitz Some guy who preached at Microsoft. Nov 15 16:08
schestowitz Goebbelsoft Nov 15 16:09
_doug http://www.computerworld.com/action/article.do?c… Nov 15 16:10
_doug Ya gotta admire Jamie .. :) Nov 15 16:11
_doug “I talked about how you’re using the pawns and you’re going to screw them .. You can’t let them feel like that. If they feel like that, you’ve lost from the beginning” Nov 15 16:12
_doug What’s he doing now ? Nov 15 16:12
_doug “Writing a book on the theory and practice of Technical Evangelism, which is what he did at Microsoft for eight years.” Nov 15 16:14
_doug http://www.plamondon.net/james/ Nov 15 16:14
_doug Never mind ‘Technology Evangelism’, sounds too narrow a field, he should write a general faction novel on what it was like to be at the center, while bill and steve were building the empire .. Nov 15 16:16
_doug I wonder who should paly them in the movie ? Nov 15 16:16
_doug play Nov 15 16:16
_doug Gary Oldman = billg Nov 15 16:17
_doug ot: The Baader Meinhof Complex .. what motovated them ? Nov 15 16:18
_doug A bunch of middle-calss kids pissed off at their parents, so they blew things up .. Nov 15 16:18
schestowitz Haha. Nov 15 16:18
_doug Yea .. ?? Nov 15 16:18
schestowitz Is this the guy who wrote the evanglism stuff? Nov 15 16:19
_doug back on topic: Beau Bridges plays the old Steve Ballmer … Nov 15 16:19
schestowitz No, wait… was that him? Nov 15 16:19
schestowitz Groklaw had the name, I haven’t looked though. Nov 15 16:19
_doug Chris O’Donnell plays the young Steve, when he had $hair® Nov 15 16:20
_doug Well .. never mind .. I’m sure there’s a book there .. and none of it in the private-domain … Nov 15 16:23
_doug ‘Technical Evangelist’ there’s that phrase again .. Nov 15 16:28
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schestowitz _doug: one question Nov 15 16:43
schestowitz “In the section of an internal manual on effective evangelism, written in 1997 by James Plamondon,” Nov 15 16:44
schestowitz Ha. Got it! Nov 15 16:44
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neighborlee schestowitz, haa,,they are now ( on ubuntu forum ,and of course on recurring disucssions where it wont get alot of play :)..) claiming that regardless that rms said mono should be avoided, that surely we dont know that he came to this conclusion via ‘caeful consideration’  LOL..I guess they are also now  mono-mindreaders Nov 15 16:54
schestowitz I have a new post about Mono: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/… Nov 15 16:56
neighborlee k Nov 15 16:57
neighborlee http://www.groklaw.net/article.php?st… < ive seen before, but its a great one to be aware of in future talks of mono-moonlight,,everyday sheds more light on what a ridiculous joke mono is and novel/ubuntu for supporting it , and to fedora/redhat for being brave and forwards thinking for avoiding it. Nov 15 17:23
neighborlee Of additional merit on the grounds of laughter, is the fact that they point to Gnewsense’s inclusion of mono, to discredit  RMS statements that we should avoid mono LOL ;) Nov 15 17:27
neighborlee Considering Gnewsense is #70, even though they cite me for using parroting propaganda for my arguments, theirs is based on a distro that has no weight with anyone in the linux community, whereas my at least is from someone who holds much regard ;) Nov 15 17:28
schestowitz Yes Nov 15 17:31
schestowitz I’m trying to explain this to RMS at the moment. Nov 15 17:31
schestowitz He’s new to some of this. Nov 15 17:31
neighborlee good. Nov 15 17:33
schestowitz OK, done. Nov 15 17:37
neighborlee THey try to paint you usually as propgandic adhominem attacks  against novel , but while offering your views you offer said views open to civil discourse, even though many mono supporters usually degrade into terribly lacking civility, inherant it seems in their demeanor which I find ironic in the quest to claim with straight forward face that mono is safe LOL Nov 15 17:38
schestowitz I mistkenly wrote “Linux” once. This was not intended and I always refer to the system as GNU/Linux (I generally disregard Linus for his philosophy). Nov 15 17:38
neighborlee well if thats your only sin, I suspect god will pardon you ;) Nov 15 17:38
schestowitz In press releases which announce the patent deals, Microsoft refers to the covered technology as “Linux” (with the exception of Samsung, which goes further). Nov 15 17:38
schestowitz Therefore my explanation seemed as demeaning as theirs. They also do not make it clear which parts exactly (of the GNU system) they refer to, but they spoke of GUIs at a later occasion. Nov 15 17:38
schestowitz InfoWorld (IDG) will soon publish an article about Microsoft and Novell. It will incorporate bits of my interview with them (the editor approached me). I didn’t mention Mono though. Nov 15 17:39
schestowitz I ought to have corrected my last mistake with InfoWorld though…. one where I implies that Red Hat was a member of OSDL. They were not. Nov 15 17:41
schestowitz Got to go now. Bbl Nov 15 17:42
neighborlee cu Nov 15 17:42
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*trmanco_ is now known as trmanco Nov 15 17:47
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_doug The Guardian has an interesting article .. which examines some persons of interest to computer technology (Bill Joy, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, amongst others .. Nov 15 18:29
_doug http://news.slashdot.org/article.pl?… Nov 15 18:29
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trmanco http://esr.ibiblio.org/?p=628 Nov 15 20:28
schestowitz I’m not a fan of ESR Nov 15 20:49
schestowitz …not ‘Linux Hater’ Nov 15 20:49
schestowitz Bye-bye A&B < http://www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200… > Nov 15 20:51
*trmanco has quit (“I just hit the close button :)”) Nov 15 20:59
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*DCC CHAT to _doug aborted. Nov 15 21:44
neighborlee latest FUD from HEX: ” The funny thing about boycottnovell & those who copypaste their party line, is that NOTHING would be sufficient – largely because of misdirected hate. “ Nov 15 21:45
neighborlee its hate to them because we are willling to take the heat and divulge the mistruth behind mono…yup haters all of us   :)) Nov 15 21:46
neighborlee the truth willl make you hate :) <ah ha> ;) Nov 15 21:46
schestowitz Hate comes from Microsoft. Nov 15 21:46
neighborlee yup Nov 15 21:46
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/11/15/micros… Nov 15 21:46
neighborlee interesting Nov 15 21:49
neighborlee yeah as if ( as if it were true) we had any potential patent  on hate, and judging by this james guy we surely wouldn’t LOL Nov 15 21:50
neighborlee like all these mono supporters are arrogant and vile, just like james here…I see it over an over again Nov 15 21:50
neighborlee I can use logic to explain my view, but they usually fire back with anger…its been the case every single time. Nov 15 21:51
neighborlee and I pointed it out, and of course I just got more anger ;) Nov 15 21:51
neighborlee but sadly its getting kinda silly..the forum talks is almost irrelvant now because its under ‘recurring discussions’ , so very few people will be seeing it anyway. Nov 15 21:53
neighborlee ubuntu clealry wants to ‘hide’ this from broader community views so they slammed it there,,its so blatantly obvious. Nov 15 21:53
schestowitz A community that refuses to discuss direction is a monarchy. Monarchies die in Free software. Nov 15 22:07
neighborlee agreed. Nov 15 22:08
MinceR what’s debian’s stance on the .net trap? Nov 15 22:09
MinceR and what’s ubuntu’s stance on it? Nov 15 22:09
schestowitz Why is ‘directhex’ anonymous? Who does he work for? How does he make money from mono? Does he care about freedom or about his money? These questions he must answer. Without disclosure, you can’t trust anyone. Nov 15 22:09
neighborlee schestowitz, yup Nov 15 22:09
schestowitz I got an E-mail about Debian stance on Go-OO. Nov 15 22:09
schestowitz But not Debian. Nov 15 22:09
schestowitz That’s older news Nov 15 22:10
neighborlee MinceR, they include mono in defaault livecd install that much I am sure of..so they endorse it. Nov 15 22:10
MinceR neighborlee: which one? Nov 15 22:11
neighborlee MinceR, livecd Nov 15 22:11
MinceR neighborlee: i mean, debian or ubuntu? Nov 15 22:11
neighborlee MinceR, not sure about alternate install method Nov 15 22:11
neighborlee ubuntu Nov 15 22:11
neighborlee debian doesn’t yet I dont think. Nov 15 22:11
neighborlee I know there is some mono debian website, but debian doesnt officially endorse it I dont think. Nov 15 22:11
neighborlee I def to schestowitz on this as I think he has written on it. Nov 15 22:12
neighborlee …defer Nov 15 22:12
MinceR ic Nov 15 22:12
*_doug has quit () Nov 15 22:14
schestowitz Yes, I wrote about Debian. Got corrected too.. Nov 15 22:15
neighborlee ah Nov 15 22:21
neighborlee so is mono still out of it ? Nov 15 22:21
schestowitz By default. Nov 15 22:40
neighborlee ok good. Nov 15 22:45
neighborlee schestowitz, in the future, imo anyway it would be nice to be able to click on thoes url that you put sometimes at bottom of quotes..its annoying to have to manually type them in. Nov 15 22:55
neighborlee crap nvm my bad..ic the link above one sentence before. Nov 15 22:59
schestowitz What do you mean about quotes? Nov 15 23:02
schestowitz The URL from which they come? Hover over links with a globe on them. They are always adjacent to the quotes. Nov 15 23:03
neighborlee yup I know np. Nov 15 23:10
neighborlee the paul allen article is really interesting btw Nov 15 23:11
neighborlee the only people who could possibly think M$ can be trusted are those in their employment :) Nov 15 23:12
neighborlee lol Nov 15 23:12
schestowitz They hope to loot together with “the gang” Nov 15 23:13
neighborlee heh Nov 15 23:13
schestowitz http://biz.yahoo.com/paidcontent/07… “”We’re getting the gang back together.” Nov 15 23:13
schestowitz I need to find the original article. Nov 15 23:13
schestowitz That’s Microsoft executives talking about “getting the gang back together.” Nov 15 23:14
neighborlee I wish them luck, now that there is a actual brilliant lawyer in the white house ;) Nov 15 23:14
neighborlee somehow of actual character this time. Nov 15 23:14
neighborlee someone Nov 15 23:14
schestowitz **Industry Moves: Microsoft Appoints New Head of Zune Unit** ‘Microsoft’s Entertainment & Devices Div. President Robbie Bach sent an e-mail  on Oct. 4 notifying staff of this. Thompson will report to J Allard…he  worked with Allard on the original Xbox business. Several of the early Xbox  cohorts are already on the Zune team, the story says and quotes Nov 15 23:14
schestowitz Allard: “We’re getting the gang back together.” ‘ Nov 15 23:14
neighborlee LOL zune <haha Nov 15 23:15
neighborlee the nearly nonexistant device ;)) Nov 15 23:15
schestowitz It’s dead. Nov 15 23:15
neighborlee zune what ? ;))heheh Nov 15 23:15
schestowitz Not funny at all. Nov 15 23:15
schestowitz Sad story really. Like XBox360… just dead more quickly. Nov 15 23:15
neighborlee I cant cry them a river ;) Nov 15 23:15
neighborlee I dont agree with the type of games they put out anyway,so I cry nothing. Nov 15 23:15
neighborlee THere is a reason wii is so popular..mothers know the breed of games on them are more family oriented ;) Nov 15 23:16
schestowitz Ballmer called Zune and XBox “funny products” about 4 months ago because, according to him, Microsoft hasn’t figured out how to make money out of them (it loses $billions) Nov 15 23:16
neighborlee yup Nov 15 23:17
schestowitz I saw some Wii adverts at the gym… nice games with musical instruments and skiing. Nov 15 23:17
schestowitz No knives, chainsaws and plasma rifles. Nov 15 23:17
neighborlee well they are trying to win by having best of breed games, but I think wii is winning them all atm…last I checked anyway Nov 15 23:17
neighborlee schestowitz, exactly Nov 15 23:17
neighborlee schestowitz, there are a few exceptions, but overall definitely yes Nov 15 23:17
*mib_clewd7 (i=62c003bc@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-a48f6e7ea8e6d793) has joined #boycottnovell Nov 15 23:28
*mib_clewd7 has quit (Client Quit) Nov 15 23:28
*trmanco has quit (“I just hit the close button :)”) Nov 15 23:55
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  1. Jo Shields said,

    November 16, 2008 at 1:22 pm


    [quote]Why is ‘directhex’ anonymous? Who does he work for? How does he make money from mono? Does he care about freedom or about his money? These questions he must answer. Without disclosure, you can’t trust anyone.[/quote]

    Questions I must answer, yet questions you’ve never asked me. Odd. Perhaps you aren’t inetersted in the truth of any situation, perhaps? With your super mega research powers, I’d expect you to at least be capable of using Google – though, FYI, one of the hits you’ll get isn’t about me, it’s spam about drive manufacturer adapters.

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