IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: December 4th, 2008 – Part 2

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Omar87 schestowitz: You know why I wrote it this way? Because from what you’ve told me just moments ago, those guys a professional MS guardians, so I had to appear a little aggressive in front of them, just to make them feel as if they’re talking to some just as strong as they are. Dec 04 16:50
Omar87 someone** Dec 04 16:50
schestowitz True. Dec 04 16:51
schestowitz But the trolls are not this guy Dec 04 16:51
schestowitz I feed not the trolls though. Dec 04 16:52
Omar87 schestowitz: Excuse me? Dec 04 16:52
schestowitz There are some real trolls in that thread. Dec 04 16:54
schestowitz Familiar names. Dec 04 16:54
Omar87 schestowitz: mhmm.. such as..? Dec 04 16:54
Omar87 schestowitz: can you give me some of their names? Dec 04 16:56
schestowitz NOVL is tanking today Dec 04 16:57
schestowitz It’s the day of the report. Dec 04 16:57
Omar87 report? Dec 04 16:57
schestowitz 0.20 (4.90%) Dec 04 16:57
schestowitz Financial report. Dec 04 16:57
schestowitz -0.20 (4.90%) Dec 04 16:57
schestowitz After market close… Dec 04 16:57
schestowitz The investors seem worried.. second day straight. Dec 04 16:58
Omar87 schestowitz: Oh yeah! Thanks for mentioning that. I’m also welling to know how well those guys are doing. :) Dec 04 16:58
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schestowitz Well or /un/well? Dec 04 17:04
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Omar87 schestowitz: Actually, I want to know that because this does serve as evidence in our further blogging, right? :D Dec 04 17:09
Omar87 schestowitz: That’s why I said I’m welling to know. Dec 04 17:10
schestowitz Yes, definitely. Dec 04 17:11
twitter That thread is going on forever isn’t it?  http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/03/novell-i… Dec 04 17:11
Omar87 schestowitz: Okay, how about now? http://omarsdaydreams.blogspot.co… Dec 04 17:11
twitter reading Dec 04 17:12
Omar87 twitter: OMG!! 176 friggin’ comments? schestowitz, Are you sure your database is large enough to painlessly accommodate all that? :D (J/K) Dec 04 17:13
twitter I think what I had to say about OOXML applies.  If M$ wants to cooperate, they will GPL their code and use reasonable standards instead of extorting the world with secrets and monopolies. Dec 04 17:13
Omar87 twitter: Exactly. Dec 04 17:14
schestowitz IT IS NOT OFTEN that anyone at Waggener Edstrom, Microsoft’s pet public relations firm, writes to The INQUIRER.  < http://www.theinquirer.net/gb/inquirer/ne… > Dec 04 17:15
Omar87 twitter: But you know Microsoft. How can GPL’ling OOXML be of any financial benefit Gates and Ballmer? At least it won’t serve in making them the richest two men in the world, right? :) Dec 04 17:16
twitter They do, they just don’t let you know. Dec 04 17:16
twitter Omar87, other people’s financial benefit is not my concern.  I’m not willing to surrender my freedom for them to make money. Dec 04 17:17
Omar87 twitter: That’s right, I share you the same point of view. I’m just being sarcastic. :) Dec 04 17:18
twitter I see  :) Dec 04 17:18
Omar87 twitter: So, what do you think of my post? :) Dec 04 17:19
twitter It was interesting, thanks. Dec 04 17:20
twitter Some people advance the self interest of M$ as a serious argument.  It’s strange they think that way. Dec 04 17:21
twitter Generally, they tell people they won’t be able to make money if M$ is not allowed to make money with non free software.  They might as well defend the rugged individualism of muggers. Dec 04 17:22
Omar87 twitter: You’re welcome. :) Dec 04 17:22
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twitter Wow, that WE guy got spanked. Dec 04 17:27
twitter It’s quite a story. Dec 04 17:28
Omar87 Unfortunately, that’s true. But what’s far from truth is what they claim. Because, as the fact keeps proving itself, FOSS keeps on opening endless success opportunities in so many aspects. not only Financially. While at the other hand, it is becoming crystal clear that proprietary is more of a money-burning technique than people think it is. Dec 04 17:28
twitter M$ is really getting desperate to try to bully the Inquirer like that.  They should have known it would blow back in their face. Dec 04 17:29
schestowitz NOVL keeps sliding. Dec 04 17:39
twitter So they do. Dec 04 17:41
Omar87 schestowitz: Let us all hope it keeps on sliding until it reaches a high cliff and falls off it head-first,lol. :) Dec 04 17:41
schestowitz twitter: yes, I’ll write about WE Dec 04 17:42
Omar87 schestowitz: What’s WE? Dec 04 17:42
schestowitz Waggener Edstrom Dec 04 17:42
schestowitz Microsoft shills in suits Dec 04 17:42
schestowitz Should be in prison, IMHO Dec 04 17:43
schestowitz They also help the bribing of bloggers, arm-twisting, planting of articles, eyc. Dec 04 17:43
schestowitz Waggener Edstrom is a front. Like the mafia… Dec 04 17:43
schestowitz Would you be able to update your story to reflect this? Please let me know. Dec 04 17:44
schestowitz Rickard Andersson: revisionist Dec 04 17:44
Omar87 schestowitz: Okay, sure. :) Dec 04 17:45
Omar87 schestowitz:  How do I suggest I make the updates? Dec 04 17:45
Omar87 How do *you* suggest I make the update? Dec 04 17:45
schestowitz Didn’t they have a dossier on Egan? Dec 04 17:45
schestowitz They should have done enough spying to know he’s trouble to the Vole Dec 04 17:46
schestowitz He reads Groklaw. Dec 04 17:46
schestowitz The political censor get a big axe: AT&T will slash 12,000 from workforce < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/12/0… > Dec 04 17:48
schestowitz That still leaves 96% of them to serve Bush with snoops and political censorship Dec 04 17:48
schestowitz They are also swpats lobbyists Dec 04 17:49
schestowitz Sleazy company really… lots of information accumulated here: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/09/0… Dec 04 17:49
Omar87 schestowitz: Sure I can update my story, but can you please tell me what to write? Dec 04 17:50
twitter ATT is evil. Dec 04 17:50
schestowitz This is sad though: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008… Dec 04 17:51
schestowitz Omar87: I saw you made the front page of Free Software Daily Dec 04 17:51
schestowitz Monster.com Founder Andrew McKelvey Dies < http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2008/11/29/m… > Dec 04 17:54
schestowitz Gordon Michaels:  “In my (humble) opinion this person should not be taken seriously. Neither should I, but then I’m not pretending to be engaged in the discussion at hand.” Dec 04 17:56
schestowitz Translation: I am just here to fling crap at the walls. I am not interested in this site, but I stalk people here. Dec 04 17:56
schestowitz Virtually Every Windows PC at Risk, Says Secuni < More than 98% of Windows computers harbor at least one unpatched application, and nearly half contain 11 or more programs at risk from attack, a Danish security company said Wednesday. > Dec 04 17:57
schestowitz http://www.pcworld.com/article/154944/ev… Dec 04 17:57
Omar87 schestowitz: The front page of FSD? Dec 04 17:59
Omar87 schestowitz: Where? Dec 04 18:00
Omar87 schestowitz:  Oh, okay I get it, lol. :) Dec 04 18:01
schestowitz Glitch in The Matrix.. Networking Glitch Knocks Yahoo Offline for Some < http://www.pcworld.com/article/1549… > Dec 04 18:01
schestowitz bbl (in two hours) Dec 04 18:02
Omar87 schestowitz: take care, dude. :) Dec 04 18:03
trmanco http://graphjam.com/2008/11/30/song-chart-… Dec 04 18:23
trmanco http://nettuts.com/articles/news/how-to-setu… Dec 04 18:26
trmanco http://www.sitepoint.com/blogs/2008/… Dec 04 18:27
twitter You need to tag or ban that Michaels clown. Dec 04 18:28
twitter M$ autowrong, very funny graph. Dec 04 18:30
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trmanco http://www.linuxformat.co.uk/modules.php?o… Dec 04 18:41
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SubsonicB cheers everyone Dec 04 18:43
Omar871 SubsonicB: Cheers. :) Dec 04 18:46
trmanco http://www.noooxml.org/forum/t-110491/fail:d… Dec 04 18:46
trmanco Hi Dec 04 18:46
SubsonicB thanks trmanco Dec 04 18:49
SubsonicB btw is there a plugin to embed ODF documents into Firefox Dec 04 18:49
SubsonicB ? Dec 04 18:49
SubsonicB It would be very useful for example for a document manager or intranet Dec 04 18:49
trmanco SubsonicB, http://mozillalinks.org/wp/2007/09/openoffice… Dec 04 18:50
SubsonicB Like to use docmgr or knowledgetree with firefox Dec 04 18:50
SubsonicB great Dec 04 18:51
trmanco https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firef… Dec 04 18:52
trmanco the addon got lost in time Dec 04 18:52
trmanco :| Dec 04 18:52
twitter the kword kpart should be able to do this, but kword 3.5 branch has not been doing as well as it could. Dec 04 18:53
SubsonicB that one works with ff older versions (up to v.2) Dec 04 18:53
SubsonicB the fail blog rocks! http://failblog.org/2008/07/02/microsoft-fail/ Dec 04 18:54
twitter the spreadsheet part works very well and I think it does excel too. Dec 04 18:54
SubsonicB thx twitter Dec 04 18:54
trmanco lol Dec 04 18:55
SubsonicB :-D Dec 04 18:55
twitter here’s a fail log of sorts.  http://slashdot.org/~twitter/journal/213707 Dec 04 18:58
trmanco nice log Dec 04 19:03
Omar871 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5_Msrdg3Hk&feature=dir, ROFLMAO! :D Dec 04 19:09
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SubsonicB cool! Dec 04 19:13
twitter entertainment as advertisement Dec 04 19:27
twitter entertaining enough Dec 04 19:27
schestowitz twitter: I’ll warn the Michaels persona before flagging. It’s going over the top Dec 04 20:04
SubsonicB Roy good fight at the ooxml post! Dec 04 20:07
schestowitz Yes, but I don’t know why. Dec 04 20:07
schestowitz It’s just recursive. Dec 04 20:07
SubsonicB that was how many 180 comments? Dec 04 20:07
SubsonicB yes Dec 04 20:07
schestowitz twitter: remind me to flag the Michaels thing in case I forget. Dec 04 20:07
schestowitz SubsonicB: we’ve had more in some posts. Dec 04 20:07
schestowitz Ta for the links, trmanco. Added. Dec 04 20:09
SubsonicB they never get tired of repeating MSFT’s marketing chatter? Dec 04 20:10
schestowitz brb Dec 04 20:13
trmanco you’re welcome Dec 04 20:14
SubsonicB new version of SME server http://wiki.contribs.org/SME_Server:Download Dec 04 20:17
SubsonicB for SMBs on a tight budget Dec 04 20:17
SubsonicB beats Microsoft SBS hands down Dec 04 20:17
SubsonicB anyday Dec 04 20:17
SubsonicB I read a very good article on how the economic crisis is good for Free Software, I just cant find it Dec 04 20:18
SubsonicB also check this one http://ebox-platform.com/ Dec 04 20:19
schestowitz Oh Dec 04 20:25
schestowitz SubsonicB: remember BitRock? Dec 04 20:25
SubsonicB sure Dec 04 20:25
schestowitz SubsonicB: there are many articles like that Dec 04 20:25
schestowitz Re: BitRock, Microsoft tries wrapping them up Dec 04 20:26
schestowitz First the Walli thing Dec 04 20:26
SubsonicB what do you mean Dec 04 20:26
schestowitz Now Port25 blogs about them Dec 04 20:26
SubsonicB hmmm Dec 04 20:26
schestowitz About how they feel about Microsoft and stuff.. Dec 04 20:26
schestowitz Here’s my hypothesis Dec 04 20:27
SubsonicB do you have a link Dec 04 20:27
schestowitz Microsoft has ‘softeners’ Dec 04 20:27
SubsonicB softeners like Walli… Dec 04 20:27
schestowitz People whose role — whether designed or not — to make people like Microsoft Dec 04 20:27
schestowitz de Icazas of sorts.. Dec 04 20:27
schestowitz Like the hecklers we have in BN Dec 04 20:27
schestowitz Groklaw has some too Dec 04 20:27
SubsonicB sure thing Dec 04 20:27
schestowitz It was published by the Galli mole in Port25 blog some days afo Dec 04 20:28
SubsonicB but you and pj know better Dec 04 20:28
schestowitz I found it via 451 Group Dec 04 20:28
SubsonicB ok ill check it Dec 04 20:28
schestowitz Post link here… Dec 04 20:28
schestowitz I think I did (in IRC) when I saw it.. Dec 04 20:28
SubsonicB http://port25.technet.com/archi… Dec 04 20:31
schestowitz That Michaels creature left almost 100 comments that are abusive. Dec 04 20:32
schestowitz That leaves lots of work flagging. Dec 04 20:32
SubsonicB heh you are giving MSFT shills a lot of work!!! Dec 04 20:32
SubsonicB MSFT wants to take people away from the LAMP stack and replace it for WAMP, Bitrock makes it easy to install Apache+PHP+MYSQL+The app you need in Windows Dec 04 20:38
SubsonicB That is why MSFT is interested in them Dec 04 20:38
SubsonicB And let me tell you something: It won’t work. The same web app on a Windows system crawls when compared to the performance over GNU/Linux Dec 04 20:40
SubsonicB Moreover you have the added overhead of the WinOS Dec 04 20:41
SubsonicB overhead both in terms of wasted performance and licence cost Dec 04 20:41
SubsonicB and abysmal security Dec 04 20:41
schestowitz OK, done (Michaels’ comments are a lot longer now) Dec 04 20:43
schestowitz SubsonicB: they try to work with PHP (Zend) too Dec 04 20:44
schestowitz And now with Apache Dec 04 20:44
schestowitz Their goal is to change that., Dec 04 20:44
SubsonicB yes but at the end of the day it wont work Dec 04 20:44
schestowitz They already keep bragging like a broken radio that PHP is sometimes faster in Win32 Dec 04 20:44
schestowitz SubsonicB: true, but let’s keep our eye open Dec 04 20:44
SubsonicB sure Dec 04 20:45
schestowitz That’s not the story MS tells tjhem Dec 04 20:45
SubsonicB i am very aware of the issue Dec 04 20:45
schestowitz It will have them believe that Win32 is better Dec 04 20:45
SubsonicB Bitrock is a spanish company Dec 04 20:45
schestowitz It can bribe the shills O’ Gartner to say that too. Dec 04 20:45
schestowitz “Studies’, slog, you know the gig… Dec 04 20:45
SubsonicB tey can do whatever they want Dec 04 20:45
SubsonicB but people is realising the emperor has no clothes Dec 04 20:45
schestowitz All I can do is write about it. Dec 04 20:46
schestowitz These people have nothing is mind but stripping GNU/Linux off app Dec 04 20:46
SubsonicB Think about something Dec 04 20:46
schestowitz What saddens me are ignorant people who think that Microsoftg cares for the O/S is threatens to sue while trying to make its investors happy Dec 04 20:46
schestowitz BTW, Novell’s results should be out any moment. Dec 04 20:46
SubsonicB ¿How many people is going to switch away from GNU/Linux thanks to Bitnami? Dec 04 20:46
schestowitz It could be big Dec 04 20:46
schestowitz They could announce layoffs, IMHO Dec 04 20:47
SubsonicB ¿And how many people is swithcing to GNU/Linux THANKS TO WUBI???? Dec 04 20:47
SubsonicB :_D Dec 04 20:47
schestowitz Well, Microsoft knows this. Dec 04 20:47
SubsonicB :-D Dec 04 20:47
schestowitz It knows that FOSS brings people to GNU/Linux Dec 04 20:47
SubsonicB MWBAHAHAHHAHA Dec 04 20:47
schestowitz But it tries to grab opportunities. Dec 04 20:47
schestowitz It’s better for it to do it than NOT to do it. Dec 04 20:47
schestowitz And we must inform people. Dec 04 20:48
SubsonicB Also MSFT is helping a lot thanks to Vista and WindowsVaporware7 Dec 04 20:48
schestowitz If Bitnami follow the conversdation, then it should at least be aware Dec 04 20:48
schestowitz Microsoft is a user (I have court exhibits about it) Dec 04 20:48
schestowitz It will suck the life out of any third party if it’s good for MSFT investors Dec 04 20:48
schestowitz Bad reputation is not a problem because Microsoft owns DoJ and the press. Dec 04 20:49
SubsonicB yes it is a risk Dec 04 20:49
schestowitz This means they can get away with crime and then revisionism. Dec 04 20:49
schestowitz Apathy is dangerous. Dec 04 20:49
SubsonicB I think its going to become a little harder now Dec 04 20:49
SubsonicB due to the change of administration Dec 04 20:49
schestowitz Some people say “leave Microsoft alone, they ruin themselves anyway” Dec 04 20:49
SubsonicB and the conomic meltdown Dec 04 20:49
schestowitz But it doesn’t mean they’re over until they are over Dec 04 20:49
schestowitz Even Microsoft knows this. Dec 04 20:50
*miked has quit (“Leaving”) Dec 04 20:50
schestowitz See Slog.doc Dec 04 20:50
schestowitz Microsoft already has layoffs Dec 04 20:50
SubsonicB you are right we must keep fighting and unveiling the true motives Dec 04 20:50
schestowitz They buy some companies (they have little money left), so they fake growth of workforce Dec 04 20:50
schestowitz That’s far from sustainable. Dec 04 20:50
schestowitz At the moment they think of patent-trolling as a revenue stream Dec 04 20:50
SubsonicB patent litigation is very expensive, though Dec 04 20:51
schestowitz From companies like Xerox, Novell and many others they already have an extortion pipe. They get money out of nothing (imaginary property and racketeering) Dec 04 20:51
schestowitz They don’t need to litigate Dec 04 20:51
SubsonicB yep Dec 04 20:51
schestowitz See the Myhrvold troll. Dec 04 20:51
schestowitz They need to threaten. Dec 04 20:51
schestowitz The mafia man needn’t /USE/ the gun Dec 04 20:51
schestowitz If he has a chain of bullet on him, he can empty the register before you can utter “no” Dec 04 20:52
SubsonicB yes they just use the /FEAR/ Dec 04 20:52
SubsonicB but come to think of it Dec 04 20:52
SubsonicB someday they are going to piss off some other company BIG TIME Dec 04 20:52
SubsonicB it already happened with HP and the Vista ready fiasco Dec 04 20:53
SubsonicB Also ACER was very upset at them Dec 04 20:53
SubsonicB Microsoft is nothing without the OEMs Dec 04 20:53
SubsonicB and they are starting to give MSFT the back Dec 04 20:53
schestowitz Which company? Dec 04 20:54
schestowitz Oh, Acer… Dec 04 20:54
schestowitz They hate Microsoft.. Dec 04 20:54
SubsonicB not to speak of GOOGLE Dec 04 20:54
schestowitz Maybe Microsoft will pressure the CEO out. :-) Dec 04 20:54
SubsonicB and they don’t dare to mess with IBM Dec 04 20:54
schestowitz All the OEMs hate them Dec 04 20:54
schestowitz Acer spoke on their behalf about Vista. Dec 04 20:54
SubsonicB Dell has already defected Dec 04 20:55
schestowitz You could also see what H-P said to Microsoft after the Intel collusion Dec 04 20:55
schestowitz It got unsealed in the court. Dec 04 20:55
schestowitz They spoke to Microsoft as though it was their house cleaner that stole money Dec 04 20:55
SubsonicB Dell has kept the Ubuntu line Dec 04 20:55
schestowitz IBM has a new attack on the Vole. Dec 04 20:56
SubsonicB suddenly Linux has become an unlikely ally of the OEMs Dec 04 20:56
MinceR dell still pays them for the patent racket, don’t they? Dec 04 20:56
schestowitz Today: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2008/12/04/ibm_l… http://www.theinquirer.net/gb/inquirer/news/2008… Dec 04 20:56
schestowitz Microsoft should be terrified of IBM because it’s about 5 times heavier and has more physical assets (and h/w patents too) Dec 04 20:56
MinceR and almost all OEMs still advertise windows Dec 04 20:57
schestowitz MinceR: yes, they do, AFAIK Dec 04 20:57
schestowitz They keep secret about it Dec 04 20:57
MinceR IBM is slow and inactive Dec 04 20:57
schestowitz We should pressure Dell to spill the beans Dec 04 20:57
PetoKraus schestowitz: got some evidence for that? ( “what H-P said to Microsoft after the Intel collusion” ) Dec 04 20:57
MinceR they could have crushed m$ any time but they didn’t do anything Dec 04 20:57
schestowitz They ‘joined’ the Microsoft/Novell deal 1 WEEK before the big attack Dec 04 20:57
schestowitz May 2007 Dec 04 20:57
schestowitz Wait.. Dec 04 20:57
MinceR schestowitz: how can we pressure dell? Dec 04 20:57
MinceR schestowitz: and what do we know about the deal already? Dec 04 20:58
PetoKraus http://www.maidenart.co.uk/images/… Dec 04 20:59
trmanco Finnix 92.1 Is Powered by a New Kernel: http://news.softpedia.com/news/Finnix-92-1-Is… Dec 04 20:59
trmanco 92.1 :O Dec 04 20:59
schestowitz Read this: Dec 04 20:59
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/08/… Dec 04 20:59
schestowitz It’s short, but it’s shockingly familiar. Dec 04 21:00
schestowitz It’s as though Dell was warned about the patent attack. Dec 04 21:00
schestowitz MinceR: here is what I knew one year ago: http://boycottnovell.com/2007/08/27/n… Dec 04 21:00
schestowitz Follow the link at the bottom for updates Dec 04 21:00
MinceR thanks Dec 04 21:02
schestowitz I have evidence, no answers. Dec 04 21:02
schestowitz Dell made it mysterious. As in… “we joined the patent deal” crowd: what does that mean. “Dell: never mind; carry on with your thing. No questions”. Dec 04 21:03
SubsonicB interesting… Dec 04 21:03
trmanco http://news.softpedia.com/news/Microsoft-Cla… Dec 04 21:04
SubsonicB they are dumping the console market with the XBox Dec 04 21:04
SubsonicB they are selling at big losses Dec 04 21:04
schestowitz YEs Dec 04 21:05
schestowitz Let them lose billiobs Dec 04 21:05
SubsonicB But most gamers know XBox 360 is defective Dec 04 21:05
schestowitz They already do that with Zune, Live. Dec 04 21:05
SubsonicB Even Microsoft admitted that EVERY console was defective Dec 04 21:05
schestowitz Even Windows Mobile is a brick. Dec 04 21:05
schestowitz They are ./still/ defenctive. Dec 04 21:05
schestowitz One Microsoft guy blew the whistle. Dec 04 21:05
SubsonicB yes Dec 04 21:05
schestowitz 67% failure rate Dec 04 21:06
schestowitz He got sacked Dec 04 21:06
SubsonicB They are replacing the units by the thousands, but it is a bad design problem. I think the failure rate is even higher, in the order of 80% Dec 04 21:06
schestowitz Here is a decent post about it: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/09/15/mic… Dec 04 21:06
schestowitz It’s a summary of many things. Should make you sick, I reckin.. Dec 04 21:07
schestowitz *ckon Dec 04 21:07
schestowitz 80% sounds like too much. Depends on period of time measured, I guess. Dec 04 21:07
trmanco Microsoft Plans Eight Security Bulletins for Patch Tuesday: http://www.eweek.com/c/a/Security/Microsoft-Plans-Eight-S… Dec 04 21:07
schestowitz Funny that the logo has a shining green in it. Most gamers see lots of red lights (of death) Dec 04 21:08
trmanco another bunch Dec 04 21:08
schestowitz Don’t worry. Dec 04 21:08
schestowitz Microsoft will sent the Waggener Edstrom ‘mafia’ to bully journos who write about it. Dec 04 21:08
trmanco and I won’t Dec 04 21:08
schestowitz “IT IS NOT OFTEN that anyone at Waggener Edstrom, Microsoft’s pet public relations firm, writes to The INQUIRER. Read on, and we think you’ll soon understand why that’s the case.” http://www.theinquirer.net/gb/inquirer/news… Dec 04 21:08
twitter “OK, done (Michaels’ comments are a lot longer now)”  Thanks.  100+ comments in how many days? Dec 04 21:09
schestowitz They did the same for OOXML Dec 04 21:09
trmanco http://www.itwire.com/content/view/22100/53/ Dec 04 21:09
schestowitz Someone criticises OOXML Dec 04 21:09
schestowitz And suddenly gets an E-mail asking for a “better” article Dec 04 21:09
schestowitz twitter: took about 15 minutes. Done job. He’s gone offboard. Should seek medical help for chronic obsession… Dec 04 21:10
schestowitz Keep your door shut. He might have a crush on that twitter guy… Dec 04 21:10
SubsonicB I think MSFT has long ago striving for survival Dec 04 21:11
SubsonicB if only OpenOffice or GNU/Linux can get the market penetration of Mozilla Firefox they will be doomed for good Dec 04 21:11
twitter He’s paid to do it.  One of my Slashdot stalkers is talking about the character too.  They are probably the same person. Dec 04 21:12
trmanco schestowitz, nice article Dec 04 21:12
trmanco the vista kernel one Dec 04 21:12
*kentma has quit (“Leaving.”) Dec 04 21:14
*schestowitz just seen that XBox ‘article’… the MS boosters were all over this one right after the announcement. Like a group of parrots saluting the emperor Dec 04 21:14
trmanco Novell, Guess highlight after-hours session: http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/story…. Dec 04 21:15
schestowitz They will hide many things. Dec 04 21:15
schestowitz The goal will be to find out what they DON’T say Dec 04 21:16
schestowitz Netware must be sinking like a rock beecause of the recession Dec 04 21:16
schestowitz That’s where all their dough comes from Dec 04 21:16
schestowitz Without Netware, there’s no Novell. Dec 04 21:16
schestowitz The Linux part of the company is just hundreds of people. Dec 04 21:16
schestowitz The company, as a whole, comprises about 4,000 (and declining) Dec 04 21:16
trmanco Firefox users targeted by rare piece of malware: http://www.networkworld.com/news/2008/120408-fire… Dec 04 21:17
schestowitz NOVL is down over 6% at the moment. Dec 04 21:17
schestowitz I saw pessimism yesterday Dec 04 21:17
trmanco “Trojan.PWS.ChromeInject.A” -> this seems like a Windows thing, so I don’t have to worry Dec 04 21:18
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/04/… http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/03/n… Dec 04 21:18
schestowitz trmanco: no, no need to worry Dec 04 21:18
trmanco :-p Dec 04 21:18
schestowitz “There haven’t been any major new malware attacks to suggest increasing Mac marketshare has generated more malware. Just two weeks ago, I blogged that in fact Apple’s increasing marketshare hadn’t led to more attacks—that Microsoft’s marketshare mythology is wrong.” http://blogs.eweek.com/applewatch/content/s… Dec 04 21:18
schestowitz that’s from a Microsoft fan Dec 04 21:18
schestowitz “I’m a huge fan of guerrilla marketing.” –Joe Wilcox, Microsoft Fan Dec 04 21:19
trmanco I have some mac friends and they have never used an anti virus for mac viruses Dec 04 21:20
trmanco not even now they use one Dec 04 21:20
schestowitz Andy Patrizio, a pro-Microsoft guy (typicall) uses the label “anti-Microsoft sentiment” Dec 04 21:21
trmanco with all this “mac is vulnerable” hype Dec 04 21:21
schestowitz That’s like saying the “Anti-Stalin” or “anti-murder” crown… Ah! Those intolerant people Dec 04 21:21
schestowitz Those ‘zealots’. They oppose crime Dec 04 21:21
schestowitz China: We’ll keep Red Flag flying here < http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/blog/2008… > << largest Internet population Dec 04 21:22
trmanco 1.3 billion people to use GNU/Linux :-P Dec 04 21:25
schestowitz They forgot an important O/S here: http://gizmodo.com/5101337/giz-explains-why-os-x-shrug… Dec 04 21:27
schestowitz The one which runs (securely) a lot of the world’s critical server. Dec 04 21:28
schestowitz *vers Dec 04 21:28
schestowitz Add David Meyer to this week’s Mono/light boosters http://news.zdnet.co.uk/software/0,10… Not too surprising as David uses SUSE (blech) Dec 04 21:28
schestowitz trmanco: shout out when you find out NOVL results stuff. Expect some fancy headline that only talks about Linux sales (minority) but nothing else and a subheadline with some numbers that are selective. Dec 04 21:31
trmanco ok Dec 04 21:33
schestowitz *LOL* just found this: http://www.vistaisrubbish.com/ Dec 04 21:36
trmanco rubbish lol Dec 04 21:36
trmanco I kinda like this British word Dec 04 21:36
SubsonicB Hasta la Vista, baby (Terminator said) Dec 04 21:39
trmanco I’ll be back!! Dec 04 21:40
SubsonicB heh Dec 04 21:41
SubsonicB Must go now,guys. Happy microtroll hunting!!! Dec 04 21:43
schestowitz More MS layoffs Dec 04 21:46
*schestowitz doing a quick post. Dec 04 21:46
*_doug has quit () Dec 04 21:46
twitter bwahahaha! Dec 04 21:46
schestowitz There’ some silly gates appearance in CNN Dec 04 21:48
schestowitz I can see that… OJ Simpson, Gates… who’s next? Hans Reister? Dec 04 21:48
schestowitz *Reiser? Dec 04 21:48
schestowitz BN in Portugal: http://www.computerworld.com.pt/sit… Dec 04 21:53
twitter this http://www.techflash.com/venture/3… is doing M$ damage control about layoffs. Dec 04 21:53
schestowitz Yes, they have a batch of them Dec 04 21:53
schestowitz Do to the G and search for “Mcirosoft layoffs” Dec 04 21:53
schestowitz A lot of people search for these nowadays. Dec 04 21:53
schestowitz They had Ozzie (IIRC, maybe Mundie) doing a denial last week Dec 04 21:54
schestowitz Then there was another some days ago. They really go out of their way. Google likewise, I think, but I’m not sure. Dec 04 21:54
schestowitz The days of chefs of days of “fun research” (once a week) are over in Google. Dec 04 21:55
schestowitz I’m glad I didn’t go to work for them. Dec 04 21:55
SubsonicB minimsft will be happy Dec 04 21:55
SubsonicB if he remains at the company, anyway Dec 04 21:56
SubsonicB I really must go now. Dec 04 21:56
SubsonicB Beware of the shills… Dec 04 21:57
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/… Dec 04 21:57
SubsonicB take care everyone Dec 04 21:57
schestowitz Take care Dec 04 21:57
*SubsonicB has quit (“ChatZilla 0.9.84 [Firefox 3.0.4/2008111317]“) Dec 04 21:57
schestowitz That IBM thingie…. several days ago I thought they had made promises in vain, but it’s materialising… http://www.eweek.com/c/a/IT-Infrastructure/IBM-Virtual-D… … it’s PROPRIETARY software though. They ought to encourage use of F/OSS. Dec 04 22:01
schestowitz It’s IBM lockin… on top of Ubuntu. Dec 04 22:01
trmanco schestowitz, do you know ruel smith? Dec 04 22:02
trmanco he seem to be using Linux Dec 04 22:02
schestowitz Rehttp://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Specia… Dec 04 22:06
schestowitz Notable? Dec 04 22:06
schestowitz http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Speci… Dec 04 22:07
trmanco lol Dec 04 22:07
trmanco on usenet Dec 04 22:07
schestowitz http://www.svacomputerart.com/smith.html ? Dec 04 22:07
schestowitz Oh Dec 04 22:07
trmanco did you ever see him? Dec 04 22:07
schestowitz No. Dec 04 22:07
trmanco :| Dec 04 22:07
trmanco his posts are all from today Dec 04 22:12
trmanco as far as I can see, he doesn’t really like you Dec 04 22:13
trmanco schestowitz, is there any way we can spoof an emails user-agent? Dec 04 22:14
schestowitz news.motzarella.org Dec 04 22:14
schestowitz Prabably Gary nyms Dec 04 22:14
schestowitz never posted before Dec 04 22:15
schestowitz Check headers Dec 04 22:15
trmanco :| Dec 04 22:15
trmanco he is using slrn Dec 04 22:15
trmanco this is why I asked if we can spoof the user-agent Dec 04 22:15
trmanco “ethical” “ethical” “ethical” “ethical” Dec 04 22:16
schestowitz i replied Dec 04 22:17
schestowitz Gary spoofs headers Dec 04 22:17
trmanco :| Dec 04 22:18
trmanco I knew there was something fishy Dec 04 22:18
schestowitz :-) Dec 04 22:18
trmanco LOL Dec 04 22:26
trmanco nice reply Dec 04 22:26
schestowitz I’m testing before I shoot Dec 04 22:28
schestowitz He has had almost 1000 nyms Dec 04 22:28
trmanco but how can he be so different? Dec 04 22:29
trmanco he can’t be real Dec 04 22:29
trmanco :| Dec 04 22:29
schestowitz If someone new comes and knows the newsgroup too well, it’s a nymshift. I could guess even without the motzarella.org. It’s also common for Gary to use foreign name but keep the same wrtiting style, weasel phrases, prejudice and English Dec 04 22:29
schestowitz Gary is like Barkto Dec 04 22:29
schestowitz Probably a Microsoft agent. Dec 04 22:29
schestowitz This is idiotic: Growth in Internet crime calls for growth in punishment < http://www.net-security.org/secworld.php?id=6796 > Dec 04 22:30
schestowitz So rather than fix security  they think of increasing punishment? Dec 04 22:30
schestowitz That’s like saying you’ll stop serving bread in prison in order to reduce murder lev els Dec 04 22:31
trmanco Dec 04 22:31
schestowitz The American Juridical system is insane. Dec 04 22:31
schestowitz Like that onlone harassment thing… pretend to be a boy, go to jail Dec 04 22:31
schestowitz I should not be shocked though. Coming from a country that assassinates leaders of other countries (South America being a good example), putting in puppets, ruining vital infrastructure, assisting assassinations using bodies like CIA and then using embargoes to devastate the public. Dec 04 22:33
trmanco finally some support Dec 04 22:33
schestowitz How Comcast Controls Sony’s Internet TV Plans < http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2008/12/02/how-co… >. Comcast needs to be shut down already. I have quite a collections of their crimes. Dec 04 22:34
Eruaran $ sudo apt-get purge libmono Dec 04 22:34
Eruaran [sudo] password for jeremy: Dec 04 22:34
Eruaran Reading package lists… Done Dec 04 22:34
Eruaran Building dependency tree Dec 04 22:34
Eruaran Reading state information… Done Dec 04 22:34
Eruaran E: Couldn’t find package libmono Dec 04 22:34
Eruaran hehe Dec 04 22:34
schestowitz Andy has had a series of politcal posts: http://www.consortiuminfo.org/standa… Dec 04 22:34
trmanco libmon0 Dec 04 22:35
schestowitz Pretty useless for the blog is used to be. The links he posts likewise. Dec 04 22:35
schestowitz Daman. Dec 04 22:35
schestowitz Damn. I need to install Ubuntu sometimes.. Dec 04 22:35
trmanco why? Dec 04 22:35
schestowitz Just so that I can purge that umbilical cord. Dec 04 22:35
trmanco lol Dec 04 22:35
Eruaran E: Couldn’t find package libmon0 Dec 04 22:35
trmanco I can try and find a full purge Dec 04 22:35
schestowitz It’s like  inflating a balloon just to shoot it., ;-) Dec 04 22:35
Eruaran :) Dec 04 22:36
schestowitz Maybe I’ll put Mono on Mandriva Dec 04 22:36
schestowitz It wanted to invade already Dec 04 22:36
Eruaran I could smear poo on my car as well Dec 04 22:36
schestowitz There are dependency traps Dec 04 22:36
Eruaran But I don’t think I’ll bother Dec 04 22:36
schestowitz Lots of people will just install some app like Beagle in Mandriva and get a huge pile of Microsoft garbage along the way, unaware. Dec 04 22:36
trmanco my I post the hole log? Dec 04 22:37
trmanco here is a snip Dec 04 22:37
trmanco sudo apt-get –purge remove mono-common Dec 04 22:37
trmanco A Ler Listas de Pacotes… Pronto Dec 04 22:37
trmanco Construindo Árvore de Dependências Dec 04 22:37
trmanco Lendo informação de estado… Pronto Dec 04 22:37
trmanco Os seguintes pacotes foram instalados automáticamente e já não são necessários: Dec 04 22:37
trmanco   libmono0 sqlite cli-common sqlite3 Dec 04 22:37
trmanco Utilize ‘apt-get autoremove’ para os remover. Dec 04 22:37
schestowitz BN has many readers today. I’m not sure why. Dec 04 22:37
schestowitz Oh wait. Dec 04 22:38
schestowitz We made Slashdot?> Dec 04 22:38
schestowitz Something in the Apple section on /. I can’t find it though. Dec 04 22:39
trmanco drm stuff Dec 04 22:39
schestowitz We made SFTL bytes… http://wftlbytes.com/content/wft… Dec 04 22:40
schestowitz WFTL Dec 04 22:40
Eruaran bbl Dec 04 22:40
trmanco :-) Dec 04 22:40
schestowitz Oh, I found it. Dec 04 22:40
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2007/12/20/go… Dec 04 22:40
schestowitz This was in /. Dec 04 22:40
trmanco I have to go, by guys :-P Dec 04 22:41
trmanco bye* Dec 04 22:41
schestowitz Whoa. Dec 04 22:44
schestowitz Microsoft layoffs qeries doubled. Dec 04 22:44
schestowitz *queries Dec 04 22:44
twitter cool.  It’s nice someone picked up the “X recommends Winblows Professional” story. Dec 04 22:49
schestowitz Not just someone Dec 04 22:49
schestowitz Many sometones Dec 04 22:49
schestowitz It got over 5000 reads within a day or two Dec 04 22:49
schestowitz *someones Dec 04 22:49
schestowitz This is sad: http://lwn.net/Artic… Dec 04 22:50
*NZheretic (n=NZhereti@ has joined #boycottnovell Dec 04 22:57
NZheretic Just a quick note on how to remove Mono from the default DVD install ( with development ) of Fedora 10 … Dec 04 22:59
NZheretic rpm -e mono-addins mono-winforms mono-core mono-data mono-data-sqlite mono-extras mono-web tomboy gtk-sharp2 gnome-desktop-sharp ndesk-dbus ndesk-dbus-glib gmime-sharp gnome-sharp Dec 04 22:59
schestowitz Hey Dec 04 22:59
MinceR there goes the theory that fedora comes without mono :> Dec 04 23:00
schestowitz The Live CD Dec 04 23:00
schestowitz Not the Live DVD Dec 04 23:00
NZheretic The Live CD does not have them, the DVD does. Dec 04 23:00
MinceR ic Dec 04 23:02
schestowitz Net filters… the new DRM…. stops innocent people, not the problem though..  http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/educa… Dec 04 23:06
schestowitz Those filters will at least enable political censorship and other ‘unhealthy’ content Dec 04 23:06
*neighborlee_ has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Dec 04 23:10
NZheretic schestowitz : No they won’t, the ‘unhealthy’ content will just hav a non-violating front/login site keep actual content switched onto separate servers ( on rotating / new IPs ) via SSL. Dec 04 23:11
schestowitz The Microsoft-controlled DOJ (almost fact) was going to sue Google: http://techdirt.com/articles/2008… Dec 04 23:11
schestowitz It’s sickening that a high legal authority of a nation is made out of cronies. Dec 04 23:12
NZheretic schestowitz : But for how much longer? Dec 04 23:12
schestowitz They should be ‘flushed’ Dec 04 23:13
schestowitz I can’t use that story though. Dec 04 23:14
schestowitz There is no direct evidence showing Microsoft involvement. it’s said by many experts though that Microsoft poisoned the DOj and I have lots of evidence. Dec 04 23:14
schestowitz Obama uses Zune. Dec 04 23:14
NZheretic schestowitz : Do you expect any change from the new administration ( http://slashdot.org/comments.pl?sid=57… )? Dec 04 23:14
schestowitz Blech. That’s change, eh? From iPod to Zune… don’t expect him to take much action against them. Dec 04 23:15
schestowitz NZheretic: you beat me to it. Dec 04 23:15
schestowitz You spoke about change while I was writing the above Dec 04 23:15
schestowitz Obama is gentle and he already tapped some pro-IP people for the cabonet Dec 04 23:15
schestowitz *cabinet Dec 04 23:15
schestowitz Actually, i’d go with the typo: CaniNOT! Dec 04 23:16
schestowitz Or Cabotnet Dec 04 23:16
NZheretic http://change.gov/about/copyright_policy Dec 04 23:16
schestowitz Controlled by a botmaster Dec 04 23:16
NZheretic “Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License. “ Dec 04 23:17
schestowitz FYI: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/02/micros… Dec 04 23:17
schestowitz http://www.sutor.com/newsite/blog-open/?… Dec 04 23:17
NZheretic I think that the original Obama team is beginning to get the Idea. Dec 04 23:18
schestowitz Funny to see Ward’s damage control Dec 04 23:18
schestowitz We correspond sometimes. Dec 04 23:18
schestowitz I’m trying to troll IBM into a fight against Sofwawre Patents. Dec 04 23:19
schestowitz Linden still a yo-yo: http://www.marketwatch.com/news/story/Linden-Lab-Appo… Dec 04 23:22
NZheretic I’ve wondered about that. Most big corporations ( or their CEOs ) like Patents because they effectively add to the estimated capital value of the  corporation. But, probably, if you actually totaled up what a business actually makes from those patents, via what it actually costs them for filing, fighting and settling their and others patent claims it would not come out to anything close to the estimated value of the patents. It it yet another Dec 04 23:25
NZheretic false economy ready to collapse? Dec 04 23:25
schestowitz It has been said Dec 04 23:25
schestowitz Have you seen wrirings about it? Dec 04 23:25
schestowitz Early Oct., just after the biggest tumbles in the street Dec 04 23:26
schestowitz Oh, I need to check NOVL’s report. Dec 04 23:26
schestowitz NOVL reports LOSS Dec 04 23:27
schestowitz Stock up afterhhours though Dec 04 23:27
schestowitz Novell’s 4Q loss narrows in line with Street < http://biz.yahoo.com/ap/081204/earns_… > Dec 04 23:27
schestowitz “Look. We lost money. But not as much as last year… about 5% less” Dec 04 23:28
schestowitz (Novell sacked people and closed office, so..) Dec 04 23:28
schestowitz I’ll do a fast post before a more comprehensive analysis Dec 04 23:29
NZheretic Novell is too useful to Microsoft at the moment. Like SCO, Microsoft will find some way to prop it up to keep it going. Dec 04 23:32
schestowitz I know, I know… Dec 04 23:36
schestowitz That’s why we need to show when Microsoft pays them Dec 04 23:37
schestowitz Pays them money and pays lip service. Dec 04 23:37
schestowitz As in recommendation of vouchers (patent royalties) to clients. Dec 04 23:37
schestowitz I should really leak a story soon. Dec 04 23:37
schestowitz Maybe tonight. Dec 04 23:37
NZheretic I’m off to an office meeting, thanks Roy for all the great effort you put into this. Dec 04 23:43
*NZheretic has quit (“Leaving”) Dec 04 23:43
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/04/no… Dec 04 23:46
MinceR gn Dec 04 23:48
schestowitz I wish, MinceR. I have catching up to do tonight. Dec 04 23:52
MinceR i have catching up to sleep to do, but that won’t really work Dec 04 23:52
MinceR (less than 7 hours left :/) Dec 04 23:52
schestowitz I do 6 or less Dec 04 23:53
schestowitz It’s a matter of habit/pattern based on some experience I’ve had. Once you sleep more the body expects it. Dec 04 23:53
schestowitz Miracle: US FCC to mull free Internet plan at Dec. meeting < http://www.reuters.com/article/markets… > Dec 04 23:57
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