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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: January 8th, 2009

Posted in IRC Logs at 4:15 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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tessier_ Thanks, glad you liked them Jan 08 00:04
tessier_ Regarding environment: The air quality in Saigon is terrible. Especially when you are driving around. You are out in the open. The motorbikes have no emission controls. A lot of them are really old. The city buses have the exhaust pipes down low and you are on your bike two feet from it and it is blowing exhaust straight into your mouth. Don’t get stuck behind a bus. It really sucks. Jan 08 00:06
tessier_ You see a lot of people on motorbikes wearing masks there. It doesn’t protect you from CO2 but it might offer some small protection against particulates, I don’t know. Jan 08 00:06
tessier_ But a lot of people wear them. Even Kevin. Look at the pics of him on his bike. He wears a mask. Jan 08 00:06
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schestowitz gn Jan 08 01:59
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twitter Most motorbikes have no emission controls.  Honda scooters of 90cc and less don’t need them.  2 stroke engines are nasty but they burn so little fuel they are not a big deal.  Trucks suck, even here.  I was in Houston last summer – the air was orange brown and was so heavy you could not see downtown from the interstates. Jan 08 02:12
twitter Part of the problem was oil plants all around.  It covered my car with oily grime. Jan 08 02:13
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NeonF|oss whats the linux eqivelent of this? http://www.blogpirate.org/2009/01/07/evec Jan 08 02:56
NeonF|oss is there one? Jan 08 02:56
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tessier NeonFloss: Sounds like Beagle Jan 08 04:06
tessier NeonFloss: Part of Gnome. Jan 08 04:07
NeonFloss thanks Jan 08 04:07
NeonFloss im nub with linux Jan 08 04:07
NeonFloss is ubuntu gnome? Jan 08 04:07
tessier Yes Jan 08 04:11
*schestowitz removes ban on *!*@ubuntu/member/wasabi Jan 08 08:33
schestowitz Why was there a ban? What is this?????? Jan 08 08:34
schestowitz [H]omer: did you set that up? Jan 08 08:34
MinceR geekings Jan 08 09:43
schestowitz Geekings bearing gifts. Jan 08 09:44
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schestowitz Wall Street’s Collapse and the Ownership Society < http://www.counterpunch.org/martens… > Jan 08 11:54
schestowitz http://www.stallman.org/archives/2008-nov-feb.ht… “One of the reasons newspapers hesitated to write about the complex financial derivatives and their dangers was that they feared libel suits for the slightest mistake.” Jan 08 11:57
schestowitz Homes with No People, People with No Homes < http://www.commondreams.org/headline/20… > Jan 08 11:58
schestowitz http://www.counterpunch.org/thie… “Yes, it’s all smoke and mirrors, and everyone who looked already knew that. That isn’t news. The news, as Alan Greenspan said pathetically in front of Congress, was that the moguls and bankers and investment gurus did not act according to their own self interest. They did not just risky things but insanely stupid risky things and thought they could hide from their karma.” Jan 08 12:01
schestowitz Microsoft executive shoots down Zune Phone rumors — again < http://www.techflash.com/microsoft/Microso… > Jan 08 12:04
Omar87 Hi all Jan 08 12:05
schestowitz http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?lts… “Does anyone remember how SCO was convincing the media ( and a lot of other people, corporations, etc) that there were millions of lines of code than Linux stole from Unix? Pamela deserves credit for being a major force in clearing the smokescreen that SCO was hiding behind.” Jan 08 12:06
schestowitz http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.php3?lts… “Or have Eric Raymond, Jamie Boyle, Paul Jones, and Steven-Vaugn Nichols decided FLOSS has won, and no further advocacy is needed?” Jan 08 12:07
Omar87 schestowitz: How’s it going? Jan 08 12:07
schestowitz Pretty OK Jan 08 12:07
schestowitz Microsoft is dumping again Jan 08 12:08
schestowitz It’s abusing India (Kerala) too Jan 08 12:08
schestowitz Though we need more evidence. Jan 08 12:08
schestowitz BN’s findings were used in the Indian press. Jan 08 12:08
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/wp-content/uplo… Jan 08 12:09
schestowitz Stansted protesters sentenced to community service amid threat of £2m damages claim < http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/… > Jan 08 12:24
schestowitz “A group of climate change protesters who brought Stansted airport to a standstill after occupying a taxiway in December were sentenced yesterday, as it emerged that they and others who joined them face the threat of being sued for more than £2m in damages.” Jan 08 12:24
schestowitz Lenovo to Lay off 2,500 Staff, Cut Management Pay < http://www.pcworld.com/article/156620/l… > Jan 08 12:33
schestowitz EMC to Lay off 2,400 < http://www.pcworld.com/article/156619/… > Jan 08 12:33
schestowitz Microsoft nicks another Yahoo exec: Microsoft Hires Head of Yahoo Korea to Run Local Operations < http://www.pcworld.com/article/156642/microsof… > Jan 08 12:35
schestowitz OLPC Aims for Free Laptop, Lays off Staff < http://www.pcworld.com/article/156604/olpc_aims_… > Jan 08 12:37
schestowitz Time to focus on Sugar mostly. Jan 08 12:37
schestowitz Outsourcing Will Flourish During Recession < http://www.pcworld.com/article/156591/out… >. Maybe fairer distribution of wealthy (globally)/ Jan 08 12:38
schestowitz *wealth (globally)? Jan 08 12:38
schestowitz Option for suing Microsoft for AstroTurfing: Posting Negative Reviews Could Get You Sued < http://www.pcworld.com/article/156605/… > Jan 08 12:39
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ushimitsudoki Open office vs. Go-OO: http://itmanagement.earthweb.com/osrc/… Jan 08 12:43
ushimitsudoki What’s up with this fellow Byfield? Jan 08 12:43
schestowitz You don’t know him? Jan 08 12:45
ushimitsudoki No, I think this is the first article I have read from him … at least the first that made me think about commenting Jan 08 12:46
ushimitsudoki maybe i read other stuff and just didn’t care enough to check the author Jan 08 12:46
schestowitz OMG Jan 08 12:46
schestowitz He censored my comment! Jan 08 12:46
schestowitz I had a long comment here: http://ostatic.com/blog/a-diatribe-again… Jan 08 12:46
schestowitz He removed at least 2 oe 3 (there were 12 comments, IIRC) Jan 08 12:47
ushimitsudoki ah, then i won’t waste my time commenting. I thought he might be genuinely confused or something. Jan 08 12:47
schestowitz ushimitsudoki: search BN for Byfield. There is history there and he also did a hack job on us at Linux.com. Jan 08 12:47
ushimitsudoki ah i see a few there now after searching Jan 08 12:49
schestowitz I probably shound’t bother feeding by rebutting Jan 08 12:49
schestowitz But the censorship in OStatic makes me wonder. Jan 08 12:50
schestowitz Maybe it was accidental. Jan 08 12:50
ushimitsudoki well, IMHO there too much “feeding of the trolls” in general Jan 08 12:50
schestowitz He did approves my Enderle comment: http://ostatic.com/blog/desktop-an… Jan 08 12:50
schestowitz I’ll just pass in that case. Jan 08 12:50
schestowitz “However, by emphasizing only the Microsoft technologies in Go-OO, the anti-Novell lobby misrepresents the project.” Jan 08 12:51
schestowitz He calls us “anti-Novell” Jan 08 12:51
schestowitz “The anti-Novell lobby is right to suggest that Meeks is being disingenuous about Go-OO, but the agenda of its members makes them push their arguments into distortions as serious as Meeks’.” Jan 08 12:52
schestowitz Lobby? Jan 08 12:52
ushimitsudoki that’s a tricky sentence there Jan 08 12:53
ushimitsudoki lobby is right out Jan 08 12:53
schestowitz How many times in this article does he call it “anti-Novell lobby”? Jan 08 12:54
schestowitz Mind you, he never links to BN. Jan 08 12:54
schestowitz He wants people to just take his word (re: the “anti-Novell lobby” side) Jan 08 12:54
ushimitsudoki but i do like to beat the drum about tightening up the arguments – I wouldn’t put it in the same light as he does of course, but more of along the lines of “a woman has to do the same job twice as good as a man” type of thing, if you see where I’m coming from there Jan 08 12:55
ushimitsudoki when you are a minority, you have to watch your step more. it’s unfair, but that’s the way of things Jan 08 12:55
schestowitz He is so careful not the name the site Jan 08 12:55
schestowitz If he names it, then *Shudders* people might visit it. Jan 08 12:55
ushimitsudoki here is what jumped out at me: “And considering that OOXML is now an ISO standard — no matter what dirty tricks might have made it one — the idea that it, at least, could now be used in patent violation cases seems logically inconsistent” Jan 08 12:55
MinceR if only we could lobby against novell Jan 08 12:55
ushimitsudoki how does something being an ISO standard prevent a patent violation? Jan 08 12:56
ushimitsudoki There are licensing terms RAND / RAND-Z / whatever Jan 08 12:56
schestowitz Yes, I saw that re: patents. Utter BS Jan 08 12:56
schestowitz Byfield does not understand patents and the OSP/RAND Jan 08 12:56
ushimitsudoki ISO standard *alone* doesn’t prevent anything Jan 08 12:56
ushimitsudoki it’s just sloppy Jan 08 12:56
schestowitz But some say he’s too vain to allow others to weigh in on these issues. Jan 08 12:56
ushimitsudoki The fear of people to call go-oo a fork is so funny to me Jan 08 12:57
ushimitsudoki it’s a fork. get over it Jan 08 12:57
ushimitsudoki forkety fork fork Jan 08 12:57
schestowitz I guess I could references lawyers like Bredan Scott who wrote about the patent issue that remains in MOOX Jan 08 12:57
schestowitz The F word? No! Jan 08 12:57
ushimitsudoki I also like this: “If you spend any time in OOo at all, you are likely to conclude that all major decisions are made by a small circle of Sun developers,” Jan 08 12:59
ushimitsudoki isn’t every major project driven by an “inner circle” of developers? Jan 08 12:59
ushimitsudoki the buck has to stop somewhere Jan 08 13:00
PetoKraus well… Jan 08 13:00
schestowitz But that won’t fit his hypothesis Jan 08 13:00
PetoKraus they should take example from cinelerra Jan 08 13:00
*ushimitsudoki listens Jan 08 13:00
schestowitz Did Microsoft fork it? :-) Jan 08 13:00
schestowitz j/k Jan 08 13:00
PetoKraus the guy develops it himself, he doesn’t care about community work Jan 08 13:00
PetoKraus he just happens to release the source code Jan 08 13:01
PetoKraus so the community picks this “inner circle work” and “improves upon it”, and there goes cinelerra-cv Jan 08 13:01
PetoKraus and everyone is happy Jan 08 13:01
ushimitsudoki does he get much grief for that? Jan 08 13:02
PetoKraus grief? Jan 08 13:02
ushimitsudoki like the criticism that sun is getting Jan 08 13:02
PetoKraus well, yes he did Jan 08 13:02
PetoKraus but he explained he developed cinelerra for his company’s own use Jan 08 13:03
PetoKraus and he’s not interested in making it “bigger and better” as long as he can do his job in it Jan 08 13:03
ushimitsudoki i don’t see a problem there Jan 08 13:03
PetoKraus me neither Jan 08 13:04
PetoKraus no one sees Jan 08 13:04
ushimitsudoki sounds like the guy stepped up to make as much of a contribution as he could Jan 08 13:04
PetoKraus *wanted to, i’d say Jan 08 13:04
ushimitsudoki well, “feels comfortable with” how about that? Jan 08 13:04
ushimitsudoki in any case, no problem Jan 08 13:04
PetoKraus i love these people who say “but by reinventing the wheel you waste effort” Jan 08 13:05
PetoKraus mainly because I like to do it as well (i developed my own, albeit crappy, CMS on my page just because I wanted to) Jan 08 13:06
ushimitsudoki i know – absolutely missing the point – it’s like saying I really like this one song, I don’t understand why the band needs to make another Jan 08 13:06
PetoKraus yeah Jan 08 13:06
PetoKraus you know, instead they should focus and make the song even better! Jan 08 13:06
PetoKraus i see the idea in people’s “why do we need another distro/WM/DE/package manager/init system” thing Jan 08 13:08
PetoKraus though it’s not like everyone on the earth is paid by them to develop ;) Jan 08 13:08
ushimitsudoki i always say: hey, it’s their time to waste. (even so, the number of spin-off distros has gotten a bit ridiculous lately) Jan 08 13:09
PetoKraus yes it is, though most of the people running them are learning Jan 08 13:10
PetoKraus or whatever Jan 08 13:10
PetoKraus this recession in the UK is fantastic Jan 08 13:10
PetoKraus i wanted to buy one camcorder for €270 Jan 08 13:10
PetoKraus i bought two for £230 with a case :) Jan 08 13:10
PetoKraus and i can still go get several pints of beer to use up all those ~40£/€ Jan 08 13:11
ushimitsudoki i’m glad it’s helping someone – it’s a bit rough on me Jan 08 13:11
PetoKraus job? Jan 08 13:12
ushimitsudoki yeah, i’m paid in USD, but live in Japan … and the yen rate is poop Jan 08 13:12
ushimitsudoki it’s like getting a big pay cut Jan 08 13:12
PetoKraus yeah Jan 08 13:12
PetoKraus my friend did a mistake – something similar to your situation – he’s on erasmus in paris. He could choose to get his scholarship paid in £ or €. He chose £… now he lost 1/3 of his money, basically Jan 08 13:13
ushimitsudoki yup that’s how it goes Jan 08 13:14
PetoKraus oh, now i see what you mean Jan 08 13:14
PetoKraus 10% in 3 months Jan 08 13:15
ushimitsudoki that’ll get you to start making sure you turn off the lights when leaving the room :) Jan 08 13:15
PetoKraus well we do that anyway Jan 08 13:15
PetoKraus i’m in glasgow Jan 08 13:15
PetoKraus we started heating on 25th of November Jan 08 13:15
PetoKraus we stopped on 12th of December Jan 08 13:16
PetoKraus it’s still off Jan 08 13:16
PetoKraus it’s 5°C outside Jan 08 13:16
PetoKraus under zero during night time Jan 08 13:16
PetoKraus students :D Jan 08 13:16
PetoKraus it boils down to – it’s better to get thermo-underwear for like a £10, than pay +£10 over three months on gas Jan 08 13:17
ushimitsudoki heh too cold Jan 08 13:17
PetoKraus i went home during christmas Jan 08 13:18
PetoKraus the weather in my home country is like -10°C during nighttime, -3°C to 0°C during the day Jan 08 13:18
PetoKraus or was over the christmas period Jan 08 13:18
PetoKraus it’s roughly 8 degrees less than in glasgow, though much more frosty due to lower air humidity Jan 08 13:19
PetoKraus i’m okay with that, the problem is – the flats in slovakia are heated to 25°C Jan 08 13:19
PetoKraus i was dying the first week. I was wandering around the flat just in underwear. Jan 08 13:19
PetoKraus then you get used to overheat inside and freezing outside… Jan 08 13:19
PetoKraus now i have to acclimatise back to even temperatures :D Jan 08 13:20
schestowitz I wrote a very quick rebuttal. Jan 08 13:20
PetoKraus yeah. It’s gonna change – Russians stopped the gas (i mean, gaseous gas, not liquid gas) flow Jan 08 13:20
schestowitz I just need to parse through it. Jan 08 13:20
PetoKraus the funny thing is, the network needs like 30 units of gas per day, the reserves can provide only 22 Jan 08 13:22
PetoKraus and there is literally no gas flowing trough the pipes…. Jan 08 13:22
PetoKraus steel factories stopped, automobile factories stopped… Fun times. :D Jan 08 13:22
MinceR PetoKraus: which is your home country? Jan 08 13:23
PetoKraus Slovakia Jan 08 13:23
MinceR i hope the ukrainians and the russians get slapped on the wrist before we (Europe) run out of gas Jan 08 13:24
schestowitz Isn’t Slovakia a EU state? Jan 08 13:26
schestowitz Oh oops. Jan 08 13:26
PetoKraus schestowitz: is Jan 08 13:26
schestowitz “Ukrainians”.. Jan 08 13:27
MinceR ? Jan 08 13:27
schestowitz http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=… Jan 08 13:28
schestowitz Both OSNews and LinuxToday repost old news about OpenGL or mesa. Amazing how one person’a mistake percolates. Jan 08 13:48
schestowitz Google cuts staff < http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/285/105… >. MS is next. Jan 08 13:56
schestowitz http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/27… “INTEL HAS CONFESSED that it expects its fourth-quarter revenue to drop by 23 per cent” Jan 08 13:56
schestowitz ” Vietnamese government mandates Open Source – Kicking out Microsoft ” http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/293/10… Jan 08 13:58
schestowitz http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/… “The biggest losers will be those who only have a mobile phone because they’ll continue to pay over the top for 0845 and 0870 calls. Most mobile networks even charge for calls placed to 0800 numbers which are supposed to be ‘free’.” Jan 08 13:59
ushimitsudoki wow i don’t think i understood one sentence in that last article :) Jan 08 14:00
schestowitz There’s a ripoff here in the UK Jan 08 14:00
schestowitz Some people’s numbers are not just expensive to make calls from (landline) but are also a ripoff to ring. Jan 08 14:01
schestowitz There was a petition on the Web… with many more like it, even against Phorm Jan 08 14:01
schestowitz -Jesus-Jobs loses half a billion in stock value (Apple).. reportedly. Jan 08 14:02
schestowitz [urgent] can anyone extract the text from this: http://boycottnovell.com/wp-content/up… Jan 08 14:31
PetoKraus fuuu Jan 08 14:45
PetoKraus i can’t sorry Jan 08 14:46
PetoKraus it’s totally illegible Jan 08 14:47
schestowitz Even if you focus? Jan 08 14:47
PetoKraus i had it on 200% Jan 08 14:47
PetoKraus i probably could look into it in 3 hours Jan 08 14:48
schestowitz Thanks! :-) Jan 08 14:48
ushimitsudoki i’ll work on it Jan 08 14:54
schestowitz Thanks. Jan 08 14:54
schestowitz I have 5 more PDFs about EDGI Jan 08 14:55
schestowitz It’ll take lots of work to publish them, but we’ll get it done Jan 08 14:55
schestowitz It was nice to see the Indian paper talking about EDGI because BoycottNovell showed it Jan 08 14:55
*schestowitz is processing http://boycottnovell.com/wp-content/u… Jan 08 15:08
trmanco lol Jan 08 15:09
trmanco microsoft like VLC? Jan 08 15:10
trmanco likes* Jan 08 15:10
trmanco they are trying to make applications compatible Jan 08 15:10
schestowitz Where do you see this? Jan 08 15:10
schestowitz I’d like to see. Jan 08 15:10
trmanco http://mailman.videolan.org/pipermail/… Jan 08 15:11
trmanco there you go Jan 08 15:11
trmanco the thing is, vlc has already been reported as “compatible” with 7 Jan 08 15:12
schestowitz trmanco: where did you find this? Jan 08 15:13
schestowitz As in, any context? Jan 08 15:13
trmanco I’m just subed to that mailing list Jan 08 15:13
schestowitz Thanks. Jan 08 15:14
trmanco no context Jan 08 15:14
schestowitz I’ll post about it Jan 08 15:14
trmanco ok ;) Jan 08 15:14
schestowitz “Windows 7 PC Ecosystem team…” Jan 08 15:14
schestowitz *snigger* Jan 08 15:14
schestowitz Ecosystem = buy a new computer to be ‘capable’… you know… the help the ecosystem… (not in the ecology sense) Jan 08 15:15
MinceR to survive Jan 08 15:15
MinceR buy or die :> Jan 08 15:16
trmanco lol Jan 08 15:18
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ushimitsudoki schestowitz: i have PX09445 in spreadsheet form. where do you want it? Jan 08 15:43
schestowitz Thanks! Jan 08 15:43
schestowitz mail it to r at schestowitz.com Jan 08 15:43
schestowitz Publish this in your blog as well. We ought to get the word out. Feel free to copy whatever there is in BN. Jan 08 15:44
ushimitsudoki alright it is sent. pls let me know when you get it (or don’t) Jan 08 15:45
schestowitz What should I attribute to? Jan 08 15:47
schestowitz Maybe a link to your site? Jan 08 15:47
ushimitsudoki That’s fine – no big notice needed Jan 08 15:47
*r0ver (n=r0ver@ has joined #boycottnovell Jan 08 15:50
schestowitz Thanks. It’s updated now: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/08/micro… Jan 08 15:52
PetoKraus russia pawns Jan 08 15:55
PetoKraus seems so ;) Jan 08 15:55
schestowitz Did you see the YouTube vid? Jan 08 16:09
PetoKraus nae Jan 08 16:09
schestowitz http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=fzLtF_PxbYw Jan 08 16:10
schestowitz trmanco: I wrote about your finding. Do you want to check it? http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/08/wind… Jan 08 16:33
trmanco sure Jan 08 16:33
trmanco cool Jan 08 16:34
schestowitz No typos? Jan 08 16:34
schestowitz I’m paranoid about them. Jan 08 16:34
schestowitz When it comes to BN only… because a lot more people read it than anything else I use. Jan 08 16:34
schestowitz BN server 14697 pages in the past 12 hours (to non-bots) Jan 08 16:35
*mib_t9pzxk (i=62d86c09@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-f163f5ab6373b2ae) has joined #boycottnovell Jan 08 16:38
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schestowitz I think we just inherit some GL readers. Jan 08 16:38
MinceR GL? Jan 08 16:39
schestowitz Groklaw. Jan 08 16:39
trmanco schestowitz, I’ll check Jan 08 16:40
trmanco no typos Jan 08 16:41
MinceR inherited? what happened to groklaw? Jan 08 16:42
schestowitz No new posts Jan 08 16:46
schestowitz No news picks, either. Jan 08 16:46
MinceR ic Jan 08 16:47
MinceR :( Jan 08 16:47
schestowitz “Again, your links are awesome and now that PJ isnt doing links anymore, even more important for free software supporters.” (hours ago) http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/08/india-so… Jan 08 16:47
schestowitz Maybe I’ll do an interview to publish in Datamation in response to http://itmanagement.earthweb.com/osrc/a… (Byfield piece) Jan 08 16:50
schestowitz Latest Massive Fraud: Satyam Found To Be Swimming Naked < http://techdirt.com/articles/2009… > Jan 08 16:52
schestowitz “Electronic components maker TDK said it was cutting 8,000 jobs worldwide as it announced it expected to make its biggest ever annual loss.”  < http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/busine… > Jan 08 16:53
twitter I’m not sure about the specifics of cinerella, but it’s always best to be clear about copyright up front. Jan 08 16:53
twitter If you are not clear and careful, others can’t distribute your work for you. Jan 08 16:53
schestowitz It’s just getting started. Many companies are “swimming naked,” to borrow the term from Mike Masnick Jan 08 16:54
schestowitz 1990 called BBC… they want their ‘news’ back: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/7817093.stm Jan 08 16:55
twitter If you care enough to share your work, you should care enough to make sure others can use it. Jan 08 16:55
schestowitz Passwords too? Are you talking about Cinerella, still? Jan 08 16:59
schestowitz http://blog.lizardwrangler.com/2009/01/05/… open, open, open… what about Freedom, Mitchell? Jan 08 17:02
schestowitz http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.ph… “OpenOffice, as Firefox, have won a prestigious trademark among non-IT-related office workers. It will take years and many millions to destroy such trademark image. Not even IBM was able to destroy it even with all the money and propaganda trying to convert OO users to Lotus Symphony.” Jan 08 17:07
schestowitz Please refer to Novell’s fork as “Go-OOXML” to deter against its use Jan 08 17:07
schestowitz Also… Win7 should be called Vista 7. It’s inherently the same thing with some tweaks and GUI changes. Jan 08 17:08
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schestowitz What4? Jan 08 17:10
schestowitz http://blog.angulosolido.pt/2009/01/integ… Jan 08 17:10
schestowitz LinuxToday links to a sort of advert now…? http://www.multiseatcomputer.be/index.php/en… Jan 08 17:11
schestowitz Nick blogs about OLPC layoffs (open for comments): http://blog.laptop.org/2009/01/07/refo… Jan 08 17:13
schestowitz Novell low-end ‘bribes’ :-) http://news.opensuse.org/2009/0… Jan 08 17:15
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schestowitz Alternate Universe of Macworld News http://www.pcworld.com/articl… “less-than-exciting keynote address at the MacWorld Expo yesterday..” Jan 08 17:21
schestowitz Wow. I’ve just watched the video here again: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/08/ab… Jan 08 17:23
schestowitz Skip to around minute 7. Steve Jobs says that only Apple and Microsoft exist on the desktop and together they have 100% market share. He pulled the same stunt with his Safari diagram where he pretended Firefox et al no longer exist!! Jan 08 17:24
schestowitz twitter: do you have software that can clip videos? Jan 08 17:25
schestowitz Anyone? Jan 08 17:25
twitter yes Jan 08 17:26
twitter shoot it to me and let me know what you want and when Jan 08 17:26
schestowitz Can you see the video? You can d/l from YouTube. Jan 08 17:27
schestowitz Steve Jobs essentially promotes duopoly with Microsoft on the desktop Jan 08 17:27
twitter yes, I can use clive for YouTube. Jan 08 17:27
schestowitz I want to put this in FP Jan 08 17:27
twitter ah, where is it? Jan 08 17:28
schestowitz [OT] Sacked IT admin sentenced for hacking ex-employer < http://www.theregister.co.uk/… Jan 08 17:28
twitter here’s an interesting article on affordable computing  http://www.pcworld.com/article/156463/amd… Jan 08 17:29
twitter not bad, considering the source. Jan 08 17:29
schestowitz http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=WxOp5mBY9IY Skip to 9:10 Jan 08 17:29
schestowitz What was the syntax for deep linking? I can’t rememeber.. Jan 08 17:30
twitter I don’t know that would be nice.  Clive just gets the mp4 Jan 08 17:30
twitter this thing is from 1999? Jan 08 17:31
schestowitz http://www.findmysoft.com/news/YouTube-A… Jan 08 17:31
schestowitz Never mind Jan 08 17:31
schestowitz I’ll deep-link it. Jan 08 17:32
schestowitz 1997 Jan 08 17:32
twitter That’s worth sharing, ” you want to deep link to this specific time 1:03. All you have to do is attach “#t=1m03s” to the video’s URL. What you will end up with is this deep link.”  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MD_KNf… for example. Jan 08 17:33
twitter too bad they don’t have a start and end time Jan 08 17:34
schestowitz Yes Jan 08 17:34
schestowitz I got it anyway Jan 08 17:34
twitter It’s nice to have that.  At the time, people at Apple and M$ talked and acted as if software monopolies were natural.  They might have still believed that free software was impossible and that there was not enough “room” in the market for more than one or two non free companies because non free would never work with others. Jan 08 17:43
twitter These comments show the arrogance of non free software makers. Jan 08 17:43
twitter By 1999, there were several usable distributions, even commercial distributions.  As RMS said, saying free software is impossible is like saying airplanes are impossible when anyone can go to the airport and watch them take off and land. Jan 08 17:45
twitter Yet here we are, 10 years later, and some people still say the same shit.  It takes the form of “Free software will never do X”  where X is a working kernel, friendly GUI, documentation, media playing, and so on and so forth. Jan 08 17:47
schestowitz They are marketing companies Jan 08 17:48
schestowitz Dell shuts Limerick factory and scraps 1,900 jobs < http://www.channelregister.co.uk/2009/01/08/… > Jan 08 17:50
schestowitz That’s like 10,000 so far today Jan 08 17:50
schestowitz http://www.prwatch.org/node/8115 (Deadly Deception: The Tobacco Industry’s Secondhand Smoke Cover Up) Jan 08 17:52
schestowitz Propaganda that costs lives Jan 08 17:52
schestowitz An Army of $15.5 Million < http://www.prwatch.org/node/8119 > Jan 08 17:55
tessier_ Morning all. Anything interesting happening today? Jan 08 18:11
schestowitz Just more reports about Vietnam Jan 08 18:12
schestowitz “Joe – It has been rumored that some of Novell’s largest GroupWise customers are moving away from that platform. As I understand it, GroupWise Maintenance is Novell’s largest source of revenue from a product perspective. What will that revenue loss mean for new technology offerings from Novell since they are already behind companies like Google, and Microsoft in the GroupWare and Collaboration space.” http://www.thevarguy.com/2 Jan 08 18:13
schestowitz 009/01/06/podcast-novell-chief -marketing-officer-john-dragoon/ Jan 08 18:13
schestowitz http://www.thevarguy.com/2009/01/06/pod… Jan 08 18:13
schestowitz Found in 4 place so far (this one’s the latest): http://arstechnica.com/journals/linux.ars/20… Jan 08 18:14
schestowitz Asus reveals wireless HD Eee PC inside a keyboard  < http://www.daniweb.com/blogs/entry3760.html > Jan 08 18:22
tessier_ I noticed this morning that someone from Novell is contributing quite a bit to the development of btrfs Jan 08 18:32
tessier_ btrfs is awesome and soon to be included in Linus’ kernel. Jan 08 18:32
schestowitz Which person? Jan 08 18:33
schestowitz Yes, it’l be merges Jan 08 18:33
schestowitz It’s an Oracle project (Chris Mason or something) Jan 08 18:33
tessier_ From: Gregory Haskins <ghaskins@novell.com> Jan 08 18:34
tessier_ He appears to be doing very good work so don’t cause him any troubles. :) Jan 08 18:34
tessier_ Yes, it’s Chris Mason. Jan 08 18:34
tessier_ Chris Mason did a lot of work on reiserfs also. Jan 08 18:34
tessier_ “Asus might have lost the netbook war to Acer” Jan 08 18:35
tessier_ huh? How so? Jan 08 18:35
tessier_ Asus is selling tons of EEE PC’s Jan 08 18:35
schestowitz Acer sells more Jan 08 18:36
schestowitz Slightly more according to ‘stats’ Jan 08 18:36
tessier_ More netbooks or laptops in general? Jan 08 18:36
tessier_ I don’t even know the name of the Acer netbook product. Jan 08 18:37
tessier_ This PC inside a keyboard thing looks awesome btw. Jan 08 18:37
tessier_ I’ve always wanted a PC in a full keysize  touch-typeable keyboard. Jan 08 18:37
tessier_ Not a huge 101 key monstrosity keyboard. Something like the Happy Hacking keyboard. Jan 08 18:37
tessier_ But wireless HDMI? I’ve never heard of that. I wish it had a clamshell design like traditional notebooks with a screen the same size as the keyboard. Jan 08 18:38
schestowitz Acer -> Aspire (One) Jan 08 18:40
schestowitz Carder linked to TJX hack jailed for 30 years by Turkish court < http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/01/0… > Jan 08 18:41
tessier_ So who from TJX is going to jail for letting this happen? Jan 08 18:41
tessier_ I am reminded of the Drill Sargent from Full Metal Jacket: Jan 08 18:42
schestowitz Which part was this? Jan 08 18:43
*schestowitz hasn’t watched it for years Jan 08 18:43
schestowitz Sutor snubs ISO: http://www.sutor.com/newsite/blog-open/?p=3269 Jan 08 18:46
schestowitz 20,000 jobs to go at Dell, IBM and Lenovo < http://www.itwire.com/content/view/22… > Jan 08 18:47
schestowitz *LOL* http://edition.cnn.com/2009/WORLD/europe… Crazy tabloids Jan 08 18:48
schestowitz Satyam delisted:  Indian computer giant delisted after scandal < http://edition.cnn.com/2009/BUSINESS/01… > Jan 08 18:50
schestowitz If they could get away with it until now that he confessed, anyone could (and many do). It’ll blow up soon.. Jan 08 18:50
tessier_ HARTMAN:  “Jesus H. Christ! Private Pyle, why is your footlocker unlocked?” PYLE: “Sir, I don’t know, sir!” HARTMAN: “Private Pyle, if there is one thing in this world that I hate, it is an unlocked footlocker! You know that, don’t you?” PYLE: “Sir, yes, sir!” HARTMAN: “If it wasn’t for dickheads like you, there wouldn’t be any thievery in this world, would there?” PYLE: “Sir, no, sir! Jan 08 18:52
tessier_ Windows is an unlocked footlocker. Jan 08 18:52
tessier_ Don’t prosecute the crackers. Prosecute the ones who didn’t lock their footlocker. Jan 08 18:52
schestowitz *sigh* [me seeing stuff] Why do people /still/ cite Gartner. They are corruptible. E-mails from antitrust show them negotiating with clients what they’ll write. Jan 08 18:53
schestowitz Paycut too: http://www.masshightech.com/stories/2009…  OLPC loses half staff, reduces pay for others Jan 08 18:54
schestowitz Keep one, sack one Jan 08 18:54
schestowitz They ought to have sought justice against the crimes of WIntelsoft Jan 08 18:54
schestowitz Lora still peddles that “Microsoft to devour FOSS” plot: http://www.itbusinessedge.com/blogs/… Jan 08 18:56
tessier_ I’m bummed about OLPC. I bought one and shipped it to my 12 year old brother in law in Vietnam. Jan 08 18:57
tessier_ I was looking forward to the day when all of his friends would have one and he would have been the first kid on his block. Jan 08 18:57
tessier_ Now I don’t know that it will ever happen. Jan 08 18:57
tessier_ I’ Jan 08 18:57
tessier_ I’m a bit worried about OpenMoko also. Jan 08 18:57
tessier_ I support these guys by dropping hundreds of dollars ($1000 between OLPC and OpenMoko) on their early hardware and then they go and screw up organisationally. Jan 08 18:58
schestowitz Not many companies are growing these days Jan 08 19:00
schestowitz Motorola, Sony, Samsung.. Jan 08 19:00
schestowitz http://www.heise.de/english/newsticker/… (Microsoft: Customers play “Russian roulette” with their systems) Jan 08 19:01
schestowitz Sure, Windows *is* “Russian roulette” Jan 08 19:02
schestowitz Now they blame CUSTOMERS/ Jan 08 19:02
twitter M$ has always blamed the user for security and other problems. Jan 08 19:03
tessier_ My employer is growing. :) Jan 08 19:04
tessier_ That reminds me, I need to post those job adverts today… Jan 08 19:04
schestowitz Datamt1on will pass on this OOo interview, but I’ve just asked  an interview for BN (unpaid :-( )? Jan 08 19:04
schestowitz People whom I speak to see their company shrinking fast Jan 08 19:05
twitter Here’s someone with the nerve to defend M$ about the Vista Capable scam.  http://arstechnica.com/news.ars/post/200… Jan 08 19:05
schestowitz There are also some ‘boot lickers’ out there How do you think Microsoft find lawyers to defend it? Jan 08 19:07
schestowitz *finds Jan 08 19:07
schestowitz Vietnam goes “100 per cent open source” by 2010 < http://www.heise.de/english/newstick… > Jan 08 19:07
schestowitz tessier: go help Kevin. :-) Jan 08 19:08
schestowitz Google Cuts Jobs, But Acquisitions Ahead < http://www.webpronews.com/topnews/2009/01… >. Microsoft is next, but some say it will pressure them out silently (it already does this) Jan 08 19:09
twitter there once was a place in Limerick, made shiny PCs with glass.  When Vista fell in a failure, they fired all the workers and Balmer blew cash out of his ass. Jan 08 19:14
trmanco http://pthree.org/2009/01/07/rm-rf/ Jan 08 19:16
schestowitz “An anonymous reader called our attention to a comment reposting some fantastic thinking on the dangerous trend of believing we can own, sell or steal ideas.” http://techdirt.com/articles/20090… Jan 08 19:20
schestowitz root@host ~#: rm -rf / tmp/* Jan 08 19:21
schestowitz rm: cannot remove root directory `/’ Jan 08 19:21
schestowitz One space kills HDD Jan 08 19:21
trmanco use to kill Jan 08 19:22
twitter use tab complete to avoid that kind of mistake Jan 08 19:23
schestowitz Sod it :-) I’m going to the gym.. Jan 08 19:23
twitter Here’s Ed Bott, providing unintended humor, ” Virtually every one of those systems had also run Windows Vista at some point in its lab lifecycle, which made it easy for me to track down the best drivers for each subsystem and peripheral.” Jan 08 19:24
schestowitz I’ve just posted this: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01… Jan 08 19:24
twitter Oh, so easy.  Sign me up to track down drivers for all my hardware. Jan 08 19:24
schestowitz Ed Bought Jan 08 19:24
schestowitz How much does Microsoft compensate him and how? Jan 08 19:24
schestowitz He sells books to promote them, so he’s an ecosystem goon. Jan 08 19:24
schestowitz GNU/Linux: track down without the tracking down… it’s all in the CD Jan 08 19:25
twitter Generally fully automatic. Jan 08 19:25
tessier_ http://tracyreed.org/blog/we-are-pa… Jan 08 19:38
PetoKraus lol Jan 08 19:50
PetoKraus “As always, 2008 proved to be an interesting year” Jan 08 19:50
PetoKraus priceless :D Jan 08 19:50
*r0ver is now known as r0ver|mtg Jan 08 19:56
twitter This looks like CES 2009 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3deeiW_rTqo Jan 08 20:01
twitter Sweaty B says something about a Facebook deal … ha ha on Facebook users. Jan 08 20:02
twitter “You can now connect Facebook with Windows Live.” Jan 08 20:02
twitter Windows Live and Live Search will be installed on all Dell consumer and small business PCs. Jan 08 20:03
twitter They also have some kind of deal with Verrizon that puts M$ search on all US Verrizon phones. Jan 08 20:06
twitter It’s funny that he was hyping up choice of Windows Mobil phones right before announcing they will all come with M$ Search.  Even iPhone offers better choice than that. Jan 08 20:07
twitter It’s like he still thinks he can lock down all of those platforms and kill Google. Jan 08 20:09
twitter Basically, he just gave everyone reasons to avoid Windows Mobil and Facebook. Jan 08 20:09
twitter Story submission, http://slashdot.org/firehose.pl… Jan 08 20:25
twitter we will hear more about these deals, I’m sure. Jan 08 20:25
*kapipi (n=tor@ has joined #boycottnovell Jan 08 20:36
*r0ver|mtg is now known as r0ver Jan 08 21:02
schestowitz I have so many good things lined up for posting :-) Jan 08 21:47
NeonFloss like what? Jan 08 22:00
schestowitz Mostly antitrust. Jan 08 22:05
schestowitz I don’t have enough time to do that and the news tracking as well. Jan 08 22:05
schestowitz Fraudsters try to sort out the mess: http://www.pcworld.com/article/156665/satyam_t… Jan 08 22:09
schestowitz OOXML revisionism of corruption at play: http://www.zdnetasia.com/insight/special… Jan 08 22:14
*Tallken (n=f2f93bf5@ has joined #boycottnovell Jan 08 22:18
tessier_ Satyam means truth in Hindi. Isn’t that funny? ;) Jan 08 22:24
tessier_ Truth told lies. Jan 08 22:24
schestowitz Hahaha. Jan 08 22:25
schestowitz Perfect coverup. Like pet “charity” Jan 08 22:25
tessier_ I wonder how effective that really is as a tactic. To make your name something pure and wholesome so customers think better of you. Jan 08 22:26
tessier_ MS could change its name to “DefinitelyNotAViolationOfTheShermanAct” Jan 08 22:26
tessier_ dot com Jan 08 22:26
PetoKraus bah Jan 08 22:27
PetoKraus be open Jan 08 22:27
PetoKraus .gov Jan 08 22:27
schestowitz voicesforinnovation.org .. registered by MS Jan 08 22:27
tessier_ I guess nobody thought my new blog entry was all that clever. People asking me “huh? I don’t get it.” Oh well. Jan 08 22:27
tessier_ At least I amuse myself. Jan 08 22:28
PetoKraus tessier_: link? Jan 08 22:28
schestowitz http://tracyreed.org/blog/we-are-payi… Jan 08 22:28
PetoKraus pun intended :D Jan 08 22:28
tessier_ There ya go. schestowitz beat me to it. Jan 08 22:28
tessier_ oops…misspelled doughnut. Let me fix that… Jan 08 22:28
PetoKraus no Jan 08 22:28
PetoKraus !! it sounds like dought-nut Jan 08 22:29
PetoKraus doooot-nut Jan 08 22:29
tessier_ I gotta fix my server. The disk IO is sucking slowing everything down. Jan 08 22:29
PetoKraus dot-net Jan 08 22:29
PetoKraus :) Jan 08 22:29
PetoKraus i thought it’s on purpose Jan 08 22:29
PetoKraus :P Jan 08 22:29
tessier_ Nope. And I doubt anyone would think it anything but me being illiterate. Jan 08 22:29
PetoKraus :D Jan 08 22:29
schestowitz What happened to ultra-violet? Jan 08 22:30
tessier_ I still have it. But I think I prefer to “build my brand” Jan 08 22:30
tessier_ It points to tracyreed.org Jan 08 22:30
schestowitz OK Jan 08 22:30
tessier_ So does email. It all goes to the same place. Jan 08 22:30
schestowitz Also escapes the AtctiveX thugs :-) Jan 08 22:30
tessier_ Ultraviolet is rather hard to spell out also. Jan 08 22:30
schestowitz When I bought schestowitz.com for 10 years it was rare to buy one’s name as a domain. Jan 08 22:31
tessier_ I get tired of explaining it over the phone. “What does ultraviolet mean?” “Well, way back in ’96 or so when I registered my own domain I was big into U2 and I couldn’t think of anything better but I had this U2 CD sitting there and…” Jan 08 22:31
schestowitz Then blogs became more ppular. Jan 08 22:31
tessier_ Yeah. Jan 08 22:31
schestowitz http://radian.org/notebook/porsche “Adolf Merckle, one of the world’s richest men, committed suicide yesterday by throwing himself under a train, Bloomberg reports. Financial difficulties, and particularly great losses he suffered on Volkswagen stock, are being cited as the key reason he ended his life…” Jan 08 22:32
schestowitz That’s two in less than a month. Jan 08 22:32
tessier_ Who was the other one? Jan 08 22:32
schestowitz A friend of the Madoffocker (second-richest lady) is said to have killed herself too. Jan 08 22:33
tessier_ Ah. Jan 08 22:33
tessier_ I heard about Merckle on the radio the other day. Jan 08 22:33
schestowitz Not confirmed as a suicide at the time, but probably so. Jan 08 22:33
PetoKraus schestowitz: ultra-violence? Jan 08 22:33
schestowitz The world will be better without some of these chaps Jan 08 22:33
schestowitz They probably hide some secrets that they take to the grave Jan 08 22:33
Tallken hiz Jan 08 22:34
tessier_ PetoKraus: Someone once actually said that to me. Jan 08 22:34
tessier_ “Your domain name is ultra-violence? And we’re supposed to hire you?” hahah Jan 08 22:34
schestowitz A lot of corruption has yet to come out this year. Lots! Jan 08 22:34
PetoKraus tessier_: i guess you’re kubrick-lover Jan 08 22:34
tessier_ At least I’m not a gun nut who has his whole gun collection and not much else else his personal website. I have a friend like that. I tried to get him hired on where I was but my boss took one look at his site and said no way. Jan 08 22:35
tessier_ PetoKraus: Yeah, I like a lot of his films. Jan 08 22:35
PetoKraus i saw only clockwork orange Jan 08 22:35
PetoKraus and part of eyes wide shut Jan 08 22:35
schestowitz Noe ESR? Jan 08 22:35
tessier_ PetoKraus: So you don’t find my blog entry amusing either? Jan 08 22:36
PetoKraus i guess i miss the reference Jan 08 22:37
tessier_ If nobody likes/gets it I can remove it. I don’t like having profanity on my site without at least good artistic reason for it. Jan 08 22:38
PetoKraus profanity? Jan 08 22:39
PetoKraus OH I C! Jan 08 22:40
schestowitz Redir it to ultraviolent Jan 08 22:40
tessier_ It’s not FMJ without profanity. That’s some brilliant stuff. Jan 08 22:40
PetoKraus :D Jan 08 22:40
schestowitz I’ve put more activist stuff in schestowitz.com as of late Jan 08 22:41
tessier_ I can barely remember to update one website. Jan 08 22:43
tessier_ I can’t imagine having multiple. Although I do need to get my consulting business website up and running again. Jan 08 22:43
tessier_ The consulting biz is pretty dormant at the moment but I hope to get things going again once my wife finishes school and can help me out. Jan 08 22:43
schestowitz Cool! Jan 08 22:44
schestowitz http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/04/… EDGI in table, on page 5. Note ref on page 2 to “MGB Linux $50,000 prize competition” (!) CompHot Escalation Team Summary: “Linux infestations” Jan 08 22:48
schestowitz Why are adverts entering Google News.. http://abc.az/eng/news/corporate… Jan 08 23:21
schestowitz I wonder is Sun’s OOo talk about QA is a result of the Novell FUD/Go-OOXML.. http://blogs.sun.com/GullFOSS/entr… (24 hour QA chat at 13th of January 2009) Jan 08 23:24
schestowitz 33604 pageviews so far today (in 18 hours, non-bots only) Jan 08 23:29
schestowitz I got heaps of antitrust goodies. Will spost some soon. :-) Jan 08 23:36
schestowitz In some of them you see Microsoft pretty much bribing Gartner Jan 08 23:36
schestowitz They also manipulate their TCO ‘studies’ Jan 08 23:37
schestowitz And Allchin runs the show with anti-Linux studies Jan 08 23:37
schestowitz Also IDC Jan 08 23:37
schestowitz Which owns IDG, i.e. lots of news sites that promote Windows and stuff… Jan 08 23:37
schestowitz Cool. AdamW still writes about Mandriva (after the layoffs): http://www.happyassassin.net/broadcom-prop… Jan 08 23:42
MinceR gn Jan 08 23:42
PetoKraus gn Jan 08 23:43
PetoKraus oh, it’s almost midnight! Jan 08 23:43
schestowitz Major new: Novell hired Microsoft veteran as chief Jan 08 23:45
MinceR it’s almost 1 here Jan 08 23:45
MinceR there’s a shocker. Jan 08 23:45
schestowitz Nope Jan 08 23:45
schestowitz Another signpost Jan 08 23:45
tessier_ US ‘renews’ Microsoft share probe: http://news.bbc.co.uk/go/rss/-/2… Jan 08 23:57
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    Not only did the Sirius ‘Open Source’ CEO purge all mentions of Sirius from his Microsoft LinkedIn account; he’s racing against the clock as crimes quickly become a legal liability

  29. Web Survey Shows Microsoft Falling Below 15% Market Share in Africa, Only One Minuscule African Nation Has Windows Majority

    A Web survey that measured Microsoft Windows at 97% in Africa (back in 2010) says that Windows has become rather small and insignificant; the Microsoft-sponsored mainstream media seems to be ignoring this completely, quite likely by intention...

  30. Rumours of More Microsoft Layoffs Tomorrow (Including Managers!), Probably Azure Again (Many Azure Layoffs Every Year Since 2020)

    Amazon is laying off AWS staff and Microsoft has been laying off Azure staff for 3 years already, including this year, so it seems like the “clown computing” bubble is finally bursting

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