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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: February 8th, 2009 – Part 2

Posted in IRC Logs at 4:54 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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*amarsh04 hates it when he receives emails that say to “go to the web site” without giving a specific url, or “use irc” without saying which irc network and channel Feb 08 14:01
Eruaran lol Feb 08 14:03
*schestowitz done with a post about Microsoft vs Intel Linux Feb 08 14:09
*schestowitz can’t wait to post that Feb 08 14:09
Eruaran oh dear Feb 08 14:15
Eruaran I just saw some confused soul mix up KDE with Windows Feb 08 14:15
Eruaran THey actually said, “KDE 7″ Feb 08 14:16
Eruaran http://www.zdnet.com.au/insight/software… Feb 08 14:16
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schestowitz It’s flase advertising Feb 08 14:19
Eruaran It was a joke Feb 08 14:20
schestowitz Some people might try to pursue 7 and be disappointed that it only does “flip mode” and has no Amarok. heck, Windows 7 doesn’t even have an office suite Feb 08 14:20
Eruaran I’m going to use this vid ad our next company meeting Feb 08 14:20
Eruaran It will strengthen my argument that we can maintain our margins while delivering higher quality and lower prices to our customers by using Linux. Feb 08 14:21
Eruaran I think of people like my mother: It really makes no difference to her what the operating system is. What does make a difference to her is if it does what she wants and is easy to use in an every day sense. Feb 08 14:24
amarsh04 yes, I’m annoyed that kde 3.5.X kpdf has “obey drm restrictions” enabled by default Feb 08 14:25
oiaohm_ Read the PDF documentation licence for its specs Feb 08 14:25
oiaohm_ Sorry that is a requirement amarsh04 Feb 08 14:26
Eruaran I’ve been using Okular for a while now Feb 08 14:27
schestowitz oiaohm_: tell Adobe to shove it Feb 08 14:28
Eruaran I think that is the bottom line of RMS’s arguments Feb 08 14:29
Eruaran He wanted a completely free ecosystem, and instead what we have is incomplete becuase people compromise too much… this is where people like Eben Moglen get annoyed and the “open source” people, becuase they have achived nothing Feb 08 14:31
schestowitz More surveillance. yay!  Government plans travel database http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7877182.stm Feb 08 14:34
Eruaran a truly free software ecosystem is more robust than a compromised one Feb 08 14:34
schestowitz open source = money first, what can I /use/? Feb 08 14:34
schestowitz But some of them share the same strategy Feb 08 14:34
schestowitz The shame is that some Free software groups call themselves “open source” Feb 08 14:34
schestowitz I am about to post a docuemnt where you see Microsoft admitting that it ‘contaminates’ other people’s stuff to repel and ruin. Feb 08 14:35
schestowitz That’s why it ‘joined’ open source… it confused and ruins. Feb 08 14:35
schestowitz Hmmmmmmmmm…. http://www.workswithu.com/2009/02/… Feb 08 14:36
Eruaran let me know when you post it Feb 08 14:36
schestowitz OK Feb 08 14:36
Eruaran yes there are known dodgey sites Feb 08 14:37
schestowitz I’ll do posts about Microsoft’s anti-Linux patent scheme. Feb 08 14:38
schestowitz Groklaw used to cover some of this theme Feb 08 14:39
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schestowitz The MOG shill seems to have moved from just using SCO to attack Linux to promoting Novell and shouting about those patent deals. Bastards. Feb 08 14:42
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twitter you expect better from MOG? Feb 08 14:43
twitter Who still publishes that idiot and why? Feb 08 14:43
twitter It’s cool to see whole GNU/Linux laptops that cost less than versions of Winblows.  M$ will collapse soon. Feb 08 14:47
schestowitz twitter: I think her husband’s in it Feb 08 14:50
schestowitz Only Sys-con gives room for thata BS Feb 08 14:50
schestowitz re: mini laptops, see comments here: http://opendotdotdot.blogspot.com/2009/02/why-micr… Feb 08 14:50
schestowitz I particularly liked the one that echoes my argument from 2-3 year ago… namely that Microsoft will do a lot of damage to everything while it’s going down. Like a dino waving its tail. Feb 08 14:51
twitter CompUSA, Circuit City …. M$ had done considerable damage pushing Vista. Feb 08 14:52
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schestowitz twitter: just in: “Here’s another to file under Windows failure: http://www.nashuatelegraph.com/apps/pbc… Too bad for Hall, though.  Perhaps it is karma for torpedoing the BSA tipping point last year.” Feb 08 15:03
twitter will look Feb 08 15:03
twitter ACPI article is scrubbed clean of M$ wrongdoing and filled with useless technical details http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ACPI Feb 08 15:04
twitter Nothing shows up here, http://wikidashboard.parc.com/wiki/ACPI Feb 08 15:05
twitter maybe I need flash or silverlie or something to see the “external graphic” to show the scrubbing. Feb 08 15:05
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schestowitz Eruaran: give me a moment I’ll do the doc Feb 08 15:09
Eruaran k Feb 08 15:09
twitter I’m unfamiliar with the FairPoint saga.  ISPs breaking GNU/Linux is ugly. Feb 08 15:10
twitter ugh http://tech.slashdot.org/article… Feb 08 15:11
twitter “pledges to violate net neutrality” Feb 08 15:11
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*ChanServ gives channel operator status to [H]omer Feb 08 15:16
amarsh04 sounds too much like the st:tng 1st episode “encounter at farpoint” Feb 08 15:17
Eruaran sounds like consumers should simply call them and tell them they are moving to a different service provider, and when they try to penalize the customer for it, the customer can say the provider has failed to provide a resonable service, and furthermore their contract was with the previous owner. Feb 08 15:18
Eruaran Especially the person who lost approx $2000 business. Feb 08 15:19
schestowitz Eruaran: almost there now Feb 08 15:20
schestowitz I’ve just done one post on EMC Feb 08 15:21
schestowitz I have someone proofread Comes from me. She says: “Wow, what an amazing exhibit.  I’m sorry I didn’t check mail yesterday! Reading through it this morning I only found a couple of possible edits in your commentary.” Feb 08 15:21
Eruaran k Feb 08 15:21
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amarsh04 note that linuxtoday has some talkback on the foxconn motherboard / linux acpi problem that references iowaconsumercase.org: Feb 08 15:23
amarsh04 http://www.linuxtoday.com/infr… Feb 08 15:23
schestowitz Hehe. “(In this sentence I’d add “used to” to emphasize Plamondon’s point about how Microsoft “uses” other people (as pawns) to do their dirty work for them.):” Feb 08 15:23
schestowitz amarsh04: I think I saw that Feb 08 15:23
amarsh04 funny also how intel’s acpi compilation tool works better than microsoft’s acpi compiler Feb 08 15:24
schestowitz *LOL* “When I read the section about “schmoozing” the first thing I thought of was Neelie Kroes’ experience after the anti-trust verdict a couple of years ago.  She mentioned that Steve Ballmer came to visit, and that he took her out to dinner and what a charming guy he was.  I hope she sees this whole exhibit.  “ Feb 08 15:24
schestowitz So true. Feb 08 15:24
schestowitz That’s after he ran a smear campaign against her Feb 08 15:24
twitter consumers should simply call them and tell them they are moving to a different service provider, Feb 08 15:34
twitter chances are, there is not other service provider Feb 08 15:34
twitter but dial up Feb 08 15:34
Eruaran My ISP uses Debian, so if they ever give me any trouble as a Linux user its going to be really hard for them to defend. Feb 08 15:35
*amarsh04 just sent off an email to his electricity distributor to report a few more street lights out, with pictures courtesy of Google street view Feb 08 15:35
amarsh04 which isp is that Eruaran? Feb 08 15:36
Eruaran NCable Feb 08 15:36
amarsh04 my isp at least hosts a full Debian, kernel.org and sourceforge.net mirror Feb 08 15:36
Eruaran cool Feb 08 15:36
amarsh04 so is ncable Geelong area only? Feb 08 15:40
Eruaran Geelong, Ballarat and Mildura Feb 08 15:41
schestowitz Eruaran: please read http://boycottnovell.com/20… . See if you spot typos along the way, too ;-) Feb 08 15:41
Eruaran Ok Feb 08 15:41
schestowitz It’s good, trust me. Feb 08 15:42
schestowitz This one took me a whole day, but it was worth it. It’s an internal Microsoft presentation that reveals many of the company’s dirty — if not illegal — tricks. What a treasure trove! :-) Feb 08 15:44
*Eruaran is reading Feb 08 15:47
schestowitz See the part about why Microsoft attends open source and Apple conferences Feb 08 15:48
twitter ACPI Power Management Poison updated, thanks, http://slashdot.org/~twitter/j… Feb 08 15:54
amarsh04 I remember the “one night stands” part being mentioned on groklaw.net Feb 08 15:55
twitter yes, that and “pawns” got a lot of attention. Feb 08 15:55
twitter going to look at new post of evil Feb 08 15:56
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toros hi Feb 08 15:57
Eruaran hi Feb 08 15:57
schestowitz amarsh04: that’s just details. There’s lots more Feb 08 16:03
schestowitz “pawns” was mentioned in other exhibits, IIRC. IDG covered this too (Eric Lai I think). Feb 08 16:03
twitter Gold, how they lie to gain trust, “OK, I hate Microsoft like everybody else, I’m a good member of the Computing Society, I hate Microsoft, that’s what you have to do to get in. But, you know, I like the individual people I’ve met from Microsoft.” Feb 08 16:04
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Eruaran Excellent article Roy Feb 08 16:05
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Eruaran Haven’t noticed any typos Feb 08 16:05
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twitter one typo, an exclamation point where it probably should not be, ” and! was out there doing this and I wasn’t even costing” Feb 08 16:07
twitter bet it was an “I” Feb 08 16:08
schestowitz Fixed Feb 08 16:08
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schestowitz BN did 21155 pages in the past 11 hours (excluding bots) Feb 08 16:12
Eruaran gtg bb Feb 08 16:13
schestowitz The Intel anti-Linux posts make tens of thousands, which is good. I hope someone sues. Feb 08 16:13
twitter Yep, there’s the killed the Mac conferences quote, “I’ve killed at least two Mac conferences.” Priceless.  Beware the Novell and M$ fucktards at your conference they come to ruin. Feb 08 16:15
twitter The punch line, ”  by injecting Microsoft content into the conference, the conference got shut down. The guy who ran it said, why am I doing this?” Feb 08 16:17
schestowitz I should frame these quotes Feb 08 16:19
schestowitz I wasn’t thinking about it while glancing at page 2x out of 66 :–) Feb 08 16:19
twitter Everyone hosting a conference should see it. Feb 08 16:20
schestowitz A word of caution… from Microsoft: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/02/0… Feb 08 16:23
schestowitz I actually mailed the previous one to some people who run FOSS conferences because I know them. Feb 08 16:23
schestowitz I’ve put this in Digg and I hope it makes some big sites: http://digg.com/linux_unix/How_Microsoft_… This ought to become COmmon Knowledge Feb 08 16:27
twitter What’s particularly slimy is how the bastard always presented himself as the “nice guy,” never saying anything negative in public, sucking up to key people personally while plotting pain and suffering for them. Feb 08 16:27
schestowitz Yes Feb 08 16:27
schestowitz “If you don’t let me in the symposium, then you’re a zealot hater” Feb 08 16:28
schestowitz Then they give gifts and favours Feb 08 16:28
schestowitz Or use your dead mother as an excuse to approach you and sneak in a session to fumigate the conference you organise Feb 08 16:28
schestowitz See the part where it says “how can you sleep at night?” Feb 08 16:28
schestowitz Someone asks James that Feb 08 16:29
schestowitz James told me that he, well.. pretty much realise now that he was a douchebag Feb 08 16:29
schestowitz He also tried to sort of ‘pretext’ to see what other material of his we have. I’m sure there’s lots more. Feb 08 16:29
twitter Does he mean it or is he just trying to manipulate you? Feb 08 16:29
twitter This is how you have to think of everything from M$. Feb 08 16:30
twitter They go out of their way to create “nice guys” so that they can manipulate people who hate M$. Feb 08 16:30
twitter People who believe in software freedom, who work for Apple or IBM, should never say or do things to please M$ – yet people like James P managed to get them to do all sorts of damaging things. Feb 08 16:33
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schestowitz Yes, pretty much Feb 08 16:44
schestowitz He tried with PJ too Feb 08 16:45
schestowitz Sadly, there are no laws that can put a person in prison (getting arrested) for being utter scum and damaging to society. Shoplifting = very bad; being an Icahn|Berman|Myhrvold = slap on wrist at best, but usually glorification in the land where <rich = benevolent> Feb 08 16:46
amarsh04 didn’t some talk by an m$ person at linux.conf.au ’09 collaps when the fellow from m$ received some rather pointed questions from some principal floss developers? Feb 08 16:51
schestowitz Yes Feb 08 16:51
schestowitz But they are suppsoed not to know Feb 08 16:51
schestowitz Audience: “why does Microsoft corrupt people?” Feb 08 16:51
schestowitz Ramji: I didn’t do nothing Feb 08 16:51
schestowitz Audience: “Do you know that Microsoft is a criminal organisation?” Feb 08 16:52
schestowitz Microsoft person at linux.conf.au: I dunno. I’ve just joined Feb 08 16:52
schestowitz National committee: “Can you not see OOXML is a scam, technically?” Feb 08 16:52
schestowitz MS lawyer: sorry, I don’t understand, but look, we have over 6,000 pages… that’s like, a lot! Feb 08 16:53
schestowitz They never send out technical people and they never let their big criminal face the public and  receive questions. They put puppets with a ‘clean sheet’. Reminds me of Obama actually ;-) Feb 08 16:54
schestowitz It’s a “talk to the hand” strategy. :-) Feb 08 16:54
PetoKraus then i’ll be a terminator Feb 08 17:10
amarsh04 spotted on a railway station mural: http://www.extrastaff.com.au/… Feb 08 17:11
PetoKraus heh Feb 08 17:12
amarsh04 interesting use of a rubic’s cube instead of a windows logo Feb 08 17:12
amarsh04 s/rubic/rubik/ Feb 08 17:12
PetoKraus i need something to fill the gap in my windows Feb 08 17:12
PetoKraus eh, window Feb 08 17:12
PetoKraus there’s like a 1cm (security) hole Feb 08 17:13
schestowitz That’s the $1 response to “I’m a PC” Feb 08 17:13
PetoKraus all the heat goes poof Feb 08 17:13
schestowitz World treaty to block illegal sea fishing <http://www.newscientist.com/article/mg20126944.30… > Feb 08 17:14
schestowitz Groovy! http://smspillaz.wordpress.com/2… Feb 08 17:14
schestowitz http://smspillaz.googlepage… Feb 08 17:16
schestowitz In summary, it’s The history of GNU/Linux/Free software eye candy Feb 08 17:17
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amarsh04 how not to run a data centre: http://www.google.com.au/search?hl=en&q=p… Feb 08 17:19
schestowitz Simple chart with so much information. Feb 08 17:19
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toros re Feb 08 17:21
PetoKraus hello Feb 08 17:21
*burmas (n=thomas@25-178-112-217.dyn.adsl.belcenter.be) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 08 17:21
schestowitz Hey, welcomem back Feb 08 17:26
schestowitz I’ve got to go for 2 hours (gym). bbl Feb 08 17:27
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PetoKraus Feb 08 17:47
PetoKraus Mary Jo Foley, do us all a favour please and quit your job tomorrow. You seem to be resistant to technical knowledge, logic and truth, so just go ahead resign and stop this awkward embarrassment. Also your grand-children might not have to ask you why everyone’s pointing and laughing at you in the future. It’d be a win-win really.” Feb 08 17:47
PetoKraus YEAH :D Feb 08 17:47
amarsh04 url? Feb 08 17:49
PetoKraus http://amarok.kde.org/blog/archives/42… Feb 08 17:51
amarsh04 thanks Feb 08 17:54
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twitter Sheesh, it’s a bad idea to have M$ friendly journalists at your conference too! Feb 08 18:59
amarsh04 just say to them “remember what happened to Bdale Garbee at linux.conf.au 2009?” Feb 08 19:00
twitter I think I’ll leave a little note about spotlight for Chris.  The one where Jim Alchin or some other M$ exec looks at it before Vista shipped and said, they beat us.  I would buy a Mac if I did not work here.  ha ha Feb 08 19:01
twitter ah yes, here it is http://boycottnovell.com/2008/06/14/in… Feb 08 19:03
twitter and here http://antitrust.slated.org/www.iowac… Feb 08 19:05
twitter slap Feb 08 19:05
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twitter Crap page won’t let me post. Feb 08 19:13
twitter I give up.  It failed in both Konqueror and Iceweasel Feb 08 19:19
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amarsh04 I had that fun with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation web site. A few days ago, I could post a comment even in lynx, but tonight it failed in both iceweasel and konqueror Feb 08 19:26
schestowitz Just got back. We have a winner: http://digg.com/linux_unix/How_M… Feb 08 19:46
schestowitz PetoKraus: true dat. Feb 08 19:47
schestowitz twitter: yes, she went schmozing at an Apple event. Feb 08 19:48
schestowitz *oo Feb 08 19:48
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schestowitz twitter: which page won’t let you post? Feb 08 19:49
schestowitz amarsh04: someone at the gym told me people in Australia dies from fires :-o Feb 08 19:50
schestowitz ied Feb 08 19:50
amarsh04 108: http://www.abc.net.au/news/st… Feb 08 19:50
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schestowitz Thanks. Feb 08 19:52
amarsh04 no major fires near where I live thankfully Feb 08 19:53
schestowitz amarsh04: I can’t imagine that insurance companies can spare much to help the victims these days Feb 08 19:53
schestowitz I heard some people died in their cars Feb 08 19:54
amarsh04 yes, that happened also Feb 08 19:55
amarsh04 750 houses destroyed by fire Feb 08 19:55
schestowitz Insured at least? Feb 08 19:58
amarsh04 most people do have house insurance against fire, flood and theft Feb 08 19:58
amarsh04 often that will be a condition of the housing loan Feb 08 19:59
twitter The Amarok Blog did not let me post.  http://amarok.kde.org/blog/archives/42… Feb 08 20:03
schestowitz twitter: Ah, OK. I thought it was a BN error Feb 08 20:03
schestowitz brb Feb 08 20:03
schestowitz “Weird: Google just gave me a content warning interstitial for some content on Blogger: since when has it been rating stuff?” http://twitter.com/glynmoody/statuses/1189605395 Feb 08 20:21
schestowitz Another scientist totally reverses cause and effect.. http://www.itwire.com/content/view/23100/1075/ … like saying “lonely girls use Facebook” > “Facebook leads to girls becoming lonely”. Feb 08 20:25
schestowitz Or science where if male/female ratio in Kenya in the same as in the US, then black/white ratio must be the same too. Net Application uses the latter trick to lie about Linux market share based on Firefox numbers. Feb 08 20:26
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schestowitz If you see any ERROR in BN, please let me know ASAP. I’ve enabled lots of distributed cache because Digg.com is gonna strike us shortly. Feb 08 20:48
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*jose (n=jose@adsl-233-2-67.mia.bellsouth.net) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 08 20:54
jose schestowitz, that woderful huge page.. you closed comments on it because of its size? Feb 08 20:55
schestowitz No, Digg effect coming Feb 08 20:56
jose ok Feb 08 20:56
twitter congrats Feb 08 20:56
jose where can i dig it? Feb 08 20:56
schestowitz I enabled caching on several pages Feb 08 20:56
jose yes, noticed Feb 08 20:56
schestowitz http://digg.com/linux_unix/How_Micros… Feb 08 20:56
jose ..for that page Feb 08 20:56
schestowitz 5 hours, 60 Diggs. Never happened to me before… and on a SUNDAY. Feb 08 20:56
twitter Sunday is supposed to be peak reading time.  Don’t know why when so many people are out of work … Feb 08 20:57
schestowitz I also stripped down the pages (all pages) to reduce db thrashing. Feb 08 20:57
schestowitz Lots more than 600k lost their job in Jan. Feb 08 20:58
schestowitz They only count officially-announced layoffs. They neglect contracts that don’t get renewed and private contractors of sorts that just see business grind to a halt (I know such people) Feb 08 20:58
amd-linux just dugg it :-) Feb 08 21:00
schestowitz Thanks. Feb 08 21:00
amd-linux I only read a few lines of “66 pages of MS evilness”, but I already think they are part of organised crime Feb 08 21:00
schestowitz This talks about sabotage of Apple Feb 08 21:01
amd-linux We all used the mafia comparison once in a while Feb 08 21:01
schestowitz If the Apple fanboys (=Digg) ‘dig’ it, then we could get suspended and isolated again. It ruined my last weekend. Feb 08 21:01
amd-linux for MS, but this is worse than at least I could ever have imagined Feb 08 21:01
schestowitz But it says clearly in the slides “we are the good guys!” Feb 08 21:02
schestowitz So Microsoft is good guys. They can’t be “mafia”. Feb 08 21:02
amd-linux they are rotten – inside and outside Feb 08 21:02
schestowitz So.. kind of like an Apple? Feb 08 21:02
amd-linux I hope Ballmer and Gates will be brought to court one day for all this Feb 08 21:02
schestowitz amd-linux: same for Bush and Cheney, but it ain’t gonna happen Feb 08 21:03
amd-linux we will see about that…. (Bush and Cheney). Feb 08 21:03
twitter Remember, the guy who said he was the “good guy” was busy dishing out quack medical advice for a woman who’s husband just had a stroke.  He did this in order to poison her conference with M$ crap. Feb 08 21:03
schestowitz I know. Feb 08 21:03
twitter Preying on the weak. Feb 08 21:04
amd-linux well, a lot to read for tomorrow in the train Feb 08 21:04
schestowitz I thought about mailing him (I have his addy) to say that if he wants to redeem himself he’ll need to take action against Microsoft Feb 08 21:04
twitter Another “one night stand” for him. Feb 08 21:04
schestowitz They supported him with this. Like with Martin taylor… Feb 08 21:04
schestowitz amd-linux: :-) Feb 08 21:04
amd-linux ty for this material, see u folks Feb 08 21:05
*amd-linux has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Feb 08 21:05
jose “if he wants to redeem himself he’ll need to take action against Microsoft” … did he fess up after this had become public or did he volunteer this Feb 08 21:07
*mib_q5ssid (i=8258be83@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-b7a8cf7f7996be65) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 08 21:07
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schestowitz jose: he tried to take this into his hands Feb 08 21:08
schestowitz Groklaw and I exposed him the most Feb 08 21:08
schestowitz So he wanted people to read his side of the story Feb 08 21:08
jose ie, the evidence was already out? Feb 08 21:08
twitter The evidence came out twice in court cases.  M$ buried it both times but people made copies. Feb 08 21:09
schestowitz Wird… Feb 08 21:09
schestowitz IBM’s former VP removed a post Feb 08 21:09
schestowitz “Many have said that the underlying cause of the financial crisis is greed.  That is way too simplistic an answer.  Greed has always been a part of the human condition.  Powerful Darwinian forces drive the human quest for money and power, – especially in highly competitive environments like Wall Street.” Feb 08 21:09
twitter GL published some.  BN has published all 66 pages of puke. Feb 08 21:09
schestowitz http://blog.irvingwb.com/blog/2… >> The requested URL /blog/2009/01/checks-and-balances.html was not found on this server. Feb 08 21:10
schestowitz He just moved it on the face of it. http://blog.irvingwb.com/blog/200… Feb 08 21:10
schestowitz twitter: there’s more Feb 08 21:10
schestowitz James tried contacting Doug to see what /else/ was out ther.e Feb 08 21:11
twitter always gathering info, isn’t he? Feb 08 21:11
twitter always so friendly Feb 08 21:11
schestowitz Yes, friendly Feb 08 21:13
schestowitz Wait, I have his mail Feb 08 21:13
schestowitz Here: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/29/m… Feb 08 21:14
schestowitz How folksy Feb 08 21:15
twitter WTF, quoting Slashdot trolls for a news article?  http://www.technewsworld.com/story… Feb 08 21:16
twitter How about doing some research instead?  no interface that makes sense to humans?  What shit. Feb 08 21:17
schestowitz Debian 5.0 Lenny is coming: target release date < http://times.debian.net/1306 > Feb 08 21:22
schestowitz /s/trolls/MS marketing people/ Feb 08 21:22
schestowitz twitter: it’s a “LINUX BLOG SAFARI” post Feb 08 21:22
schestowitz These always involve collecting comments from Digg, / and LXer, then stringing them together and have some extra text to weave them Feb 08 21:23
schestowitz I can’t complain much because she does link to BN on occasions. Feb 08 21:23
twitter I can complain when people who don’t know GNU/Linux go on a troll safari. Feb 08 21:24
schestowitz She means well, trust me Feb 08 21:24
schestowitz But sometime she quotes the anti-Linux crowd Feb 08 21:24
twitter If she meant well, she’d be a GNU/Linux user.  It’s basic research. Feb 08 21:25
schestowitz ECT are not so Linux friendly Feb 08 21:25
twitter they are not truth friendly, it seems. Feb 08 21:25
schestowitz I once had one of their writers, Nancy Cohen IIRC, approach me for Boycott Novell’s take on a Novell deal, which doesn’t happen too often Feb 08 21:25
schestowitz twitter: I don’t think she uses Linux Feb 08 21:26
twitter Their idea of a Safari seems to be to read National Geographic. Feb 08 21:26
schestowitz Heck the EDITOR of LINUXINSIDER wasn’t using Linux under recently. Feb 08 21:26
schestowitz I bet he only uses it part time. I can’t remember his name. Feb 08 21:26
schestowitz I put his article about migrating to Linux in Digg and it made front page Feb 08 21:26
twitter You can’t know anything about free software unless you use it.  Writing about it without having used it is irresponsible. Feb 08 21:27
twitter I’m tired of these writers who “mean well” but write trash pieces in complete ignorance. Feb 08 21:28
schestowitz Whoa: ø per second: 106.30 Feb 08 21:28
schestowitz I’ve never seen the mysql server under this kind of load Feb 08 21:28
schestowitz I’ll block some IPs Feb 08 21:28
balzac I’m excited Feb 08 21:28
balzac It’s like that song by Jesus Jones which featured clips of the Berlin Wall coming down Feb 08 21:29
schestowitz We did 25336 pages in 16 hours (exc. bots) Feb 08 21:29
balzac “Right here, right now” Feb 08 21:29
schestowitz I’ll block the bots Feb 08 21:29
balzac Roy, you know what I’m sayin? You feel the excitement? Feb 08 21:29
balzac “Right here, right now” Feb 08 21:29
schestowitz blocked Feb 08 21:30
schestowitz balzac: no, I’m nervous Feb 08 21:30
schestowitz Digg scares mew Feb 08 21:30
schestowitz If I was on CNET like Asay and others… Feb 08 21:30
schestowitz Then I’d not have to dedicate hours just ‘preparing’ Feb 08 21:30
schestowitz I’d blog instead Feb 08 21:30
balzac Dude, get better hostign Feb 08 21:31
balzac hosting Feb 08 21:31
balzac I aint skeerd of digg Feb 08 21:31
schestowitz Someone (or someones) block all traffic from /, and Digg because they’re “afraid” Feb 08 21:31
twitter ? Feb 08 21:31
balzac traffic is good not bad Feb 08 21:32
schestowitz I might make another FP Feb 08 21:32
schestowitz http://digg.com/linux_unix/The_his… Feb 08 21:32
schestowitz balzac: high traffic can mean less Feb 08 21:32
schestowitz If your server goes down for half a day for example Feb 08 21:33
balzac you just need a hosting service that scales up and bills you appropriately Feb 08 21:33
schestowitz I have an even better dynamite/somking gun in the pipeline ready for posting. I’ll save it for tomorrow Feb 08 21:33
schestowitz I can’t cache the PDF Feb 08 21:34
schestowitz Let me try again. Feb 08 21:34
schestowitz Try this: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/02… (click the PDF). Does the PDF work for you? Feb 08 21:35
schestowitz I checked the intr’s again: http://wiki.coralcdn.org/wik… Feb 08 21:35
balzac I dugg it Feb 08 21:36
amarsh04 internal server error schestowitz Feb 08 21:36
balzac had to remember my password because I don’t bother digging, I just read it Feb 08 21:36
schestowitz amarsh04: which URL? Feb 08 21:37
amarsh04 http://boycottnovell.com/2009/02/08/mi… Feb 08 21:38
schestowitz S* Feb 08 21:38
amarsh04 now it’s ok Feb 08 21:38
schestowitz Hmmmmm. Feb 08 21:38
schestowitz We can lose a lot of readers like the last time Feb 08 21:38
schestowitz Like the difference b/w 30k and 60k Feb 08 21:39
schestowitz And we get only ONE SHOT at each exhibit Feb 08 21:39
schestowitz I’m sure the next one will be a hit too Feb 08 21:39
balzac M$ can hear the war-drums pounding outside their castle walls. Feb 08 21:40
balzac “Looks like meat’s back on the menu boys!” Feb 08 21:40
schestowitz The guys at the gym had a look earlier too. They never knew Microsoft was doing that sort of stuff. Feb 08 21:41
balzac http://www.tk421.net/lotr/film/ttt/i… Feb 08 21:41
schestowitz “Server Load  1.94 (4 cpus)” Feb 08 21:41
*jose has quit (“Leaving”) Feb 08 21:44
*mib_d8pt8x (i=8258be83@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-f8f0c092d9ac1d7b) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 08 21:44
*mib_d8pt8x has quit (Client Quit) Feb 08 21:44
balzac alright, time for me to get some work done… Feb 08 21:46
*fsdfdsfsdfs (i=4ca7ebae@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-06912225491affbd) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 08 21:52
schestowitz Free Culture in French < http://www.lessig.org/blog/2009/02/free… > Feb 08 21:52
schestowitz Hey, flex__ Feb 08 21:52
fsdfdsfsdfs RAWR Feb 08 21:52
fsdfdsfsdfs ADASFSDGS Feb 08 21:52
fsdfdsfsdfs DSFSDSDF Feb 08 21:52
schestowitz Hey Feb 08 21:53
fsdfdsfsdfs oops Feb 08 21:53
schestowitz :-) Feb 08 21:53
schestowitz What’s up? Feb 08 21:53
fsdfdsfsdfs oh shit Feb 08 21:53
*fsdfdsfsdfs has quit (Client Quit) Feb 08 21:53
schestowitz LOL Feb 08 21:53
MinceR oh shi- Feb 08 21:54
toros cat on the keyboard? :) Feb 08 21:54
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y71S8X1iImU Feb 08 21:54
schestowitz Contributing to FreeBSD < http://keramida.wordpress.com/2009/02… > Feb 08 21:58
twitter RMS spot, UK House of Lords worries about CCTV and Freedom, http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2009/feb/0… Feb 08 21:59
twitter about time Feb 08 21:59
schestowitz Yes, we have ‘em ’round every corna’ Feb 08 21:59
schestowitz CCTV density exceeds that of people here :-) (not really) Feb 08 22:00
schestowitz Like sheep in NZ Feb 08 22:00
*amarsh04 refrains from comments about new zealanders and sheep Feb 08 22:01
schestowitz usa.kaspersky.com hacked … full database acces , sql injection < http://hackersblog.org/2009/02/07/usakas… > Feb 08 22:01
schestowitz amarsh04: why, nothing vulgar about it. There’s the Welsh/Scottis equiv. of the joke. Feb 08 22:02
schestowitz OT: Seems like a front pager :-) : http://digg.com/linux_unix/How_Microso… Feb 08 22:20
*mib_dpna2l (i=50b403db@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-97a8e1109493217a) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 08 22:21
trmanco http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-1… Feb 08 22:22
schestowitz Hi, mib_dpna2l Feb 08 22:24
schestowitz trmanco: they had a virus there last week Feb 08 22:25
schestowitz Sign of the times. Feb 08 22:25
trmanco https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeek… Feb 08 22:25
mib_dpna2l hi Feb 08 22:28
schestowitz Bill creates detention camps in U.S. for ‘emergencies’ < http://www.worldnetdaily.com/inde… > Feb 08 22:28
MinceR hm, http://boycottnovell.com/2009/02/08/micr… seems to tell CoralCDN to request the page from itself Feb 08 22:28
MinceR (i seem to have referer turned on) Feb 08 22:28
schestowitz Let me check…. Feb 08 22:28
schestowitz http://community.zdnet.co.uk/blog/0,1… Feb 08 22:28
*mib_dpna2l has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Feb 08 22:29
schestowitz It works for me now, MinceR Feb 08 22:29
MinceR i’ll try another browser Feb 08 22:29
schestowitz Please retry. I can disable it Feb 08 22:29
MinceR does the same in opera and ff Feb 08 22:29
MinceR and konqueror Feb 08 22:29
MinceR i’ll try another host Feb 08 22:30
schestowitz S* Feb 08 22:30
schestowitz Maybe it’s cause it’s distributed Feb 08 22:30
MinceR works on the other host Feb 08 22:30
MinceR (with links) Feb 08 22:31
schestowitz The issue I have is that if the server gets overloaded, then even a simple redirect is put on the queue or times out Feb 08 22:31
schestowitz OK, better than nothing. Feb 08 22:31
schestowitz Maybe I’ll make a mirror just in case Feb 08 22:31
MinceR getting it from google cache :> Feb 08 22:32
MinceR perhaps i’ve reached a CoralCDN node where it’s broken Feb 08 22:35
MinceR how does your webserver check if it’s CoralCDN asking for the page? Feb 08 22:35
schestowitz MinceR: probably Feb 08 22:35
schestowitz MinceR: Feb 08 22:35
schestowitz RewriteCond %{HTTP_USER_AGENT} !^CoralWebPrx Feb 08 22:35
schestowitz RewriteCond %{QUERY_STRING} !(^|&)coral-no-serve$ Feb 08 22:35
schestowitz But it doesn’t work so well Feb 08 22:35
MinceR perhaps that node doesn’t set those Feb 08 22:35
schestowitz I’m not sure why though. I test things periodically and regenerate the cache if there’s an error Feb 08 22:36
MinceR i’ll try to get its address Feb 08 22:36
MinceR Server CoralWebPrx/0.1.19 (See http://coralcdn.org/) at Feb 08 22:36
schestowitz rami has just made an FP: http://digg.com/comedy/Twitter_Circa_1649_Pic Feb 08 22:37
schestowitz http://wiki.coralcdn.org/wik… Feb 08 22:39
MinceR wow, you got your own address at coralcdn: domain name pointer boycottnovell.com.nyud.net. Feb 08 22:39
MinceR :) Feb 08 22:39
schestowitz CNET is improperly flagging stuff as “open source”.. http://news.cnet.com/8301-13556_3-101582… Feb 08 22:47
schestowitz Many more examples. If it’s Web sumthin’, then call it “open”, or “open source” Feb 08 22:47
schestowitz The cheapening of valuable term is very concerning. Feb 08 22:48
twitter “Emergency Prisons” are very disturbing.  There’s one in every state already for immigrants. Feb 08 22:50
schestowitz *LOL* new… Don Novell < http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tZa0p7Ym8s > Feb 08 22:50
schestowitz twitter: in the UK, protesters for Iceland = terrorist Feb 08 22:51
schestowitz On Hess.. http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.p… Feb 08 22:51
schestowitz twitter will like this one: http://www.linuxtoday.com/news_story.php… Feb 08 22:52
twitter Same here in the US.  Political opposition / Economic competition == Terrorist. Feb 08 22:53
schestowitz Opposition is the most important ingredient of democracy. Feb 08 22:53
schestowitz Not lobbying Feb 08 22:53
schestowitz But in warped logic, lobbyists = people in suits = good; protesters = people with banners = terrorists Feb 08 22:54
schestowitz http://blogs.computerworld.com/up… “Articles like this make me cringe. Not only does Mr. Horowitz have only a fuzzy understanding of versions and updates, he also cites an article by Preston Gralla that he also fails to understand. LINUX IS NOT WINDOWS. Anyone who expects Linux to behave like Windows is doomed to frustration.” Feb 08 22:57
MinceR the CoralCDN issue has cleared up now Feb 08 22:58
schestowitz Coool. Feb 08 22:59
MinceR something tells me this horowitz guy doesn’t really use linux regularly Feb 08 23:01
schestowitz He doesn’t Feb 08 23:01
schestowitz I just recollected Feb 08 23:01
schestowitz He used to write a lot to CNET Feb 08 23:01
schestowitz One of his ‘greatest hits’ was some article where he said “This is What Linux Looks Like” (not in these words, but in the headline). He just had some ugly brows shots of you-know-what Feb 08 23:02
schestowitz He tries it for leisure,that’s all. I first saw him in IDG about 2 weeks ago,which leads me to suspecting that CNET if laying off (that’s good) Feb 08 23:03
schestowitz IDG is laying off too. I got mails some days ago and even editors are being fired there (death of the media) Feb 08 23:03
schestowitz http://www.lawofficelinux.com/2009/02… “My Ubuntu running Gnome, now looks a lot like KDE now, but its more stable than KDE4.” Feb 08 23:05
*toros has quit (“leaving”) Feb 08 23:06
MinceR looks a lot like kde but has one quarter of the functionality :> Feb 08 23:06
schestowitz Time for writers to realise that there is system, platform, desktop environment, themes, etc. They can’t just present a platform based on screenies….    Tell me ’bout the filesystem, show me the h/w support (Linux beats all), show benchmark, de facto security with refs, etc. Feb 08 23:06
MinceR hm, no screenshots Feb 08 23:06
schestowitz Mac fans: zomg, aqua! so pretty lol. does it do teh photoshop and itunes? Feb 08 23:07
MinceR i’m afraid writers have incentives not to realise that Feb 08 23:07
schestowitz MinceR: it’s a selection thing. They don’t choose scientists, they choose people who write headlines like “Mac killer” and write in a low-level lang Feb 08 23:08
MinceR one doesn’t need to be a scientist to know the facts Feb 08 23:08
schestowitz I was actually told by an editor at a time to write less formally? Less formally?? What, does the press want to deliberately stoop down below journals? Feb 08 23:08
MinceR but people don’t care about the facts anyway Feb 08 23:08
schestowitz Facts are not a buisness thing Feb 08 23:09
schestowitz That’s the issue Feb 08 23:09
schestowitz And media industry = business Feb 08 23:09
schestowitz They make movies (blockbusters) out of WW2 Feb 08 23:09
schestowitz It’s a good thing we had world wars, eh? Now they can make good film$$ Feb 08 23:09
schestowitz “based on a true story” (lol wtf? brad pitt lived in the 20s?) Feb 08 23:10
schestowitz http://blogs.opennms.org/?p=608 Feb 08 23:13
schestowitz now the time is 1234567890 http://technofreakatchennai.wordpress.com/2… Feb 08 23:16
MinceR not yet Feb 08 23:19
MinceR we have ##1234567890 to celebrate it when it happens though :> Feb 08 23:19
schestowitz There was a time that had my machine (and others’ apparently) go AWOL (mine needed a reboot after 3 months of uptime) Feb 08 23:19
MinceR leap seconds? Feb 08 23:20
MinceR i remember such an issue, my boxen weren’t affected though Feb 08 23:20
schestowitz Groklaw RSS feed still broken.. http://www.groklaw.net/newsitems.php .. I told PJ, but they haven’t fixed it. Feb 08 23:20
schestowitz PJ hasn’t noticed this ’till now? http://news.zdnet.co.uk/software/0,100… Feb 08 23:22
schestowitz I wrote about it at the time…. Feb 08 23:22
schestowitz LMAO: Creator of iconic Obama portrait arrested < http://www.reuters.com/article/poli… > Feb 08 23:22
schestowitz *LOL* “An arraignment is scheduled on Monday. If convicted on all charges, he faces up to three years in jail, Kenneally said.” Feb 08 23:23
schestowitz “Fairey made headlines this week when The Associated Press claimed his Obama portrait infringed on its copyright to a photograph used for the artwork and that it should be compensated for its use.” Feb 08 23:23
MinceR but when will obama sue associated press for infringing on his copyright on his face? Feb 08 23:25
MinceR then it will be time for obama’s parents to sue him for infringing on their copyright on their DNA code. Feb 08 23:26
schestowitz :-) That’s the point Feb 08 23:28
schestowitz They make a disgrace of Obama because observers might not understand what is happening. AP is dying BTW. They are like SCO these days, just suing and scaring the world. Feb 08 23:28
MinceR i’ve always preferred Dissociated Press anyway. Feb 08 23:29
schestowitz If AP was a rabid dog, then you’d rather put it to sleep than watch it suffer barking and biting. You gotta fancy the bailout reasons they’ll come up with. They publish a fair deal of anti-Linux, e.g. Wal-Mart breaking story Feb 08 23:30
MinceR gn Feb 08 23:35
*[H]omer has quit (Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)) Feb 08 23:42
*[H]omer (n=[H]omer@amsterdam.perfect-privacy.com) has joined #boycottnovell Feb 08 23:44
*ChanServ gives channel operator status to [H]omer Feb 08 23:44
*jeremy__ (n=jeremy@ has joined #boycottnovell Feb 08 23:55
*Eruaran has quit (Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)) Feb 08 23:55
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