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IRC: #boycottnovell @ FreeNode: March 10th, 2009 – Part 1

Posted in IRC Logs at 6:22 am by Dr. Roy Schestowitz


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schestowitz DRM is an assumption that you’ll stop the bad guys and not interfere with the good guys Mar 10 00:00
schestowitz It’s very much the opposite in practice. Mar 10 00:00
Balrog_ very subjective post. Mar 10 00:01
Balrog_ Though in Apple’s case, their DRM hasn’t interfered with the good guys Mar 10 00:01
Balrog_ (very well implemented) Mar 10 00:02
Balrog_ Yes, there are strings attached (paperwork and $100 and rules if you want to write apps) Mar 10 00:02
Balrog_ but to the end user, there’s nearly zero hassle Mar 10 00:03
*DontTaseMeBro (i=4859c2a5@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-7026a69a916b56cf) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 00:03
schestowitz The rush to Ext4: What’s the hurry? : “[I]t’s typically best to stay with whatever packaged and preferred file system your distribution offers.” http://www.raiden.net/?cat… Mar 10 00:05
tessier_ I agree unless ext4 has something you absolutely need. Mar 10 00:12
tessier_ schestowitz: Yes, going nowhere in terms of passion. Mar 10 00:12
Balrog_ remember all the use of reiserfs? Mar 10 00:13
Balrog_ heh, “Apple laying off 50 sales staff due to economy, enterprise” Mar 10 00:13
Balrog_ at least not engineers Mar 10 00:13
Balrog_ http://www.appleinsider.com/articles/09… Mar 10 00:13
Balrog_ well not yet Mar 10 00:14
Balrog_ we’ll see Mar 10 00:14
Balrog_ look at the comments though Mar 10 00:14
Balrog_ some say these are rumors Mar 10 00:14
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schestowitz tessier: make sure you have a cushion Mar 10 00:19
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 00:20
schestowitz Balrog: expected Mar 10 00:20
schestowitz The Apple fans came to BN Mar 10 00:20
schestowitz Tried to dismiss the rumours (twice in fact) Mar 10 00:20
Balrog_ *everyone* is cutting back Mar 10 00:21
Balrog_ where they cut back, is a big question Mar 10 00:21
schestowitz http://blogs.computerworld.com/… “Novell is in trouble. As Novell CFO Dana Russell said during the recent earnings call, “Our Linux business is dependent on large deals, which may result in some fluctuations of our quarterly invoicing. This quarter, we did not sign any large deals, many of which have been historically fulfilled by Microsoft certificates.”” Mar 10 00:21
schestowitz That’s from this afternoon Mar 10 00:21
schestowitz Balrog: Novell is likely to axe 1000 based on my source Mar 10 00:21
schestowitz It’s just delaying and delaying… already admitting it’ll happen Mar 10 00:22
Balrog_ problem is that when they do that, the quality will suffer Mar 10 00:22
schestowitz The longer they wait (and pay wages), they harder the axe will fall Mar 10 00:22
Balrog_ they could do a lot more than they’re doing now Mar 10 00:22
schestowitz 25% layoffs likely Mar 10 00:22
Balrog_ (meaning quality-wise) Mar 10 00:22
schestowitz Nothing but good news for Linux today Mar 10 00:24
schestowitz I’ll do the links shortly. If I get too tired, I’ll do it in the morning. Mar 10 00:24
schestowitz I always watch videos while doing this, so it’s quite enjoyable. Mar 10 00:25
Balrog_ Layoffs are rarely good….many novell employees contribute directly to the kernel Mar 10 00:25
MinceR gn Mar 10 00:25
schestowitz Balrog: yes, I know. Mar 10 00:26
schestowitz This was bad news since the deal had been signed Mar 10 00:27
schestowitz Cutting a foot with snow bites ain’t easy Mar 10 00:27
schestowitz *frost Mar 10 00:27
Balrog_ You may want to clarify some things… Mar 10 00:28
Balrog_ some commenters feel that you like layoffs Mar 10 00:28
schestowitz In bad companies Mar 10 00:29
schestowitz Companies are not people Mar 10 00:29
schestowitz Although in the twisted 20th century they were made to be treated like people. Mar 10 00:30
schestowitz Which was perverse from the very starts Mar 10 00:30
schestowitz *start Mar 10 00:30
schestowitz See latest post about Tiemann and what he says about ‘hero’ companies Mar 10 00:30
schestowitz In some countries, people socialise in the malls, i.e. with corporations. Mar 10 00:30
schestowitz But the things they buy only keep them divided, staring at screens, glaring at televisions and so on. Mar 10 00:31
schestowitz With More Than 35 Videos Submitted So Far http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/29593595/ This will be excellent. 35 new Linux ads. I’ll embed them in BN Mar 10 00:37
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*oiaohm (n=oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 00:53
oiaohm I have been thinking.  Patent system in the USA is used like trade secrets.  Even that Patents are public documents.  Basically we don’t have to tell anyone about our patents. Mar 10 00:55
schestowitz it’s something like that Mar 10 00:55
schestowitz Patents were created for a purpose Mar 10 00:55
oiaohm So There patents cannot be challaged.   Also cost of challage. Mar 10 00:55
schestowitz Defend inventors Mar 10 00:55
schestowitz But it has gone out of controls Mar 10 00:55
oiaohm Here no so. Mar 10 00:55
schestowitz Lawyers and monopolies took over the system Mar 10 00:55
schestowitz Like everything they touch Mar 10 00:55
oiaohm You have a patent you are required for your produces using to list it. Mar 10 00:56
schestowitz ..(like government), it got exploited. Mar 10 00:56
schestowitz Reexamination is hugely expensive Mar 10 00:56
oiaohm Far more likely to have your patent challaged. Mar 10 00:56
schestowitz Defence in general is Mar 10 00:56
oiaohm 180 dollars for reexamination here. Mar 10 00:56
oiaohm Its not that expesnive. Mar 10 00:56
schestowitz Once a bad (broad) patent is granted, that’s HUGE troubl Mar 10 00:56
schestowitz [unless you're a lawyer] ($$0 Mar 10 00:56
oiaohm Note patent holder has to pay half Mar 10 00:57
schestowitz oiaohm: it’s expensive when done in the court Mar 10 00:57
oiaohm As well here or forfit the patent. Mar 10 00:57
schestowitz So I’ve beeb reading Mar 10 00:57
schestowitz In many places Mar 10 00:57
schestowitz It’s really hard to do Mar 10 00:57
oiaohm We have almost none go to court. Mar 10 00:57
oiaohm And going to court over a patent here is asking for hell. Mar 10 00:57
schestowitz I know. Mar 10 00:57
schestowitz Same everywhere. Mar 10 00:57
oiaohm For the patent holder. Mar 10 00:57
schestowitz It’s cheap to pay up than to stand up and defend Mar 10 00:58
oiaohm It likely the patent holder will be made pay costs even if they win. Mar 10 00:58
oiaohm Since there were are resolve systems. Mar 10 00:58
schestowitz oiaohm: many good reviews for Linux recently. Mar 10 00:58
schestowitz Fedora 10 is great, Lenny also Mar 10 00:58
oiaohm Australian system works. Mar 10 00:58
schestowitz OpenSUSE fades a bit Mar 10 00:58
oiaohm USA system suxs. Mar 10 00:58
schestowitz Same in Japan, I tuink Mar 10 00:58
schestowitz Think Mar 10 00:58
schestowitz ushimitsudoki1 might know Mar 10 00:58
ushimitsudoki1 what’s that? Mar 10 00:59
schestowitz The patent system there very much allow sw patents Mar 10 00:59
schestowitz sw patents in Japan Mar 10 00:59
oiaohm Patent system over there ushimitsudoki1 Mar 10 00:59
schestowitz We were just talking about AU and US patent system Mar 10 00:59
schestowitz Samba has roots in AU Mar 10 00:59
ushimitsudoki1 ah, i don’t actually follow japan law too much – i just know to stay out of jail here :) Mar 10 01:00
schestowitz :-) Mar 10 01:00
zer0c00l why dont people send a letter to president obama to end software patents? he like software patents? Mar 10 01:01
oiaohm Patent system of the USA sux’s Mar 10 01:02
oiaohm Its not just software patents. Mar 10 01:02
schestowitz zer0c00l: he doesn’t decide Mar 10 01:02
schestowitz He’s just a front man Mar 10 01:02
oiaohm No clean systems to resolve problems in the patent system out side the courts. Mar 10 01:02
schestowitz Letting the ‘experts’ like Irving whats-his-surname from IBM make decisions on patents Mar 10 01:03
zer0c00l who has the authority to end software patents then? Mar 10 01:03
schestowitz In Soviet Russia, patent reexamines investor Mar 10 01:03
oiaohm For here software patents are not a major theat.  Most because most companies with software patents are not obeying Australian law requirements. Mar 10 01:03
oiaohm Ie patents cannot be used secretly and remain vaild here. Mar 10 01:04
zer0c00l here there is no software patents ;) Mar 10 01:04
oiaohm Even that Australian patent system support software patents so far there is no one that passes the requirements to be vaild here. Mar 10 01:05
oiaohm Really I don’t think MS and other software patent users want to list the patents they are using in there products. Mar 10 01:06
oiaohm Because it gives something for companies to challage with. Mar 10 01:06
twitter John Dvorak becomes a GNU/Linux user, http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2… Mar 10 01:09
twitter in November of 2007, he said he would have to do this if M$ did not scuttle Vista. Mar 10 01:10
twitter http://slashdot.org/~twitt… Mar 10 01:10
twitter Apparently, he is not impressed by Windows 7. Mar 10 01:10
*Froogle (n=chrome@p54BD2E7B.dip.t-dialin.net) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 01:12
schestowitz oiaohm: used secretly? Mar 10 01:14
schestowitz As in racketeering? Mar 10 01:14
schestowitz twitter: he didn’t drink the Kool7-Aid? Mar 10 01:15
oiaohm Basically it is.  What reason is there not to include a list of knowly used patents with like Windows 7 schestowitz Mar 10 01:15
oiaohm So if anyone copies you product you can pull a patent out of no where and attack them. Mar 10 01:16
oiaohm That does not work here. Mar 10 01:16
oiaohm The complete patent system was ment to stop that kind of secret keeping. Mar 10 01:17
schestowitz So threats can be voided then. Mar 10 01:17
oiaohm Someone in the USA need to attack the patent system on those grounds. Mar 10 01:18
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oiaohm I would expect over 95 percent of all USA patents being voidable. Mar 10 01:18
schestowitz What about the other 5%? Mar 10 01:20
schestowitz Rationalise the number. Mar 10 01:20
oiaohm Most of the 5 percent would be like chip designs in side calculators. Mar 10 01:21
schestowitz So not sw patents Mar 10 01:21
schestowitz In Re Bilski has already tossed many of the sw patents into the wastebasket. Microsoft can only rely on near-bankrupt companies paying without a fight to retaliate or defend Mar 10 01:21
oiaohm Name a software patent that has ever had its number and information published with a program using it. Mar 10 01:22
oiaohm There is not one. Mar 10 01:22
oiaohm Patent system in the USA is being used for pure Racketeering when there is no legal need. Mar 10 01:23
schestowitz There’s a differnet thing Mar 10 01:24
schestowitz Microsoft released docs Mar 10 01:24
schestowitz APIs with corresponding patent #s Mar 10 01:24
oiaohm Do the docs include the patent numbers. Mar 10 01:25
oiaohm This is the problem Microsoft has here. Mar 10 01:25
oiaohm Lot of what they do purely void the patent. Mar 10 01:25
schestowitz Hold no. Mar 10 01:26
schestowitz *on Mar 10 01:26
schestowitz http://www.informationweek.com/news/wi… Mar 10 01:26
twitter Shestowitz, nope, looks like he’s a GNU user now. Mar 10 01:26
oiaohm None of those docs list patents effected. Mar 10 01:27
oiaohm MS has legally shot themselve in foot by Australian law. Mar 10 01:28
*DontTaseMeBro (i=4859c2a5@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-b9a9fd62cd6443e8) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 01:28
oiaohm You are not allowed to randomally say we with hold patent rights here.   If you don’t docs have patents listed and you are the patent you have basically voided your own patent. Mar 10 01:29
twitter story found here http://slashdot.org/firehose.pl?op… Mar 10 01:30
oiaohm You cannot expect people here to do patent searches to find out if they are voiding patents. Mar 10 01:30
oiaohm Basically you must tell them what patents are in play or loss your patents. Mar 10 01:30
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twitter updated my previous journal here http://slashdot.org/journa… Mar 10 01:30
twitter updated Vista Failure Log http://slashdot.org/~twit… Mar 10 01:30
oiaohm Other than using patents for Racketerring there is no reason not to list patents you have used. Mar 10 01:31
twitter submitted my own story incorporating previous story.  http://slashdot.org/firehose.pl?… Mar 10 01:31
twitter oiaohm, M$ advises programmers to never look at patents. Mar 10 01:32
twitter ever Mar 10 01:32
twitter Shows their respect for “intellectual property” Mar 10 01:32
oiaohm Is not the USA usage of patents entrapment for anyone cloning you product schestowitz  Also something illegal in the USA todo. Mar 10 01:32
oiaohm Basically we a set of legal cases in the USA to shake the crap out of them. Mar 10 01:33
schestowitz oiaohm: same in Germany Mar 10 01:33
schestowitz In Germany they can be fined Mar 10 01:33
schestowitz For thretaening without specifics Mar 10 01:33
schestowitz SCO got fined for it Mar 10 01:33
schestowitz I can get you the links Mar 10 01:33
oiaohm Need to be harder. Mar 10 01:33
schestowitz Microsoft breaks germany law Mar 10 01:33
oiaohm Here is patent voided. Mar 10 01:34
schestowitz *German Mar 10 01:34
oiaohm You basically can no longer use those patents against anyone here. Mar 10 01:34
schestowitz twitter: yes, Microsoft tells its people NOT to look at patents Mar 10 01:34
oiaohm Stops companies here from doing it. Mar 10 01:34
schestowitz Else they can lose it or be in legal trouble Mar 10 01:34
schestowitz So does it expect rivals to do this? Mar 10 01:34
oiaohm Programmers from any company should not do patent searches. Mar 10 01:35
oiaohm Its bad thing to do. Mar 10 01:35
schestowitz +1 Mar 10 01:35
oiaohm Patent law allows independant development as well. Mar 10 01:35
*schestowitz looks at /. URLs Mar 10 01:35
oiaohm So if your programmer never saw the patent and produced something that works the same bad luck to patent holder. Mar 10 01:35
oiaohm Now if you are cloning a product and it listed the patents it was covered by you really would not have the grounds of bad luck. Mar 10 01:36
oiaohm Basically while Racketerring they are not protecting there patents either. Mar 10 01:37
oiaohm I am supprised shareholders are not up in arms about the IP of the company not being protected. Mar 10 01:37
schestowitz Dvorak is said to have dumped Windows then, eh? < http://slashdot.org/firehose…. >. I missed Christian’s post… Mar 10 01:40
oiaohm There is a lot legally wrong in the usa system Mar 10 01:40
schestowitz They have trolls. Mar 10 01:41
schestowitz I wonder when the IV troll will kick in and jump into the scene Mar 10 01:41
oiaohm Also requirement to list on items under australian patent law is required to keep the patent valid. Mar 10 01:42
oiaohm You cannot maintain a patent as valid here if its not in use. Mar 10 01:42
oiaohm Countries with good patent laws.  Patents are not major problems. Mar 10 01:43
oiaohm Countries with bad patent laws.   They are night mares. Mar 10 01:43
oiaohm Think about a lot of USA trolls with made up patents.  They don’t live threw the first Australian test of present the product using it when challaged. Mar 10 01:45
schestowitz They just buy them, Mar 10 01:45
schestowitz many patents applications are now written by lawyers Mar 10 01:45
schestowitz I.e. not by the actual investor Mar 10 01:46
oiaohm Same here. Mar 10 01:46
schestowitz And they are owned by a troll ater transfer Mar 10 01:46
schestowitz So it’s like a patent factory Mar 10 01:46
schestowitz Make patent like wheat, put on market Mar 10 01:46
oiaohm Difference here is the a real item connected. Mar 10 01:46
oiaohm Usa you can get a valid patent without having a produced item. Mar 10 01:46
oiaohm There are a lot of USA patents that should be just void because they are pure ficturional  items. Mar 10 01:47
oiaohm Transfering patents are lot more complex here too.  Since real world item using it has to be kept existing. Mar 10 01:50
oiaohm There are not many Trolls operating inside the Australian system its not Troll friendly. Mar 10 01:51
oiaohm Basically there is a patent bubble in the USA that has to bust. Mar 10 01:53
schestowitz Not just a patent bubble. Mar 10 01:53
schestowitz That\s just a symptom of a problem Mar 10 01:53
schestowitz As Tom B Lee put it Mar 10 01:53
oiaohm http://tech.slashdot.org/article.pl…  << When trade secerts bite. Mar 10 01:55
schestowitz Maybe they’ll have an accident and those who build apparatuses of death will die Mar 10 02:06
oiaohm Has to be one of the worst thing to miss place the trade secert with. Mar 10 02:07
oiaohm What to say they will not blow up on firing if it wrong. Mar 10 02:07
schestowitz Yup. Mar 10 02:16
oiaohm Its also a big example where closed source can be a killer for even the closed source maker. Mar 10 02:23
oiaohm http://blogs.techrepublic.com.com…  Support of Linux is coming out the wood work everywhere. Mar 10 02:33
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schestowitz Has Obama been visiting Canada and Mexico recently? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TH9Vwx… Mar 10 02:46
*DontTaseMeBro has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Mar 10 02:46
schestowitz I knows he’s met  Gordon Brown recently. Mar 10 02:46
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TH9V… skip to minute 7! very interesting. Mar 10 02:52
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oiaohm That one is 100 percent correct schestowitz Mar 10 03:05
oiaohm Big brother of Big brother. Mar 10 03:05
schestowitz The video? Mar 10 03:05
oiaohm Yep Mar 10 03:06
oiaohm Only one problem with rfid it wireless so it can be faked. Mar 10 03:06
schestowitz Part of it seem less credible, but the Rockefeller bit seems logical. Mar 10 03:06
oiaohm Look at your mobile phone. Mar 10 03:06
oiaohm USA mobile  phones are require by law to have a GPS tracking unit. Mar 10 03:07
oiaohm So even when its out of range of tower its movements can be tracked. Mar 10 03:07
oiaohm USA is very quickly heading to a place of zero privacy. Mar 10 03:08
oiaohm Remember what I said about history repeating.   Just with different players the next time around. Mar 10 03:09
oiaohm Tracking of people fall into that. Mar 10 03:09
schestowitz Yes, I know. Mar 10 03:09
schestowitz RMS doesn’t carry a mobile for this reason Mar 10 03:09
schestowitz Same with RFID enabled cards in the UK Mar 10 03:09
schestowitz But most people will use them carelessly. Mar 10 03:10
oiaohm RFID cards you can put them in side a small fairdays cage removing there means to be tracked. Mar 10 03:10
schestowitz They view privacy as an issue of no inconvenience (long term) Mar 10 03:10
*zer0c00l has quit (“Leaving”) Mar 10 03:10
schestowitz Revoking access to certain things Mar 10 03:10
schestowitz Like doors, party, etc. based on profiling Mar 10 03:11
oiaohm That thing stops short RFID is one step short of where its going. Mar 10 03:11
oiaohm DNA and other born with features will be the final. Mar 10 03:11
oiaohm Something you cannot have removed and changed or fake simply. Mar 10 03:11
oiaohm If people accept embeded RFID chips it reduced resistance to DNA tracking. Mar 10 03:12
*DontTaseMeBro has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Mar 10 03:12
oiaohm As I said zero privacy. Mar 10 03:12
schestowitz Just location wise Mar 10 03:13
schestowitz But CCTVs in every corner make it interesting Mar 10 03:13
schestowitz Enhanced visual tracking Mar 10 03:13
oiaohm CCTV visual tracking you don’t really need RFID’s. Mar 10 03:14
oiaohm DNA is far more evil think Nazi sorting based on DNA. Mar 10 03:14
*DontTaseMeBro (i=4859c2a5@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-a0f7b721c775f8a4) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 03:15
oiaohm We are not advanced enough to track people by there brain wave patterns either.   This is what I am getting at get advanced enough RFID’s will not be needed. Mar 10 03:15
oiaohm Its nothing more than a short cut. Mar 10 03:15
schestowitz Based on actions Mar 10 03:16
schestowitz Actions infer thought/intent Mar 10 03:17
oiaohm Brain wave scanning to pick up some form of lieing by what sections of the brain is active. Mar 10 03:17
oiaohm Final form world becomes hell no freedom at all. Mar 10 03:18
oiaohm Just think about if you could never say a lie without someone else knowing schestowitz. Mar 10 03:18
oiaohm How hard that would make your life. Mar 10 03:18
oiaohm Most important privacy is the privacy of thought. Mar 10 03:19
schestowitz Yeah. Mar 10 03:19
schestowitz But I doubt this is an issue or priority now Mar 10 03:19
schestowitz Unless there is a need to identify backlash Mar 10 03:19
schestowitz Like in Minority Report Mar 10 03:19
oiaohm Everything that is happening is softening up for that day. Mar 10 03:20
schestowitz Deficient Breathalyzers are early signs of problem Mar 10 03:20
oiaohm When no form of privacy exists. Mar 10 03:20
oiaohm RFID’s are basically defeated. Mar 10 03:21
oiaohm They are nothing more than softing people up. Mar 10 03:21
oiaohm Not like RFID will work on people doing medievil reinactments with old style chainmail and helm on. Mar 10 03:22
oiaohm A waking fardays cage is that. Mar 10 03:22
oiaohm There are other ways to make a walking fardays cage less displayed. Mar 10 03:23
oiaohm So there is no reason why you could not have two RFID’s implanted and a fake under makeup. Mar 10 03:23
oiaohm Basically  RFID tech would have to be replaced with something else. Mar 10 03:24
schestowitz Hehe. Watch this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ne… Mar 10 03:25
oiaohm There are also things like metal shed that are man made fardays cages. Mar 10 03:25
oiaohm So two people could walk in and swap ids. Mar 10 03:26
oiaohm RFID tracking is usless for so many reasons. Mar 10 03:26
schestowitz *LOL* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8EvNJWM_NDg&NR=1 Mar 10 03:29
schestowitz oiaohm: I don’t think they’ll prioritise it Mar 10 03:30
schestowitz Unless they wants crowd control Mar 10 03:30
schestowitz They have marshall law for that Mar 10 03:30
schestowitz PATRIOR Mar 10 03:30
schestowitz *T Mar 10 03:30
oiaohm As well some stab matterials are also farday cages. Mar 10 03:37
oiaohm anti stab matterials. Mar 10 03:37
oiaohm Crowd tracking basiclaly cannot be done with RFID dependably. Mar 10 03:38
oiaohm Even taht a lot of people push that is for that reason. Mar 10 03:38
schestowitz But it’s proactive Mar 10 03:39
schestowitz Flagging/profiling Mar 10 03:39
schestowitz Not that I think it’s badly intended, either. Mar 10 03:39
oiaohm Flagging and profiling already exists Mar 10 03:39
schestowitz At the end of the day, it’s means for control Mar 10 03:39
oiaohm With bank cards. Mar 10 03:40
schestowitz Not by the people but the minority of the opulent Mar 10 03:40
oiaohm Long term weak means of control Mar 10 03:40
oiaohm How long before crimmals get skilled up on avoiding and stealling with it. Mar 10 03:40
oiaohm Every thing is  like a tower of cards. Mar 10 03:41
oiaohm One group trys to build the tower of cards up for control. Mar 10 03:41
oiaohm Another group is working on bringing that tower down. Mar 10 03:41
oiaohm A never ending war. Mar 10 03:42
schestowitz Yeah, I know. Mar 10 03:46
schestowitz Anyway. it’s 4am now. Catch you in the evening. Mar 10 03:47
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tessier Did anyone see the article/blog post/whatever about Iceland and MS’s MCP program that is on /. right now before it got slashdotted? Mar 10 04:22
quieteyes yes Mar 10 04:23
quieteyes there’s a linky in the comments to the cached copy Mar 10 04:23
quieteyes (sorry for the long link)… Mar 10 04:24
*quieteyes has quit (“Leaving.”) Mar 10 04:31
tessier http://news.slashdot.org/commen… Mar 10 05:12
tessier Someone pasted it in the slashdot comments too Mar 10 05:12
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*oiaohm (n=oiaohm@unaffiliated/oiaohm) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 05:45
oiaohm http://smari.yaxic.org/blag/2009/03/06…  Its getting more warked Mar 10 05:47
oiaohm warped Mar 10 05:47
zer0c00l :) Mar 10 06:00
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*zer0c00l thinks it time for boring theory classes Mar 10 06:01
zer0c00l bye Mar 10 06:01
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*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 08:12
*oiaohm_ (n=oiaohm@191.153.dsl.brs.iprimus.net.au) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 09:06
*oiaohm has quit (Nick collision from services.) Mar 10 09:19
MinceR http://smari.yaxic.org/blag/2009/03/06/m… Mar 10 09:34
MinceR oh, i see someone has pasted it already :) Mar 10 09:34
oiaohm_ Beat you to it this time MinceR Mar 10 09:35
MinceR :) Mar 10 09:35
MinceR r4wr Mar 10 09:47
schestowitz Hey Mar 10 09:49
*Anarchisttt (i=53091302@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-e066fa2d3cf8f4c9) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 09:53
oiaohm_ Nice to see you back schestowitz Mar 10 10:00
*Anarchisttt has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Mar 10 10:03
*schestowitz just changed mouse. The Logitech one long sensitivity in the scroller after less than one year of use. Mar 10 10:08
*mib_z0d630 (i=8258be83@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-394fb36c4a523a28) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 10:44
*mib_z0d630 has quit (Client Quit) Mar 10 10:45
schestowitz Microsoft names Maria Klawe to board of directors http://www.boston.com/business/technology/… Mar 10 10:51
schestowitz Bartz is selling out to help Microsoft hurt Google: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2009/… Mar 10 10:57
oiaohm_ Yahoo missed google android move. Mar 10 11:01
schestowitz How so? Mar 10 11:11
oiaohm_ Does yahoo have there own OS in the market schestowitz Mar 10 11:12
oiaohm_ Google is getting around the issue of being dependant on other parties for all its market share. Mar 10 11:12
schestowitz True, good point. Mar 10 11:22
schestowitz Yahoo! uses some GNU/Linux and BSDs, but it doesn’t quite control these Mar 10 11:22
schestowitz Android is quite a disappointment sort of fork of Linux. Mar 10 11:22
oiaohm_ Depends what you call a disappointment Mar 10 11:25
oiaohm_ Android uses fairly much a standard Linux kernel with a different API system on it. Mar 10 11:25
oiaohm_ At some point something had to be put onto of Linux that broke out of the posix model. Mar 10 11:26
oiaohm_ http://www.skyos.org/  Another OS look like its on the way to the grave yard. Mar 10 11:27
schestowitz Do they patch upstream Mar 10 11:29
oiaohm_ Google has sent androids patchs up stream for review with the hope of include. Mar 10 11:30
oiaohm_ With Linux kernel nothing is a sure bet until it passes standards. Mar 10 11:30
oiaohm_ Google move will show that there is very little difference between smart phone and desktop if OS is well designed. Mar 10 11:36
oiaohm_ It could open up the way for like a Ubuntu and Redhat phone. Mar 10 11:36
schestowitz Ah, okay. Robert Love works on this in the kernel, no? Mar 10 11:41
schestowitz I think he left Novell Mar 10 11:41
schestowitz Microsoft finally says the truth: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/03/10… Mar 10 11:58
oiaohm_ there are too many Roberts around the linux kernel.  I will not try guessing if anyone in there or not. Mar 10 12:02
schestowitz http://blog.rlove.org/2007_05_01… Mar 10 12:10
schestowitz “This marks my 261st blog entry as a Novell employee. It shall also mark my last.” Mar 10 12:10
*mib_o65dl1 (i=82580a8a@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-5bacdfeac3722611) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 12:34
*mib_o65dl1 has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Mar 10 12:42
*kentma1 has quit (“Leaving.”) Mar 10 12:55
*kentma (n=user@host86-153-153-1.range86-153.btcentralplus.com) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 12:55
schestowitz I’ve come to the conclusion that Microsoft critique comes not only from its disregard for Freedom but also its aggression against /tools/ that enable Freedom. Mar 10 13:11
oiaohm_ Microsoft point of view comes from having to stay live. Mar 10 13:12
oiaohm_ Pure software company vs software that is under cutting them is never nice. Mar 10 13:13
schestowitz No company works so hard to suppress merely the creation of Free software. Mar 10 13:13
oiaohm_ schestowitz: lot of other companies that did are dead. Mar 10 13:13
schestowitz Had Microsoft just produced its own wares without harassing or creating laws against FOSS, that would be another story. Mar 10 13:13
oiaohm_ Or have converted to Open Source Mar 10 13:14
schestowitz oiaohm_: yes, SCO Mar 10 13:14
schestowitz Sun realised it would be foolish Mar 10 13:14
schestowitz Same with IBM Mar 10 13:14
schestowitz Google actually grew out of FOSS Mar 10 13:14
schestowitz In the sense that all the technology came from GNU and such stuff Mar 10 13:14
oiaohm_ Cisco systems Mar 10 13:14
oiaohm_ That is on that list too. Mar 10 13:14
schestowitz The secret sauce was proprietary Mar 10 13:14
oiaohm_ None of the remianing companies alive pure business is closed source software. Mar 10 13:15
oiaohm_ Other than Microsoft. Mar 10 13:15
oiaohm_ MS is basically between a rock and a hard place. Mar 10 13:15
oiaohm_ Don’t embrace open source loss market.   Embrace open source completely die. Mar 10 13:16
oiaohm_ So far MS is doing a really bad job finding what they should be doing. Mar 10 13:16
MinceR staying alive is actually quite possible without being a complete asshole. Mar 10 13:19
MinceR imo the best thing m$ could do is move on to FLOSS, move all their products to GPLv3, stop all evil activities completely and start selling services Mar 10 13:21
MinceR that way they could profit from the crap they still have Mar 10 13:21
oiaohm_ Only one problem MS has shot themselves in the foot for doing that. Mar 10 13:21
MinceR while demonstrating that they aren’t out to destroy everyone and everything else. Mar 10 13:21
MinceR it would be a loss of face, i don’t see any other issue. Mar 10 13:22
oiaohm_ Being closed source they off sold support to basically there partners Mar 10 13:22
MinceR of course, they might need to fire SweatyBeast to be able to do that. Mar 10 13:22
oiaohm_ because they classed support as too expensive to maintain. Mar 10 13:22
MinceR i see your point Mar 10 13:22
MinceR perhaps they could buy their partners first but i’m not sure if they can afford to do that. Mar 10 13:23
oiaohm_ IBM DELL HP I think not. Mar 10 13:23
MinceR oh, those Mar 10 13:23
MinceR i thought partners like MCPs in iceland Mar 10 13:23
oiaohm_ Those are MS’s biggest parters. Mar 10 13:23
oiaohm_ Also the biggest providers of support on MS products. Mar 10 13:24
oiaohm_ So yes to have a support market you would have to buy them out. Mar 10 13:24
MinceR well, if staying alive is impossible, they should sell of everything they can and close the shop Mar 10 13:24
MinceR s/of/off/ Mar 10 13:24
MinceR and start something worthwhile with the money Mar 10 13:24
MinceR (strictly leaving all their brand names behind, i think those would only be a liability at that point) Mar 10 13:25
oiaohm_ MS is basically not being a asshole without cause. Mar 10 13:25
MinceR or perhaps they could gain goodwill by GPLv3-ing all their code and then invest into something they can sustain. Mar 10 13:25
oiaohm_ Its all there own cause but still I cannot work out any way out. Mar 10 13:25
MinceR well, the cause for being an asshole is that it’s the only thing they’ve ever wanted to be Mar 10 13:25
oiaohm_ Yep not providing support directly was being an asshole. Mar 10 13:26
oiaohm_ The old saying is true you do evil it does sooner or latter cause you problems. Mar 10 13:26
oiaohm_ MS was hoping for way latter. Mar 10 13:27
oiaohm_ Currently MS is trying to stand on the edge between the rock and hardplace. Mar 10 13:28
oiaohm_ So they are looking like even bigger assholes than normal.  Nothing makes you look worse than being unable to make up your mind. Mar 10 13:28
oiaohm_ MinceR would you like to take another shot of saying how MS can get out of the current mess. Mar 10 13:31
oiaohm_ Sun microsystems had hardware and patents to fall back on when they got in a equal mess.  Patents on hardware that could not be challaged. Mar 10 13:31
MinceR if one’s planning to get out of being an asshole (and the resultant world of hurt), patents are definitely not an answer Mar 10 13:32
zoobab01 have you seen the recent letters on Bilski? Mar 10 13:32
MinceR and i wouldn’t put Sun as an example either Mar 10 13:32
zoobab01 Philips letter especially Mar 10 13:32
MinceR they’ve been becoming worse over time, as far as i can see Mar 10 13:32
MinceR as they’re becoming more frustrated by the failure of solaris (and proprietary unix in general) Mar 10 13:33
schestowitz zoobab01: I’m writing about Bislki ATM Mar 10 13:33
schestowitz Is it already in digitalmajority? Mar 10 13:33
oiaohm_ Notice MS is going through the same trend as Sun MinceR Mar 10 13:33
oiaohm_ Sun old lead product is slowly lossing its worth. Mar 10 13:34
MinceR if ‘becoming more evil’ is the trend, i can see that Mar 10 13:34
oiaohm_ So they act worse. Mar 10 13:34
MinceR ic Mar 10 13:34
oiaohm_ Now Sun has stuff to fall back on. Mar 10 13:34
MinceR what stuff? Mar 10 13:34
oiaohm_ MS does not.  So they are going to get desprate. Mar 10 13:34
oiaohm_ Lot of tech used in motherboards and the like Sun designed. Mar 10 13:34
oiaohm_ Very key patents Sun sits on. Mar 10 13:35
oiaohm_ Even syncing tech used between multiable cores goes back to sun. Mar 10 13:35
zoobab01 yes it is Mar 10 13:36
zoobab01 I am moving the swpat news to SSP Mar 10 13:36
MinceR ic Mar 10 13:36
zoobab01 http://judiciary.senate.gov/webcast/ju… Mar 10 13:36
oiaohm_ Sun is going nowhere any time soon. Mar 10 13:36
zoobab01 <- patent “reform” hearing in 15 mins Mar 10 13:36
MinceR are they suing people already or do they settle for making products? Mar 10 13:36
oiaohm_ Sun never had to sue. Mar 10 13:37
oiaohm_ From the get go they let all makers know of the existance of there patents. Mar 10 13:37
oiaohm_ yep long term running income stream. Mar 10 13:37
oiaohm_ Basically how patents are ment to work.  You spend money on R&D and everyone uses the tech and pays you back for developing it. Mar 10 13:38
schestowitz zoobab01: very good Mar 10 13:38
schestowitz It fits it better Mar 10 13:38
schestowitz zoobab01: yeah :-) ‘reform’ Mar 10 13:39
schestowitz I’ve put this in scare quotes too since last week Mar 10 13:39
schestowitz I write about it right now in fact Mar 10 13:39
oiaohm_ Hmm that web paged dont’ work for me zoobab01 Mar 10 13:39
schestowitz It’s a stream Mar 10 13:39
schestowitz MotherShipPlayer Mar 10 13:40
zoobab01 So we have this giant conundrum of “we don’t have the data, we don’t understand the research, we don’t understand the economic consequences of intellectual property” Mar 10 13:40
zoobab01 http://stopsoftwarepatents.org/forum/t-93… Mar 10 13:40
zoobab01 the page should not give 404 in 15 mins Mar 10 13:40
zoobab01 Senate.gov website sucks to this regard Mar 10 13:41
oiaohm_ I am one of the rare people who is not against patents.  I am just againt them being used in ways that they were never intented to be. Mar 10 13:42
oiaohm_ Patents are about allowing products to be cloned. Mar 10 13:42
*Eruaran (n=quassel@ has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 13:44
Eruaran hi Mar 10 13:45
oiaohm_ One problem with Banks forclosing on patent linked loans we could see patent trolls in the forms of banks we could never have dream possiable. Mar 10 13:46
Eruaran man… I’m loving this Mar 10 13:46
schestowitz Hi, Eruaran Mar 10 13:46
Eruaran hi Roy Mar 10 13:47
schestowitz Loving what? Mar 10 13:47
Eruaran You know what, for an alpha this is freaking great Mar 10 13:47
Eruaran Kubuntu 9.04 Mar 10 13:48
schestowitz Ubuntu? Mar 10 13:48
schestowitz Oh Mar 10 13:48
schestowitz Beat me to it Mar 10 13:48
Eruaran current alpha Mar 10 13:48
schestowitz I heard the same from others Mar 10 13:48
schestowitz Including BN people. Mar 10 13:48
schestowitz “it’s polished for an alpha” Mar 10 13:48
Eruaran yes Mar 10 13:48
schestowitz zoobab01 uses Kubuntu also Mar 10 13:48
Eruaran I was thinking of switching to Mint but this is more up to date and very schweet Mar 10 13:49
Eruaran Very different from my experience with 8.10 Mar 10 13:50
Eruaran much better… Mar 10 13:50
oiaohm_ http://mdzlog.wordpress.com/2009/03/02/…  << Ok this is off topic but is funny. Mar 10 13:51
*Eruaran clicks Mar 10 13:51
zoobab01 http://judiciary.senate.gov/webcast… Mar 10 13:51
Eruaran oh not good Mar 10 13:51
Eruaran that is nasty Mar 10 13:51
Eruaran What was this $2 Airlines ? Mar 10 13:52
schestowitz zoobab01: I’ll respost that old video Mar 10 13:52
zoobab01 Connecting to server judiciary.senate.gov[]: 80… Mar 10 13:52
zoobab01 Content-Type: Mar 10 13:52
zoobab01 Content-Length: [32] Mar 10 13:52
zoobab01 Core dumped ;) Mar 10 13:52
schestowitz Very timely now that the Dow is around 6700pts Mar 10 13:52
zoobab01 vo: x11 uninit called but X11 not inited.. Mar 10 13:52
schestowitz Eruaran:yes, it might even land Mar 10 13:53
zoobab01 rtsp://avs2.senate.gov/judiciary Mar 10 13:53
Eruaran heh Mar 10 13:54
zoobab01 can someone dump the stream with mplayer? Mar 10 13:55
oiaohm_ Stream will not play with mplayer here Mar 10 13:58
oiaohm_ Cannot even get to 100 percent cached. Mar 10 13:59
zoobab01 mplayer -v -dumpstream -dumpfile judi.ram rtsp://avs2.senate.gov/judiciary Mar 10 13:59
oiaohm_ I say she broke. Mar 10 13:59
zoobab01 you don’t have the codecs Mar 10 13:59
zoobab01 but it does not matter to dump the stream Mar 10 13:59
oiaohm_ I don’t have anywhere to upload it to. Mar 10 14:00
oiaohm_ And its also after midnight here. Mar 10 14:00
zoobab01 I can give you an FTP Mar 10 14:01
oiaohm_ If its not working by the time I back on Line will help you out zoobab01 Mar 10 14:03
oiaohm_ Sleep has won. Mar 10 14:03
*oiaohm_ has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 10 14:04
schestowitz zoobab01: http://boycottnovell.com/2009/0… with the video, as ogg Mar 10 14:05
zoobab01 I am dumping here: http://media.ffii.org/Senate080310/ Mar 10 14:05
zoobab01 it is in RAM Mar 10 14:05
zoobab01 need OGG to breather Mar 10 14:05
zoobab01 breathe Mar 10 14:05
schestowitz There are Web-based converters (with file size limits though) Mar 10 14:06
zoobab01 adding win32 codecs to mplayer… Mar 10 14:07
zoobab01 recompiling mplayer…. Mar 10 14:10
Eruaran mplayer not in repos ? Mar 10 14:11
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 10 14:13
schestowitz When the patent system collapses too, then trolls like IV will turn out to just sit on a big pile of toilet paper. :-) Mar 10 14:13
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 14:13
schestowitz BN had a lot of visitors yesterday. 50% more than usual. Mar 10 14:16
schestowitz Sam compares the fate of SCO to that of Microsoft? http://www.itwire.com/content… Mar 10 14:26
zoobab01 HP is speaking on patent reform Mar 10 14:30
schestowitz zoobab01: Thomas Friedman: Change or Die. < http://www.ipjur.com/blog2/index.php?/… > Mar 10 14:30
zoobab01… Mar 10 14:31
*schestowitz looks Mar 10 14:31
schestowitz H-P rarely sues, right? Mar 10 14:32
schestowitz Not AFAIK. Mar 10 14:32
Eruaran They don’t honour warranties either… Mar 10 14:33
Eruaran Don’t buy from HP Mar 10 14:33
schestowitz I had a COmpaq laptop Mar 10 14:35
zoobab01 I am writing from an HP nc6000 Mar 10 14:36
zoobab01 crappy BIOS Mar 10 14:37
Eruaran We’ve had too many bad expreiences with HP Mar 10 14:37
zoobab01 no support for their SD cards chip Mar 10 14:37
Eruaran Head office sent us a Compaq notebook Mar 10 14:37
Eruaran We wont sell it Mar 10 14:37
zoobab01 other then that HP supports open source :- Mar 10 14:37
zoobab01 other then that HP supports open source :-: Mar 10 14:37
schestowitz Panda: ID Theft Trojans Are on 1 in 100 PCs We Scan < http://www.pcworld.com/article/160935/panda_… > Mar 10 14:38
Eruaran It just sits there on display and when a customer asks about it I turn them toward BenQ, Asus and Fujitsu Mar 10 14:38
zoobab01 Lemley Mar 10 14:38
zoobab01 now Mar 10 14:38
zoobab01 he is hardcore pro swpat Mar 10 14:38
zoobab01 NPEs Mar 10 14:39
zoobab01 non practicing entities Mar 10 14:39
zoobab01 dubious patents Mar 10 14:39
zoobab01 I wonder if they will even mention Bilski Mar 10 14:39
zoobab01 forum shopping Mar 10 14:40
Eruaran Someone just told me ctrl+alt+backspace is disabled permanently for Ubuntu 9.04 Mar 10 14:40
Eruaran wtf Mar 10 14:40
zoobab01 forum shopping won’t be solved for software Mar 10 14:40
zoobab01 since you just need to be able to download or buy online from anywhere Mar 10 14:40
Eruaran Surely you can enable it Mar 10 14:40
schestowitz Webkit4html5: Apple Shows off Safari’s HTML 5 Support  < http://www.pcworld.com/article/160934/… > Mar 10 14:41
Eruaran Safari is Chrome with more bling Mar 10 14:42
schestowitz Looking bad for Yahoo! http://www.pcworld.com/article/1609… Mar 10 14:42
schestowitz Eruaran: makes sense Mar 10 14:42
schestowitz Chrome is a program looking for a purpose Mar 10 14:43
schestowitz The whole JS speed hype is gone for good when FF3.5 is released and FF is cross platform too, with extensions Mar 10 14:44
Eruaran I use Chrome quite a bit at work Mar 10 14:47
Eruaran mainly cause it starts up faster than ff Mar 10 14:50
schestowitz Why close the browser? Mar 10 14:51
schestowitz I close it once in a few days Mar 10 14:51
schestowitz Excellent podcast on privacy risks of RFIDs < http://www.boingboing.net/2009/03/10… > Mar 10 14:51
Eruaran Its Windows… Mar 10 14:51
Eruaran :P Mar 10 14:51
PetoKraus well i’ve got to close it quite often Mar 10 14:51
PetoKraus now that there’s this annoying memleak Mar 10 14:51
PetoKraus i’m trying to hunt down Mar 10 14:51
schestowitz Worried About Cost and Emissions of Charging Plug-In Hybrids and Electric Cars? < http://www.thedailygreen.com/envir… > Mar 10 14:51
schestowitz PetoKraus: you said it was the graphics driver Mar 10 14:52
PetoKraus yeah Mar 10 14:53
PetoKraus it is SOMEWHERE in the xorg stack Mar 10 14:53
PetoKraus i’m reverting packages one by one Mar 10 14:53
PetoKraus to the version where it didn’t leak Mar 10 14:53
PetoKraus and since it’s not exactly fast happening thing…. and there are 3 more packages to go… Mar 10 14:54
schestowitz Does anyone know a pager for KDE that’s compatible with 3-D desktop? Mar 10 14:58
schestowitz I can’t even use a “show in all desktops” option. It’s not there. Mar 10 14:59
Eruaran 3-D desktop ? Mar 10 15:01
schestowitz Compiz or equivalents. Mar 10 15:01
Eruaran oh Mar 10 15:01
schestowitz KPager comes up with just one desktop Mar 10 15:01
Eruaran dunno Mar 10 15:02
schestowitz So I get no alta vista on the desktop Mar 10 15:02
Eruaran I’m not using compiz Mar 10 15:02
zoobab01 someone should table amendments to the US patent reform Mar 10 15:02
zoobab01 with subject matter exclusions Mar 10 15:02
schestowitz The panel’s pager works Mar 10 15:03
PetoKraus there’s US patent reform? Mar 10 15:03
schestowitz But not kpager Mar 10 15:03
Eruaran I’m not sure I’m familiar with kpager Mar 10 15:03
schestowitz PetoKraus: ‘reform’ Mar 10 15:03
zoobab01 replacing R&D by P&L Mar 10 15:03
Eruaran I only use the pager on the panel Mar 10 15:03
zoobab01 I can quote IBL now Mar 10 15:03
zoobab01 IBM Mar 10 15:03
zoobab01 Compaq patent counsel Mar 10 15:05
Eruaran I really hate some of these gnome devs Mar 10 15:07
Eruaran they seem to be out to ruin desktop linux for everyone Mar 10 15:07
Eruaran maybe they work for novell Mar 10 15:07
schestowitz The codec patents trap bites Linux < http://lxer.com/module/newswire/view/116360/index.html > Mar 10 15:07
Eruaran their backward mindset ruins everything Mar 10 15:07
schestowitz zoobab01: what does IBM say? Mar 10 15:08
schestowitz The FFII still considers them a problem. Mar 10 15:08
schestowitz Except they defend Linux Mar 10 15:08
Eruaran reading the archives on why ctrl+alt+backspace was disabled and I come across this comment: Mar 10 15:08
schestowitz Ambivalence. Mar 10 15:08
Eruaran And if you need to kill a session that’s b0rked, you can just hit the Mar 10 15:08
Eruaran reset/power button.. Mar 10 15:08
Eruaran Mar 10 15:08
zoobab01 they are Mar 10 15:08
Eruaran idiots like this will make linux more like winblows Mar 10 15:08
zoobab01 So IBM should start the nuclear war with all companies trying to tax linux then Mar 10 15:09
zoobab01 but they won’t Mar 10 15:09
zoobab01 and OIN does not work against trolls Mar 10 15:09
schestowitz Eruaran: why not go to tty1? Mar 10 15:09
schestowitz I admit i miss ctrl+alt+backspace Mar 10 15:09
schestowitz But you can ctrl+alt+f1 Mar 10 15:09
Eruaran Im just commenting on their mindset Mar 10 15:09
zoobab01 so at the end they do not care about freedom and free speech or even less free market Mar 10 15:09
Eruaran “simple” = remove features Mar 10 15:09
zoobab01 they just try to support linux because it is a good business for them Mar 10 15:09
schestowitz People I know accidentally hit the backspace sequence. Not nice Mar 10 15:09
schestowitz Three clicks away from blowing up a session Mar 10 15:10
zoobab01 please kick those large corps out of Senate Mar 10 15:10
Eruaran schestowitz: I’m not against changing it Mar 10 15:10
zoobab01 they are too large to speak Mar 10 15:10
Eruaran I am against idiots who don’t want to disable it completely and tell you to reboot Mar 10 15:10
schestowitz zoobab01: of course Mar 10 15:10
Eruaran that infuriates me Mar 10 15:10
schestowitz They ruin the EU too Mar 10 15:10
zoobab01 sure they do Mar 10 15:11
schestowitz Since the PR days of 1920s Mar 10 15:11
schestowitz PR industry entering politics Mar 10 15:11
Eruaran *who want to disable it Mar 10 15:11
schestowitz And then companies taking care of the ‘law’ Mar 10 15:11
schestowitz “Innovation Day” Mar 10 15:11
schestowitz Because they care about EU innovation Mar 10 15:11
zoobab01 designing patent law for independents means scrapping the whole system Mar 10 15:11
schestowitz Was it Figel who said “those who are against it are against Europe?” Mar 10 15:12
schestowitz That was last month Mar 10 15:12
schestowitz Andre mailed me the link to the video Mar 10 15:12
zoobab01 Figel? Mar 10 15:12
zoobab01 ah Mar 10 15:12
zoobab01 send me Mar 10 15:12
schestowitz OK Mar 10 15:12
PetoKraus he’s slovak Mar 10 15:14
schestowitz zoobab01: would take me too long to excavate it. I’m looking around http://boycottnovell.com/2009/… Mar 10 15:14
schestowitz “The concept of an ‘effective technical measure’ has been transposed by all the Member States except Slovakia and Sweden.” http://boycottnovell.com/2009/01/2… Mar 10 15:15
schestowitz On Figel: http://boycottnovell.com/2008/12/29… Mar 10 15:16
schestowitz Old: The Top 12 Myths About Linux < http://www.linfo.org/linux_myths.html > Mar 10 15:19
*mib_12ysqa (i=8258be83@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-e52a1227561955d9) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 15:21
schestowitz I see our Netcraft rank keeps climbing. Soon in the top 2000 on the Web. Mar 10 15:21
*mib_12ysqa has quit (Client Quit) Mar 10 15:22
*PetoKraus has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 10 15:23
*PetoKraus (n=pk@fsf/member/petokraus) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 15:23
zoobab01 I have a nice quote from CompTIA Mar 10 15:23
zoobab01 who is now using the small guy Mar 10 15:24
zoobab01 wait Mar 10 15:24
zoobab01 http://www.digitalmajority.org/forum/t-137176/… Mar 10 15:24
zoobab01 The frequent litigation surround the “patent thicket” can chill economic investment (e.g., venture capital and other R&D spending) and destroy a start-up‟s attempt to enter the market and create jobs. Mar 10 15:24
zoobab01 The high cost, uncertainty, stress and time associated with litigation essentially demands that small businesses settle before any formal court action commences. Mar 10 15:25
zoobab01 Accordingly the delay of the “Patent Reform Act” results in the continued filing of hundreds of these suits against small ICT businesses and start-ups each month under the current flawed legal framework. Mar 10 15:25
schestowitz “Appeal of U.S. debt adds to pain of ailing nations Foreign countries are taking even more financial hits as American investors turn away from international ventures. BY PETER S. GOODMAN” Mar 10 15:26
schestowitz My uncle: So does this mean world investors are confident the U.S. will emerge from the depression sooner than other nations, and get back on the road to prosperity quicker?  Alternatively, does it mean that here in the U.S. the downturn is just a little less critical than it is in the rest of the world? Mar 10 15:28
schestowitz The patent system is hopefully as screwed as the economy, which may — in turn — actually lift the economy and ruin monopolies Mar 10 15:28
schestowitz Oligarchy/monopoly state=communism Mar 10 15:28
schestowitz “Private money invested in so-called emerging countries plunged from $928 billion in 2007 to $466 billion last year and is likely to fall to $165 billion this year, according to the Institute of International Finance.” Mar 10 15:30
zoobab01 any idea how to produce an OGG video file with mencoder? Mar 10 15:37
zoobab01 I need to convert the video from the Senate Mar 10 15:40
zoobab01 this Real Media Codec is awful Mar 10 15:41
schestowitz I’ve not used mencoder for years.Simple screen grabbing though Mar 10 15:41
schestowitz Pass it the coords and play it Mar 10 15:41
*harrytuttle (i=528c0ab2@gateway/web/ajax/mibbit.com/x-9a77209f0aa1ee67) has joined #boycottnovell Mar 10 15:46
tessier_ PIFTS.exe hehehehe Mar 10 15:48
tessier_ o/~ I’m lovin it o/~ Mar 10 15:48
tessier_ Where do you want our rootkit to take you today? Mar 10 15:48
schestowitz Is there a link? Mar 10 15:49
schestowitz Wouldn’t it be nice if you could download all your account data from sites like Digg or twitter in MBOX format? Mar 10 15:53
schestowitz tessier: I see now.. “The company has apparently even resorted to banning further posts from anyone attempting to mention pifts.exe” http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/353/… Mar 10 15:54
schestowitz Email is dead < http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer… > “twaddle sites like Facebook and Myspace are now taking up more of our time than traditional email.” Mar 10 15:55
Eruaran nite all Mar 10 15:56
Eruaran sleep is calling Mar 10 15:56
*Eruaran has quit (Remote closed the connection) Mar 10 15:57
schestowitz zoobab01: http://www.theinquirer.net/inquirer… ( Hynix will pay Rambus royalties  ) Mar 10 15:57
schestowitz T-Mobile exec praises Android, attacks Windows < http://community.zdnet.co.uk/blog/0,10000… > Mar 10 15:58
twitter Business in the developing world can be tough. Mar 10 15:59
twitter Yesterday, a neighbor told me of a friend of his who had been making fishing equipment in Central America.  He moved there for cheap labor but much of the savings were eaten by corruption and bribes he had to pay everywhere. Mar 10 16:00
schestowitz It’s not supposed to be fair Mar 10 16:01
schestowitz Just as systems in the west were never designed to be democracies Mar 10 16:01
twitter Anyway, he’s pulling out after refusing to pay a bribe. Mar 10 16:01
schestowitz In fact, since the beginning democracy was seen merely as a threat. It’s what Dole called a polyarchy Mar 10 16:01
twitter His driver and favorite bartender were murdered. Mar 10 16:01
schestowitz So for businesses in developing countries to thrive is impossible. Mar 10 16:01
schestowitz It’s merely an illusion of fairness Mar 10 16:02
schestowitz And the investments there will decline Mar 10 16:02
PetoKraus guys Mar 10 16:02
twitter hello Peto Mar 10 16:02
PetoKraus could you write an email to www.justsearching.co.uk Mar 10 16:02
schestowitz Pet-O Mar 10 16:02
PetoKraus the creators of this: http://www.letsmart.com/ Mar 10 16:02
schestowitz What’s that about? Mar 10 16:03
schestowitz Like the “don’t rape me” site? Mar 10 16:03
PetoKraus that their enterprise-class end-to-end value-added website design solutions Mar 10 16:03
PetoKraus SUCK ASS Mar 10 16:03
PetoKraus no, it’s my rental company Mar 10 16:03
PetoKraus well Mar 10 16:03
PetoKraus the company i’m renting flat from Mar 10 16:03
zoobab01 what do you use to generate OGG files? FFMPEG? Mar 10 16:04
MinceR oggenc Mar 10 16:04
schestowitz zoobab01: yes Mar 10 16:04
schestowitz e.g. ffmpeg2theora -p preview –sync ./Desktop/get_video.flv Mar 10 16:04
twitter Flash sucks Mar 10 16:04
schestowitz PetoKraus: Real estate is in a tizzy right now. It’ll collapse this year. Mar 10 16:04
schestowitz twitter: it’s what YouTube (Google) has been promoting. Mar 10 16:05
zoobab01 I need mencoder because it can decode RAM video files Mar 10 16:05
twitter zooab01 kino for making, ffmpeg2theora for conversion. Mar 10 16:06
twitter oggenc for audio Mar 10 16:06
twitter or right click in konqueror to convert Mar 10 16:06
schestowitz http://opendotdotdot.blogspot.com/… “Alas for the well-intentioned souls in Redmond, such snuggling up to the open source community is rather vitiated by this kind of stuff.” Mar 10 16:06
PetoKraus kino? Mar 10 16:06
schestowitz Anti-Linux from Microsoft Mar 10 16:06
schestowitz Buying people off, still. Mar 10 16:06
twitter kino, the kde video editor Mar 10 16:07
zoobab01 ffmpeg2theora does not support the RAM video codec Mar 10 16:07
schestowitz Explosives and anger on eve of 50th anniversary of Dalai Lama’s exile < http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/… > Mar 10 16:07
zoobab01 swScaler: Unknown format is not supported as input format Mar 10 16:09
*harrytuttle has quit (“http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client”) Mar 10 16:09
*kentma has quit (“Leaving.”) Mar 10 16:10
schestowitz We were wrong to film journalists covering protest, say Kent police < http://www.guardian.co.uk/media/200… >. They got caught, so damage control begins. Mar 10 16:10
schestowitz http://opendotdotdot.blogspot.com/200… “The UK government is fast turning into the digital villain of Europe as far as the Internet is concerned.” Mar 10 16:13
PetoKraus hmm Mar 10 16:14
PetoKraus so i wrote this: Mar 10 16:14
PetoKraus http://www.irc.gjh.sk/pastebin/781 Mar 10 16:14
schestowitz Hehe. Mar 10 16:16
schestowitz You don’t like them? :-) Mar 10 16:16
PetoKraus well Mar 10 16:16
PetoKraus look at the page in question Mar 10 16:17
PetoKraus without flash that is Mar 10 16:17
PetoKraus what you see is “incompetence and failure” Mar 10 16:17
*Guest69506 is now known as Balrog Mar 10 16:17
PetoKraus (though they at least have non-flash version hidden there) Mar 10 16:17
schestowitz Blame these people: http://www.justsearching.co.uk/ Mar 10 16:18
PetoKraus yes Mar 10 16:18
PetoKraus i sent it to them Mar 10 16:18
PetoKraus obviously Mar 10 16:18
schestowitz Stupid flash just to open popups with forums Mar 10 16:18
*Balrog is now known as Guest40889 Mar 10 16:18
schestowitz I doubt they can afford a redesign now Mar 10 16:19
schestowitz They shot themselves in the foot Mar 10 16:19
*Guest40889 is now known as Balrog_ Mar 10 16:19
PetoKraus i’ll do the redesign for them Mar 10 16:20
PetoKraus for umm Mar 10 16:20
PetoKraus £200 Mar 10 16:20
PetoKraus :P Mar 10 16:20
PetoKraus or you know Mar 10 16:21
PetoKraus just cancel the fee i’m supposed to pay them Mar 10 16:21
schestowitz This obstructs usability Mar 10 16:21
PetoKraus it is done by obstructed brain Mar 10 16:21
schestowitz In cases where Flash is used sparingly just for some flying objects it’s not the end of the world Mar 10 16:21
schestowitz They could set up an HTML equiv. with the links Mar 10 16:22
PetoKraus sadly, most of the distilleries have full flash pages Mar 10 16:22
PetoKraus one of the exceptions is http://www.meganlucie.com/ Mar 10 16:22
PetoKraus which is page of my classmate Mar 10 16:22
PetoKraus god, she received so much flak from me for having it in flash Mar 10 16:22
schestowitz Thre Flash infection is widespread in the UK Mar 10 16:22
schestowitz Not sure about the US…. Mar 10 16:22
schestowitz ActiveX is common in Korea Mar 10 16:23
PetoKraus heeh Mar 10 16:23
schestowitz There should be some form of regulation Mar 10 16:23
schestowitz Or reward system Mar 10 16:23
schestowitz Maybe a campaign against obstruction by Flash. Mar 10 16:23
schestowitz If you set up an anti-Flash site Mar 10 16:23
schestowitz Then put in a page for each villain Mar 10 16:23
schestowitz Have people link to the anti-Flash site Mar 10 16:24
schestowitz Then the companies get bad PR Mar 10 16:24
twitter Flash is less common than it used to be. Mar 10 16:24
schestowitz Really? Mar 10 16:24
twitter Yes Mar 10 16:24
schestowitz Late 90s? Mar 10 16:24
schestowitz They say that Web video made a comeback for it. Mar 10 16:24
twitter I hardly ever run into flash for sites that matter anymore Mar 10 16:24
twitter M$ hates flash too.  I’m afraid their PR is effective. Mar 10 16:25
schestowitz rumour mill: Rumored Apple Device Probably Won’t Be a Netbook < http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/… > Mar 10 16:25
twitter Anyone who tries to run flash is going to get an inbox full of complaints. Mar 10 16:26
PetoKraus i’m going to fight this stupidity from now on Mar 10 16:26
PetoKraus and if it’s not going to stop within a year Mar 10 16:26
PetoKraus i’ll start sending letters Mar 10 16:26
schestowitz I asked Lessig to make oggs Mar 10 16:26
schestowitz No reply Mar 10 16:26
schestowitz He’s supposed to be open minded Mar 10 16:27
schestowitz but even his own talks require blobs and patents to watch Mar 10 16:27
schestowitz PetoKraus: good letter Mar 10 16:27
schestowitz Scares the hell of out of them. Mar 10 16:27
twitter Boing boing had a problem with their host about ogg for their video.  I’m not sure they resolved it, but it’s very odd that a host would care. Mar 10 16:27
schestowitz CNN is running out of material… or writers? http://www.cnn.com/2009/TECH/expert… Mar 10 16:28
schestowitz So now they replace article with MS lackey advice. Mar 10 16:28
schestowitz Q&A.. Mar 10 16:28
schestowitz “As President Obama reversed the Bush administration’s limits on embryonic stem-cell research, he said scientific decisions must be “based on facts, not ideology.”” http://edition.cnn.com/2009/POLITICS… Mar 10 16:29
twitter more bailouts for fat cats on the way Mar 10 16:29
twitter http://money.cnn.com/news/newsfeed… Mar 10 16:29
twitter stock market goes bonkers, up 6% Mar 10 16:30
schestowitz Says a lawyer… “Obama entered Harvard Law School in late 1988. ” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bara… Mar 10 16:30
twitter “The central bank is not anticipating deflation, he said.” That’s a mistake, deflation has already set in. Mar 10 16:31
schestowitz It’s dead cat bouncing Mar 10 16:31
schestowitz Or dead man on steroids Mar 10 16:31
schestowitz Issuing debt might elevate companies temporarily (markets), but people still lose their assets. Mar 10 16:32
twitter ->   “It was the…collapse of banks and other institutions in late 1930 and early 1931 that made the Great Depression great,” he said. Mar 10 16:32
schestowitz At what cost will they save the banks? Mar 10 16:32
twitter classic mistake.  Wall Street failed because the rest of the country did. Mar 10 16:32
schestowitz Selling out the very same people who have accounts there? Mar 10 16:33
twitter Cost:  your freedom. Mar 10 16:33
schestowitz So fat cats keep fraud going and people pay for it Mar 10 16:33
schestowitz CNN gets to say “the brave cowboys from WA save the day” Mar 10 16:33
twitter The average US taxpayer has already been saddled with $20k in bills from the last bailouts. Mar 10 16:33
twitter If they don’t bailout citizens, the economy will never recover. Mar 10 16:34
twitter People who lose their houses have trouble working and buying things. Mar 10 16:34
schestowitz ” Mark-to-market requires banks to set their holdings at market prices. Critics argue that this is impossible when some markets dry up. In general, it is a good idea for banks to use mark-to-market, he said. However, in periods of crisis, this accounting treatment can be misleading, he said. “ Mar 10 16:34
twitter Of course, people have trouble working anyway because everything is made in China. Mar 10 16:34
schestowitz And CHina buys the US debt Mar 10 16:35
schestowitz China seems to be recovering a bit Mar 10 16:35
schestowitz The last time I checked, they rehired Mar 10 16:35
schestowitz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v… skip to minute 7 Mar 10 16:35
schestowitz CNN strikes again with illusions: http://edition.cnn.com/2009/TECH/03/09/… Mar 10 16:36
twitter sail away with your boss Mar 10 16:37
schestowitz Oh yeah… let the sea levels rise.. now why worry when we can get soil from.. err… never mind. This is like “Hollywood plot” making the news… and CNN realises that it’ll lose readers if it says the truth Mar 10 16:37
schestowitz Some radio channels that were honest depressed listeners and drive them away (lost them and went out of business) Mar 10 16:38
zoobab01 ffmpeg2theora crashes Mar 10 16:38
schestowitz Delusion wins in these circumstances Mar 10 16:38
twitter ” ffmpeg2theora crashes”  never for me. Mar 10 16:39
twitter It is amazing how much cheaper it is to build on land than it is at sea. Mar 10 16:40
twitter The part about laws is a little more difficult. Mar 10 16:41
schestowitz Humans weren’t evolved to live in sea Mar 10 16:41
schestowitz Or to live underwater/in the sky/Mars/whatever Mar 10 16:41
twitter I can only imagine what would happen to the amazing, dope smoking, copyright infringing city in the bay. Mar 10 16:41
schestowitz There’s just one planet and it’s being ruined by over-population Mar 10 16:41
twitter It would be like the Green Peace boat sinking all over again. Mar 10 16:42
schestowitz The risk of extinction for some specieis is not far fetched Mar 10 16:42
schestowitz Boats require a lot of oil Mar 10 16:42
twitter M$FT is up 7% on news of bank bailouts. Mar 10 16:42
schestowitz What was that film wit Kevin Costner? Sea World? Mar 10 16:43
schestowitz I watched it when I was about 13… the whole world covered with water and villages are on seas.. Mar 10 16:43
MinceR Waterworld Mar 10 16:43
twitter People pumping their money into M$ will be disappointed when 1) banks don’t upgrade because they are failing anyway and 2) M$ does not pay because they never did anyway. Mar 10 16:44
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